"Idiot! Why didn't you ask which train he took?! What was the point of coming here in the first place?" Nanami shook Sorato back and forth a few more times before snatching his phone and storming off.

Shiina sat down and rested her head on her knees. The race to the train station was the fastest she had run. It didn't help that Sorato received the text from Chihiro-sensei right after they ran to Misaki-Senpai's place. However, Chihiro-Sensei didn't text them about it until it was already a few hours too late. They couldn't even figure out where he went based since there were multiple trains that left around the same time.

Suddenly. she could see Nanami coming back waving the phone in her hand. Behind her, Iori and Kanna followed.

"Hey guys! I called Rita and she said that she can talk to Maid-chan and try to convince her to give away Akasaka's location, but it'll take time."

"I thought Maid-chan hated Rita."

"...oh yeah."

"How did you forget that?"

"I thought you were supposed to be the smart one."

"I don't want to hear that from you Sorato."

"So how long has it been since you left? Three years? Four?"


"Do you know how much of a mess you caused?"


"Hey Misaki-Senpai! Why are you here?"

"Well to look for Dragon of course!"

"You made a lot of people unhappy with that decision too."

"Not like you would care. If I recall, you were the person who told me to never come back."

"Hey I got the location, we're taking the 6 o'clock train. Move it!"

"Get off of me! Go aw-mhmf!"

"Don't worry Onii-chan, we have plenty of time to do this."

"Are you sure it's this the right house? It looks pretty..."

"Over the gate! Ready go!"


A/N: I intended for this to be a two-shot but I wanted to update as soon as possible seeing how I haven't been doing a lot of that for a while...

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