The Author – Hi people! It`s almost Christmas, so I created this little story to comemorate this great event. Hope you all enjoy!

Spider-man vs. Santa Claus

It`s Christimas! But people are dying because Santa Claus is sending them bombs instead of presents. One day, on the 25th of Chsrtimas, Autni May receivesa package with a bomb that explodes and chop her head off her neck. Peter Parker arrives the moments she opens the package:


"No! Aute May, don`t die!" Peter screams in vain as Autin May head flies thru the window.

"Godman! Santa Claus will pay!" and Peter goes with Mary Jane to the airport to buy a ticket to the north pole.

They arrive there and it`s very could:

"Mary Jane, you forgot to bring cold temperature clothes!" screams in rage Peter at Mary Janes.

"S-sorry Peter Parker!" and Mary Jane get utterly sad. Happyly, Peter brought his Spider-man suit so he doesn`t feel the freezing cold. So he giver his clothes to Mary Jane so she uses it above her own clothes. So she is warm now too.

"Maty Jane, we must find Santa Clasu worskhop!"

"Peyer, do you think vengenge is the best solution to this problem?" and Mary Jane sips the tea as Peter drives an rented mercedes the snowy roads of noth pole trying to find Santau Claus worsphop.

"Yes, I must revenge my Auint May!" and Peter clench his hhand and form a claw, a claw of justice, a claw shaped like a spider that will destroy evil in the Christmas.

After momnets, Spider-manspidersense senses Santa Claus:

"He is nearby! I`lll get him!"

"Bewaer Peter, I lvoe you!" and Marty Jane kisses Speder-Man buttecks with a lips full of vermillion lipstick smelling macaroni.

Spider-manthen enters Santa Claus worspshop and starts to punch the elfs on the face:

"Tell me were the fucker is! Thell me!" cries as a madman the Sepider-man seeking justice his Auitn Mauy didn`t have.

"I`m here Peter Parker!" utters the red suit clad old man called Santa Clause. "You`ve been a bad boy Peter like the rest of the world as you can see in my computer systems that show the good people from bad people so I can know who receives good presents and who receives coal but now everyone is bad so I just send bombs and kill all of them even the childrem."

"NNNNNO! How do you know ma name!?"

"I`m Santa Clauw!" and the Spodrr-man and Santa statts to fight. After a while, Spier-man wins.

"Santa Clausr, I will bring you to justice, you are goingt t he electric chair!" utters Peter handcuffing him with a pair of webmade-handcuffs.

"No!" screams madly out of his mind Santa "the computer made me do it!"

"Oh, the computer, hhmmmmm? Lets me see..." do Peter starts to verify the computer.

"Santa...your computer been hacked...look" and Peter show the hack someone made on Santa Claus computer. Peter learned java at night school and he turned a programmer so he didn`t need to work for Joan Jonajh Jamerso anymore.

"Oh my god! What have I done! I killed innocenet people!"

"Yes, sorry Santa..." and Spidr-man take Santa to justice.

After getting out of the police station, the news arrive that Spider-man jailed Santa Claus. Every one is in turmoil because of that. As Spider-man swings the web of his hands between the skyscrapers, a male child screams at him:

"Spider-Man, you suck!"

Spider-man sheds a tear and cry.

The end