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Samira stared out the window of the Necromonger ship, as deep space moved past them at a pace that she couldn't determine. She missed her home planet of Helion Prime. The cold dark of space left her feeling constantly chilled.

She was one of three "breeders" on the ship. She and two others from Helion Prime had been brought aboard to be converted and turned into servants, though Samira was intended to be a healer.

After the former Lord Marshall had been killed by Riddick, the new Lord Marshall, she and the others had been spared, to the ire of the Necromongers. Now she served in the medical bay, treating the wounds and sicknesses that so rarely affected these ghouls.

She was regularly ignored and often condescended to, even when she was treating the Necros. For once, Samira was grateful for her tough childhood that had imbued her with a thick skin.

"Breeder. Your skills are required." Samira sighed at the sound of the Lord Marshall's deep voice, and turned to see him in the doorway of the medical bay supporting the drooping form of his wife, Dame Vaako.

Samira frowned; the Dame looked paler than usual, feverish, and drawn. She walked quickly over to the Lord Marshall and before he or the Dame could react, swept the Dame out of his arms, and quickly lowered her into a bed.

The Dame opened her eyes and Samira saw that they were glazed with fever. When she spoke, her voice was hoarse, "How dare you take such liberties breeder" the Dame spat at her.

Samira looked her in the eye, "Dame Vaako, you are ill. It is in your best interest that I take such liberties, or it is very possible that whatever you have could spread to the rest of the ship."

The Dame gave her a look filled with loathing, and then muttered, "Very well."

Samira nodded and began her inspection, taking the Dame's temperature her eyebrows skipping up when she saw how high it was. Grabbing the full body scanner she worked slowly down from the top of Dame Vaako's head to her toes, frowning in concentration. She didn't like what she saw.

There were dark spots on the Dame's lungs, and larger ones were coalescing on the outside. She closed her eyes and sighed, this was bad. The Dame had pneumonia. Normally pneumonia wasn't an issue, but once a human underwent the transition to become a Necro, they lost their immunities.

It was an issue that had cropped up occasionally in the past when they brought new people in to convert. When she had been left to sit for months with nothing to do, she read the histories of the Necros, and figured out how the new converts diseases and illnesses could spread like wildfire.

Now, she knew how to treat it, as there had been cases before on Helion Prime. Looking at the scans, she was concerned; this infection had been simmering for awhile. She looked down to Dame Vaako, who was sleeping, her breathing labored.

Samira turned to the Lord Marshall who was staring at her with his icy blue eyes, pinning her where she stood. She inclined her head in the required submission of respect, and then spoke, staring him straight in the eye, "Your wife is very sick my Lord Marshall. She has pneumonia and has had it for some time. Has she gone to some world where pneumonia is prevalent recently?"

The Lord Marshall stared at her for a long moment, his face blank, and then spoke, "She was on a diplomatic mission to a world that has expressed interest in joining the faith. She was there three weeks ago."

Samira nodded, that was the perfect timeline for the illness to set into her lungs and grow into the vicious demon it was now. "It has set deeply into her lungs my Lord and will be difficult to treat. We are lucky to have the treatment."

The Lord Marshall stared at her his well chiseled face hard, "You will save her or it will be your life."

He spun and left Samira in the med bay, her head spinning and her heart racing with fear.

Vaako stormed away from the med bay, his mind racing. He had known that sending the Dame to Kryon was a bad idea, but the leaders of the planet had contacted them, wishing to convert. Sending a pretty face would make the transition much more amiable.

Now, his wife was ill.

Striding into their quarters, or what used to be their quarters, he looked around and shook his head at the bareness. The Dame had long ago moved out of their rooms, preferring to live by herself rather than with him.

Personally, he was glad to be rid of her. Her scheming machinations were what had nearly brought the faith down. He had never personally been that strong in his beliefs, and after years with that witch, he had finally found peace now that they were separated.

Stripping off his decorative armor, he sank down at his desk, staring at the papers covering his desk. People were always asking something from the Lord Marshall.

Sighing he thought of the breeder healer, of her wide golden brown eyes when he had told her it was her life if his wife died. He felt a pang of regret for having scared her that way, but shook it off, he needed her to do her best to heal his wife, or he would have no consort.

He could only hope the woman was as good as she was reputed to be. He had no time or patience for someone who couldn't do what they were supposed to be an expert at. And according to the records, this woman, Samira, was an expert healer from Helion Prime.

Vaako stood and dressed in his lighter tunic and light pants, preparing to workout. He spent the next hour working out, pushing his muscles to the limit, enjoying the burn.

He dropped his weights and stood, stripping off his tunic, walking into his bathroom to flip on his shower. As the water warmed, he stripped off his pants and stepped under the stream of warm water, enjoying the feeling of his muscles being pounded by the heavy stream.

Cleaned and thoroughly relaxed, he emerged from the shower with a towel around his waist to hear someone pounding on his chamber doors. He swore and strode over, throwing the door open to find his second, Niles outside the door.

The man executed a hasty half bow and then spoke, "My Lord, the breeder sent me. It is your wife; she says she is much worse."

Vaako stared at him for a moment and then nodded, "Go to the med bay and watch over them until I get there." With that, he shut the door and turned to get dressed rapidly, pulling on his leather pants and a loose tunic.

As he slammed the chamber's doors shut behind him, all he could think of were his words to the breeder. If his wife died, her life was forfeit.