Chapter 1: Freedom for Errone

Damon Gant was really sad becuz he was throwed in jail for commiting his crimes and now he cant rape anyone. A single tear rolled down his face.

He tried to eat the food but it was too gross for him and he said "this food sucks"

The guard said "yah well too bad thats your punishmant for be in jail" Damon said "that's stupid" and decided to think of a plan to get out

Damons eyes stared at guard with naughtyness and he said "Heeeeey guard why don't you come inside and...play with me for a minute"

"Im not gay" said the guard

Damon kept staring

"OKOK" said the guard and he unlock door and came in and snuggled w/Damon but he PUNCHED HIM AND TOOK HIS KEYS.

"Gah hes escapeing said the guard and raised the alarm.

"I have to get OUT OF HEAR" screamed Damon when all of a sudden he saw OFFICER MEEEEKINS

"Halt" said Mekins "WE HABE YOU SURROUNDED"

"Hey Meekins theres 50 bucks in the basemant"

"OK" and Mekkins went to get the bucks. Damon said "Awesome now im free" and he saw out of the corener of his eye Matt En Garde whos also free.

"Hey Matt how you doing" said Damon "Good" said Matt, Damon said "There's somethig I need to tell you" and he blushed pinkishly and his heart was beeting fast

"Wat you say!" said Engrade

"Never mind" said Damon "We have to get outta here" and they left.

Later on Edgworth was sitting in his office staring at a photo of Wedny Oldbag.

"How long" he think to himslef "HOW LONG MUST I HIDE MY FEEEELINGS?"

He dreamed about Wendy err day. He dreamed about her wet lips against his skin. But he cuoldnt let anyone know about that cause that would be weird since shes so much older then him thats why he pretend to be emberassed around her

JUst then his phone started ringing!

"HEY BRO WAT U WANT" Edjeworth screamed into the phone

"Yo man this is Gumshoe and im here to say A BUNCH OF DUDES ESCAPED FROm JAIL AND DAMON GANT"S ONE OF THEM" said the phone

"OBJECTION?/" said Edgeworth and he slam the phone in raging angry

"Alright we gotta do something" and he grabbed his coat and said "Im gonna go to the prosecutors convention and team up with a bunch of guys TO STOP THE EEEEEVIL"
(A/N: I'll write more of this later on)