The weding day has come up. Edgworth and Oldbag were gonna get maried with Damon Gant and Matt Engard it was kinda like a double header only with marriage instead of sports.

Gant and Engarde went first they got up to the altar and the dude was like "so do you take each other to be your lawfuly wedded husbad and stuff"

"i do" they said and kissed and the weeding band started playing Another One Bits the Dust by Queen its a good song you should listen to it in this next part of the story.

The dude came forward adn said "so if any of you have any of objections to this holy matrimoney of Damon Gant and Mat Engarde-"

"OJBECTION" said Edgeworth jumped to his feet "Danon Gant and Matt Engarde? THose guys are udner arrest for KILLING PPL AND PERJURY AND DISTURBING THE PEECE"

"NO THEY FOUND US" whined Egard but Gant was all like "not on my watch" and he did a cool backflip and kicked a bunch of police guys in the head

"GAH" screamed the police "Hes TOO AWESOME TO STOP"

Damon Gant was lookin all badass and he said "yah well they say u have to know your enemy and Im the cheef of police so I already know you guys thats why I beat u"

"Know youre enemy..." Edgeworth pondered this wise saying "WAIT GUYS I KNOW WAT TO DO" and he pulled out his laptop and did a goggle search on Damon Gant

OK it says here that Damon Gant likes staring at ppl and they also say TO FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE" said Edgeworth and he stared at Damon and it was realy awkward so Damon said "nuuuu" and ran away

"hes getting away" said Eggworth and he run after him but he tripped and fell down and Damon and Matt escaped

"A thousand curses" Edgeworth said swearing oldfashionedly. "HEY WAIT IM LATE 4 THE PROSECUTE CONVENTION" he said cause he just remembered and actually I totaly forgot about it just so you know Edgeworth was supposed to go to the convention in the first episode but I forgot so whatever

"Hey guys Im here" said Edgeworth walking in all awkwardly cause he was late OMG DONT U HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPENS

He looked around and saw Fransiska, Godot and Blackquil (A/N: I havent plyed Dual Densities but Blackquill is apparantly this prosecuter dude whos obsessed with samurais and birds so ill try to write him in character) Also David Cameron was there because this was a national emegency

"Hey dudes" said Cameroon "We have to stop the evil guys"

"No duh" said Franceiska and she whipped some ppl "the question is how are we gonna defeat them"

"Konichuwa" Blackquail interrupted "I have a idea I should work 2gether w/Fransiska-dono bcuz she's really kawaii" but he said the last part under his breathe cause he didnt want ANYONE TO KNOW HOW HE FEELS ABUOT HER (A/N: What do you think u guiys? SHOULD I SHIP FRANZIZKA/BLACKQUILL? Tell me in the reviews)

"OK that sounds good said Cameron "Edgeworth you should work together with Godot and Im gonna teamup with Obama when he gets here."

"Alright lets do this" said Edgeworth

(A/N: Hey guys what did u think? I know that convention was pretty boring but dont worry the next chapter is gonna be awesome and IVE MADE A ORIGINAL CHARACTER FOR THE NEXT CHAP AND HES REALLY SEXY SO STAY TUNED)