(A/N: Hey guys thanks for all the reviews and I just want 2 say that this chapter has some seriously edgy stuff cuz Simon acts pretty creepy so dont read if you cant handle stuff like that.)


Damon Gant was sitting at home drikning some whiskey when his husband Engarde came up to him and sighed.

"Why are you so sad" said Damon lovingly

"I just realized that since were both guys we cant have any babys"

"YOURE RIGHT" Damon screemed "WE MUST DO SOMETHING" and he got on his computar

"OK dude so my computer says that the Govermint is working on a Seahorse Virus that can make males pregnant"

"Rly OK then we have to steal it" said Engarde

"But r u sure yu want to do this IT WILL B DANGERUS"

Engarde smiled badassly "Danger is my midle name"

"Im not rly comftorble with this" said Franzizka.

"Dont worry honny" said Simon "This wont take too long" and he hugged her and started kissing her and it was really gross.

"Mmmph" said Fransiska but then Simon GRABBED HER CLOTHES REALLY AWKWARDLY

"NOOOOO" said Franziska but he was on top of her so she coldnt do anything about it oh and by the way the Simon guy was ACTUALLY SIMON KEYES FROM INVESTAGATIONS 2 NOT SIMON BLACKQUILT (hah! I fooled you YOU GUYS ARE SO STUPID)

"SILENCE" said Blackquill coming through the door and he smaked Simon Keye's head with his katana

"NOWAYNOWAYNOWAY" siad Keyes and he changed into his clown clothes and he looked really scurry like the Joker

Then Blakquill and Keyes had an epic duel and Blackquill kicked him in the shins and Keyes flew backwards screaming "I WILL REETURN SOMEDAY" and he fell out the window

"Are you alright" said Blackquill to Fanziska

"Yah im fine said Franziska "That pervert Simon Keyes wanted 2 take my clothes off"

"Hes not the only one who wants to...if you know what I mean" said Blakequill and Fransizka blushed and they started smooching They smooched so hard that the whole city was woken up but they didnt even care cuz it was just that sexy

David Cameron was in the Govarment Hospital. He had just used the Seahose Virus to have a babby with his boyfriend Obama.

"Hey wat should we name him" asked Camron and Obama said "i dunno how about Obama Jr. or something" and Cameron said OK.


"Augh" said Camerin "someone has infiltrated the base"

"it must b Gant and Engarde" said Obama and the two of them got ready to fight, they heard a loud crash behind them and Damon Gant screamed "allahu akbra" and he threw a bomb and some random doctors died and stuff (A/N: thanks integreas for the idea)

"NO I SURRENDER" said Obama but Damon shooted his gun and killed him but Obama Jr was watching and his eyes grew really dark like Booba Fett in Attack of the Clones and he said "I will have revenge later on maybe"

Engarde grabbed hte Seahorse Virus and the two ran off