Rory's POV

This couldn't be happening. It couldn't.

Adrian wasn't in the ER. I am just going to wake up now and everything will be fine.

I slowly opened my eyes and my heart stopped. I didn't have to look around the room to know I wasn't dreaming. My hands had his blood all over them. My dress was stained with it.

I remembered the gun going off and seeing the blood. I remember hearing Jade's scream and rushing over to Adrian's side as a second gunshot was heard and Elizabeth fell to the ground. Hikaru and Kaoru jumped up to get towels and Tamaki kicked the gun away. Kyoya was on the phone with the emergency services as I tried to stop the bleeding with help from the twins and D. I was putting pressure on his lower leg while D, Hikaru, and Kaoru were helping me by taking turns putting the pressure on. The Blake twins were keeping him awake and talking. Mori was comforting Jade. Honey and Haruhi were holding onto Scooby, who was still trying to get to Elizabeth.

"Here. Drink this." whispered Honey as he handed me some hot chocolate and snapping me out of my thoughts.

I managed to choke out a thanks as I took the cup from him, but I didn't drink it at all.

"Rory? Please drink. It can help you." said Honey as he looked at me with concern.

"How? It can't change anything. Adrian could die. He is in there fighting for his life. This drink can't change that." I snapped. I tried looking at him, but all I could see was a blur through the tears.

"I know it can't change that. I just thought…" stuttered Honey.

"It's ok, Honey. She understands." said Allie from across the room. She hasn't come near me since we got to the hospital.

"We are all upset and worried. We all love Adrian. I know he will make it through this." said Piper as she squeezed my hand softly before letting go.

"If he can wrestle gators, I think he can survive this." whispered Jade.

"When are we going to learn anything?" asked Hikaru.

"It has been hours now." said Kaoru.

"I know. We should be hearing something soon." said Aunt Tessa. She has been sitting by Allie and my dad. Sam and my mom are home with the little ones, since Danny was here as well. Sam came home to watch the little ones, so Tessa could come here.

After she said this, the room became quiet again and my mind went back to thinking about how all that had happened tonight.

Before Elizabeth came to the school, she went to Danny's house and attacked Gracie. Danny wasn't home at the time and he had Noah with him.

Mom's close FBI friends told us that Elizabeth had partnered with Jade's father, who is still in jail, to help Elizabeth with her revenge. He would help her with any funds, which he said was hidden away and no one knew about them, if Elizabeth killed Danny and Jade for his warped revenge. (He blamed Danny and Jade for everything bad that has happened to him.)

Elizabeth was the perfect person to do this, since she is able to break through any security system and had no problems with killing anyone. She could even hide from the FBI for awhile and always seemed to be one step ahead of them.

Luckily their plans didn't go through due to unforeseen complications. The FBI was already following her as soon as she came to Japan and took her out of the equation for good this time. Just not before anyone got hurt. They knew her targets, but had to work with Japan and that slowed them down.

"I just talked to the doctors. Gracie and Adrian will be fine." said dad, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Really?" I whispered, standing up.

"Yes, really-really." said dad as I ran up and hugged him "Adrian will be here for a few more days, but nothing life threatening. He has to deal with Adrian had to have his lower leg amputated. The bullet damaged too much to save. Gracie will be here longer. She is paralyzed from the waist down. The bullet did a lot of damage, but she is out of the life threatening stage for the time being."

"Poor Adrian." whispered Haruhi.

"Poor Gracie." whispered Tamaki.

"She is strong. She will pull through and she has a lot of support. Same goes for Adrian." said Danny, drawing everyone's attention to him. He looked like he hasn't slept in days and that his world collapsed around him, which it did.

"Why don't you guys go home? It is late and you won't be able to visit till tomorrow anyway." suggested Tessa as she looked around the room.

Jade's POV

Everyone agreed to go home after Rory calmed down and Danny pushed us all out.

We decided on a sleep over like the last time, only this time without Adrian and everyone under the same roof.

The reason being Rory didn't want to go home and no one wanted to go to their own homes alone. We all decided to spend the night at Tamaki's house.

His father was fine with it as long as girls and boys slept in separate rooms. He even said we didn't have to go to school Tuesday. He said we could come back next week, if we wanted too. School was closed till then anyway. Even though the attack happened after school, it still happened on school grounds. He had to hire more guards and add more security before starting classes again. He also had to figure out how Elizabeth got in and hire grief/trauma counselors for the students. Parents had to be satisfied with their children's safety and wellbeing after all. It is a business and the customers have to be happy.

Haruhi even stayed because we didn't know if she could be endanger and her father worked at night. He knew what was going on and gave his permission. Tamaki's father assigned two guards to watch over him just to be on the safe side.

"Hey, just an idea." I said as we sat around the living room doing nothing "Let's watch Netflix. I am throwing out on the table Supernatural. Who's with me?"

"Is it scary?" asked Honey.

"Nah. Well, sort of. It isn't that bad once you get past the first episode." I explained "It is about two brothers, who hunt monsters. It isn't even that gory to be completely truthful. It is mostly tear jerking, heart crushing, and humor based over the slightly scary parts. The first season isn't as bad as the later seasons."

"Why would we watch that?" asked Haruhi. She most likely remembers watching the first episode.

"Because watching two hot guys kill monsters and save the world will distract us from our own pathetic lives." I stated with a shrug.

"Plus reading awesome fan fiction and obsessing over fictional people is awesome." whispered Rory with a small grin. I could see she was still worried about Adrian and Gracie, but she was trying to put on a brave face.

"That is what fan girls are." said the Blake twins together and high-fiving each other.

"That sounds like a good idea then." said Tamaki as he launched Netflix up on his big screen TV and we watched a few episodes of Supernatural before heading to bed.

Author's Note

Personality, I don't like this chapter. I had a hard time writing it. To me, it doesn't seem like the best chapter I could have written.

This is a filler chapter if you haven't already guessed. Originally, I was going to kill off Adrian and etc. I changed my mind when I wrote the chapter with Reiko in it.

Anyway, I haven't written the next chapter yet. As soon as I do, I will post it. See you then, hopefully this chapter didn't suck too bad.

Thanks for everything you did.