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Chapter Seven.

Slowly with help from the Goblins Hermione began to whittle away at Dumbledore's reputation. She started off by sending a letter to Rita Skeeter telling her that due to Dumbledore's constant meddling in his life, and the suffering it caused, the boy who lived was leaving the magical world.

Next followed a letter about Dumbledore's involvement in the illegal imprisonment of Lord Sirius Black. Done simply because Lord Black was Harry Potter's godfather and legal guardian. a position that Dumbledore had usurped. She told how the old man could not accept Sirius looking after the young Potter heir and giving him a decent life because he wanted complete control over the Potter fortune himself.

Rita received four more letters, each one covered Harry Potters years at Hogwarts and the things that had happened to Harry due to the old man's manipulations. The first told of the Troll let into the school by Voldemort possessed Quirrell, and what had happened that year. The second letter told all about their second year and the basilisk. Each of the letters arrived with small memory vials which showed just what Harry Potter had suffered at Hogwarts.

Hermione also sent Rita information she had from the Goblins, things like the fact that Dumbledore was pocketing the pay that should have gone to professor Binn's remaining relatives. Dumbledore found that the prophet was revealing things about his miss handling of Hogwarts funds as well as helping himself to some of the Potter inheritance, he had thought no one would ever know of such things. Many of his financial double dealings over the past hundred years were revealed day by day and the old man could not discover who was passing the information to the news paper because he was now their main subject, which caused him to be mobbed by unhappy crowds each time he left the castle.

The biggest hit that the old man took and the one that got him fired from all his positions was the release of the Snape interrogation. Severus Snape had revealed Dumbledore's goal of eventually owning Hogwarts and all the surrounding land, which had belonged to the Gryffindor/Potter family for generations. The public were quick to pick up that Dumbledore had being trying to get rid of the Gryffindor/Potter family by killing Harry Potter, their national hero, and the last of the Potter family. People were beginning to wonder if Dumbledore had set up the previous Lord and Lady Potter to die at Voldemort's hands and pretty quickly the rumour that he was responsible for the murder of James and Lily Potter spread and became the accepted truth.

Having been fired from Hogwarts by the board of governors Albus Dumbledore found it was not safe for him anywhere in the wizarding world he had formed and guided for so long. All the antagonism and hostility he had fostered while headmaster of Hogwarts all seemed to be focused on him where ever he went. He was run out of Diagon Alley as he tried to make his way to Gringotts, getting rather desperate for money he attempted to visit Aberforth Dumbledore in Hogsmeade, but was once again face to face with an angry mob. He was truly shocked when he saw that it was his most faithful friend that was leading the villagers against him. Minerva McGonagall had finally seen the true manipulative man that her old friend had become and was furious with him. Quite a lot of the anger had been toward herself for how she had fallen for his lies and half truths.

With nowhere left to go Dumbledore was forced to return to the Dumbledore family home, which was a small three bedroom house just outside the village of Godrics Hollow. No one had lived in the house for over fifty years. The house was in a truly bad condition with only one room left usable. Placing his few possessions in that room Albus Dumbledore once revered as the greatest wizard alive fell to his knees and wept about his misfortune… It was in this position that he was found and arrested by a group of angry Auror's led by Amelia Bones.

It had taken decades for Dumbledore to build his reputation, and Hermione destroyed it in less than two months. Both Potters were rather surprised when Aberforth Dumbledore was arrested and quickly revealed as Dumbledore's lover and current conspirator the former dark lord Grindelwald. The evil man who had once disguised him self as a Muggle by the name of Adolf Hitler and had become an evil dictator who had led the world into war. It was also revealed in Snape's notes that Dumbledore knew of the pureblood plans for a future where they were rulers of the magical world, he knew that they planned to use his and Grindelwald's plans to wipe out the infestation of Muggleborns in the magical world.

During his questioning under a truth serum Grindelwald revealed that the body discovered and proclaimed as being that of Hitler was a simple Muggle who had been killed and changed by Dumbledore so that his lover could escape justice. Dumbledore had also killed his own brother so that Grindelwald could take his place. The disguise had worked well for over fifty years and they had come to believe that they would never be caught.

By the time the first of September came around Albus Dumbledore was a complete outcast from the magical world. His crimes were known world wide and the public outcry made sure he and his lover had ended up spending their remaining years deep in the dungeons of Azkaban, never again getting to see each other. Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix did not get away scott free either. Their part in the illegal incarceration, and mental abuse of Harry Potter as he grew up was revealed through the Quibbler news paper. Their part in what Dumbledore had done to the Potter family was quickly revealed and became well known, as were all their names. Minerva McGonagall lost her positions as both Deputy Head and head of house, she was demoted to being an ordinary teacher, while Pomona Sprout was promoted to deputy head and Professor Sinistra was promoted to head of Gryffindor house. The new headmaster was professor Flitwick who had done all he could to support the student population of the school during his time there as a professor.

When it was revealed, Voldemort's return and subsequent death at the hands of Harry Potter, received an odd and unexpected reaction from the public. It was almost as if it was expected, as if it was a forgone conclusion that any rising dark lord would be disposed of by Harry Potter, the boy who lived. None of the huge celebrations that had taken place after Voldemort's first defeat, were repeated, instead life went on almost as usual in the magical world. Both Harry and Hermione were given guarantees that as they both reached their legal majority they would both be able to take up the Gryffindor and Potter seats in the Wizengamot. Something that they both looked forward too, as they had some plans to bring serious changes to the magical world.

The two young Potters with the help of the four adults that they trusted talked it over and after a lot of debate decided to leave the magical schooling behind and take up their Muggle education. Richard hired several people who were well qualified to bring the teens up to date on what they had missed over the four years at Hogwarts. The teens knew it was going to take time but they were not concerned about it. They had each other, four adults they could trust and enough money to do what ever they wished for the rest of their lives. Several tutors were enlisted to help Remus and Sirius teach the two teens all the magic they would need to know to become fully trained in the magical arts. Their schooling and training was all carried out at the Potter castle which they travelled to daily. It was a place they both loved but it was also far too big for the small family to live in in comfort. Together they chose to live in the old Evans house once it was redecorated and all the repairs were carried out.

Being home schooled Hermione rediscovered her delight in learning English and arithmetic even deciding to take an advanced course that led both teens to enter the local university. Harry also rediscovered his enthusiasm for learning, which he had lost thanks to his cousin Dudley and his association with Ron Weasley.

It was two very excited young Potters who with the help of their family set about furnishing the house in Oxford. With the help of Helen and Richard each room in the new Potter home was decorated and fitted with brand new furniture according to Hermione's meticulous planning. The house was made into a comfortable home with every thing up to date including all the modern electronics that were now being used by teens through out the country.

Some years later after finishing their Muggle education with degrees from university Harry turned his hand to farming and very quickly discovered it was a way of life that both he and his wife truly enjoyed. During her spare time between taking care of her husband and their four children and helping out on the farm that they had bought Hermione tried writing as a hobby. She was quite pleasantly surprised when her first book about a young wizard and his little elf friend became a best seller, it was acclaimed by children and adults alike and led her to write several more books. All of which did quite well and gave her a reputation as a great writer of children's books, she was famous in both the world of magic and the normal non magical world.

Once the two Potters joined the Wizengamot they became formidable opponents of the traditionalists using what Dumbledore had done to try and retain the old traditions, and just how bad things had turned out because of his willingness to forgive members of old families no matter what their crimes. They worked hard to bring about some much needed changes in the magical world of Britain. Between them they did not allow people to forget what the war with Voldemort had cost in the lives of both muggleborn and the old families. There were quite a number of the old and not so old laws that were either thrown out or changed radically.

As their children grew Harry taught them about the world of magic, he told them tales of what he and their mum had done when they were young. He found it odd that none of his children wanted to go to Hogwarts or even visit Diagon Alley, they much preferred living in the none magical world with their parents where they could enjoy their computers and other electronics and learn their magic from their mum and dad. Two days after her fiftieth birthday Hermione was elected as the chief witch of a Wizengamot that was far different to how it had been when she first entered to take up the Potter seat. Harry's only real interest in politics was in helping his wife with the changes they wanted. He still attended each meeting and always cast the Gryffindor vote in support of what his wife was doing.

The two Potters were well into their nineties before Harry decided to retire from farming. He had taught his sons and grandsons all he had learned about farming and was happy to allow them to take over the running of the farm while he and Dobby quite happily pottered about in his well kept garden.

A little after Harry's 100th birthday he and Hermione were dragged out of their retirement, enlisted by their grandson to help take down a powerful want to be dark lord by the name of Scorpius Malfoy. The two Potters took just two weeks to track down and put an end to the new dark lord and his followers.

Instead of going back into retirement the two Potters bought a shop and set up a business buying and selling rare books. They worked in and expanded that business until 159 year old Hermione fell seriously ill. With his wife close to death Harry also became ill. They both died on the same day at the same time while holding each other. As they had been together in life, so they were in death. The Gryffindor Potter family was a large congregation for the church at Godrics Hollow on the day they laid Harry and Hermione to rest next to their parents. James and Lily on one side and Richard and Helen on the other.

Sixty two years after their deaths a new Gryffindor Potter was born, the following morning found in his crib along side him was a fabled sword, the words Excalibur, Pendragon, Gryffindor were engraved in the metal of the blade…

The end?