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Yandere: Obsessive dark 'love' with a psychotic twist

Uzumaki Naruto


He was scowling.

Which, honestly, was not the normal expression for the normally cheerful Uzumaki Naruto – and it was rather unsettling for the passersby to witness.

Especially for the ones who had not accepted him beyond being the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki.

'Why is Kagome-chan talking to him again?' Naruto thought as a flash of anger ripped through him and his eyes seemed to blaze an eerie red, 'Damn him!'

Sure, it was Kagome's 'mission' to watch over Sasuke after the whole Madara/Kaguya conflict (mostly just to make sure he wouldn't betray Konoha again) and she had told him before that she wasn't interested in anyone in the romantic sense, but it still infuriated him to no end.

Kurama said nothing to him in his subconscious and Naruto took that as a signal that he was right in his anger and that something needed to be done about this immediately.

The demonic chakra surging through his body only muddled his raged mind even further.

But he masked it all behind a sunny facade that he had perfected a long time ago in his childhood – back when everyone in Konoha hated him.

"Oh, Naruto," Kagome greeted with a smile after giving a small wave to the departing Sasuke (at whom he sent a heated glare at, which was returned with a raised brow from the Uchiha), "Do you need something?"

The blond grinned, throwing his hands behind his head in his usual casual manner, "I just wanted to show you a new Jutsu, Kagome-chan!" He clenched his hands eagerly to hide his sharpening nails when she looked at him curiously, "Do you wanna see it now?"

The Miko blinked her wonderful blue orbs and hid the unease that seemed to simmer deep down in her stomach at the strange look within Naruto's eyes, but chalked it up to just being a little overtired due to her long shifts at Konoha's hospital.

"Sure," She agreed with her usual smile, which then turned mischievous, "But are you sure you don't want to show it to Hinata-chan first?"

Naruto's grin seemed to falter briefly at the mention of the Hyuuga heiress, though it was too quick for Kagome to notice, "Aww~ but I wanted to show it to you first, Kagome-chan!"

"If you insist," Kagome shrugged lightly, almost stumbling when Naruto grabbed her hand a little too tightly and began to pull her a little too roughly, "Naruto?" She asked warily when she was dragged into a more solitary part of Konoha and an empty alleyway at that.

The Jinchuuriki stopped abruptly and Kagome almost slammed into his broad back at the sudden motion. She furrowed her brows and took an unconscious step back when he turned around and sent her a grin, distracting her from noticing one of his shadow clones coming up behind her, "Sorry about this, Kagome-chan."

An immense pain erupted in the back of her head.


It hurt.

"What the...?" Kagome groaned, slowly opening her eyes as her head throbbed with that simple movement, "W-what happened?" She muttered, feeling rather dazed as she stared blankly at the ceiling of the dark unfamiliar room.

"You're finally awake, Kagome-chan!"

The Miko turned at the sound of the known voice and blinked sluggishly at the sight of Naruto towering over her – not noticing his gleaming red eyes through her pain, "Naruto?" She attempted to sit up from the bed, but was surprised to find that soft restraints were tied tightly around her wrists, "W-what is this...!?"

Naruto grinned and fangs slid over his lips, "Don't worry, Kagome-chan," His bright face didn't change when she looked at him fearfully, "I'm gonna take care of you from now on! And you will come to love me like I love you~!"

"W-what are you talking about!?" Kagome gasped as Naruto leaned down to press a kiss against her paling cheek, "Naruto!?" A cold sweat erupted from her body as he continuously murmured that she would 'love' him too in time.