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Chapter 4

With Lucy's hands meticulously entrapped, Natsu resumed his foreplay. Wanting to tease her further, he gently grazed the inner parts of her thigh with his fiery tongue. Gradually he licked his way down closer to her sex. With each inch, Lucy's breath quickened to a pant. Throwing her head back in desire, Natsu knew it was time. Gently he lapped at her clitoris like a wave. Feeling her moisten, he placed his finger inside her opening. Coordinating his tongue with the pace of his fingers, he could feel Lucy buck under his weight.

Lucy had never felt this craving before. It was like her insides were ablaze. Unable to take the heat, she wrapped her legs around Natsu's back forcing him into her deeper. Taking Lucy's cue, Natsu placed another finger inside and quickened his pace. Knowing he had this effect on Lucy was starting to drive him mad. He could feel his instincts kicking in as his member began to harden. Soon enough he would have his cake and eat it too.

Natsu broke free of Lucy's clutch and quickly flipped her over so that she was braced on her elbows and knees. Lucy's face flushed in embarrassment; however, her desire trumped any feelings of stopping him. She wanted him to take her in a way that only a dragon slayer could. Natsu swiftly removed his pants. The sight of Lucy's wet sex raised in the air before his eyes, in combination with the deep musk that obscured his senses and her repeated groans of carnal need, he really felt like he could be going insane. Placing his manhood at her opening, he thrust deep between her dripping lips. Crying out in pleasure, Lucy couldn't believe Natsu's size. She didn't know she could feel so full and so restless at the same time.

"Harder, Natsu…" Lucy breathed.

"My pleasure," Natsu grinned.

Now all bets were off. Natsu pushed deeper and faster to the point that both their cries were in sync. He felt Lucy tighten around him, knowing that they both were nearing their release. He thrusted harder until they both climaxed and collapsed in relief. Natsu gently freed Lucy's hands from his scarf and pulled her into his chest. Gently he kissed her forehead and they looked into each other's eyes.

"Lucy, you know I love you, right? I'm sorry I didn't say it before, but I really do."

Lucy blushed, "I kinda figured… You know I love you too. I probably have for a long time."

"Me too…" Natsu drifted as he bent down to kiss her soft lips.

Lightly, Natsu pressed Lucy into his chest. Enjoying the sensation, Lucy nuzzled into him. This is the most content either one had ever felt, to finally know the one you love, loves you in return.

Gazing back into her eyes, Natsu proclaimed with a wide grin, "Well now that we are on the same page, don't plan on sleeping ever again. You have no idea how long I have waited to do this…"

"Oh, so you think you're the only one… It's actually you who will have trouble keeping up!"

"I am looking forward to the challenge," he smirked as he forced his tongue between her lips.

The End