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*Song of the Chapter* KC and Jo Jo: All My Life

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Serena's eyes grew big as she stared up at Darien. "D-Darien, what are you doing here?"

Darien looked at her skirt. "No the real question is why are you wearing a skirt...In February?"

Serena looked down and started to explain but then remembered the real subject. "Quit trying to change the subject." She turned from him and started walking down the sidewalk again.

Darien raised an eyebrow and sighed. That girl is never easy. Darien took the brakes off the car and slowly started following her. "You want a ride?"

Serena looked up at him. "No. I don't think Lauren would like that."

Darien stepped on the brakes with an annoyed look and watched Serena keep walking. "That girls insane." Again, Darien sighed and started driving.

"Serena, I have something to tell you." Darien tried to explain.

"Don't tell me you came all the way down here to give me your Wedding Invitations. Or better yet, let me guess. I'm Laurens Maid of Honor." Serena glared at Darien.

By now, Dariens eyebrow was twitching. "No..."

"Then why are you here?" Serena turned and stared at him from the sidewalk.

"Well..."Darien thought for a moment, trying to find the right words to explain.

"Well?" Serena raised an eyebrow and then started walking again.

By the time Darien figured out he was going to say, Serena was already half way down the block. He hit his head against the steering wheel. "Could you atleast wait?!" Darien started driving again.

"Okay, Serena. Lauren told you a bunch of shit about me right? Well, she made it sound like you just wanted to break up with me. I didn't know she said all that stuff to you. And, well, I guess I got caught up in the moment when I told her I loved her."

"Well, I don't know what to say. I mean, I dropped my schooling because I couldn't be around you two. Well mainly you." Serena's eyes dropped to the ground. "I could never go back."

Darien stopped and realized why she was so angry with him. He caused her to go back to a place he knew didn't like her, he caused her to drop her schooling and scholarship, and he caused her to leave her friends. Why should he be forgiven?

"Serena, I'm sorry." Darien said quietly. "I understand if you don't want to forgive me. Or if you don't like me anymore. But please don't let me ruin your life anymore." He smiled sadly. "Uh, but I was telling the truth. I do love you."

Darien looked out the passenger window at Serena who was staring back at him. He smiled and started rolling up the window.

Serena had only heard Darien apologize like that once before. And it was with the secret about James. She watched Darien as much as she could before the window rolled up. And she did something that she didn't think she would do. She watched him drive away.

She watched him leave her world. She watched everything that made her happy suddenly disappear. She watched everything that gave meaning to her life...vanish...

"And Serena you did it again..." Serena took a deep breath. "Darien wait!!!"

Serena threw off her highheels and started running after his car, in the cold snow.

"DARIEN!?" Serena called out. Tears ran down her cheeks. You could see her breath as she kept running after him. "Darien!? I forgive you!!!!!!!"

Dariens car stopped in the middle of a road. Darien jumped out of the car.

Serena stopped to catch her breath. It would seem as if she was the saddest person in the world, if she didn't have a smile on her cheeks.

Darien stood in shock. "Really?"

Serena took a deep breath and nodded with happiness. "DARIEN I LOVE YOU TOO!"

Darien's eyes widened as he started walking toward her. The rest all came in slow motion.

*I Will Never Find Another Lover Sweeter Than You* And I Will Never Find Another Lover More Precious Than You* Girl You Are Close To Me You're Like My Mother* Close To Me You're Like My Father* Close To Me You're Like My Sister* Close You're Like My Brother* And You're The Only One* My Everything* And For You This Song I Sing*

Serena took another deep breath and smiled at Darien.

Darien looked at Serena, then noticed something out of the corner of his eyes. He slowly turned his head to see a car coming at Serena.

*All My Life I Prayed For Someone Like You* And I Thank God That I Finally Found You* All My Life I Prayed For Someone Like You* And I Hope That You Feel The Same Way Too* Yes I Pray That You Do Love Me Too*

"SERENA WATCH OUT!!" Darien called.

Serena looked at Darien in confusion, then turned to her right. And only a few feet away from her was a dark black car. Serena stared at it in shock.

"Move!!" Darien started running faster. A million thoughts were running through his head.

*I Said I Promised To Never Fall In Love With A Stranger* You're All I'm Thinking Of*

[FlashBack] (The First Time Darien Saw Serena)

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to." Serena apologized.

"It's all right. It was my fault."He breathed.

"Um..My name is Serenity James. "

"Darien Shields."

"Nice to collide into you." Serena smiled brightly.

She slipped by him and hurried to her locker.

"Hey Drew! Who was that girl I just ran into?"Darien said as he caught his best friends arm.

"You mean James?"

"Yeah, Serenity James was her name."

"Oh, she just transferred here from a public highschool. She's friends with Mina and them."

"Hello? Dare? Andrew to captain Darien.. Can you read me?"

[End Of Flashback]

Darien kept running, but somehow, he felt as if he was going slower and slower by the second.

*I Praise The Lord Above For Sending Me A Love* I Cherish Every Hug* I Really Love You*

Serena blinked and started to turn to run.

[FlashBack] (When Serena Asked Darien Out)

"So? Do you have a boyfriend?" Darien shyly asked, as Serena looked in his locker.

"Um...not really. Wow. Mina was right. You have everything in there!" Serena pulled out a cold water bottle and two cups. "Dehydrated easily?"

Darien laughed and shut his locker.

Serena felt a blush creep up on her face. " you want to do something Friday?"

Darien was surprised. He didn't expect her to make the first move. "Um...let me talk to my parents about that. But I'm pretty sure we can go do something."

Serena smiled. "Great! I live in the dorms....I'll have Mina give you my phone number and room number."

"Okay. I'll see you this Friday." Darien smiled.

[End Of FlashBack]

* All My Life I Prayed For Someone Like You* And I Thank God That I Finally Found You* All My Life I Prayed For Someone Like You* And I Hope That You Feel The Same Way Too*

[Flashback] (Serena Finds Out about Lauren and James)

Serena pressed the door bell.

She waited a couple seconds before pushing it again.

Suddenly, Dariens head popped out of the door. "Uhh...Can you stop pressing that?" Darien joked.

Serenity blushed. "Sorry. So can I come in?"

Darien looked around and then motioned her to come in.

Inside, she noticed everything was clean. Taking her coat off she turned around and stepped on something. Squeak!

"Oh Darien! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to step on ball?"

Darien took Serena over to the couch. "Um, Seren there's something I have to tell you."

Serenity's eyes widened.

"You see, I have a-"

Just then James started crying.

Darien jumped up and ran to the back bedroom.

She just sat there dumbfounded. "You have a what Darien?" She called down the hallway.

He walked out of the doorway with quiet little James staring at Serena.

"I have a son."

Serenity's mouth opened slightly. "A son...."

[End of FlashBack]

*You're All That I Ever Know* When You Smile, On Your Face All I See Is A Glow*

[FlashBack] (After Darien Brought Serena Back In From the Cold When She Stormed Off Into The Night {Arguement About James})

"I don't want to hog your couch." Serena said as she buttoned up her coat.

"Its okay. You can hog my couch all you want when you come over." Serenity looked at him.

"YOU. I said you. As in singular. Anyways, tomorrow is saturday. Come over and we'll do the dinner and a movie thing here. You know. Watch a little bit of cartoons with James. Dinner. With messy James."

Sere laughed. "He can't be any worse than you."Darien walked Serena to her dorm.

"I'm glad we're not fighting anymore."

Darien laughed. "So am I."

He went to kiss her.

She blocked her face with her hand. "I don't want to give you my cold."

Darien just shook his head. "Fine. So you don't get a kiss."

Darien smiled.

"Be glad you didn't try doing that last night. You would have prolly gotten kneed and then kicked." Serenity smiled and jumped out of his car. "Darien, I really do like James. And I hope that you forgive me for not believing in you." She ran into the dorms.

Darien gave a goofy grin. "She liked James. And she said last night she loved me. This could work."


The next night Darien and Serena had dinner and watched Monsters Inc. with James. Though James seemed to be more interested in Serena. He liked hiding in her long hair and giggled when she played hide n seek with him.

"Darien he is so adorable!" Serenity whispered from behind the couch.

"I know. Get ready. I think he finally figured where you are." Darien whispered back.

It was a funny sight really. Darien was sitting on the couch trying to hide Serena while the movie was playing. James sitting down confused to where his new playmate had gone. But then he spotted Seren's hair and got up. A little wobbly he ran towards where she was at. Serenity jumped out.

"Boo!" James fell to the ground laughing and Serenity picked him up.

"Oh my god. He found me......again!"

Darien just shook his head. "You've been hiding in the same place for the past three times."

She glared at him but started laughing.

Looking into the window you would think they were a happy family...

[End of FlashBack]

*You Turn My Life Around* You Picked Me Up When I Was Down*

[FlashBack] (Darien Finding Out About Serena's Past)

While he was cleaning up the bathroom his cell rang. "Hello, Darien Shields speaking." Raye's voice was on the other side of the phone. "Darien I think you should know something."

Darien sat on the down toilet. "Yeah what's up?" Raye took a deep breath. "Something about Serenity's past. I don't know how to tell you. But she didn't have the happiest teen years."

"What do you mean? She's like fun, cool, pretty, smart? How could she not have good teen years."

"Darien, she was the one that got picked on the most at her old school. Why do you think she transferred? Well anyways. She got a make over and everything. And just changed her look. Nothing else. She's still the same person at heart and soul. But she's more confident about herself now. "

[End of FlashBack]

*Say You're All That I Ever Know* You Picked Me Up When I was Down*

[FlashBack] (Lauren Tricking Darien)

Lauren looked up at him. "Are you serious?! We can be a family! Oh, Darien I never stopped loving you!" Lauren ran into his arms and gave him a hug.

Just then Serena walked out looking around for Darien.

Caught up in the moment, Darien lost his mind and said something he would later regret. "And I never stopped loving you, either." Then he kissed her.

Serena stood in shock. In a sudden rush, Serena did the only thing she could think of. She said her last words to Lauren and Darien. "I'm so sorry!"

Darien looked up to see a horrified Serena, standing there gawking at the sight that unfolded before her. Realizing what he said, he stood in shock. He knew she had heard him.

"I'm so sorry. I never really meant to get in the way!" With that, Serena spun on her heel and ran back into the school.

[End of FlashBack]

*And I hope That You Feel The Same Way Too* Yes I Pray That You Do Love Me Too* All My Life I Prayed For Someone Like You* And I Thank God That I Finally Found You* All My Life I Prayed For Someone Like You* Yes I Prayed That You Do Love Me Too*

Darien stared into the headlights of the car as it was inches away from Serena. Serena's scream echoed through the air... The image of Serena smiling at him when James said her name came to mind. What was going to happen?

Snow fell that day. The day before Valentines day...

All my life...I prayed for someone like you...And I thank God, that I finally found you...


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