Tenchi Muyo: Chances: There's always a chance…

The girls did not have to wait long before the call came back from the Imperial Palace on Jurai. "Ah," Washu told them, "in record time too."

While waiting Ayeka had asked her how she had known how to not only call Jurai, but the palace as well, but being Washu, she just said that it was nothing to a genius like her. But none the less, it worked, and worked quickly, as it was not a servant or even an officer, but The Emperor himself than answered!

"This had better be good," he scowled. "I was in an important meeting."

"Oh it's good your highness," Washu cooed at him while smiling sweetly.

He looked over Washu's shoulder to see Ayeka standing next to Ryoko, both looking nervous. "OK, I'm listening."

"Well, father, it's like this… Someone has asked that Mihoshi leave earth and…"

"You mean the one that crashed her ship in the lake?"

The two looked at each other nervously, "Yes."

"Then I shall make sure it goes through quickly, and…"


"What is it?" He asked irritated, at not only being interrupted, but also being interrupted so rudely by his own daughter.

"Can you revoke the decision?" She asked hopeful that he won't ask why.

"Why? She could have killed someone and she can't even control her own ship! Not only that, but she was ineffective at dealing with Kagato, and Clay! I support the Counsel's decision to replace her."


"Now what?" He asked irritated, as it was the pirate that was yelling.

"Look, no one was able to do much against Kagato, not even me. Tenchi was the only one that could match him."

"HA! That whelp, he couldn't even face Seriyo."

Ryoko began to grumble, but Ayeka stopped her, "Father… Would you delay making your decision until Saturday?"


"Ayeka! How can you just let him get away with saying that about…"

"Ryoko," Ayeka hissed though clenched teeth. She then whispered, "Please, just let me handle this. I have an idea."

"Fine," Ryoko then floated back behind her, but she still wanted to keep an eye on things.

"The reason is because we have a valid case why she should stay, but I would like some time to get things ready and prepare it for you and the counsel." She then smiled at him, "Please, daddy?"

He just looked at her, his oldest daughter, and the way she was looking at him was threatening to make him smile. It had been so long since she had called him that, and especially without having to be forced, or coerced into it. Ryoko then saw an amazing sight; he did finally smile though he tried to hide it. "Very well, my daughter. I will."

"Thank you daddy!" She called to him smiling. "I need to go now, but tell my mommies that I love them, ok?"

His grin became just that much bigger as Ryoko stared. "Ok, I miss you my Ayeka."

"I know, I love you too, bye!" She then waved at him as a tear trickled down his cheek before the image was cut.

Washu walked up to her as Ayeka just continued to smile. "Wow, I've never known him to smile."

Ayeka just winked, "You just have to know what to say." She then turned to Ryoko who was still staring at her. "And that Ryoko dear is how you get your parents to get you what ever you want."

Both Princess and pirate began to snicker then laugh at that while Washu looked at them nervously. After seeing how Ayeka had played the Emperor like that, she hoped that Ryoko wouldn't learn how to do that as well, because she knew that she would fall for it as well. Trying to get their minds off that, at least she hoped to, she asked Ayeka, "Well Ayeka, what is this valid case you have?"

"Well," she began, "Since Nobuyuki is part of the Royal family by marriage, and if he married Mihoshi she wouldn't have to leave."

"Because she would be his wife?" Ryoko asked.

"Yes, and because she would be a part of the Royal family then as well," Ayeka snickered slightly, then turning to Washu, "Miss Washu, I need you to call Mihoshi's… um, superior, I guess."

"Her commander?"

"Yes that's it."

Washu typed on her console a moment as she spoke, "Sure I can, but why? What are you going to tell them?"

"Well Miss Mihoshi said that she went against orders to return, I need to tell them why. Oh and Miss Ryoko…"

"Just call me Ryoko!" the Pirate growled.

Ayeka laughed slightly, as did Ryoko. "Very well, I need you to stand to the side so they don't see you."

"Why?" She grumbled as she moved to behind the screen where Washu was.

"No need in them seeing you and potentially getting upset."

"Whatever," she huffed and sat in the air as if she were sitting on something.

A moment later the screen came to life and a short portly man was there with a fully little hat on. "Hello, How may I help you?" He said tiredly, then realized who it was, "Oh your highness! Um, what can I do for you!"

"It has come to my attention that Detective Mihoshi has been reassigned to…" she paused as she could not remember what the blonde had said she was reassigned to.

"Yes, the Central Office, but she has not returned…." He started as she cut him off.

"That's it, and yes she will not return."


"She was under orders to see what her commanders wanted then to return to us on earth."

"B-B-But the counsel and…"

"No buts, I have contacted my father, The Emperor, and he has said he would put off the decision until Saturday so that we can make her orders permanent."

"I see…" he was visibly shaken and his face was much whiter than it had been when she had first called him.

"If you would wish to go against the Emperor then you may recall her before her time…" Ayeka left it hanging as he shook his head nervously while holding up his hands.

"Oh no no no, it's ok! She can stay, if you really want her there…." His voice was wavering and he was feeling very cold.

"Thank you, please as this is a special situation, no one is to know the full reasons, just let it suffice that she has been requested back by the Royal Family." She stressed the last bit to make sure he understood while Ryoko and Washu watched the exchange in stunned silence. Neither knew she had this much deviousness in her.

"Not a problem Your highness, I'll make sure the paperwork is done myself!"

"Thank you sir, good day." She nodded to him and the connection was cut. Taking a deep breath, she looked at Washu and Ryoko. "Well that should slow them down for a little while."

Washu just snickered, "Pretty good, now what happens on Saturday?"

"Well it should take them a while to get things sorted out, and they still don't know of her engagement yet, so hopefully by the time they discover it, the wedding will be over."

"You are a sneaky one," Ryoko laughed while patting the princess on the back.

"I've learned from the best," she retorted while looked at the pirate.

"HAY!" Ryoko shouted then laughed. "So, when do we get to plan my wedding to Tenchi?"


"Yea MY wedding!"

"There'll be no such thing! If he gets married it will be to me first!"

"HA! I got to sleep in his room first, so I get to…" Her voice dropped off and she became very quiet, though Ayeka did not notice.

Ayeka's face was turning red with anger, "Just because you did that first doesn't mean you can marry him first!" She then pointed at the pirate dangerously, "If anything I should go first because you've cheated and got into his room and you could've seduced him while he slept!" For a brief moment, Ryoko's features trembled, and Ayeka knew she had said something wrong. In all the time that he had allowed Ryoko to be in his room, Tenchi had never done anything with her other than talk. Tenchi had said so, and she believed him, at least she hoped she could believe him.

"Ayeka…" Ryoko said sternly though the waver in her voice gave away that she herself was not able to back that sternness. "I-I didn't want him to know why… I never wanted him to know… I couldn't hide it… from him…"

Ayeka placed a hand on the pirates trembling shoulders. "I'm sorry, I was just angry…." Ryoko looked up at her. "I know you didn't want him to know, any of us to know really. But we're here for you. You've been a better friend to me than I have been to you. Can you forgive me?"

In the silence that followed it would have been easy to hear a caterpillar chewing on a leaf. But finally, the silence was broken, at first it was a slight whimper. But then it became stronger, and before Ayeka's eyes the Pirate, changed again. Tears made their way down Ryoko's cheeks as she timidly opened her arms and gave Ayeka a hug. Ayeka was stunned at first, then she too hugged back her friend. Washu watched this in silence, she knew the reason Ryoko was in his room was because of her, and to have this happen in front of her just made the pain of that old would hurt even more.

However, seeing the two of them, actually acting like best of friends and not rivals was getting to her and something in her seemed to change at that moment. "My Ryoko…" Slowly she turned to face her mother, the tracks of her tears still visible. "I'm sorry… I never wanted to hurt you… I wish I could change the past… I wish I would have been there when you needed me…"

"I-I still need you…" she replied in a small voice.

Washu wrapped her daughter in her arms and cried openly, she released the barriers she had put up around her link to her daughter just as Ryoko did the same. To Ayeka, though she could not hear the words, she could see the results. Ryoko could feel the pain and loss that Washu had felt and how her mother had locked up her own feelings, while Washu got to fully understand the torture that her daughter had gone through. Ayeka had seen how the two had drifted apart, but now the bond between them she could almost see strengthening. It made her smile at the sight, as well as making her miss her own mother.

One thing troubled the princess, and that was Ryoko's new demeanor. Since the pirate had been staying in his room her mood swings have been very drastic and like now Ryoko had started crying, actually crying during one of their arguments. It was somewhat disheartening to see how easily Ryoko was upset by words alone. However, she did understand that she also had been though a lot, 'a lot more than a normal person should,' she thought.

The rest of that day the various members worked on getting the house and shrine ready for the dual wedding, but the biggest obstacle that they faced doing that was what appearance should Yousho and Washu take for their ceremony? "Well, um dad," Nobuyuki began though he was still unnerved by the fact that his father in law was over 700 years old and still looked younger than he was. "Since all of our relatives know you as Katsuhito then you might want to use that… um…."

"…Disguise?" Tenchi tried.

"I have thought about that."

"You know if you get married in a disguise and she gets married in a disguise does that mean that only your disguises are married?" All of them turned to look at Mihoshi and groaned as she just blushed.

Two days before the wedding Ayeka went to see Washu and contacted her mothers late at night. She herself did not like leaving the warm place beside Tenchi, and of course, Washu was not thrilled about having to leave Yousho's warm bed either. However, when Ayeka explained why she slowly began to warm up to the idea. When they were ready Washu made the message Ayeka wanted they then called the Royal Palace on Jurai. Once Ayeka Identified herself to the officer receiving the message she was then patched through to her Aunt Funaho.

As her Mother Funaho's image appears, Ayeka bowed to her, "Auntie Funaho."

"Morning Ayeka dear, what's wrong?"

"Nothing really, Is Mommy asleep?"

"Yes, at times I think she could sleep though anything." Both women chuckled at that as Ayeka had known that her mother was a hard one to wake up at times.

"Um, as to the reason I called…" Ayeka began as Funaho looked expectantly at her. "I have a message I need you to play for her…" She paused as she tried to decide how she wanted to say it.

"Did he finally choose?"

"Huh? Oh no that's not the reason," she blushed wildly and her aunt smiled knowingly at her. Ayeka talked to her for a few moments as Funaho reviewed the message.

"Are you sure you want to say this?"

"Yes, and I need one more thing…" she smiled sweetly as Washu tried to figure out why Ayeka was doing this.

The next morning was a buzz of activity around the house as this was their last day to make final arrangements. They had decided that Washu and Yousho would be wed first just a little after noon tomorrow, with Mihoshi and Nobuyuki's wedding directly afterwards. They would be on a tight schedule so they had to make sure everything would be ready. This included keeping Mihoshi away from the house for the whole day, or at least keeping her occupied with other things.

Since Ryoko normally ditched her chores, unless specifically asked to do them by Tenchi, she was assigned the job of keeping Mihoshi away from the house, or more precisely; keeping her away from the area where the wedding was to be held. Also, Ryoko would serve as the Maid of honor, though Ayeka snickered at the wording when the pirate was told about it. However much she hated the job and the title, Ryoko did a wonderful job of keeping the blonde busy. They went to many different toy stores, where the blonde practically dove headfirst into bins loaded with stuffed animals.

Ryoko could only laugh at first, but as they were thrown out of one toy story after another, it got to be very taxing on her. It got to the point that Ryoko would not even point out the toy stores, and instead she tried music shops, but Mihoshi found a number of Kareoke machines that she loved. And of course, she had to try them out and grudgingly Ryoko joined her that is, until they were asked to leave.

Before it was all over Ryoko and Mihoshi had been thrown out of almost every shop in town and they had amassed a large collection of bags and boxes. Even Ryoko had purchased a few things hoping that Mihoshi didn't see. But the blonde had seen every one of them. A few of them items were things for Sasami and Ryo-Ohki, but there were others for the rest of the family. She had even picked up something for her mother. Despite the anger that Ryoko harbored for being thrown out of the shops, she'd actually had some fun; mostly with Nobuyuki's borrowed credit cards.

Some of the last stores that she drug Mihoshi into were the lingerie stores where she had helped Mihoshi pick out something special for her wedding night, much to the embarrassment of the female officer. She also picked out a few things for herself, and despite her misgivings on it, she picked out a few things that she thought Ayeka might like; mainly things she herself would never be caught dead in. Ryoko knew that her mom could make anything she wanted, but for some reason, she looked around and actually found an outfit that she knew her mom would love. By the end of the day, the two finally headed for home, arms laden with boxes, bags and three credit cards maxed out and one cut up. 'Guess Washu will need to fix that, he only has one left,' she thought quietly as Mihoshi hummed happily oblivious to everything.

Washu had been given the task of creating the wedding dresses and other gowns and dresses that the girls would wear. Which of course, she had them sized perfectly and all of them were ready to go practically that same day she was asked. But to keep everyone's curiosity up she didn't show anyone them until after Ryoko had left with Mihoshi. Soon after the two had left, Washu brought Ayeka and Sasami into her lab to try them on. She couldn't keep it a secret from Ryoko, so her daughter had already tried hers on the day they were made, so that meant that Mihoshi was the only one left.

Nobuyuki, Yousho and Tenchi also had been brought in after Ryoko and Mihoshi left. They were happy about their suits, though Yousho was a bit uncomfortable wearing something other than his priest clothes. He decided that wearing them for one day would not hurt, at least not much. When he saw how happy Washu looked with him wearing it, he found yet another reason to not complain. She looked too happy to him to spoil it by saying he was uncomfortable.

However, she noticed his fidgeting, "Don't worry, you won't need it for long."

The guilty look on his face nearly made her laugh, "Long? Huh… what… I mean, I won't need it for…what are you talking about?"

Washu could easily see where Tenchi got his stammering from. "We're going to just have a short simple ceremony, then you have to change back and be the priest for Nobuyuki's ceremony," Washu told him while hiding a grin at his discomfort.

Yousho smiled and gave his wife to be a quick hug and inwardly was thanking the gods that he would not have to wear it for long. He was lucky though that for his and Washu's ceremony there would only be a few people in attendance, mainly because both of them had kept long and solitary lives. "You know it's a good thing we are getting married first."

"Why is that?"

"If father knew he'd be having a fit," Yousho chuckled at first then suddenly stopped when he felt a damp spot on his chest. "Washu… are you ok?"

"Damn it! Don't leave me! Don't let him… don't let him…" she lost her voice to her tears as she remembered why she had lost her previous husband.

"I won't leave you," he said softly as Nobuyuki and Tenchi left the room. "No one can separate us."

"H-how…" she wanted to know how could he be sure, but her voice just was not there for the use.

"I have asked Tsunami to join us, so that none may come between those that she joins."


He just rubbed her back soothingly, "I have left my social status behind, and I won't go anywhere without you." He tried to sooth her some more when he felt her body jump slightly. He looked down at her worriedly. As he watched her shoulder began to move up and down a little and he became aware of a slight chuckle from her. To say the least he was confused, "What's so funny?"

Though her voice was still weak from crying, she tried to force out the words. "D-Does… this mean t-that… you won't go to the s-shrine w-without me?" Yousho himself chuckled as well, but he didn't let her go.

When Nobuyuki and Tenchi exited the lab, the number of boxes and things throughout the living room surprised them. In the middle of the boxes, bags and stuffed Animals were Ryoko and Mihoshi. "What happened here?" Tenchi asked as they had spent most of the day cleaning up this room.

"Oh Ryoko took me to twenty-four toy stores and ten music stores and about fifty clothing stores and even some lingerie shops!" Mihoshi said so happily and quickly that both of them almost missed it.

"But… where'd she get the money for all this?" Nobuyuki asked.

"Oh Ryoko just used these little plastic thingies that the clerks ran though a little machine and then they let us carry it out…"

"…I'm going to go now…" Ryoko started as Mihoshi tried to tell them what happened.

"When did you get a credit card?" Tenchi asked before she could leave and she knew there was going to be trouble.

"Oh it wasn't one we had to use about four of them, and one lady was so mean that they cut up one! I was so mad that I almost placed her under arrest, but Ryoko had another one, it's funny I didn't think you could cut up gold so easily…" Mihoshi tried to say more but Ryoko's hand suddenly slapped over the blondes mouth.

"Oh well you see it's nothing really," she tried to pass it off.

Nobuyuki was getting a sick feeling in his stomach, but Tenchi asked the most important question, "Ryoko's where'd you find those cards?"

"You see…"

"Oh she kept pulling them out of this brown leather pouch that, hay you know it reminds me of that brown thing you keep on your night stand Nobuyuki…"

"Oh gods…" he said and nearly passed out. "How many cards did you use?"

Ryoko gulped, "Four…."

"Tenchi…" Nobuyuki said as his eyes were getting wide taking in everything that was in the room, and totaling it all up in his mind.

"Ok dad, I'll take care of it," Tenchi said. "Ryoko, we need to talk… um Ayeka, Sasami, could you do something about this room… again."

The two princesses exchanged worried glances before they started placing things back in their boxes and bags to me moved. To where they were not sure yet, but they started none the less. Mihoshi though after seeing Nobuyuki standing perfectly still for what seemed too long decided to try and get him to talk.

Ryoko was not looking forward to this little private time she was about to have with Tenchi. Stepping outside she turned to him when she heard the door close. The sadness and disappointment etched in his features went beyond anything she had ever seen from him. She just looked at him and was terrified of what he might say; she had never really felt this scared, even at the height of her fights with Ayeka. "Tenchi?" She asked worriedly.

He took another breath and then looked at her, the worry was evident so he took one more moment to think of what to say. Many times before he had opened his mouth and said things he has regretted. "Ryoko," he exhaled sharply, "no matter what happens, or what ever you do…" her eyes widened as tears began to form. "I will love you."

She was about ready to run when he said that, her head shot up to look at him, "really?"

"Yes..." he was going to say something else but she flew at him hugging him tightly with tears flowing freely. For the moment he put his scolding on hold and just held her as she cried. Some time later he pulled her head away from his chest to look into her eyes. "Ryoko, I love you… but you can't do things like that."

"B-But… they said to… and she was happy… and…" Her voice was barely audible and he felt even worse for trying to scold her for it.

"Dad's had to work hard to get those cards, and he's going to have to work even harder to pay the bills... if he can."

"But… when Washu would take me shopping she never had to use more than one card and we would get more than that."

"But dad's not like her… what do you mean? She's never taken you shopping? Has she?" He looked at her confused as she smiled slightly.

"When… when Mihoshi was going through the stuffed toys I-I remembered…. I remembered once when she took me to a toy store." Ryoko smiled softly at the memory, "I don't know how old I was, but I was happy." She let a few more tears fall as he wiped them away. "When I saw Mihoshi… I remembered what it was like, I couldn't tell her no."

"And you won't have to." Both turned around quickly at the princess voice.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"While Mihoshi was trying to tell him about what happened Miss Washu came out and said she would take care of it. I didn't even realize she was listening." Ayeka looked confused, but brushed it off quickly. "Anyway, she said that next time she sends you out to keep someone busy she will give you her card."

"Her card?" Tenchi and Ryoko asked.

Tenchi looked between them, "I didn't think other worlds used credit cards?"

"Well, it's not really the same type, it's more advanced, but it is still a card, and I guess it has a limit on it, though I've never reached my limit." She showed them a card that to him looked like one of his fathers' credit cards, but the markings on it he did not recognize.

Ryoko's eyes began to shine, "So he's not mad at me?"

Ayeka shook her head as the prate squealed for glee. "Since Miss Washu said she would take care of the bill he calmed down, but Mihoshi said something about modeling some clothes for him and then showed him a box…."

Both Ryoko and Tenchi looked at her carefully and he ventured to ask first though Ryoko thought she had an idea. "What kind of clothes?"

"I do not know, she only showed him and he nearly fell over at what ever she was holding…" Ayeka stopped as Ryoko fell into the air laughing hysterically. Both the prince and the princess looked at her and then Tenchi understood.

'Knowing Ryoko they probably went into a lingerie store and got something…' he stopped as he grabbed for a tissue in his pocket to stop the sudden influx of blood to his nose. 'Oh no! If Mihoshi got something there's no telling what Ryoko got!'

Ayeka looked confused at the two of them while Ryoko tried to gather control of her laughter. She noticed that Tenchi was having trouble stopping the blood and she smiled at him. "Tenchi, would you like to see what I got today?" This was too much for him and he fell over, completely unconscious.

Both girls were at his side trying to lift him up. "Miss Ryoko…"

"Ryoko!" The Pirate snapped back as she hated the miss part, but even that could not subdue her laughter completely.

"Very well, Ryoko, what is this about?" The pirate just grinned and whispered in her ear. "WHAT!" Ayeka screamed aghast.

"Hay, I got some for you too."

She scoffed at Ryoko, "Like I would like what you got me?"

"Suit yourself," she said only mildly disappointed as she knew that Ayeka would react like that; however, the pirate hid a smile as she knew once Ayeka saw them she would change her mind.

Ayeka later discovered though that Ryoko had quite a knack for finding things that she would adore. Tenchi though nearly lost what blood remained in his body as the three of them entered his bedroom. Some of the clothes and nighties that hung in view left little to his imagination as to which they were for and how each of the girls would look in them. Before he could loose too much Ryoko had maneuvered him back outside his room with a wink, "You're going to have to wait here until we change… we can't have you spoiling the surprise can we?"

"Oh gracious no," Ayeka added and he knew he was in trouble if even Ayeka was acting this way.

Through the door he could hear the two cooing and talking about the things. Ayeka would tell her that one was too revealing, or too tight, and some she would only whistle at which made him very nervous. But what really scared him was when Ayeka asked, "Ryoko, um, when would be able to ever wear these for him?"

"Oh, those are going for an extra special night!" He could hear Ryoko talking, and he could only imagine what they could be talking about, and just the thought caused his nose to bleed even more. Unable to take much more of this he went to the bathroom to get cleaned up before the two girls came after him for dinner.

All through dinner he kept glancing between the two and wondering what they got and if they were wearing them right now. Consequently it was a rough dinner to go through, but what made it worse was that Mihoshi and Nobuyuki were not at dinner and neither was Washu or Yousho. He was glad that Sasami seemed to not mind, and neither Ryoko nor Ayeka seemed to miss their company either. Instead, the two talked about Ryoko's day with Mihoshi and about things at the house. Knowing that Washu was going to take care of the bill helped some though he was unsure how she could do it without breaking the law.

However she took care of it, he decided, 'I don't care.' He looked at Ryoko and remembered how she had been so upset and worried that he would kick her out. 'I can't kick her out, and I won't loose either of them,' he thought happily though dinner.

That night, he was given a small sample of the clothes, as both of them were wearing their new nightgowns. Both were very beautiful, Ryoko wore a light red gown that came down to her knees, but the sheer lace woven into its front and sides showed off just enough to worry him, but not too much to make Ayeka think it was inappropriate. As for Ayeka she wore a night gown that was a deep blue, and like Ryoko's there were patches of sheer lace across the front and sides that he was sure revealed too much, but she seemed to love it. They were mostly covered and only parts of both of them were exposed, but even so getting to sleep was not very easy for him, as laying with them on either side he could see even more then they possibly thought he could.

Washu too had been given a new nightgown that Yousho thoroughly enjoyed seeing her in. Like Ryoko's it only came to above her knees, but the deep purple was very thin, almost sheer in places that made the priest act like a certain young man with bloody noses. Washu was pleased with his reaction even though the front of it was pushed outward by her enlarged stomach. After he got control over his nose he held her close and told her exactly how much he liked it, which led to yet another of their honeymoon night practice sessions.

As the two lovers lay in each others arms looking out his window at the stars after a strenuous practice, they both seemed to wonder about the same things, "Yousho?"

"Yes, Washu?"

He was still looking out the window as she thought about tomorrow. "What… are you thinking about?"

It was a cop out, she knew it, and he knew it too. "I was thinking, if you have something on your mind so heavily that you cannot talk about it," he then moved to look her in the eyes. "Then this is something that we need to discuss seriously."

"For not even being a thousand you are wiser than you seem." He smiled at the compliment as she continued; "We can't even tell anyone can we? About tomorrow…"

"Who do we need to tell?"

"Well your family..." at his raised eyebrow she added, "your other family… they wouldn't understand… and I have no one to tell…"

"If you are meaning Nobuyuki's family, they would not understand, though they are closer to him than they are to me."

"But no one will be there!"

"Does that matter? We will be there; Ryoko, Tenchi and Ayeka will be there, as will Mihoshi and Nobuyuki. Who else do we need?" She grinned despite her misgivings. "We have both lived solitary lives, and even if no one else shows up it will be fine."

"But what about your father, and mothers?" She protested.

"Tsunami will be joining us, not even the counsel will go against her."

"But…" he quieted her by placing a finger on her lips.

"I won't leave you, and they…" she silenced him this time.

"When Funaho was here she wanted to know if I could make more Ryo-Ohki's since she got through Jurai's defenses. That way Jurai will still have an edge over other systems."

"Ok, but I don't see…" she silenced him again.

"I told her I wouldn't help, but now they will be part of my family and she might ask me again… I can't make more of them…"

"And your worried she might make you?" Washu just nodded her head. "My mother is a number of things, but if you're worried about that I don't think it will be a problem."


He just chuckled, "Well she was probably worried that you'd help another race against Jurai, but now she won't have to worry about that." Despite herself, Washu laughed as well and the two tried to go to sleep as their practicing had worn them out again.

That night, all residents slept soundly and peacefully. Though one young man's dreams were filled with strange visions of what a certain pirate and princess could wear, while two other men were holding their loves and were not concerned with what they were not wearing.