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The sound of thunder boomed as rain poured out of the sky. The rain continuously fell on a large industrial looking city-like area. The rain fell so much the border of the city looked to have been flooded. The city was dark and depressing, with every building being grey or rusted due to the constant rain.

Near the edge of the city a large pitch black rift began to slowly pull itself open. The Rift was nothing but Void and darkness, but one figure fell out of it, followed by a few more figures. All of the figures fell, face first into the ground.

One Figure was a male with orange spiky hair. He wore a white long sleeved trench coat, white military-like pants, white boots, and a think black slash that ran diagonal across his chest from over his left shoulder to under his right armpit. On his back was a large sword that looked Khyber knife with the center of it, hollowed out.

Ichigo slowly pushed himself to his knees as he coughed and dry heaved. He reached up and grabbed at his throat, before he looked up and opened his mouth, trying to quench a thirst.

The orange haired teen kneeled on the wet ground, as rain made his hair go into his face. Ichigo pushed his hair back, before he looked around. 'I hope it worked…' The teen thought with a scowl.

Ichigo slowly stood up and walked over to the closet figure. It was a woman with long green haired woman. The teen knelt down on one knee and sighed. "Candice…" Ichigo voiced as he put his hand on her shoulder and shook it. "…Wake the hell up!" He yelled, when shaking her didn't do anything.

The green haired woman's body was covered in electricity shocking the teen, mostly because he was wet. But after a few seconds Ichigo scowled as the electricity receded into his skin. "Ow…" He said inattentively, he had been shocked worse when she was actually trying, that was static in comparison.

"I-Ichigo…" Candice muttered, as she pushed herself on her back, revealing her well…revealing attire.

"No, I'm the other guy with who has orange hair, scowls perpetually and just happen to have the same loveable attitude." Ichigo said sarcastically.

"You're a dick you, know that?" Candice forced out, as Ichigo stood back and held a hand out for her.

"What can I say, I am, what I have." Ichigo replied, causing the green haired woman to blink as she grabbed onto his hand, as he helped her up.

"…I think it's 'I am, what I eat'." Candice informed as she stood up.

"You defiantly do…" Ichigo said with a slight nod. Candice blinked a few times, before she realized that he just implied that she ate dick.

"Oh, you Asshat!" Candice yelled angrily as lightning engulfed her.

"Huh, it seems it worked." Ichigo commented with a small nod as he held his chin with one of his hands, observing Candice.

"W-wait…I-it worked?" Candice asked in surprise.

"No, the fact you're using thunderbolts, doesn't confirm it. In fact we all could be dead and hallucinating this…Or, I survived this. Landed here in a coma and my mind is creating everything around us." Ichigo said unsure as he looked around with a scowl, like he believed what he was saying.

"…What the fuck did the Shinigami do to you?" Candice asked seriously with narrowed eyes.

"Eh, you know…having a mental break down does have some lasting effects." Ichigo stated.

"Yeah, so you've mentioned." Candice said with a sigh.

"Mm-hmm…" the orange haired teen sounded with a nod, as he moved to the next closest downed figure. It was a petite young girl with short blonde hair and white clothing.

"Do we really have to wake her?" Candice asked.

"…I could carry her if you want. But, she could wake up in surprise and eat us. Or she'll scream in surprise and alert the locals…or possibly both…I don't want both." Ichigo said unsure, as his orange hair fell back into his eyes.

Ichigo knelt down and poked the petite blonde girl in the back. "Liltotto…wake up. I honestly don't want to yell again." He said with a scowl.

"Who. The. Fuck. Is touching me?" the face down blonde girl asked, but the orange haired teen could hear a lot of pent up anger.

"It could be me, but I could be some sorta shape shifter that took my memories and I believe I'm Ichigo." Ichigo said unsure.

"Yeah…you're Ichigo…" Liltotto muttered, as she pushed herself up. Her golden eyes glared around, before she focused on Ichigo. "So did it work?" She demanded.

"…Yes…" Ichigo replied evenly, before he heard the blonde girl's stomach rumble. "Hmm, I see. It seems your hungry…I'll have to find you something to eat soon." He muttered.

"Damn, fucking right you do." Liltotto replied.

"Ugh, I don't think you should really talk like that." Ichigo sighed out.

"Why? Because I look like a fuckin' twelve year old?!" Liltotto demanded.

Ichigo just looked at her blankly. "Yes." He replied.

"News fucking flash! I'm fourteen!" She announced.

"…Really?" Candice and Ichigo asked surprised.

"I hate you." Liltotto said to the two.

"That's nice, Liltotto hallucination." Ichigo said uncaringly as he walked over to the next downed figure.

"Hallucination?" Liltotto questioned curiously.

"He's unsure if we made it out of the rift." Candice replied with a sigh as she face palmed.

"…Oh fuck, this'll last for a few hours than." Liltotto muttered as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

Ichigo knelt down next to the next person. It was a girl with long wavy purple hair and white clothing "Meninas…" the teen voiced, as he shook her shoulders.

The purple haired girl pushed herself up easily and looked at Ichigo with wide purple eyes. "Ichigo, we made it?" She said respectfully, but had a surprised tone in her voice.

"Of course…" Ichigo said with a nod.

"You're such a kiss ass." Liltotto said to the Purple haired girl. Meninas just looked at Liltotto with a curious look.

"I'm just being respectful." She replied.

"Respectful my ass! You're just a Kiss ass, first Yhwach…now fucking Ichigo!" Liltotto argued.

"Liltotto hallucination, we're in an unknown land. Please keep your voice down." Ichigo imputed, as he knelt down next to someone else. It was a girl with long black hair that went passed her lower back and two antennae like stands sticking out. "…Giselle…get up…there's…ah, what do you like?" Ichigo trailed off.

"Ichi-kun!" the girl whined out as she pushed herself up.

"…Yes, that's a nick name you gave me." Ichigo said with a nod. "Anyway, the plan worked." He informed, before he faced the last downed figure. "Bambietta get up, I know you're awake." He said with a scowl.

"How the fuck did you possibly know that?!" a girl with long black hair demanded, as she pushed herself up.

"Your breathing pattern wasn't the same as the others." Ichigo stated with a tilted head.

"W-what, you really noticed that?" Bambietta asked surprised.

"No…I'm just fucking with you. I guessed." Ichigo admitted.

"Hmph, it would have been cooler if you had noticed." She replied with crossed arms.

"…I know." The orange haired teen sighed out, before he glanced around with narrowed eyes. "Get out here!" Ichigo demanded, getting everyone's attention. "If you don't come out, I'll just turn all this land into a barren wasteland…so it'd relatively the same…except on fire." Ichigo informed, as he reached back and gripped the large Khyber like blade off his back. When he grabbed the blade on his back, his eyes turned a sickly yellow.

The sound of fluttering paper grabbed the group's attention. A woman with blue hair, amber eyes formed out of paper. Ichigo tilted his head at that.

"The fucking hell? Are you made out of paper or something?" Liltotto asked incredulously.

"No. It's Ninjutsu." The blue haired woman replied.

"Oh, like what Ninja's use?" Giselle asked with a goofy smile, before she used one arm to cover the bottom part of her face and used her free hand to create one hand sign.

"Don't be silly Giselle. We all know Ninja's are just myth." Ichigo said seriously. "They only exist in Anime." He added with a nod.

"But-But-but…" Giselle said with a quivering lip. "…Ninjas." She added in a whisper.

"Stop it Giselle, you're going to make me cry. Honestly." Ichigo said.

Konan looked at the teen with a raised eyebrow, before she inspected every member of this little group.

The first was a young man with spiky orange hair, he was fairly tall, and he had sickly yellow eyes with black sclera, which in itself had an insane and blood thirsty glint. The teen wore a long sleeved double-breasted trench coat, white pants and white trench boots. With a diagonal black slash that went from over his left shoulder down to under his right, and it appeared to be holding the large Khyber blade.

The second was a tall and well-endowed woman. She had long green hair, with green eyes, along with thunderbolt shaped eyebrows. Her attire was similar to the orange haired teen's, except it was tied up revealing her midriff and unbuttoned, as well as some of the fabric being removed from the sides, displaying her cleavage. She also had a pair of short shots, along with a white hat on her head, and ankle high shoes.

The third was a petite girl that looked like she was about twelve. She had chin length blonde hair with golden eyes, and the same white clothing as the other two. She had a white skirt instead of a trench coat, gloves, patterned leggings and a white cap that had a symbol that Konan didn't recognize.

The fourth was another tall and well-endowed girl. She had long purple hair with short bangs framing her forehead and purple eyes. She wore white cloths like the other three, but instead of wearing a trench coat she wore a frilled skirt, along with frilled gloves, frilled boots and leggings, along with a belt with a heart-shaped buckle and a white cap the had the same unknown symbol on it.

The filth was a girl with big blue eyes, long black hair that went down to her lower back, with two strands sticking out like antennae. She wore a white trench coat with long sleeves, white shoes, and black leggings. She also wore a small white cap that rested on the side of her head. Konan narrowed her eyes at the girl. She could feel something…off with her.

The final was a young girl with long straight black hair and blue eyes. She had a hooded –cloak, a thigh-length trench coat, knee-high boots, a miniskirt and black stockings. She also had a white cap that had the same symbol displayed on it.

"…Well, not that this staring contest has gotten…awkward…who are you?" Ichigo asked curiously.

"I don't have to answer to intruders." Konan stated.

"Oh! Well then." Ichigo said with annoyance. "Think you can take care of this Giselle?" He asked with narrowed eyes.

"Aw, but I don't wanna!" Giselle whined out.

"I'll take care of this whore." Liltotto spoke, as she took a step forward, but was stopped by the orange haired teen.

"No, Liltotto. Giselle is the only one that will leave this woman in relatively one piece. We have no idea where or when we are, I'd be retarded to give that type of information up." Ichigo said with a sigh, like it was a bother to explain.

"I'm not a retard, you dumb ass. I know what's needed. I'm just…really hungry." Liltotto admitted as she held her stomach, as she stared at Konan with a hungry gaze.

Konan looked at the group with narrowed eyes. "What are your names, intruders?" The blue haired Nin questioned. "You are trespassing in Amegakure. Pain-sama has decreed that you die." She informed.

"Lucifer." Ichigo said with a straight face. "And who's this 'Pain' Asshat?" He asked.

"Our God." Konan said with narrowed eyes.

"Heh, I like that. Lucifer the Morning Star vs Pain the Asshole." Ichigo said with a nod.

"Yay, Ichi-kun!" Giselle announced. "Show this God whose boss. Maybe it'll be like the last one." She said with a silly smile.

"Quit encouraging him." Candice snapped at the Zombie Quincy.

"Then quit being an overbearing slut." Giselle replied with a dark smile.

"How about you dumb bitches shut up, and let Ichigo talk to the whore." Liltotto ordered to the two girls.

Konan looked a bit put off but the young looking blonde girl's swearing. "Who are you, and why are you here?" She questioned as a kunai dagger fell out of the sleeve in her cloak and into her hand.

"I…I am Ichigo, Kurosaki Ichigo." The Orange haired teen said with a shrug. "That's Candice Catnipp…" He said as he pointed to the green haired woman. "That's Liltotto Lamperd…" Ichigo informed as he pointed to the petite blonde. "That's Meninas McAllon…" He said as he pointed to the purple haired girl. "That's Giselle Gewelle…" Ichigo said pointing to the black haired girl with big blue eyes and dopey smile. "…Bambietta Basterbine." He fished as he pointed to the last girl.

"Why was I last?" Bambietta demanded. Ichigo just looked at her blankly for a second, before he focused back on Konan.

"Now that I went through the trouble of introducing my group…what is your name?" Ichigo asked.

"Konan…" The blue haired woman informed.

"Huh, like the barbarian?" He asked, getting face palms from the Quincy Girls.

"Hmm…" Konan sounded, not really getting what he was saying.

"Now ah, this is embarrassing…where are we?" Ichigo asked.

"Amegakure." Konan replied.

"Okay, let me rephrase that. What Dimension are we in? Earth? Hueco Mundo? Seireitei?" Ichigo asked.

"…Um, the Elemental Nations." Konan answered, like the teen in front of her was an idiot.

"So an unknown area, good, now we're getting somewhere." Ichigo announced with a nod. "Now, what continent are we on? What hemisphere? What country?" The orange haired teen asked.

"The Elemental Nations…I have no idea what a hemisphere is…And we're in Amegakure, the Village Hidden in by Rain." Konan stated.

"Huh, I can see why it's called that…" Ichigo muttered as he watched the rain fall. Before anything could happen, Konan vanished and appeared behind Ichigo, with a Kunai to his neck.

"Now make this as painless as possible, and don't fight back." Konan threatened.

"This is a really realistic hallucination." Ichigo commented, before he flickered out of existence and appeared a few feet in front of the blue haired woman.

"What?" Konan said to herself, she had the teen trapped. There was no way he could have escaped.

"I find it strange you were able to move that fast though." Ichigo admitted, before he shrugged.

"How did you escape?" She demanded.

"It's technique called Hirenkyaku(Flying Screen Step) It's actually a pretty complex technique, but once you learn the principle's behind it, it's fairly easy to learn." Ichigo rambled as he looked around the foreign land.

Before Konan could react, she felt a hand on the side of her face, before she was violently thrown throw several buildings by Meninas. The Sternritter glared slightly at the hole she made, before she blinked in confusion when Konan dispersed into paper.

"Interesting strength…There is only one person is known to have that much of it." Konan commented, as she formed out of paper.

"Interesting? I find the fact that you can turn into paper interesting." Ichigo said with narrowed eyes. "Giselle, I think you should add her to your collection." He informed.

"…I was thinking the same thing." Giselle said seriously, before she had a down right evil smile.

"Don't think I'd give up so easily." Konan informed as the bottom half of her body turned into paper and formed angelic wings.

"I think Bambietta's are better." Ichigo commented with a nod.

"Flattery will get you everywhere." Bambietta replied, as she, Candice, Liltotto and Ichigo watched Konan.

"Meninas keep the paper person on the offensive, Giselle prepare The Zombie." Ichigo instructed as his eyes darted around Konan, inspecting everything. "If she tries to escape, Candice you'll have to paralyze her." He said seriously as his eyes turned back to their usual brown, getting a nod from the green haired woman.

"What the hell?! Why aren't I doing anything!?" Bambietta demanded.

"You're…no offense, overkill. If you fight, the surrounding area will be demolished…And in a place we aren't familiar with, filled with people who have strange abilities. It's really…really stupid." Ichigo stated, as he watched Meninas pick up a building and throw it at Konan.

"Are you calling me stupid?!" Bambietta yelled as her Reishi began to elevate.

"The fact that that you're assuming, that I insinuated you were stupid. Is really disconcerting…" Ichigo muttered.

"Hmph…" Bambietta sounded as she crossed her arms and pouted.

Meninas grabbed Konan by her face and lifted her up before she slammed her into the ground, but the woman disappeared in a storm of paper. The paper had some weird sigils, before they enclosed Meninas' body.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes, before he heard a hissing sound. "Meninas! Get out of there!" He yelled, before she was engulfed in an explosion. The smoke cleared revealing Meninas was still standing, but most of her white Wandenreich uniform was covered in black smoke.

The purple haired girl coughed up some black soot. "Ow…" She mumbled.

"…How did you survive that?" Konan said with obvious surprise, but was forced to dodge a large black Khyber like sword. Ichigo landed by her side, and slashed his blade at Konan's side. The S-ranked Nin channeled Wind Chakra into her Kunai and used it to block the cleaver sword.

"You really shouldn't have tried to block this sword." Ichigo said with a glare, as the blade began to radiate a black and red aura. "…Getsuga Tenshō(Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer)" Ichigo muttered, before the area was engulfed in a black and red light.

"Heh, serves the Whore right." Liltotto commented with a nod.

The dust cleared, getting wide eyes from the Quincy Girls. The building behind Konan looked like it was cut in half but the blue haired woman looked completely unharmed. "…I missed…" Ichigo muttered, before sound of six people landing next to Konan grabbed his attention.

Six men stood next to Konan, all of them had orange hair, purple ripple like eyes, and all wore black cloaks with red clouds on them. "Konan, you failed." The middle one said in a monotone.

"I-I'm sorry Pain-sama." Konan nervously said.

"Obviously, they're more powerful then they appear." The Deva Pain informed.

Ichigo took a few steps back and narrowed his eyes. "Seven against One, that's a bit unfair don't you think?" he questioned, getting narrowed eyes from Pain, before five people appeared next to Ichigo. "Oh my mistake, make that Six on Seven." Ichigo commented.

Ichigo looked at Konan and the Deva path with a glare. Liltotto looked at the Animal Path with glazed hungry look. Candice smirked at the Asura Path. Bambietta glared at the Preta Path. Giselle looked at the Human path with a dopey smile. Meninas looked at the Naraka path with narrowed eyes.

The Animal path slammed his hands down, before the area was engulfed in smoke. Two large demonic looking dogs came out of the smoke and charged at the petite blonde girl. Liltotto didn't move. She just stared at the creatures hungrily, before she opened her mouth. Her mouth was filled with jagged teeth, before her mouth extended out and formed into a giant maw and bit right into the dogs.

The dogs released high pitched whining sounds, when most of their bodies were eaten by the small girl. Liltotto stood there as the remaining parts of the dogs' collapse, before her mouth returned to normal. "They tasted disgusting…" She muttered making a disgusted face, before she faced the Animal Path, but noticed he wasn't there anymore. "Heh, what a pussy." Liltotto commented.

The Asura path formed rocket like boots on its legs, and launched itself towards the green haired woman. Candice smirked before her body was enclosed in electricity. Her body shifted into lightning and moved herself out of the Path's attack.

Candice stood a few meters from the Asura Path, still smirking. She reached down and summoned her Reishi Bow, before she pulled the string back. A greenish-gold Arrow began to from in her bow, before electricity sparked off it the holy arrow. Candice fired the Galvano Blast at the mechanical Path. The arrow of about five Gigajoules of pure electricity or about thirty billion volts of energy, hit the Path completely disintegrating it.

"Hmhmehehe!" The Green haired woman laughed, with a smirk on her face.

Bambietta glared at the Preta Path, before she held up her hand. A blue orb of Reishi formed in her hand, before she launched it at the Preta Path. The Path raised its hands and began to absorb the energy.

"You can absorb energy, huh?" Bambietta said tauntingly, before she formed two Reishi bombs in her hands. "Fine, absorb this, ya fatass." She muttered, before she launched both of them at the Path. The Preta reacted like predicted, and tried to absorb the unstable Reishi Bombs.

The Preta path froze, as pure white light began to glow inside him. White vain-like markings began to become apparent, before the path's ripple-like eyes turned bright white.

"HmhmhmHehehHAHAHAH!" Bambietta laughed sadistically as she watched the Path, slowly become unstable. "Hmhm…Boom." She said with pure sadistic glee, before she had her Reishi explode from inside the Preta path. "Was that it? That was hilarious and pathetic." Bambietta said with a smirk.

Giselle tilted her head at the Human path. "You know, I'm not much of a fighter. If you wanna fight someone, I think you should choose someone else." Giselle informed with a dopey smile.

"I don't care about fighting." The Human path replied in a monotone voice. "What Village are you from?" He questioned.

"Hmm…Mmmmm….Mmmm…Village, Village, Village." Giselle repeated to herself as she put a finger to her chin. "Nope, I don't think we're from any Village." She replied with big blue eyes.

"Lie all you want, I'll get the information I need." The Human path stated.

"…Please can you let me go?" Giselle asked with pouty eyes and a quivering lip.

"After I get the information out of you, I will show you the true meaning of pain." The Human Path declared.

"What if I said?" Giselle began. "…Pretty please." She added. The Path ignored her, before he charged. The Human path swung a fist at her, but she took a casual step to the side, dodging it. "Aw, why are you fighting me? I don't wanna fight." Giselle said with a pout.

The Path tried to grab her again, but this time she took a step back. "Come on, mister silence." She said. The Human patch tried to kick her, but she leaned back and the foot passed over her chest. Giselle stood back up, but the Human Path tried to hit her with a left hook. Still smiling she leaned forward, causing the fist to pass over her back.

"I think I actually felt something that time." Giselle commented, as she leaned back, as the Path sent a fist towards her head. The Human path glared as he tried to punch her in the face, but Giselle clumsily twisted to the side, like all the dodges she performed were accidents. The Path tried to back hand punch her in the stomach, but she jumped back like she was dancing. "At least try." Giselle whined out.

The Human path started to get agitated and charged. Giselle smiled before she turned and kicked the path right in the face. When the Path was sent tumbling to the ground, Giselle appeared above the downed Path and kicked down, but the Path rolled out of the way. Giselle landed on the ground with her arms spread out like she was balancing.

"Come on, I'm bored." Giselle whined out. The Human Path charged like he was trying to grab her, but she ducked under the hand and grabbed onto his wrist, before she snapped his elbow using her shoulder as a fulcrum. "Only two people are allowed to touch me. Ichi-kun and Bambi-chan, and you aren't them." Giselle said in a dark voice.

Giselle displayed a large amount of flexibility, by doing a split kick while standing, kicking the Path in the face. When the Human Path was stunned, Giselle leaned forward and sent a backwards kick right at Path's chest. The Path was sent tumbling back.

Giselle watched with a dopey smile as the Path was sent to the ground. She brought her hand up to her mouth and bit down hard into her hand. She dragged her teeth slightly, bringing her blood out. Giselle clenched her hand covering her entire palm her blood.

The Human Path stood back up and charged at the Zombie Quincy, but she quickly sent a kick to the Nin's face. But the Path reached out and grabbed onto Giselle's white shoe, before he turned around and threw the girl.

"Whoop!" Giselle voiced, as she flew in the air, before she flipped herself and landed perfectly fine on the ground. "That was fun, let's do it again!" She said excitedly as she clapped her hands together. The Human Path glared at the girl before he charged at her again. Giselle tilted to the side and her arm shot out and shoved her bloodied hand into the Path's face.

The Human Path stumbled back, as Giselle's blood was imprinted on his face. Giselle smirked darkly as she flicked more of her toxic blood on the Path, before she used her healing ability to heal her cut. The Path stared at Giselle in a daze, as his skin began to turn a deep red.

Giselle titled her head forward and smiled, making her look evil. "…Kill your allies…" She ordered with a smirk. "And bring their bodies to me." Giselle instructed, before she spun on her heel and walked away with a skip in her step.

Meninas stared at the Naraka Path with narrowed eyes. The Sternritter vanished in Hirenkyaku, before she appeared behind the Naraka Path and slammed her fist into the back of its head. The Path was sent through a metal building.

The Naraka Path came out of the building, but its eyes went wide at was he saw. Meninas was standing a few meters away from the Path, holding a giant chunk of the ground above her head. In a split second the Quincy slammed the large piece into the Naraka Path.

Meninas lift the large piece of the ground up, before she slammed it down again. She then lifted it up and slammed it a third time. Meninas blinked 'When have I become so violent?' She asked herself. 'I should really stop hanging out with Bambietta and Giselle.' She mused.

Ichigo looked at Konan and the Deva path. "You should surrender, it's meaningless to fight." The Deva Path spoke.

"I really don't give two shits if this fight is meaningless." Ichigo said with a shrug. "You all have some interesting abilities. I'm sure Giselle will like you in her collection." He commented.

"Your words of a man who doesn't know pain." The Deva Path stated, as he raised his hand at the orange haired teen. Before Ichigo could react, he felt a tremendous force hit his body and was sent through a building.

Ichigo slowly stood up. "Ow…" He muttered to himself, before he glared forward. "If this guy wants to dick, I can dick too." Ichigo said as he pulled the large Khyber blade off his back. The large blade was enveloped in a black and red Reishi, before it condensed on itself. The Red and Black Reishi solidified again, but took the form of a black daitō with a four pronged guard.

Ichigo walked out of the hole he made and glared at Pain and Konan. "Get ready." He began. "Because I'm going to rock you…like a hurricane." Ichigo said, getting a confused look from Konan. Ichigo slashed his daitō sword oat the two, launching a crescent wave of black and red Reiatsu at the Nin.

Pain held up his hand, before the attack hit them, causing the attack to go anywhere other than Pain and Konan. "It's going to be like that, huh?" Ichigo muttered, before he lifted the daitō sword above his hand, as a black and red energy began to condense on the blade.

Ichigo slashed down, launching a large wave of Black and Red Reiatsu. Pain quickly evaded the attack, while Konan used her paper wings to fly out of the attacks range.

"…Hmm, very interesting…" Ichigo said with a tilted head. "You have shown the capacity to block or move my attacks out of the way…yet, you evaded. You're either a complete idiot or you're defense has to recharge." The orange haired teen observed with a nod. 'Every technique no matter how powerful has a limit.' Ichigo mused.

'What were those attacks?' The Deva path thought. 'They weren't composed of Chakra, but it was familiar…I just can't place where I felt it. And the way he manipulated the attack. It may have looked like it originated from his blade, but with these eyes, I can see where it really came from. Just like with that girl my Preta Path fought, she pulled the energy from the surrounding air, somehow…And so did he…Maybe it's a Bloodline limit.' Pain thought, before he was forced to dodge another waved of Black and Red energy.

Ichigo was about to send another attack, but stopped when his body was enclosed by paper with strange writing. "Hmm…" the Orange haired teen sounded.

"Don't move. If you do I'm blow you up." Konan threatened as she formed a few feet in front of him.

"Huh, I'm curious…are you made of paper? Or is it like a transformation. If it is, that's a pretty shitty transformation. I mean, I bet fucking stiff wind would probably blow you away." Ichigo commented not taking the fact his body was trapped in dozens of explosive tags seriously.

Konan just glared at him. "You know. When you're not talking, my opinion of you changes, from not liking you very much, to liking you somewhat." Ichigo stated, before he sniffed slightly. "Do you smell fire? I smell fire. But then, it's raining, so…um, oh." He said as he looked down at the Tags, to see them smoking, before he was engulfed in an explosion.

Konan took some satisfaction as she watched the teen exploded. "You know, that wasn't nice. Someone could have gotten hurt." A familiar voice said, causing Konan's eyes to widen as she looked to her side and saw Ichigo standing there perfectly fine.

"How did you escape?!" the blue haired woman demanded.

"Like I said before, Hirenkyaku is useful." Ichigo said with a sigh. "Can we like, wrap this up now? I'm bored and I wanna sleep, preferably alive and with a girl." He informed.

"You're bored?" Konan asked incredulously.

"Yeah…" Ichigo said unsure. "You're not really trying to fight, and I haven't even begun to try. I haven't summoned my mask, used my Sternritter ability, or activated my Vollständig…So…yeah." Ichigo said as he rubbed the back on his neck.

Ichigo felt a tremendous force hit him, before he felt himself getting pulled to the Deva Path. The Orange haired teen twisted his body and stabbed his daitō into the ground, stopping him halfway from the Deva Path.

Ichigo looked at Pain with sickly yellow eyes, with black sclera. "I'm starting to get…a little angry to be honest…Die." He said in a monotone. Before he slashed his daitō horizontally, then slashed it up, and then down, sending three different crescent waves of black and red energy.

Pain stood still, before he held his hands up. "Shinra Tensei(Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)" Pain announced, before the three crescent waves froze and were repelled, sending them flying back at Ichigo.

"Subjugation of a God? That sounds kinda pretentious to be honest." Ichigo muttered, as the three Crescent Waves went right through him and destroyed the buildings behind him.

"W-why didn't it affect you?" Konan demanded.

"Huh?" Ichigo sounded. "Why would I be harmed by my own Reiatsu? It's like a whole 'wave-length' type of thing." He commented. 'Every form of spiritual energy is different. No two people have the same one…its weird how they have a weird form of Spiritual Energy…it's…diluted.' He mused.

Pain went through several hand seals. "Suiton: Mizurappa(Water Release: Wild Water Wave)" the Path announced, before he spat a large amount of water towards Ichigo.

"…That doesn't seem physically possible…" the orange haired teen muttered as he tilted his head. Before the wave collided with him, Ichigo flickered out of existence.

Ichigo appeared a few feet above the water and used Hirenkyaku to solidify the Reishi under his feet to stand in the air. "Color my curious, how did you do that?" He asked.

"It's a Jutsu. Something every Shinobi knows." Konan stated with narrowed eyes.

"…Jutsu?" Ichigo asked.

"A technique every Shinobi knows how to perform. Utilizing Chakra Shinobi are able to do extraordinary things…You should know, you are one." Konan said.

"Na…I'm more of ah…Quincy or a Monk of Destruction." Ichigo informed. "Well actually I have no idea what I am. I mean I am part Hollow, and I was a Shinigami for a few months…" He trailed off. "But I'll stick with Quincy…because 'Monk of Destruction' sounds cool." Ichigo said with a nod, before he flickered out of existence as several sharpened paper blades flew passed the area he stood.

Ichigo appeared a few feet to the side, where he originally stood. The teen looked at Konan with unamused yellow and black eyes. Ichigo lifted his hand up and dropped his black daitō, before it disintegrated into black and red particles.

The Quincy shook his left wrist slightly, freeing a silver chained bracelet with a silver pentacle. Ichigo held up his left hand as black and red particles began to form and condense to create something. Konan blinked at the weapon that formed, while Pain watched from a distance.

'You're group is getting more interesting each passing second.' Pain thought, as he observed the teen, while his Animal Path landed next to him.

Ichigo leveled his newly formed Reishi constructed weapon at Konan. He held a weapon that closely resembled a Colt M1911, except the barrel was about ten inches long, and was slightly larger.

The sound of an explosion grabbed the Quincy's attention. He looked up and saw a large bird-like monster flying right towards him.

Ichigo raised his right arm and rested the larger than normal Reishi pistol on his forearm, before he looked at the monster through the iron sight of the weapon. The Quincy narrowed his yellow and black eyes, before a black orb began to form at the tip of the barrel. The black orb got larger and formed a red outline.

"…Cero Oscuras(Black Hollow Flash)" Ichigo muttered, before he released the Cero. A Large black beam with a red outline hit the monstrous bird right in the center of its forehead. The bird was engulfed in an explosion of red and black Reiatsu that scared the surrounding buildings.

The Headless corpse of the bird slowly fell, but before it could touch the ground a large mouth with jagged teeth enclosed it. The mouth shrunk, revealing a petite blonde girl standing a few feet from the orange haired teen, with blood covering her mouth.

"…Liltotto…" Ichigo whispered, before he pointed around his mouth. "You have a little blood, here." He said.

"What? Do you want to fucking lick it off or something?" Liltotto asked rudely.

"…Um, no." Ichigo replied not really sure how to react to that statement. The petite blonde scoffed, before she stuck her tongue out and licked around her mouth. "…Ah, you go it." He informed.

Konan watched the two, with a raised eyebrow, before she looked to Pain, to see him shaking his head.

Ichigo glanced back when several more figures appeared near him. "How were your fights?" He asked curiously.

"Eh." Candice sounded, doing a so-so gesture.

"It was hilariously pathetic." Bambietta commented with a scowl, very similar to Ichigo's scowl.

"It was fun." Giselle said cheerfully with a dopey smile.

"I defeated my enemy quickly." Meninas informed.

"The dude I fought, pussed out like a little bitch and ran away." Liltotto said, with crossed arms and glared.

"Hmm, well, I guess that's good." Ichigo said with a shrug, before he looked forward and saw the Deva and Animal Path standing with Konan. "So now it's six against three…" The orange haired teen commented.

"Oh, the whore's still alive." Liltotto said with crossed arms. "I thought you would have killed her." She admitted.

"Aw, don't be like that Lili-chan." Giselle voiced. "He did work hard to create the Garganta(Black Cavity) that brought us here." She informed.

"Hmph." The small blonde girl sounded.

"Are we going to stand around and talk, or kick some ass?" Bambietta asked with palpable annoyance.

"You're the one to talk, bitch." Liltotto commented.

"Shut up you flat chested midget." Bambietta taunted.

"I'm fourteen you slut!" Liltotto yelled.

"I was far more developed when I was thirteen." The Explosive Quincy stated.

"It's true…I was there." Giselle imputed.

"Shut up." Candice voiced. "You can't talk about chest size, Zombie bitch." The green haired woman taunted.

"Oh…" Giselle sounded as she looked down at her chest.

Ichigo reached over and pat the Quincy on the shoulder. "…Um there, there…Your chest is perfectly fine." He informed.

"Aw, you know just what to say to cheer me up!" Giselle announced, before she hugged Ichigo from behind and then peeked her head over his shoulder.

"…Of course…" Ichigo muttered, before he looked at the S-ranked Nin.

"You've all displayed unique abilities and proven you can fight." Pain spoke.

"Well, yeah." Ichigo replied. "So… are you going somewhere with this?" He asked.

"You and your group have destroyed several of my paths. A feat not many can boast about." Pain informed.

'Damn, there must be some pretty weak ass people here.' Ichigo and the Female Sternritters thought at the same time.

"Anddd…." Ichigo said slowly.

"I am the leader of an organization…" Pain began.

"Whoa dude, so am I. Well a group to be more specific…and to be even more specific these girls are my gro…" Ichigo ranted, only to stop when Giselle tightened her grip around him. "Oh, sorry." He muttered to the Zombie Quincy.

"My group is known as the Akatsuki." Pain informed.

"You even named your organization…Aw man, I haven't even thought of a name for my group." Ichigo admitted.

Pain scowled. "Enough, you've impressed me. My organization has specific specifications to join." He informed which was true. He usually did most of the recruiting for the Akatsuki personally. And recruiting usually required him to fight the potential members and they usually were able to destroy at least one Path, maybe damage another. Not only were those girls able hold their own, and destroy several of his paths. The orange hair kid wasn't even trying and was able to hold his own against himself and Konan.

'I can't go all out against these people or risk destroying the Village.' Pain thought.

"So…you want me to join your organization?" Ichigo asked.

"Not only you, but those who follow you." Pain replied.

"Uh-huh…" Ichigo sounded. "Okay, I get that part….But…Why?" He asked.

"Because, we need your help." Pain informed, getting a scoff from Bambietta.

"Help? Everyone needs some sorta help." Bambietta muttered with annoyance.

"You're so mean Bambi-chan." Giselle reprimanded. "But, that's what I like about you." She added.

Ichigo ignored the two, as he focused on the orange haired Nin with ripple like eyes. "Your organization, what's its main goal?" He asked, his voice being serious, surprising Pain and Konan. The only time they saw him serious was when Konan trapped Meninas in paper bombs.

"The Akatsuki's goal is to bring world peace." Pain stated.

"…That sounds so fucking gay." Liltotto commented.

"Yeah, our track records aren't usually that good. Especially if it's concerning fighting and war…We're either the starters of it…or the ones who get slaughtered." Candice voiced bitterly.

"I'm still sorry for what they did to you." Ichigo imputed genuinely, about the Shinigami and Quincy massacre.

"Quit being sappy, either put up or shut up." Liltotto snapped.

"Aw, look at all that thorny pain…it's so beautiful." The orange haired teen commented affectionately.

"I don't do poetry." The petite blonde said.

Ichigo just smiled, before he scowled at the Nin. "How do you plan to achieve world peace?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

"By showing the world the true meaning of pain, and I am the God…the chose person to show the world the true meaning of pain. And then I will unite the world." Pain spoke.

"Have you ever heard an Adjuchas talk about killing the Captain-Commander?" Ichigo said aimlessly. "I have to admit what you just said, sounds very much the same." He informed.

"Hehe, I have to admit, it does sound just as stupid." Candice's commented.

"Are you mocking Pain-sama goal?" Konan demanded.

"Oh, no, no, no, we're just stating that, that plan is fucking retarded." Bambietta said.

"Mm-hmm." Giselle sounded in agreement as she rested her chin on Ichigo's shoulder.

"I hate to agree with the slut, but she is right. Mutually Assured Destruction isn't a good way to bring world peace." Liltotto imputed.

Meninas looked at the two Nin with her fists' clenched, ready to attack, just in case Ichigo was attacked or the Nin made any threatening movements. Candice just had her hands on her hips, smirking confidently.

Pain and Konan glared at Bambietta. "You dare mock Pain-sama's dream?" Konan demanded as the paper surrounding her flattened, ready to launch.

"Of course, it sounds…what's the word?" Bambietta asked out loud as she snapped her fingers in thought.

"Stupid." Giselle voiced.

"Ludicrous." Meninas imputed.

"Bat shit insane." Liltotto said.

"An idea even your mother would think was dumb." Candice commented.

Giselle tilted her head slightly and looked at Ichigo, to see he was still glaring at the two Nin. "I think the word you're looking for is Retarded-Gay-Ass." Ichigo said.

"An insult that not only insults his intelligence but also the sexual preference and a fact thrown in there, I like it." Liltotto commented with a nod.

"Yeah, we all believe your plan, goal, fucking dream for all I care is Retarded-Gay-Ass." Bambietta said, speaking for everyone.

"It doesn't matter what you're beliefs are. There are several members that're here that only joined for bloodshed and violence." Pain informed.

"…That's very contradictory." Ichigo commented.

"It doesn't matter, will you join?" Pain questioned.

"Well I can't choose what my friends think…ah, do you wanna join him?" Ichigo asked, as he glanced at the Sternritter girls.

"Yeah right." Bambietta said sarcastically.

"These guys are kinds stupid." Candice observed.

"Let's kill these fuckers." Giselle said darkly.

"I still can't wrap my head around how they want to make world peace with Mutually Assured Destruction." Liltotto admitted

"I really don't want to join these people." Meninas informed.

"…I see." Ichigo said with a scowl as he looked at Konan and Pain with yellow and black eyes. "They've spoken, we're not joining you." He stated.

"You are their leader, you choose what happens." Pain said with a glare.

"Oh, no I'm not the leader. I'm the strongest of them, but it'd be really, really…" Ichigo began before he started to glance off. "…It's really weird that stopped raining as soon as I said no…" He said for no reason, only for Giselle to poke him in the side. "…Stupid for me to be the leader." He completed.

"Why?" Konan demanded.

"I'm legally insane." Ichigo informed with a confused look.

"And we all still love you." Giselle informed.

"You sound so fucking weird when you say that." Liltotto commented.

"And don't you forget it." Giselle replied.

"If that is your decision, then I will kill you all." Pain said.

"Aw, there's no need for that." Giselle voiced, but the Quincy girls prepared for a fight, only for Ichigo to raise his hand up.

"Leave…We have no idea how many there are here…" Ichigo ordered seriously. All the Quincy girls vanished using Hirenkyaku, except Bambietta since she really didn't know how to use it.

Ichigo continued to aim his Reishi pistol as the duo, as before in one movement he turned around and grabbed onto Bambietta. And then they both flickered out of existence.

"What do we do Pain-sama?" Konan questioned. "Do I go after them?" She asked.

"No, soon they will see true pain. And then, they will join our cause…one way, or another." Pain voiced.

Several figures appeared at the outskirts of Amegakure. "Now where do we go?" Candice asked. "We can't go back to Wandenreich." She voiced.

"Especially with what Ichigo went through to get us out of the range of Yhwach's Auswählen." Meninas muttered.

"That ass Yhwach, I'm going to enjoy killing him." Liltotto admitted.

Ichigo looked at the village of Amegakure with narrowed black and yellow eyes, before they turned back to a brown as his Reishi Pistol vanished. 'With us being so far away from Yhwach, the Auswählen will be diluted and severally weakened. With me having a larger portion of Yhwach's soul then the rest of the Quincys, I could probably over write it.' The orange haired teen mused.

"What are we going to do now, Ichi-kun?" Giselle asked curiously.

"We're going to find someone powerful, and we will get stronger. And then, we will return and kill Yhwach, for what he did and what he planned to do to you five." Ichigo said seriously.

"How are we going to navigate this place? We have never been here before and we don't know shit about this place?" Liltotto informed.

"Oh, I know!" Giselle announced. "I have one of those orange haired guys, who isn't Ichi-kun, as a Zombie. I'm sure Ichigo can do his 'Thing' and get all the information he needs." She said with a dopey smile.

"Good idea." Ichigo replied.

Giselle continued to smile as she summoned the Zombiefied Human Path. The group tilted theirs heads when they saw it carrying several corpses. "Oh yeah! I asked for him to get me more bodies, I'm so silly." Giselle announced.

"Yeah silly?" Candice muttered. "Let's not forget stupid." She added.

"Candi-chan, why are you being a bitch?" Giselle asked curiously.

"And why are you a cross dresser?" Candice asked.

"C-cross Dresser?! I'm not a guy!" Giselle yelled.

Ichigo looked at the two, before he raised his hand. "Giselle isn't a guy." He informed with a nod.

"How would you know?" Candice questioned with narrowed eyes.

Ichigo blushed slightly and looked away. "Giselle said I wasn't supposed to talk about us having se…" He began, only for the girl to cover his mouth.

"Hehe, he doesn't know what he's saying." Giselle quickly said nervously.

"So you are a guy." Candice taunted.

"…When you die, don't forget I can turn you into a zombie." Giselle threatened.

"Shutting up." The green haired women voiced.

"Let's get back the fact, about what Ichigo was about to say." Bambietta said, glaring at Giselle. "Was he about to say, what I think he was about to say?" She questioned as Reishi began to gravitate towards her.

"No, no, no!" Giselle forcefully replied.

"Oh? Then let's ask Ichigo." Bambietta said as the group looked at him. To see that Ichigo stood a foot in front of the zombiefied Human Path while waving his hand in front of its face.

"There's no need for that." Giselle informed.

"…Right…" Liltotto commented sarcastically.

"Did you have sex with Ichigo?!" Candice demanded.

"….Well, it was more…fooling around." Giselle admitted as she fiddled with her hands.

"Ichigo a bit unstable, isn't that kinda…wrong?" Meninas asked unsure.

"Nope!" Giselle replied cheerfully. "It just makes it more exciting!" She informed with a wide eyes and a large dopey smile.

"I don't think that makes it any better." Meninas admitted.

"It did for me." Giselle stated.

"Enough!" Bambietta yelled.

"Let's talk about this some other time…" Candice said as she leaned to the side and looked at the orange haired Quincy.

Ichigo took a set towards the Zombiefied Human Path, and looked at it blankly. The Quincy's eyes shifted from brown, to sickly yellow with black sclera. "I'm going to read your mind now." He informed, as he grabbed onto the Human Path's shoulders. "By absorbing your Reiryoku, through drinking your blood…nothing personal." Ichigo said, before he opened his mouth, revealing razor sharp shark-like teeth. The Quincy bit into the Human Path's throat.

"Whoa…." Giselle sounded, when she watched Ichigo devour the man. "I guess that's why is call Ichigo Kurosaki "V"…The Vampire." She said with a smile.

"Well he is the first Quincy-Hollow hybrid ever recorded. There had to be some combos, like the Hollows need to devour spiritual energy, and the Quincy's physical form and manipulation of Spiritual Energy." Liltotto observed. "He's able to devour people's souls through the physical representation of the soul…aka the Blood." She added.

"Huh, I really don't care about that shit." Giselle admitted. "I'm just glad I'm not the only one with a blood based ability." She informed.

"That's actually got me really curious." Candice said. "What would happen if Ichigo drank your blood?" She asked.

Giselle just shrugged. "I don't know." She voiced.

'The fuck is this…the fuck is that…what the fuck is going on?' Ichigo thought, as he lived through the life of the Human Path. Seeing the memories of a Takigakure Nin, before he met someone named Jiraiya, and then was subsequently killed by Pain. Only to be converted to become a Path, and he began to learn what the Human Path knew when it became a Path.

"Hmhmhmhmhm!" Ichigo sounded with a smirk, displaying his shark-like teeth. "Oh, this going to be so much fun…" He announced, before he looked at the Sternritter women. "We've made the right choice in coming here…there's a lot of things that can help us here." Ichigo informed as he dropped the bloodless and soulless corpse.

"How? While this place does have a lot of Reishi in the environment, it isn't as rich as Hueco Mundo or Seireitei." Liltotto commented.

"This place, while not as 'Spiritually Strong' it does have some advantages…" Ichigo informed, before he looked back at the raining Village.

"Ichigo." Candice voiced.

"…Oh, sorry…They have some sorta mutated version of Reiryoku that is um…more diluted. They're mixtures of Spiritual and Physical Energies." Ichigo explained off handedly. "I also know a group or…Village to be more specific that will take us in and help us..." He informed, before he slowly focused back on the raining Village.

"What's got you so distracted?" Candice asked.

"Nothing, just watching the rain." Ichigo replied as his eyes returned to their usual brown.

"You hate it…didn't you?" Giselle questioned.

"…I did, but…I did meet some of you, when it was raining..." Ichigo commented, before he focused on the group. "Come on, I know where we have to go." He said before he wrapped his arm around Bambietta and they flickered out of existence, the other Sternritter girls sighed, before they followed.


Two Months after the Defeat of Aizen-One Month after Ichigo fully lost his powers-Denial and Isolation.

Ichigo scowled as he laid back on his bed thinking. 'What am I doing?' He asked himself. It had been a mouth since he stopped being able to see spirits.

During the first few weeks he was glad, ecstatic even. He finally had a normal life, no problems, no cares. But then it started to sink in, he was normal…he had no cares, nothing. It was all the same, nothing different, a rut he couldn't leave.

School, home, School, home, over and over and over again. Nothing, not a single peep. And he realized his life was utterly boring. The only thing that ever did before he became a Shinigami was talk to and helped the Pulses. But now, with his powers gone, even that didn't happen.

'Is this it?' Ichigo thought. 'No, it can't be…no my powers will come back. I mean even Aizen said I was unique.' He thought in denial. 'I'll be able to help my friends again, and they'll stop looking at me like I'm some glass vase.' He reassured himself.

Two Months after Ichigo lost his powers-Anger

Ichigo scowled angrily as he paced back and forth in his room. "What the Hell!?" He yelled, good thing no one was home.

"They look at me like I'm some unstable fucking object that needs protecting!" Ichigo yelled, as he glared out the window.

"Those eyes…I hate those Eyes!" He announced. "I'm not a weakling! I Defeated Aizen! They-They Don't need to protect me!" He said.

"I see them leaving class ever few hours! I know what they're doing! But they ignore me! Like that'll help! Tatsuki too, now that she can fucking see ghost…Oh, let's all have a fucking Hollow slaughter party! And leave the person who first defended this city in the fucking dust!" Ichigo yelled as he hit his bed.

"AHH! I want my powers back!" Ichigo yelled as he hit his bed and glared at it.

"Are you fucking happy Aizen?! Eye for an eye!" Ichigo announced.

Ichigo clenched his fists and glared at nothing. "Fuck this shit. I'm going for a walk." He muttered.

Three Months after Ichigo lost his powers- Bargaining

Ichigo sat in his class room, glaring at the board. He glanced to his sides to see Chad, Orihime and Uryū patiently talking notes.

'In out, in out, you can do this…' The orange haired teen thought, as he looked at Uryū. Ichigo sat behind the Quincy, and made sure none of his friends were in the way.

Ichigo pushed his pencil on the floor, and inconspicuously bent down. The teen quickly glanced around and noticed no one was looking at him. He put his hand on Uryū's backpack and felt around, before his eyes widened. Ichigo quickly pulled his hands out and sat back on his desk and put his hands in his pockets.

A few hours later Ichigo sat on his bed, before he dug in his pockets. Ichigo held several, five centimeter long silver tubed. "Okay, okay, you can do this…It won't hurt. I'll be like awaking up something dormant." Ichigo said to himself as he stared at the Gintō.

"I defeated Aizen. I was transcendent for a time. This'll be easy." Ichigo said. "It's not my fault. I'm doing my part. Uryū won't notice and if he did, he won't mind, I'm sure of it." He muttered.

Ichigo opened one of the Gintō and didn't see anything inside it. He knew that if he had his power he would be able to see the Reiryoku stored inside it. "…Bottoms up…" Ichigo muttered, before he held the tube up to his mouth and drank the liquefied spiritual energy.

The orange haired teen took a deep breath, before he doubled over in pain. As his insides began to glow a light blue and light blue vain-like markings became apparent on his skin. The white vain-like markings moved up his body until it reached his head.

"Ugh, oh god…I-I think I'm going to…" Ichigo muttered as he held his stomach. "…Okay, I'm good, I'm good…I think I felt something, my power…I just need to finish these." He said with a nod.

Four Months after Ichigo lost his powers-Depression and Acceptance?

Ichigo laid in his room, just lying there staring at the ceiling. The windows were covered, and the room was dark.

"I'm…nothing…" He muttered. "I had the power…I was a transcendent being." Ichigo said unenthusiastically. "And that stupid Gintō stuff didn't work. Good thing Uryū hasn't noticed they're gone." The orange haired teen mumbled.

"You're such a dick Aizen…you had to be such an ass…I can't even try to be mad." Ichigo sighed out.

'It's gotten worse. Orihime, Chad, Uryū, Tatsuki, Keigo…Even Urahara are avoiding me. Am I bad, is it because I'm weak?' Ichigo asked himself.

'I agree…I wouldn't want to be my friend either. They all think I'm just a pathetic…stupid…depressed…powerless…weakling…' Ichigo thought as he turned his head slightly.

"I understand…" Ichigo said with a sigh. "I understand why they're avoiding my now…I'm pathetic…I can't even protect myself.

Ichigo sat up. "I get it now. I am nothing. To be on top of the world, and then thrown of just as quick…I get was Dordoni said now…'once you've stood at the top, you can never forget the view'… But now I know…Even if I get that strong again, everyone will still see me as a broken tool…A broken warrior…a useless, defeated, pathetic being." Ichigo said with narrowed eyes.

"I get it…I'm powerless!" Ichigo announced as he stood up. "And there's not a God Damn thing I can do about it." He added.

Ichigo lurched forward when he felt a searing pain in his stomach. He looked down and saw a silver bloodied blade sticking out of his abdomen. He reached down and felt nothing there. "Okay, okay that was just stress." He muttered.

Four Months and a Week after Ichigo lost his powers.-beginning of Insanity.

Ichigo leaned his head back as he stood in the shower. His eyes went wide when he saw crimson liquid coming out of the shower head. "Oh Shit! What the Fuck!" He announced, before he looked down and saw his body was covered in dozens of cuts. Before he could react a knock on the bathroom door, grabbed his attention.

"Ichi-Ni! Hurry up in there!" the voice of Karin announced.

Ichigo looked down and noticed all the cuts were gone and plain water was coming out of the shower head. "W-what is going on, this getting strange…" Ichigo muttered. Over the past week weird things kept happening.

After a few hours Ichigo walked by himself to school. 'Okay, just…be calm, and no one will notice you.' He thought. "Urghk!" Ichigo sounded when he felt something grab his throat.

Ichigo looked down and his eyes went wide at what or more exactly who he saw. It was a man with swept back brown hair with a strand hanging down in front of his face, along with brown eyes. He wore an assortment of white clothing.

"A-A-Aizen." Ichigo forced out.

"And you win the prize." Aizen said with a smile as he threw Ichigo back. The teen stumbled back and held his throat.

"This isn't…this isn't…" Ichigo muttered in confusion.

"I know. You're life just doesn't seem right, does it?" Aizen asked. "Long time no see." He added.

"You're not here." Ichigo said. "You're in Soul Society."

"Now that, you're right on." Aizen said with a slight nod.

Ichigo closed his eyes, before he narrowed them at the rouge Shinigami. "The Cuts, the Stabbings, the water of blood…You…It's not real…It's just my mind, trying to convince myself that I still have my powers…that's all." Ichigo said.

"That's very good." Aizen said. "You're little theory that is, but it's wrong. Ichigo, this isn't you going crazy." The rouge Shinigami said. "Everything else is…" Aizen said as he pointed around.

"W-what?" Ichigo asked.

"Everything…" Aizen replied. "From the moment you pulled your 'Final Getsuga Tenshō' stunt." He informed.

"That's impossible." Ichigo argued.

"No, defeating me was impossible…" Aizen said, before he smirked. "I have to say, I think this is my best illusion yet…Make you believe that you won…And then." He said, as he did a pulling motion. "Tear the wool off your eyes." Aizen said.

"You never defeated my Ichigo. I won, and you're under my illusion." Aizen taunted.

"No, you're not real." Ichigo replied.

"Right." Aizen said condescendingly. "You think this messed up place reality?" He asked incredulously. "You defeat me, I'm sorry, and you loss all of your powers in the process. And then your friends ignore you because your weak and you have had no contact whatsoever with the Shinigami." Aizen said.

"I mean, if you did defeat me. They'd want you at your strongest, so they'd have that much power on their side. But…Nope." Aizen said with a shrug.

"No!" Ichigo said forcefully.

"I over threw the Spirit King, and I decided to keep you, as a payback for becoming transcendent like me." Aizen informed, with a smirk. "You're my little bitch, Kurosaki-kun, Kurosaki-kun…"

Ichigo jumped when he saw Orihime standing in front of him. "What's wrong Kurosaki-kun, it's time for school." She informed.

"Y-yeah…" He muttered.

Ichigo glanced back, before he walked behind Orihime to school. 'It wasn't real…it wasn't real…' Ichigo thought as he sat in the back of the class. After a few minutes the teacher came in and began to teach. 'It's okay…just pull through…I'm just….my mind is in shambles…' Ichigo thought to himself.

The sound of screaming grabbed his attention. Ichigo looked up to see several of the students grabbing their pens and pencils and stabbing themselves in the face and chest, repeatedly. "What the fuck!" He announced, before he saw the teacher slamming her head into the wall.

Ichigo watched as everyone began killing themselves. The teen stood up and took several steps back. "HmhmhmhmhHeheheheheHahahah!" The laugh of Aizen sounded. "Ichigo, Ichigo, comeback to us Ichigo, Ichigo!"

The orange haired teen jumped, slightly when he saw everything return to normal. But everyone was looking at him. "Ichigo are you alright?" the teacher asked.

Ichigo just breathed heavily and looked at her with wide eyes. "I-I-I need to go!" He announced before he grabbed his stuff and left the class room.

Orihime, Chad, Tatsuki and Uryū shared a glance. "I'll go check on him." Uryū voiced calmly as he stood up and followed the teen.

"It's not real, it's not real, it's not real…" Ichigo muttered as he left the school grounds.

"Kurosaki!" a familiar voice announced.

Ichigo turned around and noticed Uryū. "What was that…you…pulled?" He asked, but noticed the haggard state Ichigo was in. "Are you alright, Kurosaki?" Uryū asked.

"Y-y…no." Ichigo replied. "I need to see Urahara." He said urgently.

"…I'll go with you." Uryū informed.

The two headed for Urahara's shop un-hindered. Ichigo saw at the table, with Uryū and across from them Urahara sat. Unknown to Ichigo or Uryū a black cat was sitting on a window sill listening.

"Oh, so what seems to be the problem?" Urahara asked cheerful, with his fan in front of his face, trying to get a rise out of Ichigo.

Ichigo just nodded, and proceed to tell them what happened and his encounter with Aizen.

Urahara and Uryū looked at Ichigo with wide eyes, while Yoruichi herself was surprised.

"What the hell?" Uryū muttered.

"Yeah…" Ichigo muttered.

"Seriously? How do you argue with that?" Urahara asked.

"I-I know…that's the problem." Ichigo admitted.

"Wait, I got it. Why would Aizen create a whole new life for you? When he could just kick your ass?" Uryū voiced.

Ichigo glanced to his side, to see Aizen sitting in one of the chairs, before he looked back at Uryū. "As he puts it 'You can't torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away'." Ichigo said, getting a nod from the Rouge Shinigami.

"Very good, Ichigo." Aizen complimented.

"Fine. Then if he is creating this whole life for you, then why don't you have your powers, why does everything suck?" Urahara asked.

Ichigo looked from them, to an empty seat. "It had to suck, or else you wouldn't believe it was your life." Aizen informed.

Urahara and Uryū noticed Ichigo looking at an empty chair. "Wait, are you seeing him right now?" Urahara asked.

"…Yes." Ichigo admitted.

"You know that he's not real, right?" Urahara asked.

"He says the same thing about you." Ichigo replied.

"I see…I have work to do." Urahara said seriously, before he stood up and left.

"I have school…later Ichigo, and don't get in anymore trouble." Uryū reprimanded as he left.

Ichigo sat alone. Yoruichi watched what happened with pity.

"Oh my, you risk your life to save them. But, when you need them most they leave. Hmm, I wonder…" Aizen said.

"Shut up!" Ichigo ordered as he walked away.

A few hours later Ichigo sat at the table in his kitchen, eating. He glanced to his side and saw Aizen swinging his Zanpaktuo around.

"Okay…if this is an illusion and you got power over it, why don't you just end it?" Ichigo questioned.

"End it? This? You not knowing what's real, the world slowly crumbling around you. This is the best part. Why would I end it? There's no T.V. in Soul Society. All I got is you, searching with half hope, thinking you're going to figure it all out." Aizen said, getting a glare from the orange haired teen. "There's only one way to figure it out Ichigo, It ends when you can't take it anymore." Aizen informed, before he glanced at Ichigo, and noticed he was holding his knife in a tight grip.

"…I think that's maybe why you're holding that knife so tight." Aizen added.

Ichigo threw the knife at Aizen, but it went right through him. "Whoa, Ichigo." Isshin said as he entered the room.

"…What do you want?" Ichigo asked. He was not in the mood for his father's usual crap.

"Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that I was heading out. I have to pick up Karin from her Soccer practice." Isshin informed, before he left.

"Looks like it's just you and me, partner." Aizen commented, before he vanished.

Ichigo just rubbed his eyes tiredly, before he heard the sound of knocking. The orange haired teen slowly got up and headed to the door. "Um…Uryū." Ichigo muttered.

"You're awake, good, I need your help." The Quincy informed.

"Uh…" the teen sounded.

"I tracked some Hollows, to the other side of town." Uryū stated.

"…Thank you for telling me that." Ichigo said sarcastically, before he tried to close the door.

"I need your help." Uryū said.

"You…wait, what?" Ichigo asked.

"Where I'm going is a bit seedy, and I need someone to watch my back." Uryū informed.

"Did you ask Chad or Orihime?" Ichigo asked.

"They have their own Hollows to worry about." Uryū replied.

"Are you sure?" the orange haired teen questioned.

"I know, you're crazy. But, luckily I only need you to make sure no humans see me." The Quincy said. Ichigo nodded before he followed Uryū.

Ichigo and Uryū walked at night. "So how are you doing, Ichigo? You're head I mean?" Uryū asked.

"It's…fine I guess…" Ichigo replied.

"Maybe you should…" Uryū said trialing off.

"What? Get some help? What are they going to do? Stuff me with pills." Ichigo said. "I'm sure Urahara will come up with something." He muttered.

"Okay, but remember. Don't start shooting people or anything." Uryū commented.

"I'm not that crazy." Ichigo replied.

"No, but you are still crazy. And that doesn't just go away. You'll never be the same again." Uryū said with a dark smirk, that Ichigo didn't see.

"Oh, no…Kurosaki-kun." Orihime said.

"I know, don't think it's a good idea to stay away from him anymore." Uryū said. "It seems he's more fragile than we thought." He informed.

"I-I'm going to call him." Orihime said, before she pulled out her cell phone and dialed Ichigo's house number. After a few minutes of not getting an answer she looked worried. "He isn't home." She informed.

"…Oh, crap." Uryū muttered.

Ichigo looked at the area he'd never been before. "What is this place?" He asked.

"Nothing, let's go. I sense two of them." 'Uryū' informed.

"Are you sure?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah, now listen. When we get in there, you have to keep it together." 'Uryū' said.

"Yeah, yeah…I-I will." Ichigo replied unsure.

"Because if you're seeing Aizen. Then you could be seeing all kinds of things." 'Uryū' theorized as he and Ichigo walked forward.

"How is that helping?" Ichigo asked incredulously.

"I'm just saying, Ichigo, you're out of control." 'Uryū' observed.

"I'm dealing with if the best I can." Ichigo argued.

"Dealing?" 'Uryū' said with a slight laugh. "That's funny. I mean, how can you deal? You don't even know where we are." He stated, as they entered a building, but when they entered the area shifted. To a where he fought Aizen. It was a large crater in the ground.

"Where are we?" Ichigo asked.

"You think I'm Uryū, right?" Aizen said, changing from Uryū to the rouge Shinigami.

"You! Stay the hell away from me!" Ichigo yelled.

"Your world is whatever I want it to be, understand?" Aizen asked condescendingly, only to vanish when Ichigo swung a fist at him.

"Leave me alone!" Ichigo demanded.

"Now we're getting there. The puppet is seeing its strings." Aizen voiced with a smirk.

"Shut up!" the orange haired Shinigami yelled.

"It's just one big stage." The rouge Shinigami commented, only to vanish as Ichigo attacked again. "If you want to do something useful, take five steps to the left." Aizen informed, as he looked at the large crater.

"You want to know the truth? Want to skip to the last page of the book? You know where to walk." Aizen voiced.

Ichigo just gripped his head and collapsed to his knees. 'It's not real…It's not real…Illusions…Illusions.' Ichigo thought, before he glared at the crater. Ichigo brought his hand up and held it over the crater, getting a smirk from Aizen.

Ichigo slammed his hand into the hard stone, getting a flinch from the orange haired teen, as blinding pain shot through his body. He glanced to his side to see Aizen flickering slightly.

"This doesn't mean anything." Aizen stated.

'This pain is real.' Ichigo thought with a glare, before he slammed his hand against the solid stone. Aizen flickering intensified.

"Ichigo I'm…" Aizen began, only for Ichigo to grab onto his own and grip it tight, causing Aizen to disappear.

"The pain is real…that's how I know it's real." Ichigo muttered.

After a few hours of walking, Ichigo arrived at his house only to see Uryū and Orihime standing out front. Ichigo gripped his broken hand and squeezed it.

"Kurosaki-kun…" Orihime began, only for Ichigo to push passed her.

"I'm tired…." Ichigo sighed out as he entered his house, getting worried looks from the two.

Ichigo entered his room and saw Aizen sitting on his bed. "So maybe I'm not real. But hey nobody's perfect. But, I'm not going anywhere, Ichigo." The hallucination informed, before he vanished.

Five months After Ichigo lost his powers

Ichigo rubbed his eyes as he sat in the back of his class room. He glanced to his side to see Uryū, Chad, Orihime, and Tatsuki sitting close to him.

The Orange haired teen looked forward at the teacher. But he saw a familiar rouge Shinigami standing in his way. Ichigo leaned to the side, but Aizen leaned too, he continued to try to see the teacher but the hallucination kept following.

"Come on Ichigo, talk to me." Aizen said. "It's been weeks." He added.

Ichigo just ignored him as he lifted his chair slightly and moved it to the side. Aizen just sighed loudly, before he leaned back in a chair. Ichigo watched as Uryū, Orihime and Chad tense.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Uryū announced, before he stood up and left, with Chad and Orihime.

"Um…yeah…" The teacher sighed loudly.

"Now that isn't weird at all." Aizen commented, which Ichigo ignored.

After a few hours, Ichigo continued to listen to class. While Aizen sat next to him reading one of the biology books.

"Natural selection is the gradual process by which biological traits become either more or less common in a population…" Aizen sighed out. "Is this want you learn? I learned this when I was twelve." He commented.

After a few hours Ichigo walked home, when school was over. Ichigo stopped when the sky began to turn pitch black and blood began to rain. He gripped onto his broken hand and squeezed, causing the hallucination to vanish.

"Come on, Ichigo." Aizen said as he appeared next to Ichigo. "Pay attention to me, I'm bored." He said. Ichigo gipped his hand. "Yeah, yeah don't bother." Aizen said, before he flickered and disappeared.

Ichigo walked into his house, before he walked over to his phone. 'They've been gone for a few hours…' He thought. 'With how over bearing they've been for the past few weeks, they should have checked up on me.' He mused, as he used the phone to call the cells one of their cells.

When he got the voicemail, he blinked. "That's not a good sign." Aizen commented.

Ichigo ignored him and dialed another number, and got voice mail. After one more missed call Ichigo hung the phone up. "Oh no, that's every one of their cell phones. One should have picked up…they're probably dead." Aizen informed.

Ichigo glared at him. "Shut up." He said, before he left his house.

The Orange haired teen searched around town, until he reached an area that looked like it held a large scale battle. Ichigo looked around the battlefield until he reached the center of the battlefield. He looked down and saw a small coin-like disk on the ground.

"Now that looks familiar, doesn't it?" Aizen asked.

"I've seen it somewhere, but where?" Ichigo muttered.

"Think back, a few months when Uryū challenged you." Aizen informed.

"Hollow bait, why?" Ichigo questioned.

"Why? To bait hollows, jackass. What you need to do, is look for 'who' did it." Aizen stated.

"I doubt Uryū would use this." Ichigo admitted.

"Then who else other than Orihime, Chad and Uryū have spiritual based powers?" Aizen asked.

"Hmm…I have no idea." Ichigo replied.

"God, it's like working with a mental patient." Aizen muttered. "Use that brain, I know it's hard. Do you think Chad is the only one with those abilities?" He asked rhetorically. Ichigo narrowed his eyes, before he went to Chad's place to investigate.

"Now isn't that interesting." Aizen commented, as Ichigo held a black card with the words 'Xcution' on it. "To believe some idiot doesn't know how to spell execution, is…disconcerting." He said. Ichigo looked around the place and found directions to the place, before he left to Naruki City.

After a few hours of looking Ichigo was able to find the Xcution hide out. After sneaking in, he saw a young man with wavy black shoulder length hair, reading a book. Ichigo picked up a metal bar and slammed it and the back of the man's head.

"Oh, right in the head." Aizen commented.

Tsukishima slowly woke up and looked around. "What's going on?" He asked, before he tried to move, but realized he couldn't. He looked down and noticed he was bound by chains. Tsukishima looked forward, and saw an orange haired teen standing a few feet in front of him.

"Yo." Ichigo sounded with a slight wave. But Tsukishima just glared at him.

"Oh, I'm absolutely terrified of that glare, aren't you Ichigo?" Aizen asked sarcastically.

"Do you know what this is?" Ichigo demanded, as he pulled out the Hollow Bait.

"Hollow bait." Tsukishima said uncaringly.

"Do you know whose it is?" Ichigo asked.

"Hn, maybe, maybe not." Tsukishima replied.

"Hit him." Aizen said, as he read through Tsukishima's book, while leaning back in a chair.

Ichigo reared his fist back, before hitting the Fullbringer in the face.

"Never the face." Aizen informed. "Then they won't feel the next hit." He added in afterthought.

"Who owned the Hollow Bait?" Ichigo demanded.

"…I don't really care." Tsukishima replied.

"Here, torch this then." Aizen said, as he motioned to the book the Fullbringer

"Fine then." Ichigo said to the Fullbringer, and pick up the book.

"It won't work for you, idiot." Tsukishima said with a shrug.

"That's nice to know." Ichigo replied sarcastically. He looked around and found several light bulbs. He reached up and hit one of the bulbs with the book. With the glass broken the heated filament of the Bulb was free. Ichigo held the book on the filament until it caught on fire.

"No! You idiot!" Tsukishima yelled, when he watched Ichigo burn his Fullbringer.

"Now who owned the Hollow Bait?!" Ichigo interrogated.

"I'm going to kill you!" the Fullbringer declared.

"Shake him up a bit. Get this stupid pig to focus!" Aizen spoke. Ichigo grabbed the back of Tsukishima's chair and dragged him until he reached the top of the building.

Ichigo stood on the roof of the building and had the chair face the edge. "Tell me what I want to know, or I'll push you off." The orange haired teen threatened.

"Go ahead." Tsukishima said calling on Ichigo's bluff.

"Do it." Aizen said. Ichigo kicked the back of the chair causing it to tip.

"Stop! Stop! I'll talk." The Fullbringer yelled.

"Smart." Ichigo said coolly, before he pulled the chair back up.

"It was Kūgo's, I used it to try to get Ichigo Kurosaki's attention." Tsukishima announced.

"Oh, my. It looks like you have some fans." Aizen commented.

"So you used it to get Ichigo's attention. Where are his friends?" He asked.

"His friends? What would I do with his friends? From what I heard they don't really do anything with Kurosaki. And from what I saw, they defeated the hollows and left." Tsukishima informed.

"So your friends left you and screened your calls, such a shame." Aizen commented.

"So you're the one who baited the Hollows…" Ichigo muttered, before he looked at Aizen.

"Yes, now let me go." Tsukishima pleaded.

"Kill him." Aizen said seriously. "If you let him live, he will kill you. He knows your face and your voice. It won't take long until he discovers who you are." He said aimlessly.

Before Tsukishima could react Ichigo pushed him off the building. "Oh, you gave me chills. "Aizen commented, before he vanished. Ichigo walked for hours until he arrived back at his room. The teen sat on his bed.

"They didn't answer my calls, they ignored me…They're still ignoring me…" Ichigo muttered, before he laid down on his bed.

"No, no Ichigo. No nap for you." Aizen said as he appeared next to the bed. Ichigo sighed as he gripped his broken hand and squeezed. "Oh, come on. Don't do that." The rouge Shinigami voiced. "Let's talk, Ichigo. I've always enjoyed out special little chats. Don't you want to talk?" the hallucination asked.

Ichigo squeezed his hand harder, causing him to flinch. "Would you look at that? Something's defiantly different now, isn't it?" Aizen asked. "You wanted me partner, so if you think you can do you're little tricks to banish me again…" He said before he smirked. "No. I do believe I've got you." Aizen taunted.

Spikes came out from the bed impaling Ichigo's legs, and dozens of hollow like mouths opened on the walls. "HmhmhmheheheheHahahaha!" Aizen laughed.

Five months and a week after Ichigo lost his powers.

Ichigo slowly dragged his feet back to his home. His hair was disheveled, he had dark bags under his eyes, his skin was paste white, and he looked unresponsive. It had been a week since he lost his ability to block his hallucination out and he hadn't slept in over a week because of it.

The orange haired teen reached for the door knob but missed, after a few more tries Ichigo was able to open his door. After he entered his house, he leaned his head back and sighed.

"Ichigo…" He heard his father say. Ichigo slowly turned and saw Isshin, Karin, Yuzu, Orihime, Chad, Uryū and Urahara.

"Um…Um…Ah…" Ichigo sounded.

"Oh my, an intervention, this isn't suspicious." Aizen commented.

"Ichigo!" Isshin announced.

"God damn it Aizen quit talking…when my…dad's talk…ing." Ichigo mumbled not really having the energy to continue.

"Ichigo. This is a seriously question, did you drink what was in here?" Urahara asked seriously, as he pulled out several empty Gintō tubes.

"Ah…I don't know what you're holding…it looks…kind like…" Ichigo mumbled.

"They're Gintō Ichigo. Quincys use these to store their Spiritual Energy." Urahara informed.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah…I-I knew that." Ichigo admitted.

"Now did you drink it?" Urahara questioned.

"Um…Yeah, if I drank the stuff it was supposed to ah…start my powers." Ichigo said as he blinked slowly. "But it gave me a headache." He said as he focused on Urahara, but the occupants in the room looked surprised.

"I see. Then it is as I feared." Urahara muttered, before he reached up and put his palm over Ichigo's face, and in an instant all Ichigo saw was blackness. "This is very bad." He said, as he looked at the unconscious teen and noticed he was flinching like something was hitting him.

"What's wrong Urahara?" Isshin asked seriously.

"Something very bad, right now you have to get Ichigo to psychiatric hospital. With his hallucinations, he could cause a danger to your family." Urahara informed seriously.

"But why is he hallucinating!?" Isshin demanded.

Urahara held up the empty Gintō containers. "He drank these." He informed. "No one has ever tried to drink liquefied Spiritual Energy. Spiritual Energy is like blood." Urahara stated.

"I've never seen blood cause hallucinations." Uryū imputed.

"No, but if you don't have the right blood, your body will attack it." Urahara informed. "Like this, if you were to inject me with your Spiritual Energy, my own Spiritual Energy would either assimilate it or eliminate it." The Shinigami informed.

"Then why hasn't Ichigo fought it off?" Orihime asked.

"How?" Urahara asked rhetorically. "His Spiritual Energy is gone. That foreign energy has free roam in him. But not only that, it thinks Ichigo is the intruder and is attacking him." He informed.

"Can't you force it out?" Isshin questioned.

"Again, How?" Urahara asked. "Filtering out his body, would require me to use my Spiritual Energy to force it out. And in doing so would just replace my Spiritual Energy in its place." He informed.

"Then how do we fix him?" Chad asked.

"You don't. The only way to get that Spiritual Energy out is for him to get his powers back." Urahara informed. "I'm going to have Yoruichi go to Soul Society to convince them to have someone get his powers back." He said, before he left.

"Dad…" Yuzu voiced. "Is Ichigo going to be okay?" She questioned.

"Yeah of course! He'll be as good as new in no time!" Isshin announced, but Karin didn't believe him.

Five Months, One week and two days after Ichigo lost his powers

The sound of gunfire went off, causing Ichigo to jump. Ichigo's eyes slowly opened, and saw the pure white room. The orange haired teen sat up and looked around, and saw Aizen siting in a corner holding a M1911 pistol.

"I know. Swords are so…last century." Aizen said with a smirk, as he fired off the gun, causing Ichigo to jump. "I decided to update my arsenal." He informed, before he fired again. "You know, you're actually keeping it together better than I thought. Kind of the way, someone suffocating under Kenpachi's Reiatsu keeps it together." Aizen informed.

"None of this is real." Ichigo stated with a slight glare.

"And you know what really sucks?" Aizen asked. "It doesn't really matter." He stated as he stood up. "Because I won." Aizen said with a smile. "Your madness won, I mean, look at you. It's hard to believe you're the one who saved the world once." He commented, before he vanished.

Ichigo leaned back and stared at the ceiling, before he heard the door to the room open up. A well-endowed girl about eighteen walked in. Ichigo glanced over, and noticed she had long purple hair pulled in a ponytail, and purple eyes.

"…Hello, Ms. McAllon." Ichigo muttered with a slight smile.

"I told you to call me Meninas, Ichigo." Meninas replied, with a forced smile. 'How can the Shinigami just leave their hero like this?' She thought with disgust. Every Quincy hated the Shinigami on some level, but seeing the Shinigami not reacting to one of their strongest going insane disgusted her.

"I can't…" Ichigo began before he began to nod off, only to jump when he heard gun fire. "…I can't call you that. You're taking care of me, I should at least…" The ex-Shinigami trailed off again only to jump. "Be respectful." Ichigo informed.

Meninas sighed at that. He was suffering from some advance hallucination, and was causing him Insomnia. No drug was able to knock him out for longer than an hour or so, then whatever was in his mind woke him right back up.

"How are you feeling?" The Sternritter girl asked.

"Hehe, like shit." Ichigo joked, before he jumped again.

"You still have your sense of humor, good." Aizen commented.

"Has-has anyone tried to see me?" He asked as he looked at his caretaker.

Meninas shook her head slightly. "No." she replied sadly. Even if she was trying to help fix one of the Special War Powers, to have him join the Wandenreich, she was still sympathetic to his pain. She wasn't as sadistic as the other Sternritters.

Ichigo turned his head and looked out the window, to see it was raining. Meninas sat down on his bed and gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "Don't worry though. I'm here for you." She informed.

"Aww, you guys are having a moment." Aizen said with a taunting smirk.

"Thanks, Ms. McAllon." Ichigo replied.

"Come on, let's make sure you socialize." Meninas said, before she helped the teen up.

In an office an old looking doctor, sat at his desk. In front of him two girls sat. One was a blonde girl with golden eyes, and the other was a black haired girl with antenna-like strands sticking out. The doctor looked from the some papers to the two girls.

"Um…You were referred to me by a Doctor from Germany, Dr. Heiter." The Doctor said confused.

"That's right." Liltotto replied.

"Isn't that the Doctor from the movie Human Centipede?" The doctor asked.

"I wouldn't know. I don't have any movies about Centipedes." Liltotto replied with a straight face. "But I think the Doc, was in over his head with this one." She said as she pointed to Giselle, who had her usual dopey smile on her face. "My older sister is…fucked up." Liltotto informed.

"Okay, thank you. That's really not necessary." The Doctor said.

"Why don't you tell me how you're feeling?" The Doctor said as he looked at Giselle.

"Oh, I'm fine." Giselle replied with a smile. "Well, I am a little depressed." She said still smiling.

"Okay, any idea way?" The Doctor asked.

"…Probably because my entire race was almost slaughtered by Shinigami." Giselle informed.

"The Shinigami?" The Doctor replied incredulously.

"No, the Shinigami as a group…there's more than one. But yeah." Giselle stated.

Doctor looked from her to Liltotto, to see her smiling in an 'I told you so' manner. "You think you're race was killed by Shinigami?" He asked.

"Well, yeah. I'm supposed to kill soul eating monsters. But doing so sorta caused the Shinigami to kill us…But we're are still up and kicking." Giselle informed with a smile.

"We?" the Doctor asked.

"Yeah, me and her." Giselle said, as she pointed to Liltotto. "We're searching for a Special War Power. He'll be able to destroy the Shinigami. " She informed.

"See what I mean doc." Liltotto imputed. "She's been saying it for months." She said. "…The slaughtering of out Race didn't happen recently. It was a few hundred years ago." She informed, getting the doctor's attention.

"What?" He asked.

"About a few hundred years ago. The Quincys destroyed so many hollows that the balance of the world was in jeopardy. And the Shinigami told us to stop. We were like what the fuck. We're only trying to help, and then they just slaughtered us. So our leader sealed himself up. After nine hundred and ninety nine years he absorbed the power of all the impure Quincys and made himself stronger. Now my sister and I are tasked along with our friend, who can lift buildings, to recruit the strongest fucking war power out there." Liltotto informed. "So can you fix her up, so we can find the War Power?" She asked.

The Doctor looked between the two, before he slowly reached for his phone. "Um, can you cancel my lunch?" He asked, before he looked at the two girls.

Giselle and Liltotto walked through the psychiatric hospital with patient garbs.

"This stuff fucking sucks." Liltotto commented.

"Hmm, I don't know. These do show off my killer figure." Giselle replied.

"…Eww…" the blonde muttered.

"Oh, shut up you midget." Giselle replied, getting a twitch from the blonde. "Oh, look there's Meni-chan!" She announced happily.

Meninas looked at them, before she glanced around and motioned for them to come to her. The two Sternritter walked up to her. "He's right over there." Meninas informed, as she motioned to the orange haired teen.

Ichigo was sitting by himself, looking out a window. His hair was…better than the disheveled mess it was originally. His eyes still had dark bags under them, and he still had a vacant stare.

"Aw, he's so cute!" Giselle announced.

"He looks like he hasn't slept in weeks." Liltotto observed.

"You're not far off." Meninas informed. "Now I want you two to be on your…" she began as she glanced to her side, but noticed something bad. "…Where's Gigi?" She asked.

"Over there." Liltotto said, as she pointed to Ichigo. Meninas looked to the orange haired teen, to see Giselle sitting right in front of him.

"Hello! Anyone there?" Giselle asked to the teen.

"…Why are you yelling?" Ichigo asked with no infliction in his voice.

"Oh, sorry." She said with big eyes. "It's just…." Giselle said with a quivering lip. "I'm scared." She informed.

"…Of what?" Ichigo asked, as he focused on her.

"It's just…these men. They call themselves 'Shinigami'. I started to see…things. These masked monsters, and I tried to stop them. Then these 'Shinigami' said I was ruining some balance type thing and they wanted to kill me. I tried to get help…but they-but they…put me here." Giselle said with watery eyes.

"…Why…why are you telling me this." Ichigo forced out, too tired to be affected by Giselle's water works.

"The Shinigami talked a lot about an orange haired boy…And-and I thought you could help me." Giselle said sadly.

"Oh my, now isn't this interesting." Aizen commented.

"D-don't worry…" Ichigo said. "I'll-I'll protect you." He declared.

Giselle had her dopey smile back, before she reached into her pockets and stuck her lounge out as she searched. 'Oh yeah, silly me.' She thought, before looked down at her hand. She used her nails to cut open her palm and dug her finger into the cut. Giselle pulled a silver chain out of her wound, before the wound sealed up.

Giselle wiped off the blood on the chain, before she handed it to Ichigo, who was ignorant of what just happened. "Here, this is a protective charm…I want you to have it." Giselle informed as she handed Ichigo the chain.

Ichigo looked at the silver chain blankly and noticed a silver pentacle on it. "Here, let me help." Giselle announced happily, as she put the Quincy Cross on his wrist.

"Thanks…" He muttered.

Liltotto and Meninas watched what happened with annoyance. "She's a surprisingly good actor." Meninas commented.

"She's a fucking psychopath, of course she can act." Liltotto said bitterly.

"You wanted to be the one to get his trust, didn't you?" Meninas asked curiously.

"Fuck off…" Liltotto replied, before she went to get something to eat.

Ichigo sat on his bed, and sighed. It had been a few hours after he met Giselle and her friend Liltotto. He saw Aizen sitting in the corner reading a book.

"Narcissistic Personality disorder…" Aizen said as he read the book. "Okay, this one I could have." He admitted. "Sets on unrealistic goals…check…but trouble keeping heathy relationships…I'm not so sure about that…" Aizen said, before he looked at Ichigo. "Thoughts?" He asked.

Ichigo ignored the hallucination as he stared at the Quincy Cross. He fiddled with the bracelet. 'Awake, sleep, awake, sleep, awake, sleep…five, star, fix, seven, Hell, Soul Society…Planes…Blade, Sword…Gun? Bullet…Titanium…Metal…Earth…Life…Death…Spirts…Hollows…' Ichigo thought unhinged, before he shot up when Giselle stormed into his room.

"Ichi-kun! I need some help! There's a masked monster coming after me!" Giselle announced, before she hid behind Ichigo.

Ichigo forced looked around. "Where is it?!" He demanded, before the door caved inward.

"I think it's there." Giselle informed.

"Ugh, no shit…" Ichigo muttered, before he ran forward swung his fist at the Hollow that he couldn't see. But he was thrown back by an unseen force. "…I can't believe I volunteered for this…" He muttered before he charged forward again.

While Ichigo was attacking the Hollow, Giselle narrowed her eyes as she pulled out her own Quincy Cross, one that Meninas brought. Giselle formed small Reishi bow with a heart in the center of the Bow, with skeleton bones for the arms.

Giselle pursed her lips, as she followed Ichigo's movements and formed a Holly Arrow. "This'll hurt you more than it'll hurt me…" She muttered, before she fired the Holy Arrow.

Ichigo froze when he felt a searing pain in his heart…nineteen millimeters of the right to be exact. He looked down and noticed a pentacle-shaped scar on his chest. Ichigo looked up and noticed a shadowy figure began to come into view.

The Ex-Shinigami took a step back, just as the Hollow slammed its arm down. Ichigo lurched forward as his skeleton was illumined by a black and red light. The Black and Red light began to become more apparent as vein-like markings began to move up to his neck, then to his face and eyes. When the Black and Red vein-like markings, reach Ichigo's eyes, they turned a sickly yellow with black sclera.

Ichigo glared at the Hollow, before he clenched his fists as Black and Red Reiatsu began to envelop him. In an instant an all the spiritual energy collided with the Hollow knocking it back. Ichigo stumbled back, before he passed out.

Giselle raised an eyebrow at that. "I was excepting a show…though you have been awake for a week, so I won't hold that against you…" She muttered, before she fired a holy arrow into the Hollow's mask, killing it instantly.

"Oh, what to do with a passed out cutie like you?" Giselle asked aimlessly.

"You're not allowed to touch him." Meninas informed as she entered the room.

"Aww, why not?!" Giselle questioned with a whine.

"Because no one wants a fucking Zombie as an ally." Liltotto replied as she entered the room.

"I wasn't going to…Um, is that what I think it is?" Giselle asked worriedly, when she noticed black and red vein-like markings on Ichigo's neck, face and around his eyes.

"Hollow poisoning!" Meninas announced as she knelt down.

"…How? The Hollow didn't bite him." Giselle informed.

"Because Idiot, from what I heard. Ichigo had Hollow-like powers. Odds are they were dormant in him. Awakening his Quincy powers, probably awoken them too." Liltotto theorized.

"But won't that kill him?" Meninas asked worried.

"If it does, then it does." Liltotto replied. "If he wasn't strong enough to survive, then he isn't the person we need." She informed.

"I guess we'll just have to wait…" Meninas muttered as she looked at Ichigo, with Giselle and Liltotto.

Here's another story. I actually never wrote an insane character. And yes Ichigo is a bit crazy...well for the first few chapters, then he'll probably be fixed. Okay, so Ichigo isn't evil...let's get that out there too.

Now people are going to ask me who Ichigo might be paired with, I'm pretty sure it's fucking obvious.

He's paired with Meninas, Candice, Bambietta, Liltotto and Giselle.

I know the last two I'm going to get a bunch of shit for.

One Liltotto, she's young, i get that. But if people bitch and find the need to point it out, I'm going to ignore them. No one gives a shit, hell they love fanfics were Naruto is paired with Anko, Kurenai, Tsunade or Kushina. Let's see here...that is usually a twelve year old boy 'Naruto', with two twenty year old women, a fifty year old woman or a thirty year old woman. No one bats a an eye. But let's have a 'fourteen' (She's fourteen in this story) year old girl with a sixteen year old guy, everyone looses their fucking shit. Anyway, i really don't care, she's still paired with Ichigo.

Two Giselle. I'll probably get a wave of reviews/Messages of people telling my she's a guy. I Will ignore them. Why, because i don't give a shit. I don't care if in the Manga, every single Shinigami calls her a dude, i don't care if ever Sternritter calls her a dude. When Giselle, the Character, explicitly says she's a fucking dude, will i accept it, but she's still a female in this story and every other story i write. Hell even if Tite Kubo run up to me and kick me right in the balls and said 'Giselle's a dude, cracker' I still will not care.

There, I won't take Giselle or Liltotto out of the harem, because I don't have to.

Also, here are the ages of everyone.

Ichigo- 16

Meninas- 18

Candice - 19

Bambietta- 17

Giselle -17

Liltotto- 14

So there is no age confusion or some shit.

Well here's my new story...enjoy.