Author: Bonita
Rated: NC-17
Summary: Max and Logan tell each other how the truly feel.(takes place after freak of nation)
Authors Note: Please don't read if under 18...don't say I didn't warn you!!!
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"What are you doing?" I snatched my hand away from him.

"I...I...I love you Max!"

// I love you too...god but if I stay with you I'll end up hurting you because of this bitch...I gotta be strong for you.//
"I'm with Alec." I said softly trying to be strong.

"Do you love him?" He said looking deep into my soul with those beautiful blue eyes. " you love him?"

"Yes" And with that being said I walked away heading for the space needle.

// I sat there looking at the world beneath me. How could have things gotten so complicated I lied to the one man I truly loved. It's all Manticore's fault...Damnit! //

I slowly walked home wanting to just let time pass fast and not think about my situation with Logan, as I walked pass everyone, I saw Seattle was at peace for the first time since the Pulse
...Seattle felt peaceful. I arrived home at 12:35 Original Cindy was still awake.

"Hey Boo where you been?"

"Thinking...look I'm gonna take a shower and crash."

"'ll beat this bitch"

"Yeah..." I walked into the room and closed the door.

~~~NEXT DAY~~~

"Logan" Alec yelled.

"What do you want?"

"We need to clear this whole Max thing up."

"What's to clear up...she loves you she told me yesterday..." He was about to continue when Alec cut him off.

"Loves me what the hell are you talkin about...she loves you she made up that lie to keep you keep you from getting hurt."

Logan looked at the floor as if trying to take it all in.

"Look Logan... Max said all that to keep you safe something a woman in love would that Joshua's blood helped you cure the virus page her and confront her."

"I was going to tell her about the cure yesterday but she ran off before I got the chance to." Logan picked up the phone and paged her.

***JAM PONY***

"Hey" I say while approaching Cindy.

"Hey Boo....what's wrong?"

"Nothing why?"

"Don't lie to Original Cindy...I always know what's going tell Original Cindy what's going on."

"Yesterday Logan told me he loved me."

"What's so wrong about that boo?"

"He believes I'm with Alec...and we can't be together because of this..." I saw cut off by the sound of my beeper. I looked at it "It's Logan" I said softly.

"Well then go to him boo....go see what he wants I'll cover you here and you see what rich boy wants....oh and you owe me" she said screaming after her.


I picked the lock like I always do and slowly made my way down the hallway my heart was racing I wanted so bad to see and kiss him with everything I've been holding in but I also wanted to run far away so that I don't hurt him or worse kill him.

"Logan...Logan..." I frantically ran to his room to see if anything happened to him.

He slowly walked behind me and touch my back I turned around quickly and saw Logan almost 2 inches away from me I jumped back.

" You shouldn't get so close to me...anyways you paged."

"Yeah we need to talk."

"Logan I'm tired of this...maybe it should be better if you just paged me when you need EYES ONLY help...I gotta blaze."

He ran in front of me blocking my exit and stopped " Come on Max let's talk."


" You'll see...first sit down." He walked over to the coach and I sat down all the way on the other end. "So...why did you lie to me?''

''What are you talkin about... I never lied to you.''

''There you go lied about lied about you loving him and you lied about not loving me." He said a little mad and annoyed.

"Look, I didn't lie"

"Yes you did, look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me.''

I looked into the eyes of the man who knows me better than everyone, my best friend, the man I love. ''I...I gotta blaze.'' I ran to the door with all the power my legs had but somehow it wasn't quick enough, he was right behind me and pulled my arm and kissed me with more passion than I've ever known. I kissed him back with all the passion I had locked up for the last couple of months.

I broke the kiss noticing what the hell I had done ''Oh god...Logan you dumbass what have you done'' I stared at him for what seemed like forever waiting for signs of the virus. ''Oh god what have I done.''


"I can't believe I did that... oh god.''

''Max...calm down...I'm cured.'' He said shouting at me.

I sat into the floor and tucked myself into a ball. ''OH GOD!'' Tears balled up in my eyes and started rolling down my cheeks.

"Max calm down" He pulled me up and hugged me. He started whispering in my ears ''Max baby it's okay I'm cured.''

''You're what''

''I'm cured'' He wiped the tears from my eyes and looked in my eyes leaned down and kissed me again softly and tenderly as if I were fragile.


"Yes'' he said out of breathe.

"I...uh...I love you too.''

He smiled and kissed me again and this time with more passion. His tongue caressed my tongue so softly and slowly. My hands traveled up and down his back feeling every inch of him, not wanting to miss a single muscle. His hands traveled up and down my back slowly taking off my shirt I pulled away because of lack of air. I looked into his eyes and he looking into mine then he stopped embracing me and walked over to the stereo where the soft music came from.

He took my hand an led me to his bedroom where there were candles lit all over the place with rose petals on the bed, and sitting on the edge of the bed there was a gift.

''So you planned this?''

"Yeah me and Bling...but go open the gift." He let go of my hand and I walked over to the little box on the bed I opened the box and inside was the necklace I took for Logan it was his mothers. I looked at the necklace and looked at Logan who was approaching me.

''My mom always said to get it to the woman I love." He put it on my neck "Beautiful"

I ran up to him and hugged him, we landed on the bed me on top of him I giggled and then slowly unbuttoned his shirt " Thank you for planning's beautiful.''

We kissed and he unhooked my bra. I was to busy fighting with the buttons on his shirt to notice we stepped apart and he looked at me.

"God you're beautiful"

I leaned down finally taking his shirt off needing desperately to feel his skin, and started placing kisses on his neck, and nibbling on his ear. I started kissing down toward his chest and bit him slightly, then I licked his chest softly and bit him slightly again he groaned and I knew I was doing him right, just when I was going to take off his pants he rolled over so he could be on top and started kissing and biting my neck, he slowly moved down to my breast, took one nipple in his mouth and played with it a bit, licked, teased, and sucked, my body was trembling from the sensation. " Oooooooo...damn...god don't do that.", then suddenly not being able to take the sweet torture anymore I started taking off his pants as he took mine off. I took off his boxers and he took off my panties and I was surprised to see how ready Logan was for this moment. I took him and inserted him in me, we laid there for a moment enjoing the feeling of being one, we fit so perfectly together that I could stay like this all my life, I've never felt like this before I never shared this connection with anyone.

Then he slowly started moving soft long strokes in and out. He would pull himself almost all the way out then shove himself in again, I pushed myself up to meet him and started moaning his name "Oh Logan." Then he started to intensify the speed, I tried to stay low in pitch but damn Logan was doing his job right. I heard him moan my name as I felt him climax..." ..oooo" I felt myself climax too but we tried to hold out a little longer to intensify the moment. He rolled off me and we got under the covers and he held me close to him, so close that I could hear his heartbeat and I started to cry.

"What's wrong baby?"

"Nothing I was just thinking, I want to be with you...and I don't want this moment to end.''

"It won't" he said wiping away my tear and he hugged me tighter. He had the softest touch I've ever felt. He's so gentle, sweet , the best lover I've ever had. "You don't ever have to go...don't cry baby...stay right there I'll be back."

I saw his naked body walk to the stereo and put on a c.d. then suddenly I hear Marc Anthony's voice

I used to think love was something I knew
said the words and believe they'd come true
afraid to let go of my pride
to admit I was empty inside
there were days when it took all I had
just to get through without feeling sad
till there was you in my life
girl I can't get you out of my mind.

Logan walked in the room with wine and strawberries. "That night when you died in my arms I came home and heard this song and it says everything I want to say."

Come change my heart.
Rest my soul
Don't let me go
I will be yours
Cuz I feel it now
this can't be wrong
Baby show me the way to you heart.
Just close you eyes
take my hand
don't let me go
Tonight I'm yours
Cuz I feel it now
this can't be wrong
baby show me the way to your heart teach me your love.

Logan was mouthing the song and laid on top of me and kept mouthing the song

Was a time when I prayed for the strength
For the loneliness I could face
And time won't erase that pain
Girl I swear to you I have changed
I've been waiting for you all my life.
Baby stay with me here tonight
Don't ever go away
Believe my words when I say

Come change my heart.
Rest my soul
Don't let me go
I will be yours
Cuz I feel it now
this can't be wrong
Baby show me the way to you heart.
Just close you eyes
take my hand
don't let me go
Tonight I'm yours
Cuz I feel it now
this can't be wrong
baby show me the way to your heart
teach me your love.

I looked into the blue eyes of the man who knew me so well and a tear slipped out. I can't believe all this was happening, I'm finally here with him, this is the first time in my life I feel free and safe.



"Show me the way to your heart and show me your love."

"I thought you'd never ask" and with that he kissed me as I rolled over so that I could be on top and slid into his erection and started moving my pelvis in a circular motion. Logan was moaning, as I slowly climaxed he was not far behind. I kept on going, making the mind blowing orgasm last longer. Half an hour later I clasped on top of him and he held me tightly and stroked my hair. As our heavy breathing slowled down I felt sleep overcoming me.

''Max...stay with me here tonight.''

That was all I needed to hear and feel asleep, and within 2 hours I awoke. I felt eyes looking at me and raised up to see Logan awake.

" long your been awake?''

"15 minutes...I was just looking at my Dark Angel hungry?''

''Do you really have to ask that question.''

I was going to put on some clothes when Logan said " Why put them on when I'll take them off again.''

"Good point'' I took the blanket and rapped it around me and sat on top of the counter and looked at him. "So what are you gonna make?"

"Baked chicken with mashed potatoes and Cuban bread."

"I'll go set the table.'' I hopped off the counter and Logan seasoned the chicken and put it in the oven and I felt his arms come up behind me and held me.

"I can't seem to get enough of you.'' he leaned down and kissed me, This kiss was so passionate I seemed to be drowning in his taste.

"Logan as much as I love making love with you I also love food."

He smiled "It's almost done."

"Max promise me one thing."


"You'll never lie to me again."

I turned around tiptoed and kissed him. "I promise." We kissed again but I broke it again. "Dinner's ready Logan"

We ate and talked, drank wine and then I went to the bathroom to take a shower, as I jumped in the shower I heard Logan in the bedroom.

"Max, I left you a towel on the sink counter."

"Thank you, do you want to join me?"

"Do you really have to ask that question?"

I laughed as he joined me into the shower. He started scrubbing my back and then started kissing my barcode and then spun me around and kissed me on the lips, minutes later we separated gasping for air. I look at his eyes that were full of desire, passion, want and love. I hopped on him and strapped my legs around his waist. He slid his erection into my center and we leaned on the wall as he slid and thrust so strongly that I felt the vibrations through my spine up to my brain. I moved my pelvic up and down and circular I was trying so hard to keep the screaming down to a minimum but it was intense, I felt Logan's need to scream and covered his mouth with a kiss. I tried to find something to reach on and hold on to but couldn't so I stroked Logan's back, and put my head on his shoulder. As we were about to reach our peak he would stop so  we could calm down a little just to continue, this lead to one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. I came first and Logan came seconds later, I was fairly tired and Logan carried my wet body to the bed and laid me down, he laid beside me where we both fell asleep. I awoke to the sunlight and slipped out of a sleeping Logan's arm and ran to take a shower, I struggled to find my scattered clothes and put them in the washer machine. and then put them in the drier while I drank coffee and when finished I put on the damp clothes and exited quietly to work.