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She woke up. It was still dark in the Summerset Isle's. She lay there, upon her bed. It was a hot night, as usual, and so the windows and doors were left wide open. The scent of roses glided towards her, filling her nostrils. Something was wrong, she noticed. Her long ears twitched, left, right, LEFT!

There was a scream, a slash. She jumped out of her bed, barely making a sound. The door burst open and she was hit with bits of wood. A long, yet undeniable shout was heard. Dovahkiin. It was too late; she was already flying before she could react. Trees, bushes, the city, fire. It all rushed by, until...
She hit something, hard. The roar of elves being massacred, the blaze of fire, the stench of smoke and blood that filled her nostrils and threatened to choke her, was suddenly drained whilst only the dark remained.


Hirahn woke up in a pile of ash. A few coughs came from her throat, the rawness causing her to gasp for breath. Cuts and bruises riddled her body. The smell of death hung thick in the air. Barely morning, she thought, due to the lack of sunlight. Every movement hurt, but she rose from the ground, as elegant as a phoenix from its ashes. Then, she saw it.

Her city was now barely a ruin. Buildings were destroyed, the sacred trees burned and reduced to ash. The corpses of Altmer littered the ground, and their stench clung to the air. As Hirahn walked through the once proud city, tears started welling in her eyes. The River of Souls, that ran through the entire settlement, was filled with blood and rubble.

Her eyes suddenly grew wide. The library! She ran towards the Great Hall, which the Library was situated within. She burst open the doors, and, her worst fears came to realisation. All the books, containing the knowledge that no other beings possessed, were gone. These tomes contained the secrets to Nirn, the Daedra and the Aedra, and even spells so powerful that it could envelope the world in dust and death! The Nords! How DARE they! And their damned Dovahkiin! They will pay!

Tears quickly turned to rage. She swayed her arms, twitching her fingers. The floor shook as she stomped on it. Her arms rose, energy flowing around them. They were swung down with the speed of light, an arm was raised. "THEY WILL PAY!"

A tower of Ice, Fire and Lightning shot up from the Great Hall, blasting through the thick clouds overhead. The building crumbled soon after, as a flash flew over the city, destroying and burning all in its path. A loud bang was heard. A shockwave flew over half the Summerset Isles, and all there knew. Hirahn Ancania, the most powerful Altmer, and the oldest yet most beautiful, was enraged. That meant death and destruction was soon to follow.


"I didn't do it! You have no proof!" Calcifer yelled, yet gold could be clearly seen within his pockets.

"You stole my money, right out of the safe. I saw you! I had 900 gold in there!" yelled the angry female Altmer. This was her Inn, so she was allowed to right?

"Hey miss, I only got 500 on me. You probably just spent it all on that new dress." Calcifer had a wolfish grin upon his handsome face; clearly he was still very young, about 220 years?

"What dress? Guard, Guard! He stole my money!" the Innkeeper exclaimed to a guard that was passing by. She clearly didn't care, but walked over in anyway. As it was her duty.

"What seems to be the problem, miss" she asked, with a lazy tone.

"This man stole my money, right out of my safe. Look, his pockets are full of gold, and the safe is open!" she exclaimed, basically jumping around.

The guard walked over to the safe, which was still locked. She grunted.

"Seems closed to me..." she mumbled. "Empty out your pockets, Lad."

Calcifer threw all the money on the floor. Clearly just under 500. "Miss, how much money was inside the safe?" the Guard asked, very nonchalantly.

"900 gold, bu-" the poor old Innkeeper was interrupted.

"He didn't steal the money. If anything, he stole that handsome face of his. Miss, if you make such a lie up and waste a guard's time again, you will be fined. Understand?" said the female Altmer, very sternly.


"Be quite! Good day to you, sir. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please, have a nice day." The guard smiled at him, and blushed as he smiled back, and what a smile! Most women would faint, but the guard just turned, and walked away, very fast.
Such a charmer!

"Seems like we are done here. Good buy" he chuckled to his own, silly pun, which no-one understood.

The Innkeeper went on a rage and smashed all her fine ware...


Agh, women are so easy! Thought Calcifer as he played with his new glass dagger, stolen off of the guard. All you need to do is smile, look them in the eye, and if that fails, take off your shirt and flex a bit. He laughed out loud at that one. He was not rich, in fact he actually lived on the street. He had found a cave behind a waterfall, which lied beneath the city. It was small, but cosy with all the furs that were put in there, also in was warm, as he had put down a layer of hay beneath the furs, which insulated it and kept it warm during winters. There was a small cooking area, a place to sleep, and a tiny self-made alchemy lab. He didn't live in luxury, but he did live well.

Oh, a charmer he was, but not only that. He loved playing tricks on people, especially shop owners. Sometimes, he would create poisons that caused hallucinations. Oh, it was fun! Well, with black hair, deep green eyes, perfect teeth, a silver tongue (metaphorically) and the clearest skin ever, he couldn't help but be a charmer.
But, on top of that, he was a thief, and a real good one.

One sunny morning, he climbed out of his cave. The lake was crystal clear, full with fish. Dartwings fluttered in the air and skidded over the calm waters, some of the more unfortunate eaten by tine predators or fish. Two unfortunate fish were caught, skinned, salted and then laid on a rack to dry out. Soon they would be ready for consumption and Calcifer imagined the salty dish would be perfect with a sweet treat. That meant that his next stop would be the city, to procure him some side dishes. Wrapping the fish in a large leaf after it had sufficiently dried; he ambled towards the city gates, whistling a merry tune.

"It felt like a good day to, uh, visit the bakery." Calcifer said aloud as he walked down the street. It's really hot, maybe I should take off my shirt, could swipe me a few extra sweet rolls, he thought and a smile spread across his face. Sweet rolls, the true joy of life. Many enjoyed ale or mead, but Calcifer, oh he loved those baked things! If he could, he would build a shrine to them! Imagine that! The Sweet rolls God! If only, he thought as he was about to enter the Bakery. "What's that?" a passerby said whilst staring off into the distance.

"Hmm" mumbled Calcifer as he looked in the direction in what the man was pointing. His jaw nearly dropped.
In the distance, far off most likely, a pillar of yellow, blue and white could be seen bursting towards the sky. A whirlwind of clouds formed, and suddenly, the few buildings on the edge of the town cracked and were blown into the sky. The shockwave burst through every object that came in its path, and a loud BOOM was heard.

Calcifer was smacked off his feet and thrown in the air before he could even make a sound. A chorus of screams, crashes and wind was surrounding him. He hit a wall, but the shockwave caused him to smack through it. Screams and yelps of fear entered his ears, and the smell of freshly baked loaves, cakes, cheeses and sweet rolls filled his nose. Another wall, another crash and he was whirling outside. Then, he was in water. Struggling beneath the churning surface, he kicked and flailed, hoping he was heading for the top and not deeper into the vast lake. He struggled for breath and his throat burned, but finally, he came up. But almost immediately he was forced to duck as a stone slab flew over his head and almost grazed him by a hair length. Looking around frantically, he recognized the area as near his cave, and swam towards it from under the water, hoping nothing more would crash into it above him. It was murky, but he could see another flash and a spiralling tube of mixed light. The shockwave was back, and people were hurled into the water, they weren't as lucky as he. Some were skewered, others crushed by stone. Yet he had to push on, for he couldn't risk his life trying to save people who were already doomed or bleeding out. Just as he reached his cave, something or someone grabbed his leg.


In the cave, Calcifer sat next a quickly prepared fire. She was badly hurt. Her left arm was full of splinters, whilst her jaw was clearly hit by a rock. Her right thigh was fractured, but not seriously. Surprisingly, he was not injured at all, even though he smashed through a few walls, and was flung over numerous counters.

"Hmph, strange..." mumbled Calcifer as he checked body for any missed injuries.

"Wow, not even a-" there was a long, hard grunt, "not even a thanks. You-" a cough, "You halfwit." The woman said. She sat up, and looked at her bandaged arm and leg. Her jaw smarted. "You know I also have 3 broken ribs. By. The. Way." She stared at him, with the most YOU IDIOT! Type of expression.

"I uh, wait. Why should I thank you? I saved your life!"

The female Altmer sat there, wincing as she stretched her right leg. First of all, before she started speaking, she grabbed Calcifer's Ale, and took a deep and long sip. She then leaned over and grabbed a few cooked leeks. Then, she eyed a lone Sweet roll, sitting on a beautiful plate which was covered in swirls of patterns and drawings. It was magnificent, but what could make it better? That sweet roll, which had a siding of cream, melted chocolate and cinnamon. She reached out, fingers outstretched.

"Hey! Hands Off!" Calcifer yelled, hitting her hand out of the way. The plate, which was so beautifully designed, was snatched by a now angry Altmer. He held it to his chest like a new born babe. "You can eat my food, drink my ale or even take my money, but sweet rolls, the baked and covered in icing delicacy's made for those with fine taste, are...MINE!"

"Whoa calm down sabercat, geez. It's just a sweet roll, god."

"No, it's not just a sweet roll. Sweet rolls are what...what I love and the only thing I ever will!" an eerie silent crept over the tiny cave. Neither spoke, neither moved. Then,

"Well, I have to tell you. When that shockwave flew over the town, I knew it would hit you and you could die. I jumped behind you, and wrapped you in my arms-"

"What! I was in your arms!" he exclaimed, disgusted more than surprised. He just met this women, and she was covered in lake filth, blood and bruised all over.

"Bah, get OVER yourself! Anyway, the reason you're not hurt is because I took the blast for you; so I demand respect," she eyed him, up and down, "And I want that sweet roll. Now."

"No, it's mine. I got it myself!" Still clutching the plate, he moved a bit backwards as terror swelled in his throat. She stood up, not even flinching as her bones grained on each other. Her ribs skidded apart. Blood leaked from the poorly bandaged arm.

"Wait, what are you doing with that knife? Wait, no its mine. Stop, Stop! ARGH!" And the rest was drained by the crashing sound of the waterfall.


She sat in the beautiful city of Mirandell. Next to her, on the expertly carved wooden half-wall, was a jug of ale, whilst on the other, a nice piece of bread, lettuce and cheese. It was a very hot night, and the stars shone nearly as bright as the sun. She smelt something, almost like smoke. She turned her head, sipping her cold ale.

Renath had dark-chocolate coloured hair, and ice-like eyes. She had a strong jaw, and was fairly muscular. She was a spellsword, and was also good in a bow. Known for her expertise in battle and great strategic planning, Renath travelled from settlement to settlement, selling her skills for gold. But, every summer she returned to Mirandell for the magnificent flowers and beautiful evenings.

The Library's of Mirandell held many secrets within their ancient scrolls. One of the scrolls inside the restricted area, where she had snuck into, held a prophecy.

"Prophecy's are just old men who were drunk, fell down stairs, had strange dreams then wrote them down." She had whispered to herself as she bit on hear sandwich. Then she looked at it, and read;


When smoke swirls on late nights,
When the living lose the rights
To live within city lights,
The great will turn
And make all suffer and burn,
In the ash of their own undoing
The one, always chewing
The sweet of life
He shall save the land of its deadly strife


She then looked through more books, scrolls and tomes, fascinated by her new challenge of deciphering the text. She then found a book, called Aldmeri, with the same Unknown author. The night went on slowly, books and scrolls and tomes piled on other. One of the books mentioned Dominion, and a scroll with the same name was found. It read;


A man with teeth as straights as arrow,
Hair darker than that of a black sparrow,
Where lakes swirl in his eyes
And within lies
The true potential to save the lives
Of those who don't deserve
The wrong curve
Of fate.


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