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Hirahn walked. She walked and walked, through day and night she marched on. Every being, life force or even object that crossed her path soon crumbled away into nothingness. An aura of death surrounded her like a black cloud, which poisoned and ruined everything that came into contact with it. Her rage swelled through her arms, whilst electrical energy coursed through her veins. Fire lay deep within her heart, and an immense heat emanated from her eyes. Her legs moved fast and a cold blue-like cloud swirled around her as if she walked through thick fog. The very ground beneath her feet turned to ice, and spread like a wild fire, freezing every being.

There was a mixture of rage, compassion and sorrow roaring within her head. The Compassion banged and screamed at her, trying to bring back her previous humanity, whilst Sorrow clouded the feeling and cried loudly at Rage. Rage, on the other hand, ran free across her. Not only was he in her head but also in her heart. He blocked the others and whispered in her ear. He moved her arms and legs and set free her pool of magicka that resided deep within her. Rage was like a mad puppeteer, and she only the puppet. She could not stop herself. Compassion yearned for her to stop, and Sorrow clouded the yearning with images of death.
Rage only showed that of destruction.


Calsifer could feel a lancing pain shoot through his chest as he sat on a rock, his body frozen in sorrow. Tears welled up in his deep verdant eyes, trickling slowly, as if reluctantly, over his pale cheeks. Icy tracts remained as the wind caressed his cheek and ruffled his hair, seemingly unconcerned about the destruction around them. Before him, in the lake once filled with fish and the fluttering of dartwings, now only bodies remained. Pieces of buildings poked from the water, but more horrifying was the Altmer splayed out grotesquely on top of that. They floated in the water, facing downward, some of their limbs twisted unnaturally or entirely missing, while others were starting to bloat in the water. A thick, lung-clutching stench sat in the air, almost mockingly. Renath had gone to the town, or what was left of it, to look for survivors or anything that she could salvage.

Calsifer couldn't bear to enter the settlement. This place, that he had known his entire life, was gone. Only ruin and dust remained. To make matters even worse, was that Renath had cut his sweet roll, taking away his last piece of bliss and taste of that now extinct brand of sweetrolls. That horrible falmer! His delicious, beautiful sweet roll! To be cut in half by a, as Calsifer thought, sadistic Altmer with a knife. I loathe that woman. She darith comith into my homith and stealith my sweet rollith and demandith thanks! Wait, why was he thinking like that? Maybe it's the shock...I should probably go and pack, since there is nothing left for me here.

The cave and all his belongings was nearly all packed away when Renath returned. A small child sat in her arms. Just by looking, the tiny girl was obviously hurt and in shock. Calsifer immediately made a small fire, seeing the child shivering slightly in Renath's arms.

"Who is she?" he asked Renath as the fire sparked to life. The heat seemed to soothe the child, even by just a little. He laid down a few furs and his special pillow, filled with golden linings. It was purple and red, but most of all, soft, comfortable and beautiful. A lot of work was put into this.

"I think she was the Baker's daughter. I found her in the basement, alongside a woman that was crushed by rubble. Me thinks it was her mother, as they have the same hair colour." Renath said as she sat down with the girl.

Calsifer nodded as he hurried and put a pot on the fire. He could clearly see the little girl was in shock and something warm would do wonder's to thaw her unresponsive state. He added the last of his milk and honey, and sighed as he did so, and stirred it till it was fully mixed. The mixture had a golden tint to it, even though it was still quite cold it looked delicious. He took out a silver chalice, with purple sapphires worked into the brim, from a small locker in which he kept his most important belongings. He suddenly stopped and cocked his head slightly, as if remembering something, before he jumped up and ran out the cave without a word.

Renath, staring after him perplexed, finally shook her head and decided she had more important matters to deal with. She cuddled the freezing child closer and walked over to the furs, sitting down with crossed legs. Cradling the child, she hummed a calm lullaby, hoping to snap the child out of her shock. After a while, Calsifer entered holding a teddy in his hands. It was the shape of a Snow Bear, with soft fur around it. He gave her the teddy, then moved to the pot, stirring it quickly. It was steaming and a heavenly aroma drifted of its surface. He poured the sweet liquid into the chalice, and then handed it to the girl.

"Where did you find this?" Renath asked as she inspected the doll. The fur was as soft as silk, and it looked quite realistic. "It seems high quality!"

"There is, was, a toy shop not far from here. I used to go there as a child." Tears rose in his eyes again, but he quickly wiped them away before anyone could take notice. "I knew the Maker of The Teddy's. He was a kind man and always let me play with the toys. So little girl, what's your name?"

She just stared at him, then suddenly looked away and sipped at her milk. It was clear that though she was more responsive than previously, they couldn't push her to talk, considering the trauma she underwent. Her eyes were light blue and her hair, though dirty and covered in dust, looked honey-blonde. It naturally fell into thick curls, which matched her face. But, what bothered Calsifer was that...she did not look Altmer. She didn't have elf ears and her skin had more of a copper tinge than the Altmer yellow ting trademark.

The teddy was given to her, and as she clutched it tightly to her chest, they gave her some of Calsifer's dried Venison, which they had cut into small strips and soaked in hot water for a bit to soften the tough meat. After that, she yawned and her eyes drooped, so they put her down to rest.

"She seems in terrible shock, I'm sure she has gone through a lot. I wonder if she is going to be OK." Said Renath, as she stared through the waterfall.

"Well, I think we all felt the shock-" he stifled a laugh, "The shockwave! Huh? C'mon, that was good!"

"You are an Idiot, you know that" She stood up and went to the little girl and lay beside her.

"What did I say?"

Huffing at the stupid falmer for not appreciating his fine humour, he turned around and lay on his own piece of fur, studiously ignoring the extra presences in his cave.

"Renath." Calsifer said later that night, in quite a soft, soothing voice.

"Yes, Calsifer." She replied with mumbled words. She was only half listening, but is she didn't reply he would never shut up.

"I figured something out. Since the girl doesn't want to tell us her name, let's just call her Hunny. Since she has honey-blond hair and the first thing we gave her was honey and milk."

"That's...that's actually a good idea. That's surprising..." there was bit of a silence before she spoke again, "It was a good idea, yet it came out of you. Ha! That's funny. Good night."

"Hey! That's rude!" Calsifer yelled back, or actually whisper-yelled. But, as he heard no reply, he sat up and looked over to Renath. Her chest rose and dropped slowely. She looked fast asleep. It is kinda surprising...he thought.

The next morning, Calsifer packed his things again. They made a make-shift carrier for the girl, so now they could carry her when she was tired and still use both their arms. They packed the things Renath salvaged into a knapsack. It was mostly food so Calsifer would carry that and the carrier. Renath would carry the furs, bedrolls, flints, pots and pans, the cloth for a tent, Calsifer's chest of belongings, extra clothes, lanterns and her own weapons. They were about to set off to the nearest town when Calsifer dug out his map of the Summerset Isles.

"Wait," he said whilst staring at the map, he frowned and looked up and around then back at the map again. "If I'm correct, then we are on this tiny Island here."

"So?" Renath shrugged as she put then chest down.

"That means we need a boat to get to the next town! Where would we find a boat?!" Calsifer yelled. He was clearly angry and directed it at Renath's incompetence. Renath, though a bit irritated, only lifted an eyebrow as she regarded him, a smirk around her lips.

"We make one."


"No, that's completely illogical." Calsifer said as he tied a knot of rope around the wood of their makeshift boat.

"No it's not. You're illogical! Anyway hand me that piece of rope!" Renath exclaimed and Calsifer threw her the rope as he pulled a face, his expression souring as Renath continued their previous conversation. "It makes total sense. I mean, have you never, ever, in your whole and entirely meaningless life, shared a sweet roll?"

"Hey, that was rude! And no, never. Sweet rolls are not meant to be shared, instead to be savoured." A blank look flashed across his face when he mentioned sweet roll, yet as he noticed that she was looking at him it quickly disappeared and a smile spread across his face. His pearl white teeth glistened in the last bit of sun light that stretched over the mountain. Its red, pink and orange colours gave off a soothing feeling, as if the beauty was trying to make up for the horror they witnessed in the last few days. "Is the boat sea-worthy yet? Or rather lake-worthy?"

"I believe so, we should just load her up. I'm taking sand with, by the way."

"Why sand!?" He dropped a bag that he was carrying on his foot, "Ah damn it! That hurt!"

"I'm taking sand so that we can make a fire without burning the bloody wooden boat you idiot!"

"Oh don't start with the idiot thing again! You are a cranky old crow you know that!"

They yelled at each other, staring into one another's eyes as they hauled their belongings onto the boat. The little girl sat, only watching them. Five minutes passed and they started pushing the boat into the lake.

"You female toad!"

"Wide-eyed fish face"

"Lemon head!"


"Ugly chamberpot!"

"Yellow eyed banana nosed freak faced fat sabercat falmer!"

"How dare you!" Renath exclaimed. A fist flew up and struck Calsifer right under the eye. As he registered the sudden pain lancing through his cheekbone and head, his world grew dark and he knew no more.

Water swirled behind the floating boat. Starlight shone upon the water's surface. The shimmering moon shared her cold embrace as Renath sat, Calsifer's head on her lap, the girl in her arms. They followed the current north, where the nearest village supposedly was. There were no clouds, and the moons were full and beaming. They seemed larger, for some reason. Did it just move? She thought, tilting her head sideways. It was like the moon was...turning. The smaller moon, Secunda, moved, looking like it was enlarging, rather slowly. It was definitely nearing the larger moon, Masser, and Masser was also slowly rotating towards Secunda. They aligned, as if it was an eclipse, and then a loud snap was heard, like that of thunder.

Electrical energy shot up towards the now-aligned moons. Red and yellow light was within the lightning, and ice swirled around it. Together the three forces struck the moon and a star shape made up of many triangles of the same energy was formed, it stood high in the sky and looked like it was brightening. As if charging up. Suddenly, pure white light shot downwards and Renath was temporarily blinded and deafened. When her sight returned, an Orb of energy, almost like a bubble stood there at the other end of the lake, behind the tree-lines. Calsifer chose then to woke up and he sat straight groggily, rubbing his face as he looked around through dazed eyes.

"Why did you..." He said, but did not finish his sentence as he stared off at in the direction of the orb. "What in the name of Oblivion is that! Where did it come from?!"

"I...I have no idea," Renath stumbled. "Look, the moons have aligned. I saw a star-shape of energy floating there, then I was blinded."

"Are you sure?! That's kinda-" he suddenly stopped, staring into the lake, "Did you just see that?"

"See what?" asked Renath, still staring at the Orb.

"I swear I saw something moving in the water." He stared deep into the water, the air suddenly still. Calsifer's face neared the water, his nose almost touching the surface. He grunted, stood up and stretched his back. " 'twas most probably nothing M'lady. No need to worry." Just as he turned away, something jumped from the water and bit his leg, the teeth clenching fast on his flesh. He screamed, yelped, grunted and cursed all at the same time.

Quick as light Renath unsheathed her Elven long-sword, which burst with fire, and lopped off the creature's head. She pried the severed head from a whimpering Calsifer's leg to examine the creature closer. It looked like an eel, slaughterfish and pixie mix. It had the tail of an eel, but the scales of a slaughterfish. It had two small legs and arms near the head, also a stomach, like a normal pixie, but its mouth was filled with needle like teeth and it had the blackest eyes you have ever seen. The water's surface rippled, and suddenly thousands upon thousands of these creatures flew from the water. Renath took out both her Elven long swords, her right-handed one burst alive with fire, whilst the left-handed one crackled with lightning and shone brightly.

Calsifer grabbed the girl and pulled her to his chest, enclosing her and protecting her with his body. Renath on the other hand was a sight to see. She spun, her feet gliding over the boat's surface while lightning and fire swirled around her. Slicing, burning, sizzling and shocking each one of the creatures that collided with it. She jumped, and flung her arms wildly, spinning her two Elven blades in every direction. For Calsifer, it was like a moving picture. Every one of her movements looked like it was rehearsed. She slammed both of the swords' hilts onto the boats surface, and a shockwave of air flew across the boat and over the lake. The creatures were gone, with most of their vile corpses blown off the boat, with only a few still remaining, flopping around half-heartedly.

"What the hell is that?! And what were these, things?" Calsifer was clearly in awe, his eyes gazing in amazement at the imposing figure Renath cut. Renath wasn't sure whether to feel complimented or insulted at the stupidly dull hero-worshipping expression on her companion's face.

Renath sat down next to him and told him what her weapons are. She had two Elven long swords. One had a gold and silver hilt with a black ebony blade, whilst the other one had a black ebony hilt with gold and silver blade. She also had a bow, which looked like no other he had ever seen. It was made from a mixture of ebony, glass, moonstone, silver and gold. There was a drop of Eldergleem sap in it, which allowed it to bend more than any other metal-fusion and make it shoot further than any other bow. Each of these weapons had an enchantment placed on all of the metal ores, thus, allowing the weapons to conduct any magic, for a limited time.

"My main Elements are Fire, Lightning and Air. I can cast any magic through them, but I specialise in those."

"How did you come by these weapons?" Calsifer asked, staring at the arms. Master Craftsmen had worked on these weapons, they were truly beautiful. An ancient script had been edged into the blades, and they were fairly light to wield, given the size and length of them.

"That, my dear companion, is a story for another day. Get some rest; I fear that we will soon have to fight again."

And so the night progressed, the moons taking their former positions. What none noticed was that the girl was standing next a shadowy figure. It was murmuring to her, her eyes shone like silver...


Renath slowly opened her eyes. The boat had floated to the shore and now stood still. She stood up, walked to the edge and jumped onto the dark soil. Her nose was filled with the scents of earth, flowers, lake water and trees. It refreshed her head and she suddenly remembered something. The Orb. All in one moment, she felt a constant rumble beneath her feat, and there was a deep hum in the air. She turned around, and saw it. The Arcanic Ward stood no more than five feet from her. A heat radiated from its surface, and, as Renath could see, it had cut through all the objects that it touched. Some trees were split, rocks shattered, soil divided.

"C'mon lughead, wake up." The sleeping male Altmer heard and was soon after kicked in the ribs. Renath could not wait to quickly pack and leave this place. A dark magic was used here. It was obvious.

"Ugh...just ten more minutes...please..." Calsifer turned over and pulled his bedroll over his head, but soon regretted that action. Ice cold lake water was poured over his head and he shot up, spluttering.
"Hey! That wa-"

"Shut Up! Stand up and pack!" Her boot's bottom stomped on his forehead, leaving a pattern dented onto his skin.

"Bah! Ouch! That hurt! A lot!" he shouted as he shot up from his bedroll.

"Be quiet! Can we just pack, please? There is dark magic at work here, and I would really appreciate it if we could leave." She shifted from foot to foot, clearly on edge. Her pupils were dilated and she couldn't stop fidgeting.

"Ok, ok. Let's pack." Sighed Calsifer and bent over to start packing. "We could try to walk around the Orb and see if there's an entrance to the town. Running low in supplies, as we are, we can't risk going much further without restocking. Why did we bring so little food and water anyway?"

"I...I have no idea. C'mon, hurry up. Let's go." If only he knew...she had forgotten to load the spare food and water onto the boat.


"Daddy! No! Help! Daddy!" Renath yelled from the closed dresser. Her father had put her there and told her not to move and not to make a sound.

"Daddy!" Blood splattered onto the door and a large man walked up to the closet.

"Hello pretty!" He grabbed open the dresser's door and pulled her out.

"Stop! Leave me alone!" She yelled at him, and he sneered and pressed his knife through her hand. She screamed as the blinding pain and burning feeling spread throughout her hand.

"Shut up tiny girl! Come, look at your dead daddy!" He laughed as one of his partners cut off her father's head.

"Daddy! Please Daddy! Don't leave me!"

The man grabbed her wrist.

"Now you do as we say," his knife glided over her cheek and slightly cut her, "Or you die!"

Renath shot up from her bedroll, sweating and panting. Calsifer immediately jumped up and stared at her. She was hot, and her mind was racing from the memory.

"Are you OK?" Calsifer crouched next to her and put his hand on her shoulder, but she shook it off and stood up, then walked away.

"Just, just leave me alone for a while." and then the bushes closed around her.


Renath had found a river. She'd been walking for quite some time and she wasn't sure where she was. She could barely see anything as it was. She knew she shouldn't have stormed off or rejected the help of Calsifer. She knew she was wrong, yet she couldn't truly admit it, the horrors of her nightmare making her want to lash out. The bushes behind her rumbled and something neared her.

The bushes burst open and Renath jumped up, unleashing fire and lighting through her swords, but just before she struck, she noticed a familiar face. It was Calsifer, with a massive grin on his face, he looked pretty stupid.

"Hey Renath, uhm something embarrassing happened." He chuckled sheepishly. "I made some rabbit soup for me and you. I took out my bottle of Alto wine and came to bring it for you, oh don't worry, Hunny is on my back still sleeping. Also the equipment is..." he rambled and rambled on.

"Calsifer, please just get to the point." Renath said to him, he was starting to annoy her.

"Oh yeah, Um." He cleared his throat. "I was carrying the soups, alto wine and the carrier but...the carrier got stuck between the two trees I tried to sneak through and I can't move...At all..."

There was silence for a few moments before Renath fell over laughing. She rolled and laughed and gasped for breath.

"You Idiot! You got stuck between trees!"

She sat up, but fell over again, still laughing. Tears ran down her cheeks, but not tears of sadness, instead those of joy. Even Calsifer started to laugh, or chuckle since he still was stuck.

"Renath, please could you help me out. It's getting rather uncomfortable."

"Sure Sure! I'll help you!" She was still laughing.

After the soup and wine was taken from Calsifer, it was put on a flat rock. Renath tried pulling him free, but to no avail. She stared at him, resting on her one leg, hands on her hips. It took some time before she moved again. She walked around the tree to Calsifer's behind and picked up the girl. Again, she walked around the tree to Calsifer's face, and he saw an evil grin on her face.

"Renath, wait, what are you doing?" He said very worriedly as she started to back up, still staring at him.

"Don't worry, Calsifer, this won't hurt a bit." Her grin exploded and she ran forward, still holding the girl. She leaped off from one foot and kicked Calsifer with full force right on his chest. He flew free of the tree, cursing as he did so, though it was cut off as he struck the ground hard. He lay on the ground and couldn't breathe. He cursed again.

"That seriously HURT!" He yelled.

"Oh sorry my liege. Come, eat your soup before I finish it all!" She yelled and started slurping her rabbit soup. A few grunts were heard in the bushes, before Calsifer burst out of the tree line, running with full speed.



"Why did you have to run off like that anyway!?" Calsifer said as he trudged on. He was tired, his back ached and his feet were starting to blister.

"I...I had a bad dream is all. Hey, this is not my fault. You should have kept track!" She almost fell over as her foot sunk into dark, sticky mud that seemed to be gliding away with her. It had started to rain about an hour ago, so Hunny was kept in her carrier beneath a large leaf they had found. Renath took off her fur scarf and wrapped it around the tiny girl to keep her warm.

"You ran off, I made soup then followed you. I didn't think about keeping track. It's not my fault that we are lost!" he was extremely irritated. When Renath had run away, Calsifer had made a quick fire and cooked up some rabbit soup. Then he had pack up his personal and most important items, and hid the rest. Then he dished up the soup, put on the carrier with the girl, strapped his chest to his waist and followed Renath's tracks. Soon after he found her, they ate the soup. Then it started to rain and they had gotten lost in the dense forest. Even the Orb couldn't be seen through the lush wood growth.

"I, I know. I'm sorry, OK. I was scared and angry, I couldn't really think straight." The rain ran down her face, alongside her fresh tears. Luckily for Renath it was raining, otherwise he would have seen her cry.

"Hey, don't sweat it. These things happen. When I was little, my older brother once mocked me for my weird teeth, well I had weird teeth at that time, so I kicked him on the shin and ran away." He stifled laughter, "It took my mom a hour, two sweet rolls and a new teddy to get me back home."

She sniffed softly, "Really? What's more surprising, the teeth or how you managed to mooch of sweet rolls and a brand new teddy to go home!" she chuckled slightly, then wiped her face, yet the tears still ran down her cheeks.

Calsifer stopped. He stood there for a few moments. He spun around on his heel, his face was serious. Suddenly he grabbed Renath in a hug. She gasped, but did not move or push him away.

"Renath. Don't cry, do you understand me. I know you are sad, but crying will not help you. Crying only makes you feel worse about yourself, and can cause you to become deeply depressed." He was silent but he still hugged her. His long fingers gripped her shoulders, and Calsifer pushed himself back a bit and stared deep into her eyes. "But, that only happens when you are alone." He then hugged her tightly, but only for a second before he turned around and started to walk.

Both of them were quiet after that. The rain still fell hard, splishing and splashing on leaves. The air was dark and rich. It smelt strongly of wet wood and soil.

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