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(5) Why haven't we had sex? (aka the one where their working environment definitely isn't sexual tension free.)

"Alright so Kye and Harris are still sick, Everett's arm isn't fully healed, and Tess is still in quarantine from that rash."

"Is that it?"

"That's it."

"Four excused, that means I'm going to have to put two more people on lumber…"

"Whoa, whoa Bellamy what are you doing?"

He freezes and stares down at the woodchips on the table in front of him. Each one had a number carved into it which corresponded to a name on Clarke's master list. They had created the system to preserve paper. So far it was working pretty well. Bellamy didn't much like the idea of reducing someone's identity to a number, but as a temporary system until they finished reestablishing their camp it was the best they could do.

"What do you mean what am I doing?" he asks "I'm doing the same thing I do every…"

"You can't put Alexander and Laurel on lumber together." She reaches over him and grabs their woodchips. "They just broke up last night. All they'll do is argue and nothing will get done."

He's stunned for a moment because since when has Clarke paid attention to camp gossip?

She leans forward and looks at the other groups he had arranged. "Ethan and Paul shouldn't be in the same hunting party either, they're both sleeping with Olivia they'll probably shoot each other. I'll just put Paul on lumber…"

He grabs her arm "Paul is a good shot."

"Okay, than Ethan…"

"No, I put them both in the hunting party for a reason Clarke."

"Well it's not going to work."

"Why because their fucking the same girl? Big deal." He tries to snatch the woodchips out of her hand but she rips them away. He's starting to get annoyed now, and that's really unfortunate because it's been a record two weeks since they've had a serious argument.

"And this is why things haven't been getting done around here."

Oh yeah he's definitely pissed.

"Why because I'm not factoring in childish bullshit…."

"No because you're so focused on what has to be done that you're not paying attention. They're people Bellamy, barely adults, and if we want this society to function we have to make sure we know what's going on with them."

"You seriously want me to take their sex lives into consideration?"

"For the benefit of productivity, yes. Here- let me show you…" she pulls out her pencil and the master list that she keeps in her pocket. Bellamy watches as she starts drawing lines, furrowing her brow in that way she usually does when diagnosing wounds, the particularly nasty kind that make Bellamy (and any normal person) want to throw up. "Okay," she finally says "I drew a line between everyone that, to my knowledge, has had some kind of sexual contact or romantic relationship. We should try to separate them as much as possible."

And then she hands him a piece of paper that is basically filled with 78 names and what must be 230 lines.

"What the fuck has been going on around here?!" he stares down at the list in shock because when and where and how in the holy hell did all this go on? "This is ridiculous Clarke, I can't sit here for hours and try to navigate this bullshit. They need to learn to deal with each other like adults."

"It seems like there's a lot of dealing with each other like adults going on. That's kind of the problem."

She's almost smiling at him now and he definitely doesn't appreciate her smart mouth, even if he does stare at it for a few seconds too long.

"What, you want to do have a camp-wide sex talk? That'll go over well."

He shakes his head and tosses the list back at her. He'll redo the groups, but not right away. It's part of this partnership they've developed. He'll compromise with her on basically everything but he'll do so on his own terms. Usually that means waiting until she walks away from him so he doesn't have to see the look of triumph on her face.

She just sighs and looks back down at the list "I just think you need to pay attention more. These are our people, what goes on in their lives might seem petty but it still matters."

He rolls his eyes and looks back down at the stupid woodchips. She's obviously not going to let this go so he should just make a few changes to pacify her and then spend the next few days causally reminding everyone he sees to keep it in their fucking pants.

"Jesus….this is stupid… Clarke did Anthony fuck Charlene or Jade?" he feels like he's putting together a fucking puzzle and it's ridiculous and unnecessary. "Clarke?" When he looks back to see why she hasn't answered him, she's examining the list again. "Princess?!" he slams his hands down on the table and she jumps "trying to develop a sexual tension free working environment here and I kind of need your help."

"Sorry," she says as she shakes her head "Sorry I was just thinking…"

"Uh huh, so Anthony, was it Charlene or Jade or both?"

"Why haven't we had sex?"

It's the weirdest thing because he knows what she just said, he understands english, but he can't process it. He looks around the tent, absolutely sure that the words had come from someone else, but it's just the two of them: Clarke and Bellamy who definitely have not had sex. She's looking at him like he's done her some great injustice, like there's an actual reason they haven't other than the fact that Bellamy has really, really, really good self-control. What the fuck is he supposed to say to that that doesn't make him sound like an asshole or a pathetic thirteen year old pining after his first crush?

"Who has time for sex?" He says lightly, as if humor would actually be able to diffuse the impenetrable fog that is this tension "you know...besides everyone in this camp apparently."

"You did." She says as she holds up the list and he sees six or seven lines from his name. He wonders how the hell she knew about all of them, he'd only ever told her about Raven. Then again he wasn't exactly discrete in his younger days as Bellamy, King of whatever the hell we want.

"I did, I did then because I was trying to distract myself from how fucked I was."

His eyes raise a few centimeters above his own name and sees Clarke's with one solitary line leading to Finn. It's the most irritating line he's ever seen.

"Just never with me."

"Nope. So, Anthony…"

"You don't think that's weird?"

"I think this is weird, I think talking about this is really fucking weird." It's painful really.

She sighs and puts the list down. He's actually stupid enough to look over at her and he hates himself for it because she looks like he's just rejected her.

"Princess what is this really about?" he asks as he runs his hands over his face.

"I don't know." She says "I have less lines than almost anyone else in camp and I just…spend so much time with you and I don't know, I guess I'm kind of surprised that nothing's ever….happened."

He's quiet for a second, letting his words run through his eternal filter two or three extra times before he actually speaks. "You don't have as many lines because people here respect you. I respect you."

"So you won't have sex with me because you respect me?"

"Why do I feel like you're gonna be pissed no matter how I answer that?"

"I'm just…" she sighs "Nevermind, it's dumb okay. It's stupid, forget it. Anthony slept with both of them, but he and Charlene are still friends."

She looks upset and its impossible for him to focus when she looks upset, so he turns all the way in his chair so that he's facing her "Really Clarke?"


"I can't work on this when you're over there moping."

"I'm not moping!"

"So you want to do it? Is that it? Cause we can do it right now."

"Stop it Bellamy."

"I don't get it, you're mad because we haven't done it , but you don't want to do it…"

"I just…" she lets out an impatient sigh and he can tell that she's starting to blush "I don't know I guess it would just be nice to know that you're interested in me…like that…even if you never act on it."

He must look at her like she's an idiot because she covers her face with her hands and shakes her head "I told you it was stupid. Just forget it."

He turns back around, because he knows what she needs to hear and he sure as hell isn't going to look at her when he says it. "Yeah okay Clarke, I'm not attracted to the only woman on this earth that performed advanced surgery without training, subdued a mob, battled grounders, survived being captured and tortured, told the Ark to go fuck themselves, and still manages to find time to keep these kids alive."

She doesn't say anything.

"That was sarcasm Princess, of course I'm interested in you… that, but we have jobs to do here. We're too important to…it's just not what this is."

"I know that," and he's sure her voice is just a little bit lighter. "I just wanted to hear you say it."

He almosts laughs, especially when he turns back around and sees her smile. "So what about me then?" He asks "You've never put the moves on me, are you the one that's not interested?"

She stands up, folds the master list, and places it back in her pocket "Do you remember when you had that bee sting and I told you, you had to keep your shirt off for the next few days to prevent infection?"


"I definitely made that up." She shoots him a wink and leaves the tent.

She is…..seriously not what Bellamy ever expected.