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Chapter 1 - Prologue

The room was quiet; it had been 12 hours since Bill and Fleur's wedding and in those few hours none had heard of what had happened to Harry, Ron and Hermione. They knew that the golden trio had escaped because not soon after the death eaters had gone as well. Though not hearing of them, they were not sure if it was a good sign or a bad one.

Now the Weasley's, (except Percy) Remus, Tonks, Kingsley, Fleur, Luna, and Neville were at the Burrow for a mid-day lunch. McGonagall would be joining them shortly; after all she was getting the school ready for the next year. They knew they were being watched so they were neither trying to make it seem like they didn't know were Harry Potter was nor that they had any contact with them.
Just then the head of the Weasley family Arthur Weasley walked into the small kitchen.

"I just sent them a Patrounus," He declared as he sat down and his wife placed a plate of food in front of him.

"What did you say dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked quietly.

"I said Family's safe, do not reply, we are being watched," He repeated.

"Very helpful" Remus said from his seat next to his wife and Luna. The others nodded in agreement then fell silent. As the room ate Luna looked at every one in a dreamy way.

"I wish we knew what happened to Harry and the others after they left the wedding" She said in her same odd voice.

"We all wish that Luna" Neville said with a small smile at his friend. "But I don't think we will know till we see them again." If we see them again He thought to himself. Just then there was a loud thud coming from the living room. As one Remus, Tonks, Kingsley, Arthur, and the twins got up their wand out. Mrs. Weasley stopped the other kids from doing so and told them to stay put. It was a while before the others resurfaced and came back into the kitchen. This time Remus had something in his hand.

"What do you got there?" Neville asked curiously.

"It's a book. Though I don't really know how it got here," Remus replied. Luna looked at it with her head sideways then spoke.

"It's infested with nargles, I suppose it was sent from the dead," Luna said as if it was obvious. The others looked at her like she was crazy, or crazier then usually.

"From the dead?" Fred asked.

"Yes open it, there must be a note because the king nargle is buzzing around the cover." She told them. Remus opened it and indeed a note fell out.

"See, all the nargles left so it is safe to read" Luna said with a smile. Remus read the note to himself then very quickly dropped the book in shock.

"What what's the matter?" Tonks asked her husband. Remus shook his head as if to try and clear his brain.

"Its not possible." He whispered. The others were starting to feel uneasy, Remus after all was always calm and collected not nervous and freaking out.

"What did it say?" Kingsley asked. When Remus said nothing he turned to Tonks "Read it" Tonks did as was told and grabbed both the book and the note that fell out of it.

Dear Weasley family, and Order Members Tonks read out loud.
I send this book in hope that it will ease your worries. I left without a goodbye and with out any instructions to you on how to finish this war. Now I will not lie I did tell Harry what is to happen before this war is to end, so this book will tell you what Harry is doing and what will be the out come of the war. When you begin to read this book, time it self will stop. Read and don't stop reading only when hungry. Sleep will not be needed. When you finish, you will know what is to come. Be very CAREFUL. Knowing the truth and the future will be very dangerous. If you change it too much, the war itself might be changed. I send this book in hope to prevent any deaths and or to ease the mind of those who are worried. Good luck with the remainder of the war and good reading. The book starts with when the death eaters are crashing the wedding.
Yours Truly, and looking down from above
Albus Dumbledore

P.S – I will be sending a few, old friends to read with you guys. They wont be alive just, a ghost if you will. I'm sorry to say they will leave when the bookends.

Tonks finished reading and when she did her mouth was dry. Was this real? Can this be true? Everyone's head was bussing with questions and concerns.

"This has got to be fake!" Neville yelled out. Even when he said it he didn't believe it. How could someone from the dead send a book about the future? How can a few 'old friends' who are also dead come back to read with them?

"I think its real" Ginny said quietly. Bill, Fred, George, and Charlie who decided his family needed him more then his dragons did, turned to face their little sister.

"So do we" They said together. Now most of the room believed this to be true.

"Well let's get reading so we know what is happened" Fred and George said in unison.

"Lets read in the living room. That book looks awfully long." No one said a word as they got up and walked over to the next room. Once everyone was sitting down and ready to read Ginny asked a question.

"What's the title of the book?" She asked. Tonks who was still holding the book read the title out loud.

"Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows" she replied. The room fell silent again. Before anyone could ask what the deathly hallows were, though Luna looked like she knew, Professor McGonagall walked into the living room.

"I'm sorry i'm late" She said swiftly "But I thought we were going to have lunch, or did I miss it?" She asked as she saw that everyone was in the living room sitting.

"No we had lunch" Mrs. Weasley began.

"Well that's okay I ate earlier" McGonagall stated, "What's going on?" She asked quickly reading everyone's faces.

After explaining to her about the book and who sent it she gaped at them.

"Is it real?" She asked with a hand to her chest. As if fate wanted to prove that this was in deed real, a loud pop was heard in the living room followed by a shine of bright light. The light swept the room and everyone in it had to close their eyes. When they opened them, they could not believe what they were seeing.
James and Lily Potter, Fabian and Gideon Prewett, and lastly Sirius Black were standing the living room at the burrow.

No one said a word, everyone was staring the five new ghostly images in front of him or her. One could hear a pin drop and it would have sounded like a bowling ball.

"BOO" Sirius screamed making everyone jump in shock. As if coming to their senses at hearing the familiar bark like laugh everyone stopped staring.

"S-Sirius" Remus stampered out. Sirius stopped laughing and stepped in front of his friend, whom he knew missed him.

"Hey Moony" he said softly.

"Y-you NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK" Remus screamed. James Potter started laughing, as did Sirius. Remus though overly over joyed at seeing the two friends he missed so much was now annoyed.

"Shut up" Remus muttered and moved to hit Sirius in the back of the head only to have his hand go through his head.

Remus stared at his hand in shock. Sirius smile faltered.

"Were not back from the dead, were more ghost." No one said anything for a while till Mrs. Weasley broke the silence.

"Fabian? Gideon?" She whispered.

"Hey little sis" They said grinning identically.

"We've missed you" Gideon said softly.

"And your cooking" Fabian added loudly. Molly gave a watery laugh. She wanted to run to them and hug them but she saw what happened when Remus tried to hit Sirius. She settled for just clinging to her husband.

"Hey there Moony" Remus who had been watching the exchange of Molly and her brothers turned to see Lily and James standing next to Sirius in front of him.

"J-James" Remus all but whimpered out.

"I know" James said "I'm still sexy" Remus laughed, as did everyone else in the room.

"Shut up Prongs" Sirius said, "Can you believe it Remus. I died and wake up to James yelling in my ear that he was sexier then me!"

"Boys" Lily said in a strong voice "Stop it now" and that's what they did. "Now hello, everyone" Lily said as she stared at McGonagall, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, the twins, the older twins (Fabian and Gideon) Neville, Luna, Kingsley, Bill, Charlie and Tonks. "We have come with the book, so maybe we can start reading after we catch up a bit yes?"

It was a little over an hour and after many tears and laughs did they finally feel like they should read what is to come.

"Well we might as well start reading Dumbledore said that time would stop once we did." Kingsley said breaking the silence that had crept into the room when he started talking. As one everyone turned to the clock to see that in fact time had stopped and the frozen clock was only proof.

"Who should read first?" Tonks asked as she held out the book.

"I will if no one wants too," Neville said as he reached out and grabbed the book. No one objected and so he opened the book and read out the chapter's title.

"Chapter Nine – A place to hide" Neville read out.

"Why is it starting at chapter nine?" George asked.

"Because Dumbledore said it would start after the death eaters ruined the wedding" Ginny told her brother. Everyone nodded in understanding then turned back to Neville as he began to read again.

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