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We Meet Again...

Chapter 1: Family Drama

Kevin's PoV:

"Why don't you just leave me alone, Buzz?!"

"Oh, come on, little pipsqueak! I'm just having a little fun with you!"

"Stealing my voice recorder isn't fun! Now, give it back!"

"Na ah!"


"Mom's not gonna solve this for you, pipsqueak!"

"Buzz! Please!"

"Alright! Now, cut it out, you two!" Mom interrupts Buzz and I's arguing. Thank goodness...

"Buzz stole my voice recorder!"

"Buzz, give it back," Buzz sighs and shoves my voice recorder into my chest. "Now, go upstairs, both of you."

"I didn't do anything!" I defend.

"Do you want being grounded added on top of that?"

Buzz heads up to his room, when I say, "I shouldn't have to get in trouble at all. I didn't do anything wrong."

"Why can't you just do what you're told, you little trouser sniffer?" Buzz says, because he didn't make it upstairs yet.

"Buzz, that was uncalled for..." Mom says, with her hands on her hips.

"Whateve..." Buzz shakes his head and continues up the stairs.

"Now, go to your room,"

"Fine! But, just so you know, when you come upstairs, I'll be gone!"

"Well then, run away, Kevin. See if I care." My eyes widen, when Mom says that. My eyes water, and I run out of the room...


As soon as I'm up to my room, I slam the door. My Mom doesn't need me. My whole family doesn't need me! I will run away! My Mom doesn't care about me! Nobody cares about me! Especially Buzz!

I pull out my backpack from underneath the bed and throw some clothes into it; my personal items, including my voice recorder. I throw my coat on; hat and mitts, and I head for my window, open it, and I look down. I'm so high up, that I'd break my neck, if I landed on the ground... I pull my blankets and sheets off my bed and tie them all together, to make a nice long rope.

I tie the rope of my bedding to the post at the end of my bed. I throw the opposite end of the rope out the window, and it hits the powdered white ground. I climb down the rope very carefully. My feet plop to the ground, and I run away from my house...


It seems like I'm walking forever, when I finally come upon a pizza place! Great! Now, I can buy some lunch with the money I brought from my room! So, I walk into Pizza Hut and straight up to the till. "Hello. May I help you?"

"Yes. Can I get a slice of cheese pizza please?"

"Certainly. That'll be $1.00, kiddo." the woman at the till says. I hand her the money, and she says, "Thank you." She removes a slice of cheese pizza from the whole cheese pizza that's being kept hot.

She hands me the pizza slice, and I say, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Have a nice day,"

"You too. Thanks," I leave the walk-in pizza restaurant and sit on the bench outside of the Pizza Hut. I eat my tasty, cheesy pizza.

Once I finish my pizza, I throw my garbage in the garbage can beside the bench. I continue walking on the streets of Chicago, with my hunger quenched. I find it awfully cold, all of a sudden. I wish I was back at home, warm... But, I remember what Mom said, "Well then, run away, Kevin. See if I care." I can't go back... Not after she said that...

I'm too focused on my thoughts, that I don't notice two people heading straight for me... One of them bumps into me. Simultaneously, we both turn around, and when we see each other, both our eyes widen. No... Not again... "So... We meet again, do we, little pal?..."


To be Continued...

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