chapter 2

After several weeks of nursing the grey wolf is back to normal, or as normal as he can get after the betrayal. The beautiful white tiger has cared for this wounded old dog as if he were her lover and the grey wolf honestly thought she was his. but it was not to be. one night after the grey wolf has a close run in with a hunter that nearly cost im his freedom, he returns to the pond to find his beauty is gone. he sniffs around to try and find a scent but there is none to be found. he looks into the pond as a tear rolls down his snout and falls into the pond creating ripples. realizing that she isn't coming back he looks up to the moon and lets out a sorrowful howl. The how draws the attention of a nearby bobcat who comes to investigate. he sees this old wolf curled up in the spot where the white tiger had laid. the wolf hears the snap of a twig and jumps up in alert and sees the bobcat. the bobcat begins to approach but the wolf growls warning the bobcat to stay away. the bobcat continues approaching undeterred and puts his paw in the tigers paw print then looks up at the wolf with a helpful look in his eyes. the wolf realizing he means no harm lowers his guard a little. the bobcat then starts walking away signaling with his ears for the wolf to follow. and together they go in search of the white tiger.