Long nights in bed were for the most part interrupted by uninvited sunlight shining in through the smallest cracks of an open window. Sometimes it was an alarm clock that was set the night before and eventually forgotten until its ringing woke the entire neighborhood. These were good examples of why Maka would wake up groggy as if she had taken too long of a nap. Neither of these was the reason why her sleep schedule was being hampered with.

She lightly shook her head and breathed in her first conscious breath of the day. She looked to her left, then to her right while yawning and rubbing her face. Soul was still fast asleep laying next to her. The rattling noises coming from the bathroom could only be from one other person. The door was slightly ajar with the light on. Blair had her own bathroom in the house to use as she pleased but it wasn't uncommon to find her fiddling with Soul and Maka's belongings.

Maka snuck out from under the sheets and fashioned herself with a sky blue robe from the closet before walking to the bathroom. She knocked before barging in just in case Blair was doing something Maka didn't want engraved her mind.

"Blair? Are you in there?" Is everything alright in there?" She knocked a couple more times when no reply came. "Blair? I'm coming in ok?"

Stealing toothpaste she could understand. Taking shampoo was also a possibility she considered. But Maka thought more than anything that they'd grown past the stage where Blair was walking around naked in the apartment. Maka found the older woman with her face just inches from the mirror while cupping her breasts. The cat had a befuddled look on her face as she alternated squeezing each one.

Minutes passed before the cat like woman noticed Maka sitting on the countertop behind her.

"Morning Maka." she greeted.

"Good morning to you too, Blair. If ya don't mind me asking though, what exactly are you doing?

"Nothing. Just checking something out." replied Blair while she continued her full body examination. She gently moved her hands down towards her inner thigh.

"Looks like a lot of nothing to me. Mind me asking what you're looking for exactly?" Maka inquired. She noticed that Blair's choice of attire had changed as of late. The purple haired woman mentioned she was trying to make some changes in her life and Maka had to admit that Blair looked more genuine with all of her hair straightened. No more magical curls or crazy witch hats, just a normal, magical woman.

"I dunno yet. Just been feeling weird lately."

"Hey, you've been making some good changes lately, it's ok to-"

"No not like that. I'm all ok up there. I like what I'm doing. It feels good. What doesn't feel good is the rest of my body." Blair turned her naked form to Maka and held up her breasts again. "They feel so tense and sensitive lately. Do they look any bigger to you?" Blair asked the younger woman.

Maka blinked twice before she could come up with a good answer to such a raunchy question. In the past she would have deduced that this sort of situation was one where Blair would try and make her jealous and insecure about her own body. But there was clearly concern in Blair's voice.

"Umm, maybe. I don't know. They look normal to me. Do they feel bigger?"

"I can't tell. Lately it feels like there are bowling balls hanging from my chest, and other times they feel normal." Blair explained as she gestured for Maka to double check for her.

It wasn't a normal thing for Maka to do, but it wasn't anything for her to feel embarrassed about. She'd long gotten past the insecurities of her body in comparison to others, especially her roommate's. She cupped and gently squeezed Blair's bare chest. They were abnormally large and soft, but they maintained a firmness to them that defied the normal laws of physics.

"They seem fine to me. You sure it's not just all in your head? You don't have a fever do you?" asked the meister of 23 years. Blair placed her hand to her forehead in response.

"It feels a little warm. It doesn't hurt though. The rest of my body feels about the same. I couldn't really sleep last night. You got any ideas what might be going on?" Blair asked. Maka had the same perplexed look on her face as Blair had just minutes previously.

"Sorry. I think you're too young to be going through menopause, so I don't think it's hot flashes. Don't think I can help you with whatever it is that's going on." Maka concluded. Blair looked dejected. She wasn't feeling great and didn't have any answers as to why.

"It's fine Maka. I'll figure it out, somehow. I dunno. Anyways, how are thing going with you two? Still trying, right?" Blair wondered. Maka looked to the ground. It wasn't a topic she was feeling good about as of late.

"Yeah, still trying. Don't know how much longer we can just keep trying though. Nothing seems to be working, ya know?" Blair nodded in agreement. "I don't know what else to do. We've tried every month, every season, every supposed lucky day. What's left for us to try?" Maka pleaded, staring into Blair's treasure filled eyes.

"Well, have either of you gotten tested? Maybe one of you has a problem in that department." Blair suggested while she conjured up a robe for herself to cover up.

"I'm worried about what the results might show. What if one of us isn't fit, or what if it's both of us? What if we've gotten our hopes up this whole time for nothing?! What would we do then? How do you even bring something like this up?" Maka asked rhetorically.

"Hey, it'll be alright kitten. You two are meant for each other. Just keep your hopes up. And if you need anything you know you can come to me for help, right? I'm always here for you guys, you know that." Blair embraced Maka and hugged her tightly to let her know she cared.

"Thanks Blair. I really needed someone to talk to."

"When was the last time you checked anyways. You look a bit fuller in my opinion." Blair encouraged with a wink.

"I don't know, a couple days ago maybe? And stop, I haven't grown in years. Believe me, I'd be the second to know if I'd gotten bigger." Maka joked, they shared a chuckle.

"Maybe last night did the trick. Who knows? Maybe in a couple weeks you'll be running into my room with the best news ever!" Maka blushed, had Blair heard them all night?

"Oh, so you heard us?"

"Just a little bit. Also I can smell it on you. You reek of it, Maka. Good for you."

"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to bother you. Sometimes we just get...well…"

"Loud?" Offered the cat. Maka blushed and fiddled with her fingers.

"You know how it is sometimes."

"At least you can't complain about that, right?"

A brief moment of silence passed before Maka broke the ice. "Well I should get back to bed, as should you. Full day ahead of us, right?"

Blair perked up and cracked a soft smile. "I'll try. Just promise me you'll at least talk to him about this, ok?"

"Yeah." Maka whispered before they parted from the restroom.


Almost a month had passed since Blair and Maka's talk and still the cat hadn't gotten any better. All of her clothes had been thrown to the floor while the rest of her room seemed to be in the same condition. Everything was out of place. Hanging pictures were tilted, drawers were left open and beauty products were in places they didn't belong. There were also marks on the wall from where Blair had scratched out of frustration.

It was confusing in the beginning trying to figure out what was going on with her body, but once she spent some time in her feline form it became clear. It was the reason why she'd been keeping her distance from her roommates and the all of the men she worked with. She'd gone through this before but the signs were different each of those times. She thought that maybe it was her drastic change in lifestyle that made the signs more subtle.

In the past Blair would have gone along with her natural urges and be done with it. But she was trying to live a more respectable life now, and that meant not jumping everyone who had a pulse. It had been a harder time than usual but she'd almost made it through. By her guesstimation it should almost be over. Her flow had lessened in time while her body temperature had gone down and closer to normal, for her.

In the few weeks that had passed she had heard her roommates going at it like two jackrabbits as they tried to start a family of their own. She would have to pull Maka aside and ask her how things were going with that. For now she had to focus on how she was going to cope with herself for what had to be only a few more days of torture. If only she had something like Soul and Maka had. She wouldn't be in this predicament if there was someone she could trust.

For the hours that Blair spent cleaning her room and ultimately the rest of the shared apartment she couldn't help but wonder if one day she might find someone who cared about her like her two friends did each other. If there was someone out there for her, where would she even begin to look for him?

Blair was sitting at the dining table with a mug of warm milk when Maka walked through the front door.

"Oh hey, Blair. Whatcha drinking?" Maka asked while looking around the room. It was spotless! It seemed like someone worked their magic on their day off. Maka took her shoes off and sat in the chair across her friend.

"Just some milk. I think I'm gonna take a nap in a bit. How was the mall? Get anything cute?"

"No. I didn't end up buying anything. We just walked around and grabbed a bite to eat. I did see a couple things I was hoping to buy later though." Maka admitted, cupping her hands over the table. Blair titled her head as she processed what she thought she heard.

"What do you mean, 'was' hoping?. What happened Maka? You did go to the doctor, didn't you?" Blair asked with concern as she wrapped her hands around Maka's.

"I, uh.." she choked. "I did." Maka pulled out an envelope from her pocket and threw it on the table in front of Blair. Her lips began quivering and her breathing quickened.

"Why didn't you open it yet? Maka's what's wrong? What's inside that note?" Blair begged to know. It hurt her seeing Maka look so sad. The younger girl was on the verge of losing whatever composure she was holding onto. It was clear that she already knew. "What about Soul, does he know?" Maka shook her head 'no'. "Maka! You have to tell him! You have to let him know!"

Maka couldn't form words, her mouth just felt so dry. She just nodded her head back and forth, wishing that her reality was just some sick nightmare that she could just wake up from. Blair was quick to Maka's side, grabbing her and wrapping her arms around her heartbroken friend.

"I'm so sorry Maka. I'm so so sorry." Blair held on tightly for what seemed like an eternity while Maka cried into her shoulder.

"Why Blair? Why me? After everything I've done, why does this have to happen to me? What did I do wrong, Blair? Tell me please!" Maka cried out as she collapsed into Blair's bosom. Blair ran her hands through Maka's hair as she tried to console the younger woman.

"It's not your fault. Don't you dare start thinking that it is. Not even the greatest meister in the world could have seen something like this coming. You couldn't have prevented this, alright?" Blair voiced softly, continuing to run her fingers through the blonde's hair. She ran her hands down and started to rub Maka's back.

"Wha-what'am I gonna do? How can I tell Soul that I can't have a kid with him? How am I supposed to tell him that everything we've been trying has all been for nothing?"

"I...I don't know. But I can be there with you if you want." replied the purple haired woman.

"I don't wanna. I don't wanna tell him." Maka stared up and met Blair's saddened eyes with her own broken hope.

"No! You have to Maka! You guys are team! You have to let him in on something big like this, ok? What do you think's gonna happen that you don't want to tell him?" Blair inquired as she distanced herself from the girl while still holding on. Maka shrugged and wiped her face with her arm.

"Why would he want to stay with someone he couldn't have a family with? Why would he have any reason to stay with me if we can't even do this much!?" Maka yelped as she fell to her knees. Blair followed her to the floor and lifted her up by the chin.

"Soul would never leave you for something so stupid. You two are meant for each other. You're like two peas in a pod. You guys are strong together, you can get through this, I know you can." Blair reinforced. She had to think of something to help her friends out, but what? She wasn't a doctor, she didn't know anything about medicine or surgery or anything like that. She was just a cat with an extreme amount of magical powers.

"Hey wait! Maka! What if use magic? I'm sure I could whip up something that could help you guys out! There are so many spell books out there! I'm willing to bet there's a spell out there that could help you two out! What do ya say, Maka? It's worth a shot right?" Blair beamed! She was sure this would help Maka out of her rut. But Maka disagreed.

"Thanks Blair. It sounds like a good idea, but also it doesn't. I know you're just trying to help me out here, but you're just setting me up for disaster. I love you Blair, and I do trust you, but there's nothing you can do about it. It's just the way it is." Maka wiped her tears away and pushed herself from the ground. She helped Blair up before making her way towards her bedroom.

But Blair couldn't just stand by and let this happen. They'd been too good to her for her to just turn a cheek when bad news sprung up. They were her friends and the closest things she had to family.

"Wait! Maka!" Blair wasn't sure what she was going to say next, but anything was better than nothing. If modern medicine nor magic were able to do the trick then she was going to have to come up with another solution. She just had to think. What would Maka do in her position? She'd fight until the bitter end.

Her heart pounded as if it was trying to escape from her chest at the thought coming to mind. It both terrified and excited her. She'd never before considered something so daring, yet at the same time, selfless. Her teeth chattered and her body covered itself in goosebumps. Blair had no idea how she was even supposed to convince Maka of such an idea when she couldn't convince herself.

Maka stopped at the door and waited for more from her roommate. Tears ran down her face while she waited. Maka wanted to just slam her face in a pillow and sleep the rest of her life away in a dream world where anything was possible.

"Maka, I know I'm not usually of any use to you guys and I usually just get in the way of things, but right now I think I can help. I know it may not be how you imagined fixing this, but I don't have any more answers."

"What are you saying Blair? You can't help me with this!" Maka resisted. She was done with the topic. She just wanted to forget about the whole thing.

"I...I'm saying I know how you and Soul can still have a kid together!" Blair proclaimed, stomping her foot to grab the attention of her stubborn friend. "Maka! If you can't bare a child, then I'll carry it for you!"

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