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Chapter 01 – Deep Contemplations

Harry put his book back in the bag at his waist. Then he turned and watched out the window as the train pulled into the station. Harry sighed; he and his friends had just finished their first year at Hogwarts. He hated to see the school year end. For once he had his own friends and he had gotten to live as close to a regular kid as he could. Well as close as a regular kid with magic can anyways.

Harry smiled to himself as he remembered the school year the smile turning into a frown as he re-hashed the year. It had been a remarkable and terrifying year. With classes on subjects he never dreamed of learning and the insanity of a troll on Halloween getting in a girls lavatory. Then to have the year topped off by a possessed teacher. But the most disturbing was he had to face the Troll to save him friend because of a bully.

Then a few short months later having to go against said teacher after he and his friends worked their way through a set of puzzles. That aside he really didn't want to leave Hogwarts or his friends for the summer. Who would after a year filled with learning magic and facing all other kinds of adventure together? He had learned as much from the school as he had observing those around him.

Harry sighed again, this time longer and harder. It was time to return to the Dursleys. He did not want to go back. He remembered when he was younger how he had always thought once he left he'd never return. He couldn't believe it when he found out he was a wizard and famous in the wizarding world. Harry was almost in tears when he was told. To find out his parents weren't worthless drunks but a Wizard and Witch and both Aurora's. That most of all they loved him and died for him. He was surprised to find out their where wizard police. He couldn't help but be grateful that his parents paid for his complete education at the magic school they attended. When he found he had both a mundane guardian his Aunt and a magical guardian the Headmaster of his school. Harry had been sure after he explained to his magic guardian how his Aunt and her family treated him that he'd never return. But when he was called to Headmaster Dumbledore's office he wouldn't listen and would accuse him of exaggerating and later lying for attention. The first time the Headmaster asked how he got along with his relatives. All he got out was my Aunt, Uncle and cousin are unpleasant to me on a good days and outright cruel on the bad days.

Harry shook his head as he remembered his response. The Headmaster interrupted him and gave him a disappointed grandfatherly look and said. "Now Harry my boy. Let's please not exaggerate the situation shall we. I am sure like all families you have had your problems. And I know things may seem difficult at times because of them. But that's no reason to exaggerate a few disagreements or unpleasant punishments for naughtiness on your part. After all, all children at some point. Must have their moments of woe as youngsters. But children must get through this as they are taught right from wrong by the adults in their life. That is how children learn the right path." Then he started going on and on with a sympathetic smile about his family and how he needed them in his life. Explaining Harry was safest with his Aunt and also had nowhere else to go until he was of age. So he had to return. So Harry you must try and make the best of it. At least until his school years were over. Refusing to let Harry tell him different then he dismissed him without letting him say anything else.

Over the rest of the time he was at school and call to speak to the Headmaster. No matter how hard Harry tried after that to get him to listen. The Headmaster would just talked over him. Harry tried again and again to explain his relatives were the problem not a solution. Until finally just before Harry left Hogwarts for the summer the Headmaster called Harry into his office one last time. Sighing he hushed Harry after he ask once more if he could stay at Hogwarts for the summer. The Headmaster gave Harry a saddened grandfatherly look like he hated to say what he was going to say. One that Harry saw right through but pretended not to. "My boy, we have spent months talking about this. And I've tried my best to listen to you and be as understanding as I can with you. I've tried to teach you that you must learn to be forgiving as well as be open minded with your Aunt and her family by example my boy. I know things are difficult with your family. But you need to stop exaggerating about how they treat you. You're Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon are confused and frightened about a world they don't understand and that makes them angry. I'm sure they don't mean to take that anger out on you Harry. But a few harsh words and extra chores won't hurt you my boy. You'll have to be patience with them and try harder to be understanding with them and your cousin. It's in your best interest you not bring this up again with anyone. Not only wouldn't it do for you to get a name for exaggerating things. But others might stop trusting you. After all we don't need people misunderstanding the situation and branding you a liar now do we? When you are older you will see having your family around you is for the greater good and will help you in your future accomplishments. I truly believe you can make this work. Good I'm glad we understand each other. Now best on your way before your friends get worried. Off with you now and Harry my boy try not to spend too much time visiting. I'm sure you still have packing and other last minute things to do. Merlin knows how you children leave things until the last minute."

Harry understood all right. The Headmaster didn't care how he was treated and wanted him to shut up about it and nothing he said would change his mind. Harry sighed again in frustration. But looked up startled when he felt a hand touch his arm.

Harry gave a small smile when he realized it was Neville's hand on his arm. Hermione and Ron to his surprise had already gotten off the train. Neville had a concern look on his face. Harry smiled wider at him and hugged him giving him squeeze before releasing him, letting him know he'd be ok. Neville and he had gotten very close although no one knew that, no one knew they were even friends. They hid their friendship and the others they befriended and had in their little group. The group knew about the Dursleys and Dumbledore but couldn't do anything so they helped Harry the best they could however they could. It always amazed their group and even Harry and Neville themselves how much they were underestimated by everyone. However they wanted it that way, it worked well with their plans to remain in the background.

Harry smiled shyly and patted the bag at his waist it was full of goodies to make his summer easier. Neville smiled gave him another hug then smirked and left the train not looking back. Harry returned Neville's smirk and rolled his eyes knowing why Neville was laughing at him. He blanked his face as he left the compartment and joined the other students exiting the train.

Harry followed the students off the train moving as slow as he could and still be moving. Then shaking his head as he rolled his eyes at himself. As he picked up his pace he scolded himself. 'This is ridicules no matter how slow I move. I still have to go and I'll only pay for it later for making them wait. Besides I can and will make it through the summer. I can do this. A few hard weeks filled with pain, harsh words and chores. Then summer will be over and I'll be back at Hogwarts for a new school year. One year down, six to go and I'll be free. He just had to keep that in his mind and he'd get through it one way or another.'

Harry made himself stop thinking about it and blanked his face forcing a smile. Soon enough he'd be in the hell hole. For now he had little time left with people who actually liked or at least tolerated him and he wouldn't waste a second of it.

Harry exchanging hugs and promises to try his best to write over the summer. Explaining his relatives were muggles and they didn't like animals thinking they were dirty and they liked things neat and tidy. So he wasn't sure owls would be welcome even just to deliver mail. A few of his friends and their parents asked about Hedwig. But Harry waved them off saying he'd send her to a friend until classes restarted if they objected to him having her. He said goodbye, assuring them and the parents there. That he would be fine finding his family alone. Knowing it would be better for him in the long run if he found the Dursleys alone. Thinking privately that his relatives would be annoyed they had to pick him up in the first place and looking for something to complain about.

Privately he wondering how Dumbledore had forced the Dursleys to pick him up. He and Neville had stolen a few moments before they left for the train and joked about the different ways the Dursleys could be forced to pick him up. None of them pleasant and Harry had hoped he wouldn't pay for whatever way it happened. Knowing them he probably would even if they had only been asked to. Harry had decided that no matter what he wouldn't subjected his friends and their parents to their vulgar comments. Seeing as they were more than likely already in a bad mood. Which he knew they would be in no doubt. As he had never seen them in a good mood if it involved him.

Harry took a deep breath reminding himself again that he could do this. With his face blank he pushed the trolley caring his trunk and Hedwig's cage through the barrier to the muggle area of the train station. Knowing it would be better this way but at the same time feeling gloomy he had no one to introduce his new friends and their parents to. Sighing when he saw the Dursleys a little ways away from the barrier. He pushed those thoughts away as he took them in. All three were glaring and looking in disgust at the people around them. Harry fought the urge to roll his eyes at them as he moved towards them.

Harry hid a smile as the large mix of people young and old trying to find parents, spouses, friends or other love ones passed him by. Travelers fighting with luggage and other bags and having reunions as they found who they were looking for. Taking a deep breath and ignoring the sadness of not ever having someone happy to see him after being away. He once again blanked his face of emotions as Harry got closer to the Dursleys. Half way over to them, he heard his Uncle shouting at him and he started moving faster careful not to run into people.

"Hurry up Boy! We've wasted enough time on you!" Vernon shouted once he spotted his freak nephew.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry said.

Vernon glared at the boy and offered his wife his arm. Not caring if he caught up to them. They had done their duty as the head freak told them they needed to. He had explained they needed to show up as the boy's family or people would ask questions. Vernon began talking to his son as they headed out to the car at a brisk pace not caring if the boy kept up or needed help. He'd figure it out or get left behind. Not that he would be stupid enough to not be in the car as they left. But then Vernon frowned as he thought. The boy is pretty stupid and he turned and yelled at the boy to hurry up.

Harry was forced to half run to keep up as he pushed the trolley hoping he would have enough time to return it inside. He placed his trunk into the boot of the car and he noticed several suitcases in the boot as he did. He closed the door and gently set Hedwig's cage as far away from the car as he dared in case Vernon pulled the car back. Knowing he wouldn't care if he hurt or even killed her since she belonged to Harry. He then ran as fast as he could to return the trolley and get back.

Harry barely had time to pick up Hedwig's cage and close the car door as he set her cage and all in his lap. Before Vernon speed off slamming Harry back into the seat. Harry checked and was glad Hedwig was unhurt. He'd have a few bruises but nothing major and he was sure he'd have worst by nightfall. He looked out the window ignoring the other people in the car. Just enjoying seeing the city as it passed by as well as his last time being outside and not having to do chores or carry his Aunts heavy packages as he raced to keep up with her and Dudley.

The minute the train station was out of view. Vernon began speaking in a menacing manor. "Now listen here Boy, my family and I have been given an opportunity to go to Washington D.C for a paid vacation. I will be doing business as I'm there. This could mean good things for my career and my family's future. And I won't have you messing it up with your abnormal or criminal behavior. Mrs. Fig can't or won't take you I think. Since we are not sure how long we will be in DC on vacation. Therefore we have no choice but to take you with us. I have arranged for a passport for you. Which I have also paid for at great expense and you will pay me back before you return to school. We are going to pick it up on the way. You will get a photo and then the completed passport and be quick about it. Take too long and you can live on the street until it is time for you to return to the other freaks for all I care. It might teach you to be more grateful for all your Aunt and I have done for you. Although I doubt anything will ever make you learn anything let alone teach you respect for us normal hardworking people. But hear me boy. As this will be you're only warning. If you do manage to return on time. I don't want any trouble from you while on this trip. I may be there on business but I will be around enough to keep you in line. The same rules stand as they do when you are in our home. Is that understood Boy?"

"Yes sir. Should I send Hedwig to someone? An owl traveling with us may get unwanted attention." Harry said quietly.

Vernon glared over his shoulder as he stopped at a light and said. "Do that. But mind your sass boy. I will punish you for your outburst as soon as we get to the Hotel room in DC."

Harry said. "Yes Uncle Vernon."

Harry wasn't surprised. Vernon usually found a reason to punish him no matter what he did or said. He pulled out a piece of parchment out along with a pre-filled quill from the never-ending weightless bag he had tied at his waist. The bag was a Christmas gift from Neville. Harry couldn't help but smile as he remembered him excitedly telling him what the bag did. The bag was a brilliant way he could keep books, parchment and things that were important to him with him at all times and no one would know. Then he told Harry the benefits of the bag were the reason that his Gran got one for him before he entered Hogwarts. As he was always forgetting something and this way he could keep everything he needed with him at all times. A major plus was it was tied to his magic and no one could see it or even touch it but him. Also there was a built in forget me spell in the pouch when people saw him use it. Harry was grinning to by the end of the explanation. After Neville showed him how to activate his gift it so it would tie to Harry's magic. Neville told him to tell no one he had one and then backed up and told Harry to use it. Harry loved it and used it all the time he was still amazed people saw him use it and never said anything. All he had to do to recall something was think of it and put his hand or hands in the bag depending on the size of the item. The bag was good for keeping his secrets, his belongings safe from retaliation, searched by anyone or stolen and also helped him not being pranked as well he would find out later.

Harry sighed he wished he could send Hedwig to Neville. However he knew Dumbledore needed to know he was going away with his family possibly all summer. Hermione nearly worshiped Dumbledore and would tell him about the trip whether Harry wanted her to or not. He wrote a quick note to Hermione, explaining everything and opened Hedwig's cage. He tied the note to her leg and told her to go to Hermione and stay with her until school or she felt his call. He opened the car window and after a nuzzle Hedwig took off. He put the cage in his bag not missing his cousins yelp or his Uncles glare or snarled "BOY" when he looked back to see what caused it. Harry sighed as the forget me spell took affect and they calmed down. He went back to ignoring them and looking out the window.

Lucky for Harry it didn't take very long to get the passport. An hour later Harry sat a few feet away from his relatives. Happier than he had ever been when around the Dursleys but not showing it. It would be just like his Uncle to see him happy and insist he fetch them something to get rid of him and force him to miss the boarding call. So keeping his face blank he looked around watching people as they passed by. Vernon had shoved his plane ticket at him and told him to not sit with them as they waited to board the plane. Harry sat far enough away to see them but be by himself and also hear the call for boarding.

A few minutes later he had to turn his head to hide a smile when he overheard Dudley whining about having to sit with the freak for the plane trip. He was in an even better mood when he heard his Aunt saying they were first class and the freak far away in coach. Harry blinked when he realized he had a ticket and he didn't know where his seat was. A second later he retrieved the ticket from his waist bag. Harry after seeing his seat looked at the plane layout on the ticket and was thrilled his seat was as far from first class and the Dursleys as he could get and still be on the same plane. He now had hours of blissful Dursleys free hours ahead of him. Looking around and seeing the boarding time and the clock on the wall. He pulled a book out of his bag and got comfortable. He began reading not able to keep the small smile off his face. Although he was still careful to hide he was happy from the Dursleys behind his book.

Harry looked up as boarding was called. He winced a second later when he felt a shiver go up his spine and a feeling of anxiety hit him. He blinked and tried to shake it but he couldn't no matter how hard he tried. Harry felt in every part of him but mostly his gut instinct. That his whole life was about to change if he got on the plane. He tried to decipher if it was for the good or bad but couldn't tell. Wondering what it meant but shaking it off as being silly. He put his book away and moved toward the boarding line. Ignoring the Dursleys glares as he stepped into line behind them.

Harry felt the feeling getting stronger as he boarded the plane and found his seat. Arranging himself so he was comfortable. Looking up and smiling politely at the flight attendant when she stopped by his seat. Harry smile turned into a huge grin to match the woman's. Not able to help himself. She was a little pixy not much taller than him and had a huge smile on her face with kind eyes.

"Well hello young man are you on your own today?"

"No ma'am. My Aunt and Uncle are in first class with my cousin." Harry said seeing no point in lying.

"Oh was your ticket a last minute thing for them?" She asked kindly.

"I don't know ma'am. They picked me up at the train station after I left my boarding school this morning. This will be my second trip today." Harry said.

"Oh wow a train and a plane ride in one day. Well you are the little traveler today aren't you? Well if you want anything just let me know? My names Faith." She said.

Harry smiled at her and said. "Thank you Faith. I'm Harry."

Once Faith walked away and he wasn't distracted the feeling was back and getting stronger. He chuckled as he told himself to have a little faith that everything would turn out ok. After his pun to himself he got comfortable and took his book out and began to read.