Chapter 27 – Epilogue

Over the next few years a lot changed. But the main things that were important stayed the same. Harry grew into a happy and well-adjusted man. He finally had a happy home life and a family that loved him and supported him.

Harry McGee – Harry thrived at Salem. He graduated at 17 with a Masters in Healing, Dueling and Languages. He started taking Marshall Arts with Neville his second year and took to it studying it and incorporating it into his defense training. By the end of his fourth year training with the Ministry wasn't needed. Which he proved when they tried to prove he needed training by ambushing him while getting his school things. Harry and Neville took them out and turned them over to their superiors. He also Mastered Mind Magic's. Harry became a kind but firm Healer that saved many lives by the spells and potions he created.

Neville DiNozzo – Neville also thrived at Salem. He ended up getting a Masters in Biological science and Criminology. He enjoyed his Marshall arts training but never got into it as much as Harry did. He and Abby got very close and he ended apprenticing under her to get his Master in Forensics'. The family often teased him about when he would start wearing pig tails. Something he took in stride but he often pranked them later when he had enough. Neville after he got his Masters in forensics started working with Abby full time. The only one other than his godfather Tim that she would allow to touch her babies. When she retired she willingly pasted her lab over to Neville. Knowing it was in good hands. Neville took over for her at NCIS and ran a tight ship. He retired many years later and passed it on to his granddaughter that also went to Salem and apprenticed under him.

Timothy and James McGee – A few years after Tim adopted Harry and they'd been dating awhile. Jimmy finally got tired of waiting for Tim and asked Tim to marry him. Tim refused until he knew the full truth. Once Jimmy learned of Tim's second Animagus form. They had one hell of fight on why Tim hid it from him. After a few weeks of the two avoiding each other. Harry and Neville with Tony and Gibbs help locked them in a closet to work things out. Blush let just say they kissed and made up. As well as scarred Harry for life he sore. Jimmy decided to take Tim's last name. They asked Harry to stand for them and have never been happier. Although Harry still teases his Dad about being right and Jimmy asking him. Jimmy waited until Harry was ready and after he had been a Healer for a number of years. He asked Harry if he wanted to take his place as ME. Harry happily agreed. Jimmy retired and passed the ME position to Harry. Tim had retired years before after an accident in the field ended his career as a field agent and he retired to write full time. The two often stopped by to visit Harry and Neville and to add their input. Or as Harry and Neville told them jokingly be nosey old men and check up on them.

Abby and Tony DiNozzo – Tony and Abby started dating a year after he adopted Neville. They married and were good for each other balancing each other out for a few years. Until they decided they were better as friends and divorced with no hard feelings. Tony never remarried and became team leader but not the way he wanted to sadly. He stayed at NCIS until he retired and then became a translator and liaison for NCIS. A job he loved since he was able to travel in style and was able to go places he had never been to before. Plus the major bonus he got to keep an eye on his son and godson when at home. Abby eventually re-married to a man she met while working a case. He was the only man that didn't back down to her no matter how she glared or fussed at him. They were complete opposites her loud and he quiet in less he had something to say. Besides he kept her on her toes. She stayed at NCIS until she retired. After she retired her husband whisked her away on a trip to see all the gothic delights she ever wanted to see. Harry and Neville were not sure of him at first. But eventually Severus Snape proved without Dumbledore pulling his strings. He was a changed man and a good one to begin with. Besides he loved their godmother whole heartily and would do anything to protect her.

Gibbs – Sadly Gibbs died the day after Harry and Neville graduation from Salem. His final act was protecting his family from a massive Death Eater attack. They arrived in mass to kill Harry and his family along with the people attending the graduation. Gibbs took point when the Death Eaters appeared and began barking out orders to his team and the Aurora's. To get the families including his own to safety. After he was sure the threat was gone and everyone safe he collapsed. Between the attack and using all his magic he went into a coma. He died peacefully in his sleep the next day. The family knew that was the way the man lived protecting those he loved. But they all missed him terribly. Harry took it the hardest blaming himself that he had gotten another person he loved killed. He was in consolable for days after. Until Gibbs visited him in a dream and after a lecture and a head slap. Harry was sad but better.

Ducky – Ducky retired just after Gibbs died. Then to everyone's surprise married Remus. The two started traveling immediately. They visited the family often but both have never been happier.

Hermione Granger – Hermione showed up at Salem in Harry and Neville's fourth year and told them. She found out Dumbledore to her horror had been dosing her with Potions to control her since her first year. Both boys never fully trusted her but were pleasant when they had classes together. Eventually she got the hint and started an outreach program for elves freeing several against their will and was expelled. She returned to the muggle world and was never heard from again.

Ron Weasly – Ron entered the Tri-Wizarding tournament at Dumbledore's urging as a ploy to have Harry to return and help/save him. With Dumbledore's help he got through the tournament. After touching the winning Trophy. Peter Pettigrew used his blood to return his Master. After Voldemort was given his wand he killed Ron in a fit of rage and reduced his body to ashes. No one would know what happened to him until years later.

Voldemort – Tom tried to take over the Wizarding world but was blocked at every turn and couldn't understand why.

Albus Dumbledore – Albus tried every way he could he could think of to get Harry back under his control. Never realizing as he did so his mind started slipping more and more. He started saying the most inappropriate things to people and then realizing it obviate them. Eventually he said the Potter boy must die and leave him everything in front of Susan Bones making her worry for his sanity. She and the school Healer had been speaking with him about an apprenticeship when he began ranting about as he put it 'That Potter Boy'. Faking her memory being erased and concerned she told her Aunt Amelia Bones. When Madam Bones questioned him using a truth potion. She was shocked and disgusted. Albus Dumbledore was a Dark Lord that had been stealing children's magic for his own gain for years using potions and spells to make himself more powerful. The drawback of what he had done came at a price it drove the caster slowly insane. He also had been stealing from Pure Blood families and taking bribes for years.

The Wizarding World – After the Wizarding world realized they had not one but two Dark Lords they begged Harry to return. Harry agreed on a few conditions. He would bring who he wanted with him and contact who he needed when he needed them. No charges would be brought against him or anyone with him. And when the job was done he and his family would leave never to return.

Voldemort's End - Harry and his family met with Voldemort after being there a week. The meeting was at a neutral place and it was not what you would expect. Voldemort explained he started his group originally to protect magic and all her gifts. His main goal to stop Dumbledore and then go from there. He freely admitted he had started using dark magic at first because it interested him. Then he had gotten in too deep and he hadn't realized it had started changing him and what he was doing. Before he knew it he had gone insane with power and his original goal was lost. This is when he started killing and attacking people. Sadly Harry's parents and others paid the price for his mistakes. But he agreed to throw down his wand and face punishment for it. If the magically born had a better way to protect themselves from Dark Lords like Dumbledore. The Riddle Protection Act was born. Voldemort did as he said and turned his wand over to Harry. After Harry called Amelia Bones and she swore an oath the Protection Act would go into effect and she handed it over to the UnSpeakables that after a few moments made it happen. Voldemort 'died' by Harry's wand a few seconds later a smile on his face his mission complete. To everyone's surprise Harry used a Healing spell to heal Voldemort's magic. They were surprised when magic granted him a second chance and an infant lay were Voldemort was.

Timothy Anthony McGee – Harry adopted the baby. Neville who at first thought he was insane and insisted they raise him together if he insisted on this insanity. Their Dad's both lay bets right there on when they'd get over the dance they were doing and finally admit they loved each other and get married. Tim won to Tony's displeasure when he said Neville would have to ask Harry. That his son was too much like him and would wait too long. Two years later Neville asked Harry and their fathers stood for them proudly as they married. Toddler Tim sitting in Abby's lap as he watched his Daddies in wonder. Tim would go on and follow his grandfather Tim's and his Daddies footsteps and go to Salem. He graduated top of his class with a law degree and to everyone's surprise met and married a muggle born witch. The two of them together started a Law firm that helped both Magic and Mundane. They also started an outreach program for Muggle born magical's.

The End of Albus Dumbledore – Harry and Neville visited Dumbledore on and off through the years. He was placed in a mental institution for the criminally insane. He had suppressor cuffs on his wrist and ankles and they were built into the cell itself. When they visited they would tell him about their life, their son's life and the good they did because they had gotten away from him. They would bring newspapers on how the world was thriving without him in it. He never lost his grandfatherly outlook or stopped his appeals of it was all for the greater good. Until one day as they were walking into to visit they were told he didn't have long left. Harry and Neville both stayed until he breathed his last. Both conflicted on their emotions of sadness of an evil man who had hurt so many in his madness to gain power and money.

And like they all say they lived happily ever after.