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AN: This all begins in episode 23 (Hitomi can see the battle going on and at the end of the episode is sent home... if you still don't know what episode I am talking about, find a website that has summaries of all episodes and read it.)

***It starts right where Hitomi is having the visions of the battle going on and is asking for it all to stop. This is a continuation starting from there... any events after that, like Dilandu going crazy and turning back into Celena, will NEVER happen. Hope that is all clear.***

Chapter 1: Why Me?

"Why am I seeing this? I don't want there to be any more fighting! Van! Stop!"

Hitomi was kneeling on the floor of her room talking to the air around her. The visions were overflowing her mind. Blood, death, fighting. In the center of it all was Escaflowne.

Van was doing much of the killing. Using Escaflowne, he cut through the guymelefs as if they were butter. The gigantic sword stabbed and sliced right through the cockpits, instantly killing whomever was inside.

Hitomi saw and heard everything. The battlefield was covered in blood from broken and battered bodies. The cries from those not dead echoed out like a broken violin. The sounds of steel against steel ricocheted around her.

At every noise, she cringed. No matter how hard she closed her eyes or how tightly she gripped her head, nothing would go away.

On unsteady legs, Hitomi managed to gradually stand herself up. She needed air. All around felt suffocating. Stumbling to the door, with one hand clutching her head, she opened it.

A rush of cool air burst into the room and made Hitomi loose her balance. Clinging to the doorframe for support, she staggered to the railing of the balcony. Her knees were failing her and at last gave out. She collapsed onto the cool stone and silently pleaded for it all to stop. All the strength in her body was being washed away.

"Van... please stop. Stop fighting..."

All of Hitomi's thoughts struck her like a tidal wave. Her mind was flooded with horrifying images.

Suddenly, her throat seemed to be constricted. She choked on the air around her and struggled to breathe. Gasping for oxygen, Hitomi started to panic.

The pendant, that so delicately hung around her neck, was giving a faint glow the whole time. The more time that passed, the brighter the pendant got.

Hitomi's hand lay against her chest just below her neck. Feeling a growing warmth in the palm of her hand, she looked down to see her pendant glowing brightly.

The unknown force that kept Hitomi from breathing slowly retreated and felt her lungs fill with air once again. The images stopped flashing before her eyes. Letting out a sigh, the young seer thought everything was over and her mind to be left in peace. She was wrong.

Just as Hitomi thought nothing could get worse, she was blinded by something. All gravity then ceased to exist as her feet left the ground. Panic fled through her as she realized what was happening.

The blue light had come once again to claim her. Having no control on where it was taking her, Hitomi mentally prepared herself for whatever she was to face next.