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But as Hitomi's fighting continued, her energy started to dissipate, and her struggle became less violent. Soon, all of her control would be lost, and she would become a slave for Zaibach.

But one might come to thinking... were the sorcerers really altering fate? Or was this what fate had intended to happen all along? Some may never know... but then fate has to finish what it started, does it not? So where fate may be altered, it may not have been thought of to be altered till the very end...

Chapter 22-Ending 2-In a Future of Promise... Things Change

Dilandau knew he couldn't do anything. It was hopeless... the sorcerers had been successful. Hitomi and Dilandau were helpless to do anything. 'Damnit! Why did it have to come down to all this? Why wasn't I more aware!? I should have seen them planning this from the start...'

He hung his head in despair, all fight gone from his body. Hitomi's body had stopped it's writhing, but now her lungs forced more air in and out. Her eyes were open, but they stared at nothing and showed no emotion. All the black-cloaked men smiled proudly at their work, but their attention was suddenly snapped towards their failed experiment when it spoke. "You bastards! I swear I'll kill you all with my bare hands!"

A middle-aged sorcerer stepped forward from the others and walked towards the bound boy. "You won't even get to lay a finger on us because we will kill you first. Unless you would like to become like your friend... but I'm sure you would rather not go through that again. Am I right?"

Dilandau let out a growl from the back of his throat and tried to lunge at the man, but the restraints only held him back, and they wouldn't come loose. A few chuckled at his attempt, but fell silent when Hitomi suddenly shouted out. "Dilandau!"

Her breathing came faster and her head rolled from side to side as she struggled even more, the straps on her wrists cutting into her skin.

"She's strong... but she won't be able to hold off the effects of the chemicals for long. Just a little bit more, and she's ours..." said Heikurou.

When Hitomi had screamed out Dilandau's name, it hurt his conscious even more. She needed his help... but what good was he? He was a pawn of the sorcerers back then, and he still is... even now.

'I've lost everything I once knew and loved... now I'm going to loose everything once again.' Dilandau lowered his head down in despair. 'Why? Why does this happen to me?'

Once his thoughts stopped though, he came face to face with another sorcerer. "Dilandau... one way or another, we are going to kill you." He glared at the old man. "We could do a quick death, or we could do it slowly... letting some of our other experimental drugs slowly destroy your insides and kill each organ in your body. Or..." the sorcerer gave an evil grin, "we could have our dear Hitomi kill you off herself."

Dilandau knew the choice would not be his, and because he was their failed experiment, they would do anything that would hurt him most.

"It will only be a few more minutes until she is ours, only a few more minutes until your death. Excited Dilandau?"

'Damnit... I can't just let this happen!' Dilandau started to struggle some more with his bonds while the sorcerers just stood and laughed at his attempts. Suddenly, scuffling feet could be heard from just behind the large metal door that blocked the entrance. A few shouts, then the area of the door started to shake. Repeatedly, the door was struck from the other side and finally started to give way. The hinges broke off and the whole metal door fell inside will a huge thud.

The Dragonslayers all ran inside with swords pulled out and ready. The sorcerers that tried to run or fight back were killed. A few went to an unconscious Folken, others ran to where Dilandau was being held, and the rest kept a close watch on what was left of the sorcerers. Dilandau stood there, surprise etched into his features. 'How the hell did they find me?' he thought.

But just as he asked himself this, a certain friend of Hitomi's peeked her head in the doorway. As soon as she saw that everything was under control and safe, Masumi stepped into the room and scanned it with her eyes. Dilandau watched as she soon took in the sight of Hitomi and ran towards her. Her expression was filled with worry and she started to fumble with the straps that held Hitomi down.

Folken had come to and was now standing with the help of two Dragonslayers. Miguel, who ran towards Dilandau when they bust down the door, then took out a knife inside his boot and cut the binds with much difficulty.

"Lord Dilandau, are you ok?" Miguel asked him while cutting at the leather.

"Get these damn restraints off now Miguel..." he ordered him.

Miguel laughed to himself but not out loud. Dilandau's voice had such a serious tone and now was not a time to laugh. 'Yup... he's ok...'

Shesta also came to help out with the restraints and after some time, they all came loose and Dilandau was able to move again. He stumbled over to where Hitomi still lay, his legs slowly gaining back their strength. Masumi had undone all the straps and was now hovering over her, whispering Hitomi's name to try and reach her. She didn't notice Dilandau come over, and when he spoke, she jumped a little in surprise.

"Hitomi? Hitomi can you hear me?"

She seemed to recognize his voice and turned her head towards him, but gave no sign of knowing he was there in reality. Masumi moved aside as Dilandau lifted Hitomi's upper body so she was in a sitting position. He held her to him with one had behind her head and the other around her torso. While Dilandau tried to get a response out of Hitomi, everyone else watched with hopes falling. But another idea hit Dilandau as he glanced at the sorcerers. By signaling a Dragonslayer, one old man was brought forward.

"Tell me how to change her back to normal." Dilandau directed towards the sorcerer.

He almost chuckled at the irony of it but held it back when he saw the glares he was receiving. He tried to look at the leader of the Dragonslayers in the eye, but the glare he received back seemed as though it could burn. Refusing to talk, the old sorcerer averted his eyes as if he didn't hear Dilandau.

Dilandau didn't break his stare. "If any of them refuse to say anything, kill them."

The black-cloaked men looked at Dilandau to see if he was joking, but the look told them otherwise. He was quite serious. When a few refused to talk, they fell into a pool of their own blood, eyes wide, full of pain and surprise. But when a few of the sorcerers got scared, one of them spoke. "There is no cure! There is nothing that will change her back to normal... it's hopeless... she will never be the same again!"

The others nodded their heads in agreement but did not speak. Dilandau then spoke again. "If you're lying, you will die... and if you're speaking the truth, you will die."

The sorcerers all looked at him with horror. Just minutes ago, they had him in their clutches and could have killed him so easily. But now, the tables turned and Dilandau had all of them under his finger. But none spoke of what he hoped to hear. Then a voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Dilandau..." it was Folken. "They speak the truth... there is nothing we can do for Hitomi... the damage is done... we will have to kill her and end her suffering." He was no longer leaning on someone for support, and the look on his face was dead serious. But still Dilandau refused to believe what was said.

"You're wrong! Everyone's wrong! She will turn back to normal! She won't have to die!" But even as Dilandau spoke the words, he knew that they only sounded hopeful. The truth behind those words and the possibility that they would turn out to be true held less likelihood of ever happening.

Masumi, usually the shy one that never spoke to others, turned to the whole group and took a deep breath. Tears lightly streamed down her eyes, but the light they held gave a different meaning to the tears she shed. They held hope and with that hope, she spoke to everyone. "Don't give up! If we can find a way to bring Hitomi back, we will! We have to at least try... cause if we don't... then we will regret it. Please Lord Dilandau... bring her back."

Masumi was now smiling at Dilandau and Dilandau looked down at Hitomi. She was right... they couldn't give up now. Hitomi could fight it off... she was strong... maybe not so much in body, but in her mind and soul, Hitomi could conquer anything. With help, she could beat it... she could beat what Dilandau could not.

During the time when Dilandau was distracted, a few of the black-cloaked men tried to escape, but the Dragonslayers were too quick and easily cut them down. Folken left, but no one noticed. He had something to take care of... something he had to do on his own.

Striding down the dimly lit corridors of the lower levels, he got lost in his own thoughts. 'How could I have been so blind?' he asked himself. 'Dornkirk is the one who planned all this out... he is the one responsible for everything that has happened... and I just went along and helped his plans the whole time. I must put a stop to all of this once and for all.'

With a determined walk and a sword hanging on his belt, Folken, the one who obeyed Dornkirk and helped Zaibach in all its triumph, made his way towards the melef hanger. Everyone working inside looked at the Stratagos with curiosity, especially when he went and stood on the edge of the entranceway. Folken looked down to the clouds below the Vione. They were close to the city of Zaibach... very close. Folken had abandoned his cape and soon enough had ripped open the front of his shirt, letting it fall down his shoulders, off his mechanical and flesh arm, where it hung still attached to the bottom part around his waist. He clenched his fists, and all the muscles in his back tightened. Suddenly, pure black wings sprouted from his back. Everyone looked in fear and amazement, but just as the dark wings appeared, they disappeared, and soon could be seen in the distance... flying away.

Dilandau on the other hand was doing everything he could to get Hitomi to hear him. Hitomi's eyes had turned blank and she wasn't registering to anything said or done to her. Most of the Dragonslayers had surrounded her where she lay; Masumi was to her right hand side, and Dilandau to her left. Everyone looked in anticipation, hoping that everything would turn out all right. Masumi hoped that they hadn't arrived too late. She was walking down one of the halls in the lower levels when she heard the sorcerers and hid inside one of the rooms. When she saw they had Hitomi and Dilandau, both unconscious and being carried off to their labs, she got a very uneasy feeling. She watched where they were going, and she did the only thing she could think of... she ran to the Dragonslayers. The hard part was finding them and convincing them to believe her. It wasn't hard for them to trust what Masumi was telling them for Dilandau and Hitomi hadn't been seen all day, and neither was in their rooms. As soon as she told them what she had seen and taken them to where the sorcerers were, they almost arrived too late. Dilandau's voice gave away the rooms location, but what they found scared and angered them. Masumi told all this to Dilandau, who listened intently, but still checked on Hitomi.

"We first saw you Lord Dilandau strapped to the table, but when we saw Hitomi in the same position... we didn't know what to think." Masumi directed towards him.

Hitomi stirred a little causing everyone to become silenced and get tensed up. Dilandau was the first to speak. "Hitomi? Hitomi can you hear me?"

He was responded with a slight groan, her emerald green eyes blinking a few times, regaining their focus. They searched the surrounding area, taking in every face and expression. Then she came across Masumi. A slight smile spread her pale lips as she looked at the worried expression her dear friend wore. "Masumi... what are you doing here? Everyone... what happened?"

Dilandau answered for her, "They saved us Hitomi. Masumi gathered the Dragonslayers... the sorcerers will never hurt you or me ever again."

When Dilandau said this, it was as if memories that had haunted him for years were erased or left behind from all memory. Without even knowing it, he genuinely smiled. Hitomi saw the hope and knew that if she gave up, she would fail everyone she ever held faith in, everyone she had ever called a friend, and the only man she ever loved. But just as she felt this, a wave of panic spread throughout her body as control was nearing its end. Soon enough she would fall to the sorcerers' plans.

Hitomi gripped Dilandau's arm as she tried to hold on only a little longer. 'I have to stay in control! I can't loose to this... not after everything that has happened! I will not let anyone else get hurt on my behalf!'

"Hitomi!" Masumi started to call out to her. "Hitomi you have to listen to me! You have to remember everything that has happened! Remember the first time I met you? You were so kind to me... and you must also remember when you saved me! You didn't run for help... even when you knew that you didn't have much training in fighting, you still rushed in and saved my life! Remember Hitomi! Don't loose those memories!"

The Dragonslayers soon saw what Masumi was doing and started to do the same. Shesta spoke up first of all them. "Remember when you came rushing in on our training?"

"Yeah! Then Miguel almost killed you, but Dilandau stopped him in time?" Gatty interrupted.

All the memories... all the times she had experienced on the Vione... they came back to her. Hitomi was remembering everything that had happened once she was taken away from her other friends. She remembered meeting Jajuka when she first woke up in the cell, and how kind he and Folken had been to her.

"What about when you became a Dragonslayer?" Viole piped up. "Remember the dinner, and when you received your new glaive?"

Dallet then voiced his memory, "What about when you came back to the Vione after Fanel had taken you away? And when you saved Shesta from being killed during the battle?"

"Don't forget when you took the hit meant for me in my battle with Van. And don't even think about disregarding the night that all the barriers on my emotions were broken. Don't forget that night and what happened. Please don't leave me now..." Dilandau quietly whispered to her. "I love you..."

Hitomi's thoughts echoed in her head. 'All my memories... I can't loose my memories. Dilandau... everyone... I promise... I will not leave you. I will not let myself be defeated!'

With all the strength possibly left in Hitomi's soul, she pushed away what was fighting for control of her mind. Her body convulsed one last time, eyes snapping shut, and her head jerked backwards. Mind and body were released from a hold that felt unbreakable before, but now it was shattered into nothing. Emotions that were lost returned and memories that had vanished re-emerged.

Everyone surrounding Hitomi looked with eagerness in his or her eyes. Letting out a long breath, Hitomi's muscles relaxed. One wouldn't be able to tell if she was breathing unless they felt her breath on their skin.

The simple task of opening her eyes was hard enough as it was. Her mind just started to regain total control over her body once again and it seemed as if she had to learn how to use it again. All her friends were still around her, and as she opened her tired orbs, she found that they all looked beyond relief. Masumi had tears streaming down her cheeks and Dilandau embraced her even tighter.

Hitomi pulled away from Dilandau's crushing hold to look at everyone. With a little help, she sat upright. "Everyone... thank yo..." but she was interrupted when one of the few sorcerers that had not been killed spoke up. "How did... why is she... but what did you do? She could never have overcome the drugs. How?"

"Any obstacles can be overcome... you just have to figure out how," said Masumi.

"But it was perfect... we fixed all the flaws..." he stuttered.

Dallet then walked towards Dilandau and held out an object. It was Dilandau's sword. Hitomi by now was able to sit without someone's help. The Dragonslayers' red-eyed commander took his sword and unsheathed it. Placing the sheath on the ground, he started to walk towards the frightened sorcerer and spoke. "Nothing is flawless and neither is anything perfect. And in this world, not everyone is merciful."

Without another word, Dilandau rammed his sword into the man's chest, getting his own revenge. Blood started to trickle down the sorcerer's mouth, his eyes alight with pain and utter disbelief. The sword was ripped out of his body, and in the process, he fell to the ground of the lab and lie dead in a pool of crimson blood.

But as Dilandau turned around, he saw Hitomi with her hands to her head. Her eyes were wide open and she kept whispering to herself. He panicked, thinking that the battle was not yet won. Without a second thought, he ran to her side and started to call her name. She didn't respond. No one really knew what to think until she came out of her trance. She looked at Dilandau with a horrified expression on her face. "Hitomi... what happened?! Are the drugs still taking effect?"

Hitomi realized what had happened and shook her head from side to side. "No... I was having a vision. I saw Folken... he's where Dornkirk is! Folken... he's... he's... he's going to die!"

Everyone looked at her in shock, and Masumi said what everyone was thinking. "What do you mean Lord Folken is going to die?"

"I saw it. He's going to kill Dornkirk, but something goes wrong! We have to reach him! We need to warn him!"

"Right. Shesta, Gatty, Miguel, Dallet, and Viole, you will all come with Hitomi and me. We're going to Zaibach's capital. The rest of you stay here and make sure no commotion starts up because of everything that has transpired." Dilandau ordered.

A loud "Yes sir!" was sounded by all the Dragonslayers and each went their separate ways. Masumi had run out of the room earlier and came running back, panting, holding Hitomi's pants, boots, and her glaive. She dressed as quick as she could and took the weapon from Masumi. As Dilandau helped Hitomi to her feet, they walked out of the unpleasant room, leaving what had happened behind them. The five Dragonslayers followed them out as Dilandau made his way towards the guymelef hanger. When they reached it, some of the mechanics were looking out the large opening, but when they saw Dilandau, each quickly got back to their duties. Each slayer had jumped into his own guymelef and started it up. Hitomi looked at Dilandau, silently asking what she would do. He simply got into his own red melef, pressurized the liquid metal, and pointed his arm towards Hitomi. She knew what was going to happen, so trying to stay as steady as she could on her own two feet, she stood and waited. Just like the first time when she had been captured by Dilandau, it was the exact same feel.

The metal wrapped around her upper body, holding her in a secure grip. Her feet left the ground and her body was brought closer to the visor of Dilandau's guymelef. Instead of seeing her enemy's face, she heard his voice. "Are you alright?"

She responded by nodding her head and turning her head to face the open sky of the hanger door. She wanted to leave as soon as possible so she could stop her vision from coming true. She told herself that no matter what, she couldn't let this happen. Dilandau's melef started to walk and the five Dragonslayers followed. Each changed to flight mode and flew out and away from the giant floating fortress.

Dilandau, trying to shield Hitomi the best he could, flew with precision down towards the ground where in the center of the city of Zaibach lay a large looming structure. The six guymelefs flew towards it with no resistance and landed near the entrance. Hitomi was set down onto the ground and everyone jumped out of the cockpits. With weapons in hand, Dilandau, followed by all the others, jogged into the building. The guards that stood guarding it did not even make a move to stop Dilandau or his Dragonslayers. Their uniforms and their commander's face was enough to say who they were. The halls were long and turned every direction. The light was dim, and the smell was thick and dry. But despite everything that might hinder their search, they went down every corridor with full knowledge that they were heading in the right direction. Hitomi, who struggled to keep up, had her eyes closed as she jogged beside everyone and pictured her precious pendant swinging back and forth in her head. She could feel that they were getting closer to Folken by the minute, but she was also weakening by the minute.

Shesta could see Hitomi's weariness and took her heavy glaive from her hands. Her attention snapped to him, but she smiled gratefully and continued to point them all in the right direction. Hitomi's breath started to come much quicker, but it wasn't from the running... she could feel the closeness of her vision coming true. Finally, they turned one last corner and right in front of them was a huge steel door. It was already partially open, and Gatty and Dallet both pushed on it to open it wider. It opened little by little, but finally it got big enough and everyone rushed inside. Hitomi saw a huge globe type object from above and a big machine to her right.

Right in front of the machine was Folken, sword drawn and wings spread. She ran forward, yelling, "Folken! Stop!" but he didn't hear her and took flight, pushing off with his black wings. "Folken! No! You'll die!"

But it was all too late. Dornkirk had stood up from the gigantic machine and invited Folken to kill him. The sword in Folken's hands slashed across Dornkirk's bony chest, but as soon as it hit the edge of the machine, the steel broke, and the piece that snapped off sailed through the air straight towards Folken's chest. With no time to react, the sharp edge of the blade sliced into his skin and pierced him. Folken could feel the life leave him little by little and soon his wings even failed him. He fell towards the ground and landed harshly. His wings swirled away in an imaginary wind, the black feathers drifting away from the bloodied body. Hitomi and the Dragonslayers all rushed towards Folken, who was now surrounded in his own blood.

"Folken..." Hitomi rushed over and knelt down next to him. "Can you hear me?"

The Stratagos stirred a little and opened his eyes to look towards Hitomi. "Hitomi... I'm glad you're all right. I'm... so sorry I was so blind. Why didn't I see this sooner?"

"Please don't worry about that. Just don't die Folken! You can't die!"

"I have a request to make... please tell Van that I love him and I'm sorry for everything. I would also like to be buried in my homeland... Fanelia. Please do this for me." Folken's voice started to grow quieter, and his eyes were loosing their shine.

Hitomi nodded her head as tears started to run from her remorseful eyes. The last words Folken spoke were, "Now I can finally die... in peace... and this time it's for real."

His eyes closed and his body went limp. Hitomi choked out a sob and the Dragonslayers looked silently at the Stratagos' form. A single black feather then drifted down gently next to Hitomi. When she saw it from the corner of her eye, she reached out and picked it up. Tucking it away, she got up from her kneeling position and looked up towards Dornkirk. In a way, he wasn't really alive... but nor was he dead. His brain was alive, but the rest was on a life support system. But now he was dead... Folken and Dornkirk were dead.

'Is it really all over?' Hitomi wondered. 'Is this really the end of the war?'

Almost as if hearing her question, Dilandau walked up to Hitomi and started to speak. "It will be chaotic for a while after all that has happened... but in time everything will come together. There will be peace on Gaea. I don't know how long it will last because fighting and war is just human nature... but at least there will be peace now."

Not even a few days after the whole ordeal, Hitomi along with Dilandau had found Van and went to tell him the news of his brother. Van still felt appalled at what he had done to Hitomi, especially after she confirmed it was she in the guymelef he stabbed. Hatred could still be felt between Van and Dilandau but neither showed it. After everything that had happened had been explained to Van, Allen, Millerna, and everyone else, Hitomi gave the news about Folken. Van took it very hard and at first didn't believe Hitomi. Until she took out Folken's black feather she kept and handed it Van did realization finally hit him. Hitomi relayed Folken's last wishes and words to Van, but all he could do was nod in compliance.

Hitomi knew it would be her last time seeing all her friends, so she spent some time with each person and said her goodbyes. Van gave Hitomi's pendant back to her, but when he heard that she would be leaving, he was heartbroken, but he knew it was for the best. He did have feelings for Hitomi in the past, but now that she found another to love and receive love in return, he could let her go. One day he knew he would find that person... it was just a matter of time. When Hitomi did finally take her leave, everyone wished her well, silently hoping that maybe one day she would come back.

Not to long after the death of Dornkirk, representatives from Zaibach and many other countries had met and agreed on a peace treaty. The news wasn't slow to spread and to everyone's relief, the war was finally over. Countries and towns that had been destroyed started to rebuild, and Escaflowne was put to sleep. Folken was buried deep in the forest behind Fanelia's castle just as he wished. Everything was starting to get back on track... that is all but Hitomi's life.

"What do I do now that the war is over? I can't stay here... I have family back on the Mystic Moon." Hitomi and Dilandau were sitting together in an open field of tall grass. Hitomi was staring at her home world, torn by what decision she would have to make. "But I don't want to just leave you..." she told him.

Dilandau gave off a slight laugh and in return he received a glare from his green-eyed seer. "Hitomi... did you ever think to ask my opinion?"

Hitomi shook her head from side to side. "I don't want to put you in the middle of my problems."

"The Dragonslayers have all gone off on their own... to find lost family, and to start a new life. They are no longer Dragonslayers. They are normal people that live on this world. But I don't have family to go back to. I have nothing waiting for me here and there is nothing that promises a new life for me. Too many people know me by looks... I couldn't just move on. And if you left, I don't know what I would do. You're the only thing that I have left."

"Dilandau..." Hitomi started to say but he interrupted her.

"If you want, I'll go back with you. I'll go to the Mystic Moon... that way I could really start a new life, and... I could be with you."

Hitomi's eyes lit up and she looked at Dilandau with much excitement. "Are you serious? Would you really do that?"

He nodded his head and smiled at her. In all her happiness, Hitomi threw her arms around Dilandau's neck, which sent him to the ground. Both teens lay there in the grass and laughed. When their laughter died down, Dilandau pulled Hitomi's head down towards his. Their lips melded together as both released their feelings, and emotions. Yes... a new life... a life with much promise... a life where there is peace on both worlds... for in a future of promise, things change.

"Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart." - Marcus Aurelius

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