AN: Sometimes you need to write some Christmas. Sometimes you also need to write something fun for your friend, Suebee. This is to make her smile. Hopefully, all of you will too!

Chapter 1

There's the North Star shining so bright in the dark. It's makes me think of magic. I used to wish on it when I was young. Usually for dolls wearing giant pink bows made or satin or a new baseball bat. I was a well-rounded kid.

He snores a little while he's sleeping. His name might be Edwin. It was an old-fashioned name that made me think of England and Downton Abbey.

I should leave. Spirit away out of this hotel room that is festively decorated with Christmas lights before the naked man behind me wakes up.

The snoring is somewhat adorable.

That's the problem with office wide holiday parties, you see. They don't let your glass become empty of egg nog or sparkling wine and it all goes to your head. You find yourself giggling with the sexy new guy from headquarters and a few hours later doing nude gymnastics in a swanky hotel bed. The alcohol was only a part of the problem. The combination of green eyes and auburn hair does this lady in every time. Gingers are my kryptonite.

I think we had a stimulating conversation. I hope we did. My brain is fuzzy and so is my mouth. I need a toothbrush.

Sex is what I can clearly remember. The way that Egon slid off my dress and bit my inner thigh. No, that isn't right.

I would never have sex with an Egon.

Mr. Headquarters was an ass man. He liked spankings. Both receiving and giving in the true spirit of Christmas.

I really should go. My glass slippers are now a pair of worn black flats and my jeweled carriage is only my used Ford Explorer that is now covered in snow on the lot near the office. It was most definitely going to be a cold and blustery walk back there.

His arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me flush against his body. The man was a human furnace that heated up my whole body.

"Where are you running off to?" Edgar whispered into the shell of my ear.

Edgar was worse than Egon. I was never going to remember his name.

"I should be getting home," I whispered back. I twisted in his arms to face his sleepy smile. "I don't usually do things like this."

Truth was, I never did things like this. I'm a relationship type of gal. One night stands were awkward. This one is now heading in that direction.

His one hand went in between my legs. The other into the strands of my long hair that I was certain were now twisted up into a sight resembling a bird's nest. I was pulled closer to his mouth. E . . . Umm . . . Something licked my lips and said, "Stay."

It wasn't a question, but a demand. He kissed me hard and his fingers pressed into me with a light touch. I clung to his back as moved those fingers at quickening speed. He began sucking on my clavicle.

"I really should—" I was planning to say more to excuse myself, but instead I squeezed his ass. He whimpered. It made me feel powerful.

"Should be doing more of that," he finished for me. I was pushed up on top of him, as he gripped my hips. "I want more, Miss Swan."

He knew my last name at least. It became pretty sexy when he sat up, with his hair all wild on his head, and pushed into me. Our chests pressed together, he rubbed his head against mine. "Ride me, Miss Swan."

I was happily to oblige as I moved my body causing friction between us. His mouth was kissing any available skin he could reach. My nails raked down his arms and caused him to hiss. This should have been embarrassing for so many reasons, but instead I found this co-worker invigorating.

"Oh God, Miss Swan!" The man, that might be Eric, cried out as I bit his earlobe. He used his fingers to make my body shake and tighten around him.

The man made me see stars and that wasn't something that didn't happen often. I think I did the same for him, as he pulled me down to lay on his chest looking completely joyful. He kissed me and stated, "That was amazing."

He was correct. It really was.

It was probably a good time to leave, but he was so warm and I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

As I closed my eyes, I heard him say, "Beautiful."

I couldn't help, but smile a little.


I woke up twisted in a mound of blankets feeling quite chilly. I was still in the hotel bed room, but the handsome man that made me feel amazing was gone. I stumbled up and on wobbly legs with the sheet wrapped around my body went to check the bathroom.


There was a breakfast of assorted pastries and coffee on a small table. A note laid on the top of a pile of cash.

I picked it up and read aloud to the empty room. "Let's do this again sometime. I'm on the top floor in Office 3. Edward."

Edward was the new VP. I had sex all night long with my boss.

The note dropped back onto the table as I grabbed the money. There was over five hundred dollars in my hands.

I was an accountant not a prostitute!

Mr Edward, new Vice President would be getting quite a special Christmas present on Monday morning.

This money shoved up his ass.