When Storms Come and Stars Collide

Written By Starswim

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that belongs to Marvel, just my OCs and plot of this story (not the movie plots)

Rating: PG-13/T (Warning: violence, swearing, and other intense stuff. Just to be safe.) Also for those who didn't watch the Thor movies, there will be spoilers.

Plot: After their parents' death, Kelsey Roberts and her brother, AJ, moved away from their home in New York to live with their aunt in New Mexico. Years later, a strange storm occurred that'll changed the family's lives again, and so will the lives of two princes. Following Thor/Avengers/Dark World

Parings: [Thor/Jane]; [eventual Loki/OC]; [Frigga/Odin]; [Tony/Pepper]; [Clint/Black Widow]


"Once... Mankind was accepted by a simple truth, that they were not alone in this universe. Some worlds, man believed that they were home to their gods. Others... they knew to fear."

Many people in a small village were gathered, watching blue rays light up the sky. Not to far away, across the waters, there was a large army of huge, blue creatures. One of them was holding a small, frozen-like casket with a blue light flickering inside it.

"From the realm of cold and darkness came the Frost Giants."

The Frost Giant that was holding the casket, King Laufey, used it's power to destroy a ship, that's sailing on the ocean; putting out fire torches and fire pits; and freezing the whole land, the village, and the people. Screams were made as the people became victims of the Casket of Winters.

"Threatening to plunge the mortal world into a new Ice Age. But humanity will not face this threat alone."

A bright aura appeared in the sky; the Bi-Frost. Once the light disappeared, an army of Asgard stood before the Frost Giants led by their king, Odin, ready for battle. The two kings stared at each other challengingly, before everyone started fighting. Frost Giants froze some soldiers of Asgard and crushed them with their icy fist; while the soldiers stabbed the Frost Giants with their spears. King Odin fought a bunch of Frost Giants with his Gungnir.

"Our armies drove the Frost Giants back into the heart of their world. The cost was great! At the end, their king fell."

King Laufey was lying on the ground, defeated. A weapon was pointed threateningly at him, the weapon was the Gungnir, and the man pointed it was the king who lost his eye during battle, Odin. When the war of the Frost Giants was over, the remaining soldiers of Asgard and King Odin left the kingdom of Jotunheim, taking the Casket of Ancient Winters with them.

"And the source of their power was taken from them. And the last great war ended, we withdrew from the other worlds, and return home into the world eternal. Asgard."


"And here we remain as a beacon of hope, shining out across the stars, and though we have fallen into the myths and legends. It was Asgard. It's warriors. That brought peace to the universe," Odin finished his tale to his two sons, as he took them to a hallway, where the Casket of Ancient Winters was displayed, untouched.

"But that day will come, when one of you..." Odin stepped forward and turned to face his two sons with one eyes, while the other was covered with a golden eye patch, "has to defend that peace."

"Do the Frost Giants still live?" the raven-haired prince named Loki asked curiously.

"When I'm king," the blonde hair prince named Thor, pointed at himself, before throwing punches, "I'll hunt the monsters down and slay them all!" He smiled breathlessly at his father, "Just as you did, Father."

"A wise king never seeks out war, but..." Odin paused looking at each of this son for a brief moment, before continuing, "He must be ready for it." He finished as he walked past his two sons.

The brothers looked at each other with a smirk, before racing pass a hammer, that's also displayed, and made it to their father's side. Both of them were holding his hand.

"I'm ready, Father!" Thor stated with determination.

"So am I!" Loki stated as well.

Odin smiled at his two sons, "Only one of you can ascend to the throne. Both of you were born to be kings."

Year: 2005

The full moon risen, the bright lights were on, and the sound of traffic was made in the big city. Inside one of the apartment homes, there was a light purple painted room, where a small child was sitting on a purple and green sheeted bed. She had earphones over her ears, listening and following along with the audiobook, while reading a book in her hands, Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. Her eyes were glued on the pages, and nothing was going to distract her from finishing a chapter.

Except her mother, who just came inside the little girl's room, watching her daughter read intently.

"Kelsey," the child's mother called for her, but didn't receive a reply. She noticed that her daughter named Kelsey had earphones on, blocking the sound around her. Kelsey's mother walked over to her child, and placed a hand over her daughter's knee, instantly receiving a shocked reaction.

Kelsey looked up with wide eyes, before pausing the track from her CD player. She took off her earphones and smiled at her mother.

"Hey, Mom," Kelsey greeted her, placing the opened book on her lap.

Her mother smiled back at her daughter, "Hey, Kelsey. What are you doing?"

Kelsey knew she was asking an obvious question, because she wanted to make a conversation with her. Kelsey shrugged, "Just reading."

"Oh really?" Her mother took a glance from the book cover to read the title, "So you're reading the Harry Potter book series now?"

Kelsey nodded, "Mm-hm. Just finished the first one, and I'm on the fifth chapter of this one," Kelsey gestured the book in her hands.

Kelsey's mother smiled in approval, "That's good..." Her mother's smile fell into a serious one. Kelsey instantly knew that look. "Have you done your homework, when you got back from school?"

Kelsey cleared her throat, looking away from her mother's gaze, "Uh, almost. I'm almost done."

Kelsey's mother raised a brow at her questionably, "Really?"

Kelsey nodded, "Yeah, I'm just taking a break."

"Oh," Kelsey's mother nodded, "Alright then." She snatched the book from Kelsey's grip, "I believe your break is over, and you should finish up your work."

Kelsey shook her head, giving her mother the begging, puppy-eyed look, "No! Please, Mom! I'm almost done!"

"No, Kelsey," her mother said sternly, "You know the rules. You can't do anything fun, unless you're done with homework. I'll give this book back to you, when you're finished with your work."

"But I'm almost done with my homework-"

"Then I suggest you finish up," her mother walked out of the room, and shut the door behind her.

Kelsey groaned, hating to do homework. She jumped off the bed, and walked over to her white colored desk, sitting down on the same color chair. She sighed in boredom as she opened her fifth grade, arithmetic workbook and turned the pages, that she was assigned to do. Her eyes roamed over the pages to see nothing but fractions, graphs, and word problems. The whole page had a lot of problems, but no solution was written. It turned out that Kelsey lied, when she told her mother she's almost done with her homework. She hadn't started her schoolwork at all.

Kelsey loved to read history and literature; but hated the other subjects. The teachers could never show you a fun way to learn things. The teachers talked about the subject, as if it's the most boring thing in the world. She certainly wasn't looking forward to starting middle school next year. She heard from a few kids from her class that their older siblings changed, when they started middle school. She didn't want to change. She didn't want her closest friends to change. If they did, Kelsey was afraid of losing them, and she'll have no one.

As she started to begin her homework, her eyes wandered off the pages and on the CD player that was lying on her nightstand. She realized that her mother only took her book and not the audio CD inside the player. She looked over her shoulder, making sure that her mother wasn't around. Then, she reached over, grabbing the CD player from her nightstand and laying it on the desk. She took the earphones and placed them on her ears, listening the narrator telling the story, she hadn't finished.

Kelsey was hoping that she can finish her work, while listening to the story. However, her pencil slowly came to halt, as her mind was distracted. She listened to the narrator intently with her eyes closed, while imagining the scene in her mind. For a moment, Kelsey pictured herself as Harry Potter. She always wanted to fly on a broomstick, and do some magic with a wand. She always wanted to turn her little brother into a toad.

Sadly, she knew better than to believe something that's fiction. She wished the stories were true, and wished to be in those stories; but there came a time to let go of these fantasies. The stories were fiction, not real, and always will be. But Kelsey wasn't going to give up on day dreaming and her imagination that easily. She didn't have to worry about growing up anytime soon. After all, she's only eleven-years-old. She's still a child. She should enjoy childish stories and imaginations for a little while longer.

Kelsey looked down at the half-written page in front of her, knowing that if she didn't finish with her homework soon, she wouldn't finish at all. If she turned in a half-way finished homework to her teacher, then her teacher would tell her parents; and if her parents found out she's been slacking off with her work, she'll never hear the end of it.

Summer was a couple months away, and the last thing Kelsey wanted was to go to summer school, or worse, she might get held back another year. That thought frightened her. She may not go to middle school, but her friends will. She didn't want to lose her friends, and be stuck in a class with a bunch younger kids, she hadn't met. So she pulled the earphones out of her ears, and her eyes tried to focus on the unfinished math homework in front of her.

Two hours later, at 10:44pm, Kelsey was still sitting down, managing to finish arithmetic, language arts, and science. What she had left for homework was World History. It was her favorite subject, so far, unlike science.

As she opened her textbook and workbook to the assigned pages, she suddenly felt a hand pressed gently against her shoulder. She gasped and whirled around to see a tall, blonde haired man, who was smiling down at her, while she slowly smiled back.

"Daddy!" Kelsey cried happily as she jumped out of her seat and into his arms. Her father picked her up and spun around, holding her daughter tightly. Kelsey's father was a surgeon at the New York Hospital, and he spend most of his hours there and come home late at night. He barely saw his daughter, except early in the mornings, when she's getting ready for school, and at night, when she's sleeping or getting ready for bed. Unlike her mother, her father was a fun, understanding parent. They always keep secrets and read a story, that's past Kelsey's bedtime. Her mother sometimes help Kelsey with her homework, but her father was more patient than her mother.

"Hey! I missed you today," her father greeted her, giving a gentle kiss on the forehead. He set her down back on her chair and lowered himself to her level, "I didn't expect to see you up. How's my little princess?"

"Tired," Kelsey crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back against her chair.

"Tired?" her father asked in shock.

Kelsey nodded, "Yeah."

"Why are you tired?" her father asked. He looked at Kelsey's desk in the corner of his eye to see Kelsey's history homework, "Is it because of school keeping you up?"

Kelsey nodded, "Yeah."

"Really? A little birdie told me that you're supposed to be finished a couple hours ago."

Kelsey closed her eyes and groaned, knowing fully well who told her dad, "Did Mom tell you?"

"Mm-hm," her father confirmed it by a nod. Keeping a smile on his face, his tone became serious, "Kelsey, you know you can't lie to your mom about school. You do realize that?"

Kelsey nodded, "Yeah, but if I told her that I wasn't finished, she'll be mad at me."

"And you didn't give her a reason to be mad?"

Kelsey sighed, "I was... I was just excited about my book. I-I can't stop reading it."

"Is it another Harry Potter book?"

Kelsey nodded, "Mm-hm. Second book, I'm on the fifth chapter."

"Well, look at you," her father smiled proudly, giving her a pat on the shoulder, "I'm proud of you."

"I'm glad somebody is."

"Your mother is proud of your reading."

Kelsey shrugged, "She doesn't sound like it. She took my book away, when I haven't finished the chapter. It's not fair!"

"Does she have a reason for taking it? I'm sure your mother isn't interested in reading fiction books, let alone stories about wizardry."

Kelsey bit her lower lip, and averted her eyes from her father. She stayed silent, hoping that her father won't ask again, but that was wishful thinking. Her father knew her well enough to know whether or not she's guilty of something.

He shook his head, "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Kelsey, you know she's doing it, because she cares. Right?"

"I can't help it, Dad. Doesn't reading suppose to help your mind? I barely watch TV, because I heard it rots the brain."

His father chuckled, "That it is, Kelsey, but just like TV, too much of something can affect you, especially your schoolwork."

"Reading is an addiction," Kelsey said it as an excuse.

"Hey, I'm not judging you," Her father raised his hands up, defensively, "I'm like that when I was your age."

"You got addicted to reading?" Kelsey asked.

Her father shook his head, "No. Football. But I won't tell you about that tonight, because..." Her father took a quick peek at his watch that said 11:00 pm, "it's getting late, and you got school tomorrow."

"I have to finish my homework."

"What are you working on?" His father raised himself up to his feet and looked at the opened textbook and workbook.

"History. I'm supposed to copy the Runic alphabet. Recently, we discussed the culture of Norway; Vikings; and today, we're reading about the stories from Norse Mythology."

"Why does Miss Miller want you to copy the Runic alphabet, it's not like you're going to use it?"

"I don't know. Miss Miller is really mean, she always give us too much homework," Kelsey shrugged carelessly as she began copying the Runic alphabet from her textbook.

After finishing her history assignment (with her dad's help), her father tucked Kelsey in bed.

"Thank you for helping me, Daddy," Kelsey whispered before she yawned tiredly.

Her father smiled, giving her a kiss on the forehead, "Ah, Princess..." He shook his head, "I didn't do anything. You did what you're supposed to do. It's all on you, Princess."

"I do have a question though," Kelsey said curiously.

"And what is your question?" he asked.

"Why do everyone around the world speak a different language?" she asked curiously with a questioned look on her face, "Wouldn't it be easier to just speak the same language?"

"Have you ever heard the story of the Tower of Babel?"

Kelsey shook her head, "No."

"Well, you should get out your Bible, and read the book of Genesis. All the answers you seek are in that little book."

"Can you read it to me, right now?" Kelsey asked, eager to hear the story. If she can't read her Harry Potter book, she might as well enjoy this story.

Before her father could respond, they heard Kelsey's door open, revealing her mother dressed in a white, cotton robe. "You two are still up," she said as a statement than a question.

Kelsey's father chuckled, smiling at his wife, "Just telling our daughter good night."

"You should've told her that a long time ago. What kept you?" Kelsey's mother asked, crossing her arms over chest, and narrowing her eyes at them suspiciously.

"Just about to tell her a story, Honey," Father answered innocently.

"He's going to tell me the story of the Tower of Babel," Kelsey said with a smile.

Her mother shook her head, "Not tonight."

"What?!" Kelsey cried in protest, "Why not?!"

"It's almost midnight, not to mention a school night, Kelsey," her mother explained to her in a warning tone, daring her to talk in that tone again. "I'm sure your father knew that already. Right, Rick?" she asked her husband.

Kelsey's father sighed and nodded, before facing his daughter sadly, "Your mother's right. It's late, and your eyes should be closed."

"I can't," Kelsey declined eagerly, "I'm too excited. I want to hear the story right now."

"I'm sure your father will be happy to tell you, when he gets home tomorrow. Can you, Rick?"

Kelsey's father smiled, "Of course, Wendy. I'll do anything for my little princess."

Kelsey couldn't help but smile. Not because her father agreed to read her the Tower of Babel story tomorrow night, but when he said her mother's name, Wendy. It was funny, because her mother and aunt's names were Wendy and Jane. Kelsey knew those names from the story of Peter Pan. Her father always told Kelsey how her mother and Aunt Jane flew with Peter Pan to Neverland when they were her age, almost drowned by mermaids, danced with Indians, and fought off the evil Captain Hook. Of course, it was a long time ago, and Kelsey was a gullible child. Kelsey knew the stories were nonsense and fiction, but her father always told her amazing, adventure stories as if it really happened. She wished her mother would tell her stories like her father did, after all her name was Wendy, and the Wendy from the Peter Pan story was always a good storyteller.

"Would you do anything for your queen?" Wendy asked, walking inside and standing beside Kelsey's bed, across from her husband.

"A king should do everything in his power," Rick took his wife's hand and caressed it gently, "for his beloved queen." He pressed his lips gently against the back of her hand. Wendy couldn't help, but blush. "I shall prove it to you tonight."

Wendy gasped and widen her eyes in shock. "Patrick!" she hissed at him, "your daughter is here!"

"What are you doing for Mom tonight, Daddy?" Kelsey asked curiously.

Patrick stared at Kelsey with his mouth agape, before he quickly recovered. He knew that he's not ready to give his eleven-year-old daughter the talk about the birds and the bees. He and Wendy were planning on telling her, when she met a boy, she liked, or when she reached her teen years. He shrugged innocently, "I'm just going to give your mother a big good-night kiss. Just like I'm giving you right now." Patrick leaned forward to kiss both of Kelsey's cheeks. "Good night, Princess."

"Good night, Daddy," Kelsey replied, fighting to urge to close her eyes. She needed to know if her father would truly keep his word about telling her the Tower of Babel story. "Daddy?"

"Yes?" Patrick asked.

"When you get home tomorrow, can you read me that story?"

"I swear, Princess," Patrick spit his hand, and so did Kelsey; before they shook hands. They looked up at Wendy, who stared down at them in disgust. Every time they make a special promise, they always do the spit shake. Wendy never approved of it, but her pleas and noises of disgust never reached her husband and daughter's ears.

"Good night, Kelsey," Wendy hugged and kissed her daughter on top of her head, before leaving the room. Patrick stood up from Kelsey's bed and walked over to the light switch. He looked at his daughter, who's curled up on her side, smiling at her father with eyes wide open.

"Sleep dreams, Princess," Patrick turned off the lights, "Don't let me catch you reading late again?"

Kelsey rolled her eyes, "I won't, Daddy."

"Good," Patrick stepped outside her room, shutting the door behind her.

Kelsey smirked as soon as her father left. She may have promised not to read late, but she never promised that she couldn't listen to a story late. She got off from her bed, took her CD player from her white desk, and set it on her white colored nightstand. She put the earplugs over her ears, and started the audio track, where she left off.

She laid back down on her bed, trying to listen to the narrator, while fighting her drowsiness. Her eyelids grew heavy and heavier. She tried to stay awake, but knew she couldn't fight it. Eventually, she was lying on her stomach, one arm hanging at the right side of the bed, while the other was tucked under the purple colored pillow, now she's snoring in her sleep.


The next day, Kelsey rode the bus to school, and planned on riding it back home. Her parents used to give her a ride to school; but Patrick always work at the hospital early in the morning, and Wendy took a job babysitting her friend's toddler, while watching Kelsey's baby brother, AJ.

AJ was only two-and-a-half years old and a trouble maker. He always threw food instead of eating it like a normal person, and flushed objects in the toilet, like Patrick's expensive, silver watch. One day, he did finger painting on the walls and furniture! Kelsey thought that her parents were going to freak out and give AJ a big spanking. No matter how bad he got, his parents always thought that his actions were adorable. Kelsey sometimes hated being the older child, sometimes that role had it's disadvantages, like less attention from her mother, or being blamed for what AJ did and got in trouble for it.

Kelsey was happy to ride the bus, because she was able to talk to her best friend, Brianna, in the bus and not in class.

During school, Kelsey was flabbergasted when her teacher, Miss Miller, told everyone, to clear their desks to prepare for a science test. Kelsey couldn't believe that Miss Miller would surprise the unprepared students for a test, they didn't even study. That's abnormal for her to do something like that. Science wasn't Kelsey's favorite subject, nor was she good at it.

Later on, Kelsey found out from the kids from the playground that Miss Miller assigned the class to study for that science test two weeks ago, and Kelsey completely forgot to study. The worst part was that the test wasn't multiple choice. Her parents were going to kill her. She just know it.

After school, Miss Miller gave Kelsey a letter for her parents to read. As Kelsey was riding the bus back home with Brianna, she was staring at the letter in her hand. Curiosity took hold of Kelsey and her best friend. They opened and read the letter together.

Dear Mister and Mrs. Roberts,

I'm sorry to inform you, but your child, Kelsey Roberts, is in danger of failing the fifth grade. She is a bright student, but she recently became distracted and now has a hard time focusing on her schoolwork. Your daughter is doing well in History and Reading Comprehension, but is performing poorly on the other subjects (Mostly Science and Math). I would appreciate it if you could meet with me to discuss Kelsey's grades perhaps a new approach is in order. It is important that we intervene now, before it's too late. This is to encourage your child to do better in class. If you have any questions, please call us at the school

Sincerely, Miss Miller

"My parents are going to kill me!" Kelsey cried out loud, staring at the unfolded paper in her hands.

"Maybe it won't be so bad," Brianna said, trying to comfort her friend.

Kelsey shook her head frantically, "No, Bri! This time is different. Miss Miller sent a letter! We both know what happens if she send these kind of notes. The kids, who get this note, will get held back a year! I'll flunk the fifth grade! I doomed! You will never see me in middle school next year!"

"We don't know that! Just don't flunk! I'll help you, if you want."

"I'm sure my mom and dad will appreciate that. But once they read this note," Kelsey gestured the paper, "they will hold me captive in my room, forcing me to do nothing fun. I'll be their prisoner, and they'll probably hire prison guards to keep me from leaving my room."

"Just don't show them the note, and work harder."

"That won't work! Miss Miller wants to speak with my parents. She'll give them a call, and she'll tell them that I was supposed to give them the note. Then, I'll be in bigger trouble."

Kelsey looked out the window to see the familiar street, closer to where home was, closer to her sealed fate. She felt the bus going slower and slower, until it came to a complete stop. This was where the bus normally drop Kelsey off.

"Well, let my nightmare begin," Kelsey mumbled, shoving the letter in her pocket from her hoodie.

"I'll pray for you," Brianna said sympathetically.

"Thanks, Bri. I need the Lord on my side right now."

"Maybe it won't be so bad."

Kelsey sighed, "I hope so." She picked up her backpack and told her friend goodbye. She gave her thanks to the bus driver for the ride, before stepping out off the bus. As she watched the bus departed, she took a deep breath and began walking slowly back to her house. She knew that the closer she was to the house, the closer her nightmare will begin. What she didn't know was how right she was.

She eventually made it home, and walked up to the front door. As she turned the knob on the door, she noted that it's locked. Kelsey's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. That's weird. Mom never locks the door, when she gets back from babysitting Sarah.

She unzipped a pocket from her backpack and pulled out a spare key to the house. She unlocked it, and noted that the alarm went off. She walked down the hallway to turn it off. She knew this was abnormal. Her mom should be home by now. Was she still at her friend's house? Maybe. This was the first time Kelsey's home by herself. This was a new thing for her. This was exciting yet dangerous. Kelsey knew this was a temporary thing. Her mom and brother will be back shortly, and then her dad will come home at ten, possibly at midnight.

What felt like minutes, turning into hours. Kelsey was eating a peanut butter sandwich, while mentally practiced how to tell her mom about her troubles at school. Her mom would probably take it worse than Dad. Her dad was more understanding than her mother. She wished there was a way to get out of giving the letter to her parents, but Kelsey knew that's not possible. There was no way out of this. Not by a long shot.

"Mom," Kelsey continued practicing, "I have something to tell you, and you might want to sit down for it. Why, you may ask? Well, I think it's better if you sit down, because I have bad news. See I-" Her monologue was interrupted by a knock at the door. Kelsey knew well that it wasn't her mother. Her mother would never knock at her own house. But who was at the door? Kelsey got up from the couch and went to the door, hearing couple more knocks.

"Who is it?" Kelsey asked.

"NYPD," the stranger responded, "Open up."

Kelsey narrowed her brows in confusion, "NYPD?"

She looked through the small window beside the door, and saw a police car out front. Kelsey now realized what NYPD stand for: New York Police Department. She didn't hesitate to open the door. She saw a dark-skinned, slightly overweight police officer, possibly at his late fifties, standing by her doorway. Her eyes widen in fear, scared that she was going to get arrested. Did the school call the police on me?! It was just a flunk test, I'll do better next time!

"M-May I help you?" Kelsey asked nervously.

The officer looked down at her with wide eyes, clearly not expecting a child to answer the door, "Yes, are you a relative of Wendy and Patrick Roberts?"

Kelsey raised her brows, taken back by his question, "Uh... I-I'm their daughter. They also have a son too."

The officer nodded, "I know."

Kelsey now narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, How could he possibly know that?

"Is there anyone here with you?"

"Why do you want to know?" Kelsey questioned him.

"Ma'am, is there anyone here with you?" the officer questioned her again more firmly.

Kelsey was debating whether or not to tell him, but she eventually gave him an answer, "No. H-How do you know my mom and dad? Did they do something wrong?"

The officer shook his head, "No. I can assure you no crime was committed... not by your family that is." He added sadly.

"Is there something wrong, Sir?" Kelsey asked.

The officer looked at the young girl sadly in the eyes, "I'm afraid so, Miss Roberts..." He paused, clearing his throat. Kelsey can see the tears in his eyes. Was he crying? Why would he be crying? A police officer wasn't suppose to cry! Kelsey figured out that something happened, and he was reluctant to tell her, a child.

"What is it?" Kelsey demanded anxiously.

After taking a deep breath, he looked back at the bewildered child, before he spoke again, "I'm so sorry to tell you this, but... there's been an accident."

Kelsey felt time stopped dramatically. Fear took over. Her heart was racing, her lungs tightened. Kelsey placed a hand on her chest, trying to take deep breaths, but her lungs tightened every breath she'd taken.

"W-What kind of accident?" Kelsey asked nervously. She now wished she hadn't asked that. She didn't want to hear the bad news. Was she dreaming? Was this a nightmare? Where were her parents to wake her up? She needed to get out of this dream and fast.

"Your parents and your baby brother were in a car accident, and-"

"Are they in a hospital? Are they okay?! Where are they?!" Kelsey screamed out questions without thinking. She wanted to see her parents and baby brother right now. Kelsey secretly placed her hands behind her back. Taking one hand, she pinched her other arm almost painfully, attempting to wake herself up from this horrible dream.

When she was five-years-old, she had a hard time sleeping her in own room, because of her nightmares and fearing that monsters would come out of her closet. Her father taught her that nightmares were like dreams. Nothing can harm her in her dreams. But if she got too scared, she can pinch herself awake. That trick worked every time. She was going to wake up from this horrible dream, and get ready for school soon.

"Your brother is in the hospital-"

"How is he?!"

"He's a lucky boy, Miss Roberts." His statement made Kelsey sighed with relief. She was happy that her brother was alright. The officer continued, "As far as I knew, he looked fine... but your parents..."

"What? What about my parents?! Where's Mom and Dad?!"

'This isn't real! Wake up!' Kelsey thought to herself, 'This is just a dream! Wake up! You're going to wake up soon! None of this is real! Wake up, Kelsey! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!'

No matter how hard she pinched herself, she didn't wake up. She kept denying the fact that this was reality, and the cop was really there, giving her the bad news.

The officer sighed through his nose. His eyes watered again, hesitant to tell her what happened to her parents. He knew that he had to. After taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and said the words no child wanted to hear, "I'm so sorry, Miss Roberts. They passed away, before the ambulance got there. I'm so sorry."

Kelsey couldn't comprehend those words. She didn't want to believe it. They couldn't be dead. They can't be dead, that's impossible. They couldn't be dead. They couldn't.

Kelsey's legs gave up on her, and she fell back against the hardwood floor. She looked up at the officer with an opened mouth and wide eyes. This can't be happening to her. This was just a nightmare. Where were her parents to wake her from this horrible nightmare? To comfort her, and tell her it was just a nightmare? To tell her that they'll never leave her no matter what? She needed them! They can't leave her! They can't leave her alone in this dark world! They can't!

"No!" Kelsey was down on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably, "It's not true! It's not true! They can't be dead!"

Kelsey stared at the officer, who was mouthing out words, she didn't hear nor care. Her whole body shut down, not paying attention to anything around her. Her parents were dead, her life will never be the same again.

A/N: Okay, I watched both Thor movies and the Avengers, and I was hooked. Mainly because I have a crush on Loki, Tom Hiddleston is an amazing actor! I couldn't resist writing a Thor fanfic. Just so you're not reading the canon and won't be bored, I'm going to write it a little different. I hope that you enjoy this fanfic.

In the next chapter will show Kelsey present day when she's seventeen. I imagine her to be like Bridgit Mendler (girl from Good Luck Charlie). As for AJ, Kelsey's little brother, will be eight years old in the next chapter. I imagine him to look like Jackson Brundage (from One Tree Hill).