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Summary: Obi-Wan's memory is wiped and then he is sold as a slave. Will Qui-Gon find him and will Obi-Wan remember who his master is? (do you really care, or are you just here for the obi-toture and qui-angst?)

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Real rating: PG-13

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Round, like a circle in a spiral

Like a wheel within a wheel.

Never ending or beginning,

On an ever spinning wheel

Like a snowball down a mountain

Or a carnival balloon

Like a carousel that's turning

Running rings around the moon

- The Windmills Of Your Mind


Obi-Wan opened his eyes and winced. It hurt. Everything hurt. Well, the boy who used to know he was Obi-Wan rolled over.

(Who AM I?) he thought once more before passing out.

[Obi Wan! WHERE are you??] Qui-Gon cried out silently through their bond. Silence. He couldn't even feel anything. But the boy wasn't dead. He couldn't be dead. He couldn't. Qui-Gon sighed. Everything had gone wrong.

"I should've been there. Where are you???" he sighed as he went back to meditation. The events and thoughts of the last month ran through his mind, unbidden and unwanted. He tried to force them back into this subconscious but they just wouldn't stay there. Time and time again his trance was broken as he remembered Obi-Wan's final call through their bond.

[Master! Master! MASTER!] The first one level, the second one frantic and panic-stricken, the third one screamed, full of pain. Then the worst part.

[Qui-Gon. Where are you?] Murmured softly, full of anguish and pain and resigned. Resigned to his fate. It didn't need to be said but just under those words, hidden beneath, in a veiled meaning was the inflection, [Why aren't you here?]

Qui-Gon grimaced. "Why? Why the hell did they take you?" Everything had gone wrong. Absolutely everything. They had gone down to the planet just to sort out the problems, just as Jedi should, but things had to go wrong. They had become separated, and Obi-Wan, his padawan, had been captured. By the time that Qui-Gon had been told about Obi-Wan the boy's memory had been erased.

Erased. Obliterated. Stolen. Snatched. Eradicated. Wiped out. Annihilated.

That was where the trail had gone cold. After they had wiped the boy's mind they had dropped him in the middle of nowhere, with no memory and no defence. The boy couldn't even use the force, he didn't know how. And this made finding him a lot more harder.

Qui-Gon sighed once again and went back to meditating, concentrating, trying to detect his padawan's life signature amongst the galaxy. Nothing.

[Wait padawan, I'll find you] he called once more through their bond, his voice echoing into nothingness.


Obi-Wan opened his eyes to a voice yelling in his ear.

"Slave 456! You will get up NOW! Your punishment is over and now you will get back to your station. If you try to run again, I promise I won't be so light on you" the man grinned evilly while fingering his whip.

(Get up, get up, get up!) Obi-wan's mind screamed at him but the boy couldn't move. Everything hurt too much and for some reason his defiance hadn't been completely beaten out of him. . He gave the guard a baleful glare and just as he started to get up, something knocked him to the floor. (What the….?) the boy's mind couldn't grasp the concept of just being hit and his body was too numb to even register it.

"You slave," the guard spat out the word, as if it wasn't even worth being uttered, "How DARE you even look at me. You're a worthless piece of shit." With that the guard gave the boy a hard kick in the stomach then waited until the boy had finished retching. "Get out there and start working and don't even think about looking at anyone." He sneered as the boy tried to drag himself away. He gave Obi a quick kick on his way out of the door and walked away muttering.

Obi-Wan pulled his knees up to his chest and tried to stop his gasping. (Why does everything have it in for me??) He staggered to his feet, and weaved his way unsteadily to his work station.

Nobody even gave the battered boy another glance. He was just another slave. Slave 456. A slave. That's all that Obi-Wan could remember. Waking up in some strange place, being captured, being beaten, being sold and being a slave. (456. That's who I am. I am a slave, a piece of meat to be passed around and beaten) Obi-Wan's shoulders sank a little lower.

"Hey! 456!" Obi looked around to where the voice had been hissed and sighed in relief as he saw Billy.

"Hey Billy" Obi-Wan replied a little raggedly, his breathing coming shallow. "What are you doing?" Billy was alright. She too was a slave, but hey! Who wasn't? Obi-Wan had met her as soon as he had been bought, they had been in the 'sale' together. She was around 19, human, heavily maternal when it came to him, too skinny, too bony but beautiful. She had dark brown hair that faded to almost blond at the bottom. She had dark eyes and copper skin. The way that some of the guards looked at her made Obi-Wan glad that he was a boy. Her safeguard against that was being filthy. She absolutely stunk, but it kept the guards away

"What did they do to you?" Billy sucked in her breath, "Bastards. I told you not to run. But did you listen?? No, of course not. You had to act all defiant and rebellious and look where it's gotten you……"

"I just won't submit to their, their, brainwashing!! If they try to force you to be something that you're not then who are-----" Obi-Wan stopped realizing where he'd dug himself into (Well, that's your problem. You don't even know who you are to start with. Billy calls you 456 cause you don't even know your name). It hurt.

"Aw, sorry to have asked." She knew how much it hurt him to not know himself. " So, what did they do to you? I've got some stuff that I could put on that" Billy gently put her hand on Obi's shoulders frowning when he winced under her touch, "C'mon, then after we can get back to work"

"What about the guards? They'll be expecting me" Obi-Wan protested weakly but Billy brushed his worries aside and ruffled his hair, "Don't worry, you know how lazy they are. They won't know that you've been released until about 2 hours later. Plenty of time."

Obi allowed himself to be led back down the hall to a dormitory. "They sent the Juanks out after me" he shuddered at the memory of being hunted by the red-eyed beings, "I wasn't concentrating and they unconsciously herded me back to where I started. I panicked. They caught me. After roughing me up a bit outside the house they took me inside and 're-educated' me. That's all there is to it. Although now, apparently I have a transmitter beacon, a pain-inflector and a terminator inside me. You know, the usual." Obi-Wan laughed bitterly wondering where the idea of 'normality' came from. "They waited till I was unconscious to plant them, I'm guessing so that I can't find where they are and dig them out" the boy shrugged. "Next time, I'll make it"

"There won't be a next time!" Billy was shocked. "Next time they'll kill you or worse"

"I'd rather be dead then working here. This is a living hell!"

"456, listen to me. If you try again, they won't spare you. If they do, it will be just so that you can watch someone else suffer. Do you understand what I'm telling you? 456, do you realize? I don't want to see you die!" Billy shook the boy rather roughly only realizing what she was doing when he stiffened under her touch. "Sorry 456, but tell me, PROMISE me that you won't do it!"

Obi-Wan muttered under his breath.

"What? You can't try again! Do you understand what they could do to you? They could re-sell you, feed you to the Juanks, toture you slowly, or worse" she shivered involuntary. But then switched her glare back onto the boy who wasn't meeting her eyes, "456. Please, listen to what I say. You don't want to end up like the boys I see, broken, defeated, no longer innocent." She put her fingers under the boys chin and forced him to look into her eyes. The eyes she stared into made her flinch inside. They were sea-green, with an undercurrent of determination swirling in their depths. Although slightly clouded with pain they were sharp, alert and irreversibly sad. Billy came to a decision.

"You're not going to promise me are you?" The words were merely a whisper.

"No". Such a simple mono-syllable, but meaning so much. The consequences attached to such a word were enormous.

"I thought so", Billy sighed, "Fine, I will help you."

Obi-Wan looked panic-stricken and stuttered, "B-but you're a girl! If they catch you, t-t-they'll take advantage of you, the 'deodorant' won't protect you. You can't do it Billy, I don't think I could live with it if, if—"

Billy laughed breaking the tension, "Do you think I haven't thought of that before? Do you think I've never been faced with that situation before? Don't worry, I can hold my own. You don't seem to realize that just because you're boy that's not going to stop them. There are some sick perverts in the world out there 456."

Obi-Wan blinked (No, that actually hadn't occurred to me) "But still Billy I can't condone you helping me, think of the trouble that you'll get into to."

"Listen to yourself! Wasn't I the one saying this to you just a couple of seconds ago? Look, I think we both realize the risks now. We're not stupid, no matter what the masters think……." Billy suddenly grinned, "Maybe we can finally find out what I should call you! 456 sounds slightly harsh. Now come on, let me dress these cuts or else we'll both get reprimanded for being late for duties" And with that, the conversation about escape was closed.

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