chapter 1

"How the hell did he get away?" Batgirl screamed as she angrily stepped out of the Batmobile.

"Calm down," Batman growled. "Anger clouds your judgement. You're getting out of control."

"Out of control?" She spat. "Whatever, Bruce. This is personal now." Barbara pulled her cowl from her head, letting her red hair fall free down her shoulders. She dropped the cowl on the closest work bench. "The Joker has fucked with us for the last damn time. I know we don't kill, but he fucking deserves it. It's a never ending cycle! He causes chaos, we put him in Arkham, he escapes and the whole thing repeats!" She threw her hands up as she paced.

"Barbara…" Bruce warned.

"Oh, shut up, Bruce," She hissed. "Don't get all self-righteous on me now. You know the thought has crossed your mind before."

"I would never dream of killing someone," He said in a low voice.

"Everyone has, Bruce. Don't lie." She glared at him as she stripped her hands of her bright yellow gloves and ran her fingers through her hair. "You're just as sick as the rest of us," She added as an after thought. Something inside Bruce snapped and his self control faltered, ending up with him slamming Barbara against the wall, pinning her there with his body and holding her shoulders tightly to the metal. She looked up at him with wide eyes, shocked by his sudden aggression. He'd yelled at her before, many times, actually but he had never gotten physical. Her heart was pounding in her chest from the adrenaline.

He scowled down at her. "Don't you dare try telling me the thoughts that go on inside my head. You have no idea." She couldn't fathom a response, and instead just stared into his dark eyes. The black eye make-up was still slightly clinging on, but smudgy and added a dramatic effect that he didn't need. His hair was wild and his eyes were gleaming as he stared down at her with a tight jaw. He leaned forward in a flash, crushing his lips to hers and she gasped against his brutal kiss, her eyes wide open in surprise and found that his were open too. They were hooded and filled with lust and he was watching her reaction, sucking it all in and basking in it. What was he doing? This was Bruce! She felt dizzy with confusion. This was unreal. She pushed her hands against his chest and he stepped back, breathing hard.

"What the hell?" She demanded.

"Shut up, Barbara," He said, shaking his head. He grabbed her again by her hips and kissed her again, making her whimper in confusion. She couldn't deny that he knew what he was doing. His lips moved expertly with hers and when his tongue came out to stroke her bottom lip, she moaned loudly into his mouth, making him grunt in response. His hands slid down to roughly grab her ass and then further, down to her thighs to yank her legs up and over his hips. She gasped, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly as he carried her across the room, never letting the kiss even slightly falter. He carried her easily from the Bat Cave and her heart rate spiked again.

"What about Alfred?" She whispered.

"He's not here. Shush," He told her, capturing her soft lips in his. She decided to relax into his grip, let him take her lips how he pleased. It did feel so good, and she couldn't deny the fact that this entire ordeal was terribly erotic. She had never lusted for him before but now… Now she realized that there had always been tension there, something unspoken that dangled between them and neither of them were able to grasp. Her hips bucked against his as he took her up the stairs and his breathing was harsh against her upper lip. When they finally reached his bedroom, he dropped her wantonly onto his large bed and she watched him with a heaving chest as he started to strip himself of his armor. How had she never realized how beautiful he was? In the dim lighting of the bedroom, the planes of his chest and the shadows casted by his body were simply magnificent. She wanted to touch him, slide her fingers across his skin, taste the hard peaks of his pecks on her tongue, squeeze the delicious muscles that made up his biceps… She wanted it all. He was silent as he passionately started to strip her of her armor, kissing her between breaths and touching all the skin that was revealed to him. When she finally lay naked before him, his eyes trailed over her body until they landed on her panties. They were black and utterly plain except for the bottoms. They were made of lace. He didn't know why that got to him so much. He shuddered and pulled her into him for another kiss, grabbing one of her breasts in one hand and winding the other in her fiery red hair.

"Ugh, Bruce," She moaned as he pinched and pulled her nipple. His heart sped up in response to her moaning his name and he began sucking on the skin of her neck, knowing happily that he'd be leaving a hickey. "I want you…" She breathed into his ear as her fingers slid into his dark hair. He breathed hard against her skin, hot and heavy.

"Vice versa," He grunted, rubbing his hips up against her crotch. She felt his large erection in his boxers and she shivered, imagining it inside of her. She'd only been with one guy before, her boyfriend, Dick — her body froze momentarily. Dick… Her stomach dropped, but it wasn't in a sick, anxious way… It seemed to fall straight to her groin and a rush of wetness soaked her panties in the knowledge that she was sleeping with their mentor, about to have his cock buried inside of her… She was angry at herself for not feeling guilty, but she couldn't. She was aroused even further. Bruce's fingers yanked Barbara's underwear to the side and he took his cock from his pants, making Barbara moan at the sight. His member was thick and long, seven inches or so, with a few prominent veins leading up the shaft to the blushing red tip. A milky white bead of precome dotted the top and he rubbed it slowly into the head with his thumb while he stared at Barbara's wet, pink pussy. "Even prettier than I imagined it," He hissed and she felt her clit throb again. Had he fantasized about her before? Had he pulled his cock as he sat in this very bed as he imagined fucking her, even while she was home, fucking her boyfriend, his partner? It was so disgustingly dirty that her hips bucked into the air and she whimpered, needing him inside of her.

As he readied his cock at her cunt, probing her smooth, damp hole, she grasped his biceps and whispered, "How long have you wanted to take me, Bruce?"

He met her eyes and flashed a charming smile. "Oh, Barbara," He purred back. "Longer than you know." He forced his hips forward and she moaned gutturally as he stretched her open for him. He slid deep inside, her slick canal making easy entrance for him. He wasted no time to begin thrusting in and out of her. She felt the walls of her pussy hugging him tightly, pulling him in. Every movement of his pelvis brushed up against her clitoris, making her cry out in pleasure. Her fingernails dug into the touch skin of his shoulders and he grunted, speeding up his movements in response. Her legs splayed out, letting him bury himself as deep as he could inside of her. "You're so…" He grunted again, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as he slammed hard. "So tight," He breathed.

"Harder," She begged, her head rolling to the side as her back arched under him. "Please, oh… Oh, my god!" He licked his fingers as he watched her and lowered them between her legs, vigorously stroking her swollen clit. Her legs jerked violently and she screamed in his ear, scraping her nails down his back.

Bruce panted as he pounded into her, hitting her cervix on one thrust and then over correcting by sliding perfectly against her g-spot on her back wall. The mix of pain and pleasure was stupefying and she cried out, a high pitched wordless whimper that made Bruce's cock twitch inside of her, thickening even further. Bruce leaned down to grab her lips in his again, unable to move his lips, unable to take his focus from his cock thrusting in and out of her, but he let his lips brush against hers even then. Barbara whined into his mouth, moving her hips up into the air to allow him deeper access into her depths. His chest was sweaty as it pressed against hers, her breasts smashing into his chest, her hard nipples scraping against his skin causing a delicious sort of friction. Her nipples were terribly sensitive and it made her cunt squeeze together tightly around him. Barbara opened her eyes to see him and he pulled his lips away to stare back. "What are you think, Babs?" He whispered, slowing his thrusts to a torturous rhythm.

She hesitated. What was she thinking? She was thinking this was the best sex she'd ever had. She was thinking that she couldn't believe this was happening. She was thinking how full she felt being taken by his large cock. She was thinking that she loved that she was fucking Bruce and not Dick. Instead, she told him, "I'm thinking we should do this more often." Her lips pulled into a sly grin. Taking him by surprise, she roughly rolled them over so that he was on his back and she was on top, grinding on his member slowly and then switching to riding him, gaining speed. She flipped her sweaty red hair over her shoulder and tipped her head back as she rode him, bouncing on his thick rod. Bruce was intoxicated by her beauty and the delicious feeling of her wet tightness sliding up and down on him. Her breasts bounced with every movement and her hair was flipped over her. She looked unruly and natural, naked to him and it was beautiful.

"Take your panties off," He grunted. She grinned that devious smirk again and then rose off of him to slip them down her smooth thighs. She dropped them on his chest before lowering herself back down on him tantalizingly slow. "You dirty little tease," He growled, grabbing her hips and jerking her down on his cock. Barbara cried out, her pussy grasping at him in pleasure. She humped against him beastially, trying to use his body to rub her clit. He grabbed her wrists in his hand and then wrapped his other arm around her waist, lifting her up and pounding into her from below. She screamed loudly, her voice vibrated by the forces of his thrusts.

"It feels… So good…" She could've cried. Her head dropped to his shoulder and he buried his face in her bright hair, slamming home. "More… More, Bruce," She gasped. "Oh! Ahh… Oh, God… Uhh!"

"Barbara," He growled into her hair. "Come for me."

"I'm so close," She moaned. He went harder, fucking her with as much ferocity as he could manage. It only took a few more moments and his lips sucking her erect nipple into his mouth for her to shatter. She writhed on top of him, tensing and contorting in her pleasure as she screamed, coming apart beside him while he fucked her, watching her with delicious need. "Ahh!" She screamed, biting down hard on his shoulder to gain control of herself.

"Good girl," He purred, flipping them over so that he could fuck her as he pleased while she shuddered, coming down from her orgasm. Sweat gathered on his hairline from the exertion of his powerful thrusts. The climax builded inside of him, making his cock swell inside of her as he was about to bust. He bit down roughly on her nipple and the screams she made threw him over the edge. He forced his cock as deep as it could go in so that his semen shot deep inside of her. He shut his eyes tight and thrusted again as another jet of come shot out. His thrusts lazily slowed to a stop inside of her as he emptied his sperm into her womb. He collapsed beside her, sweaty and panting, his chest heaving. Barbara's breasts rose and fell with her exhausted gasps. As their post orgasmic bliss fell, she sucked in a harsh breath. She just slept with Bruce Wayne, her mentor, her boyfriend's father practically. He was roughly fifteen years older than her, for God's sake. Her clit throbbed gently in response and her legs twitched to chase the pleasure. Her whole life, the only sex she'd had was classic vanilla, missionary, sweet and loving… Now she was having rough, passionate sex with someone she most definitely wasn't supposed to, lying naked on his bed, spread eagle, a huge mess of their come between her legs, dripping from her pussy…

A slow, lazy grin made it's way to her lips. Barbara had never felt better.

My first completely Bats on Bats story! I hope everyone liked it!