"You've been tying bow ties since you were 5, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"Cooper either help or shut up." Blaine tried again but his hands were shaking too hard to be nimble. His brother batted them away and knotted the thing expertly.

"How can you be nervous? Isn't this what you l've wanted for the last 6 years?"

"Maybe longer. What if he changes his mind?"

"He's always been a flight risk, I'll give you that."

Blaine threw a comb at his brother, "Not comforting Coop!"

"Comforting is the best man's job and since I'm just a groomsman..."

"This again? I told you, Sam"s been around for all of it."

"Yeah yeah, what's blood?" Cooper teased.

Sam skittered into the room looking more harried than the groom. "Your cell won't stop!"

"Who is it?"

Sam pulled it from his jacket pocket, 212 number, no name."

"That's Kurt's phone." Blaine held out his hand and answered.

"Kurt Hummel's phone."

"May I speak to Mr. Hummel?"

"I'm sorry, he's indisposed at the moment. Can I take a message?"

"This is Jerry Mitchell, any idea when I might be able to speak to him?"

Blaine went pale and sat hard. "This is Blaine, we met at Kurt's callback. We're getting married in about a half hour but if you need to speak to him immediately I can get the phone over to him."

"Mazel tov, I hope you don't have a long honeymoon planned."

"A week in... Wait, what?"

"Give your husband a wedding gift, he's my lead in Boy From Oz. First read through is May 17. I'll have all the details emailed over later."

"Thank you! Thank you so much! He'll be thrilled. Thank you!"

"Enjoy the downtime, it's going to be long hours soon. Congratulations again on the wedding."

Blaine thanked the director another million times and disconnected.

The others wanted to know what the call was all about but Blaine kept his lips sealed.

In a room on the other side of Dalton Academy's vast campus Kurt looked in the mirror and sighed heavily. He'd sent Mercedes to find his phone which he thought was in his bag but wasn't. He needed to call the florist and ensure they remembered the forget me nots he'd added last minute for the space they'd leave at the family table for his mother. He wouldn't relax until he spoke to the caterers and knew the 300 pulled sugar bow ties he'd ordered for the dessert plates arrived in tact.

"Why aren't you dressed?" Rachel looked beautiful, a vision, but her voice cut threw Kurt like nails on a chalk board.

"I need my phone, I need to check details."

"Your phone has been confiscated so you don't drive yourself and everyone else crazy with details. Sit down."

He sat beside her on an overstuffed sofa and let her take his hands. "You and Blaine have planned a beautiful event but when it comes down to it is today about the right food, the perfect flowers?"

"A little." Kurt knew what she was getting at but was too preoccupied to give in to schmaltz.

Rachel decided it was time for tough love. She stood, still holding his hands. "All I know is if I still could I'd marry Finn in the Port Authority bathroom with nothing but rats for witnesses. You're worried about linens, but I promise you if you knew this was your last day with Blaine nothing but loving him would matter."

She turned to leave with Kurt calling his apology after her.

"It's fine, just, don't be afraid to let today touch your heart okay?"

"I promise"

Alone again he locked the door and stripped, taking a moment to shake out his nerves. Rachel's words batted at him, not the ones about Finn, though he ached for her knowing if the tables were turned he'd be devastated. Instead it was her parting words that echoed in his mind as he reached for his tux. Tugging on the pants he smiled at a memory;

"Kurt I love you but isn't this just a wee bit over the top?"

Kurt snatched the magazine away from him, "You"re always so critical of my style choices. I'm the one who worked for Vogue you know."

Blaine had to laugh "When? When have I been critical of your style choices?"

"Prom. I created that stunning ensemble and you sided with my father."

They were playing, it wasn't an actual fight, just a skirmish to ease the wedding planning tensions but still Blaine was hoping Kurt wasn't serious about his choice.

"You wore a skirt. You wanted to push a point that only a few months before you were afraid to say out loud, but if you really want to wear a pink, crushed velvet suit for our wedding I'll do what I did at prom, I'll go, hold your hand and love you."

Shoving the magazine back in Blaine's hands Kurt coo'd, "do you really hate it? Nick Rhodes looked so chic in it at his wedding."

"In 1980- something. He was the most flamboyant member of a band known for being over the top." Blaine looked at it a little longer, " You would look amazing in it."

"Wouldn't I? But I'd do it in lavender, the pink is a little on the nose for a gay wedding."

Blaine had kissed him quickly and told him he was on board if it would make Kurt happy.

That was the last time they'd discussed what he would wear except when Blaine asked for a color swatch to ensure his suit would compliment his fiancé's.

Of course Kurt had no intention of wearing the velvet suit, he was messing with Blaine, but also trying to keep him from snooping about his actual suit.

He knew it was a silly tradition that didn't truly apply but he didn't want Blaine to see what he was wearing until the wedding.

Instead of velvet which would have been ludicrous at a spring wedding, he wore a slim fit black suit with the most subtle pattern and sheen. The jacket had a satin shawl collar in lavender with matching strips at the breast and front pockets. Under the jacket he wore a black 3 button vest and black dress shirt. A lavender bow tie completed the ensemble. He had no idea what Blaine would wear, though he had asked Isabelle to have a look just to make sure there were no Capri pants or wild color choices involved.

Blaine had welcomed her input at his final fitting. He'd chosen a heather grey Jean Ives tux in a modern slim fit. It resembled a morning suit in the way it cut in but did not have tails. He too chose a 3 button vest, in the same grey as his suit. His bow tie was grey, shirt white, he'd chosen a pocket square and socks to match his future husband's lavender. Reporting back she'd said simply, "You have a very dapper groom."

Fully dressed with 10 minutes to spare he fussed over his hair until his Dad knocked at the door.

"You ready kid?"

"I'm ready."

He handed his son an envelope, "from Blaine".

Kurt looked worried, "He didn't pull a Miss Pillsbury and run off did he?"

"Relax, he gave it to me yesterday and told me to give it to you now. I'll give you a minute." Burt stepped outside.

My Darling Kurt,

I cannot wait to see you, take your hands in mine and speak our vows, sealing us as one forever but I know sometimes you fear the permanent.

If in this moment you are worried about this being a mistake please don't go through with it.

When I see you come to me I want to know you do so without reservation, as I do to you.

I love you with all I am and hope with my entire being to see you in mere moments.

Yours always, Blaine