The photos were more fun than anyone expected. They did serious, silly, family, friends and every imaginable combination thereof.

Whenever possible Kurt held Blaine's hand, or Blaine snuck a kiss to Kurt's cheek.

When The Anderson Hummel's were announced for the first time Kurt forgot to check that the linens were the way he'd directed (they were), or the cake was adorned with a single petal he'd kept from the flowers Blaine had sent as an apology when he'd cheated. Even Blaine didn't know it was there, or even existed but for Kurt it was an important symbol of his never having really given up on them, and his true acceptance of Blaine, all of him.

The petal was there, but all he cared about was his husband's face, beaming at him.

They said no to the awkward receiving line, everyone hates them anyway. Instead they decided to do their first dance immediately so the floor would be open should the spirit move anyone.

The plan had always been to dance to Come What May but when Blaine held his hand out for his husband to join him Kurt didn't recognize the music.

Through a clenched smile he asked, "You changed our song?"

"I wrote you a new one, I hope you don't mind."

Rachel and Quinn sang Blaine's words, an emotional unfolding of the story of finding the other half of your heart.

Kurt swayed in his arms and whispered, "You're forgiven. This is a beautiful surprise, thank you."

"I've got another one but you have to wait."

Kurt pouted but Blaine only laughed and kissed his lips getting a loud "Woo" from their guests.

Sliding into their places at the head table they had to laugh as Puck took to the stage for his MC duties.

Puck looked like a straight arrow in his uniform but as soon as he opened his mouth it was clear he was still the Puck they knew and loved.

"So ah, thank you Rachel and Quinn for that awesome song, Blaine wrote that, guys so uh, yeah, thanks for setting the bar so high dude. Just so you know Quinn, I'm not doing that for our wedding."

During the cocktail hour guests had munched on lobster spring rolls, chicken curry sate and miniature heirloom tomato margarita pizzas. The happy couple hadn't gotten a single bite so when the first course was served they wanted to dive in.

Unfortunately they barely got the first bite of marinated haricot vert with goat cheese, pine nuts, micro greens and Basil Vinaigrette to their mouths the silverware was being tinkled against glasses for them to kiss.

Good sports that they were they obliged then each quickly grabbed a bite of salad before Sam was standing with a glass of Champagne in one hand and a microphone in the other.

"Hi, if I could have everyone's attention. I'll try to be quick so we can all get back to the Uh, salad? Salad. My name is Sam if you don't know me and I'm the best man. I got really nervous when they told me I'd have to make a speech but then Blaine told me to just talk about how I feel about him and Kurt.

I gotta tell you, when I first met them I wasn't sure what to think. I'm a Christian and I thought I was supposed to believe that two guys was against God. The thing is, Blaine is my best friend, and when you see your best friend head over heels in love, when you see his whole heart beats just for this other person, you realize that God is about love and He couldn't help but approve of two people who love each other this much. So If I could have everyone stand and raise their glasses, I'd like to propose a toast to my best friend and the man who makes him the happiest guy in the world. To Blaine and Kurt."

"Before everyone sits, I'd like to make a toast as well." Rachel took the microphone from Sam. "Kurt is my best friend, and we have been through a lot together. I'm not an easy person to love, but Kurt has always stuck with me, I'd like to say thank you to him for that now, I'd also like to say thank you to Blaine. Thank you for making my best friend happy." Rachel started to cry, "I love you both so much and I'd like to toast to the first day of your happily ever after."

Burt stood and took over. "Hey everyone, I want to thank you for coming out today to celebrate the wedding of my son Kurt and my new son in law Blaine.

I'm so proud of you Kurt, always have been, you know that so I want to use my time to welcome Blaine to the family.

When you have a kid you know this other person in a way no one else ever will, in a way they don't even know themselves because you saw the parts of their lives they can't remember.

Because of that you understand how amazing they are. I look at the man my son has become and I remember counting his fingers and toes when he fit in my arm like a football. I remember all of the moments that make him unique and special and perfect, in his way.

That's thing about being a parent, you know all of this and then your kid says I'm getting married. Most parents hear this and they know, no matter who this other person is they aren't good enough. They might really like them but it don't matter because your kid is so special and only you know how special.

But see, I'm lucky, because I got Blaine. I got the kid who cared so much about my son that when they were still just friends and he was what, 15? Came to me, this big guy he barely knew at my garage, and forced me into one of the most difficult conversations of my life. He didn't know if I was gonna punch his lights out but he knew Kurt was worth it. He put my son over himself, and I've been here to see the two of them love and support each other through some hard times.

See, that's when a Dad measures love. Watching them sing together, go to dinner, hearing them talk about plans for the future, that's kid stuff. The real part starts when you have disagreements, misunderstandings, when life just gets in the way. No one gets it right 100 percent of the time but being able to come together and find your way through those things together, that's love.

So I have always been lucky to be the father of an amazing boy, and now I am twice as lucky to add his husband to our family. Blaine, you are everything I could have asked for for my son, welcome."

The men hugged.

Blaine remained standing, "Kurt and I said we wouldn't make speeches now. We said what we wanted to say in our vows. I do however want to make a toast to my husband, who is about to take Broadway by storm, I'm so proud of you my love."

Kurt grabbed his hand, "Blaine, what are you doing? Don't tell everyone, they'll expect me to get the part."

Ignoring him Blaine raised his glass, "So join me in toasting my husband, who just today was given the lead role in the next Broadway smash, Boy From Oz!"

He leaned down and whispered, "Surprise." Before kissing his stunned husbands lips.

By the time the speeches were over the boys were watching their uneaten entrees be whisked away.

While the cheesecake and chocolate truffles were served Kurt and Blaine went table to table to greet and thank their guests. Everyone wanted their special memory with the happy couple and the selfies with the grooms were fun at first but getting old by table four.

The cake cutting was sweet, Kurt had made Blaine promise not to smash cake in his face and he kept that promise. Well, to a degree. He made no promises about not dipping his fingers in frosting, "accidentally" smearing it on Kurt's jawline and then kissing it off.

Kurt whispered that he'd regret that later but placed Blaine's bite gently in his mouth.