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"Korra wait!" Asami yelled after the fuming avatar.

"When I said go home I didn't mean by yourself! You're too drunk to be alone!" Asami shouted after Korra.

"I'm the Avatar, I'll be fine," Korra responded without turning around.

Asami tried to chase after her but it was hard weaving through the crowd and she eventually lost sight of her. Asami was scanning the crowd from her spot on the dance floor when Mako and the rest of the gang found her.

"What happened?" Mako asks.

"Korra and I got in a fight and she stormed off. We have to go find her." Asami utters.

"No." Mako and Kuvira say in unison.

Mako side eyed Kuvira but continued talking.

"Bo and I will go after her." Mako said softly grabbing her arm.

"What? Mako, I have to go with you!" Asami exclaimed.

"No, you don't." Mako replied.

"Yes I do! Korra was just being chased by crazy benders who were trying to kill her. How can you expect me to sit here and do nothing?" Asami yelled.

"Asami, you need this. You've been cooped up in your workshop for weeks. You need time to relax, so just relax. Bolin and I can handle this. I know you want to help but Korra's not in danger, she's just drunk." Mako explained.

"Yeah, besides she probably needs sometime to cool off. We were having a good time, don't let this ruin the night." Kuvira added.

Asami sucked her teeth at Kuvira's comment.

"Come on Bo, she couldn't have gotten too far." Mako said turning to his brother.

"Alright. Goodnight guys." Bolin said heading towards the exit with Mako.

Asami wasn't happy about letting Mako and Bolin go find Korra without her but Mako was right. Korra wasn't in danger anymore. However that wasn't what kept her from chasing after Korra herself.

"Alright, why don't we go back to the table?" Kuvira spoke, leaning in to grab Asami's hand.

"No. I think I'm going to go get a drink. You can head back to the table by yourself." Asami said turning her attention to the taller woman.

"Why are you getting mad with me?" Kuvira asked confused.

"Really? Oh, I don't know, maybe because you thought it was okay to egg Korra on. You knew she was drunk but you just added to her stupidity instead of trying to defuse the situation." Asami shouted.

"No I wasn't. I-" Kuvira tried to explain.

"Don't play dumb Kuvira, it doesn't suit you. I saw the look you had on your face. You were enjoying it. How you could find that funny is beyond me. I don't want to talk to you either." Asami said brushing past Kuvira and heading to the bar.

Kuvira stared dumbfounded as Asami walked off. Hina wraped her hand around Kuvira's arm and gave it a soft squeeze.

"Come on. She needs time to cool down, just come back to the table with me." Hina directed.

Kuvira bowed her head saddened but followed her sister to the table.

Korra was undoubtedly wasted. That was made clear by how much time it took her to realize that yelling yip yip while sitting on a shrub that resembled Appa would not actually get her home. She clumsily got off the brush when a stray goat dog started nibbling at her ankles.

"Noo. Stop it. Shoo. Go away." Korra slurred.

She stumbled backwards almost falling into oncoming traffic.

"Whoa! Okay. I need to get home." Korra said trying to steady herself.


Korra spun around after hearing her name and thought better of it when the world didn't stop spinning. She heard muffled running and felt a hand on her back before she threw up what was left of the alcohol she drank.

"Ugh really, this was a new suit!" Bolin cried out.

"I'll buy you a new one help me get her up." Mako said.

Mako and Bolin safely got Korra back to air temple island without alerting anyone to the very drunk Korra they were currently carrying. They cleaned her up as best as they could and laid her down in her bed, before heading towards the male side of the temple.

"You think she'll be alright?" Bolin asked Mako.

"Yeah, she threw up most of the alcohol on you so she could sleep it off. She'll probably have a mean hangover tomorrow though." Mako replied.

Sated by Mako's answer, Bolin felt better about leaving Korra alone in her room. An hour later Asami, Kuvira, and Hina were back on the island as well. Asami hadn't spoken much to Kuvira the rest of the time they spent at the lounge and Hina decided it would be best to just head home. Hina told Asami goodnight and headed off to her room, however, Kuvira had other plans.

"Asami wait." Kuvira said in a hushed voice.

"Yes." Asami said in a harsh tone.

"I'm sorry for how I behaved. I'm not usually like that and I don't know what came over me. I guess I let my ego get the best of me. I just don't want you to go to bed mad at me." Kuvira said.

Asami sighed, "It's fine. There was a lot going on tonight. Let's just get some sleep."

"Can I, try and make it up to you? Maybe take you out tomorrow? I promise it won't end up like tonight." Kuvira asked timidly.

"I don't know if that' a good idea. I think I need some time to clear my head" Asami answered.

Kuvira's head dropped slightly but her face stayed emotionless.

"Yeah, okay. No problem. I'll just go then." Kuvira said turning to leave.

Asami grabbed the other woman's hand to stop her from walking away.

"It's not you. I like you, it's just- I think I just need some time to be alone." Asami explained.

"It's fine, I get it. You have a thing for Korra." Kuvira said.

"What! I-I never said-"

"You didn't have to. It was obvious that you like her. You were staring at her the whole time she was at the bar with that chick. Trust me I get it. She hot and she's the avatar, who wouldn't like her right?" Kuvira said pulling her arm out of Asami's grasp.

"Kuvira I-"

"That doesn't mean I'm going to give up. I know you may like someone else, but I like you. I've always prided myself on always getting what I want. This is may be different and not something I can throw mere force and tactics at but I'm determined to get you to at least go on a date with me. It's not every day that you meet someone who can light up a room like you. I can't let this opportunity slip through my fingers, even if that means going up against the Avatar."

Kuvira was nervous but she got through her speech and bid Asami goodnight. She knew she'd have to give Asami the space she needed but that didn't mean she'd have to give up on her. Asami stood in the hallway shocked as she watched Kuvira walk away. She's been pursued by men and women before but the intensity in her voice sparked a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time. Wanted.

Tonight took a completely unexpected turn. Asami never imagined she'd have so many thoughts running through her mind after, what was supposed to be, a simple night out on the town. She sighed and turned and walk towards the bathroom, hoping a shower could help wash away some of the stress this evenings activities brought on.

The shower was longer than expected. The hot water pouring over her skin felt too good to relinquish and Asami ended up spending an hour cleansing her mind as the water cleansed her body. It was well after two in the morning when Asami finally started making her way back to her bedroom. The bed was calling her name so much so that she actually thought she heard her name being whispered in the hallway.

"Wait, that sounds like Korra." Asami said aloud.

Her and Korra's rooms were rather close. When Korra had lost her bending and ability to walk Asami asked Pema and Tenzin if she could stay on the island to take care of her. That included having the closest room to her, in case Korra needed help getting to the bathroom or needed someone to help sooth her nightmares. Knowing that Korra could be in peril in her sleep again, Asami walked to her room. She softly opened the door and the sight of Korra had tears pricking her eyes.

Korra was tossing and turning in bed, her fists clenched tight in the sheets. The sweat from her body glistening in the moonlight shining in through her window. Slowly Asami closed the door and walked to Korra's bedside. Asami knew she was having that dream again. The memory that plagued Korra even while she was sound asleep and safe in her bed. The energy in the room felt wrong and Asami could tell if she didn't calm her quickly Korra would wake up screaming and gasping for air.

"Asami, Asami," Korra chanted in a strained voice.

Her voice was horse and scratchy, filled with pain and fear. It sounded so small to Asami's ears. It was not the strong booming voice she'd grown accustomed to. The one filled with joy and love. This was vulnerable; an open wound that felt too deep to ever heal properly.

Asami was nervous. The last time she had done what she was about to do, Korra had asked her to. She was awake and scared but she consisted to Asami's embrace. This was different. This was what caused their distance in the first place, but Asami had no other choice. Korra was way past the point of just gently nudging her awake. So Asami closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and pulled back the covers to lay beside Korra. She pulled her close as softly as she could, her face only inched away from Korra's. She moved her head up slightly, allowing Korra's to slide in the gap just under her chin and rubbed her back slowly.

"Shhhh, it's okay Korra. You're safe. I'm here. I'm right here." Asami whispered.

Korra's tense body began to relax as Asami cradled her in her arms. The low calls of her name stopped as Asami whispered into Korra's ear. Korra's breathing began to slow and even out. She was coming own from that impossibly high ledge her nightmare had led her to. Still sleep and unknowingly, Korra wrapped her arms around Asami pulling her closer. Clad in nothing but their underwear Asami gasped and blushed as her bare skin was flush against Korra's.

Korra's heart began beating faster again. Asami could feel the ponding in her chest with the lack of space between them. Korra held her tighter, muttering something Asami couldn't quite make out. Asami leaned her head closer, petting Korra's hair as she did so trying to decipher what she was saying.

"Don't hate me. Asami. Please don't hate me." Korra rasped out.

Silent tears fell from Asami's eyes as she finally figured out what Korra was saying.

"What was she dreaming? Why would she say that? How could she ever think I would hate her?"