Glynda sighed as she viewed the holocasts weather predictions. The next week called for snow and freezing temperatures, this in addition to the current week's start of six feet of snow in both Vale and Beacon Academy, effectively putting Vale into hibernation as the residents chose to wait out the storm.

Ozpin, unfortunately for Glynda's sake, thought it best to do the exact same thing.

"Ozpin, with all due respect..." Glynda began, turning from the holo-screen to face Ozpin, who was sitting at his desk, calmly sipping on a mug of hot coffee.

"Yes, Glynda?" Ozpin responded, setting his mug down on the desk to give Glynda his full attention.

Glynda fidgeted with collar temporarily before setting her hands at her side. "Why not have the students dig Beacon out of this blizzard?" Glynda fidgeted in place again as she continued, "We wouldn't be stuck here, and the students that need to return home for the winter could safely leave during the evening when the skies are clearer."

Ozpin paused, thinking Glynda's words over. "While you do make a excellent case, Glynda, I'm afraid Beacon needs to stay put. Sure, we could use the students to dig out the school, giving them a great example of teamwork and group effort-"

Ozpin paused again, taking a long sip from his mug, setting it back down again before he resumed speaking.

"-but at the risk of the students quite literally making out in the spring term. And you and I both know making out will be the tamest thing to expect from children at these ages, sheltered from outside contact, and stuck with people of both the same and opposite sex for prolonged periods of time..."

Glynda nervously gulped as metaphorical images flew across her brain. Blushing, she nodded. "But Ozpin, you do realize a good portion of our female students are more...aggressive in certain areas?" Glynda cautiously worded, trying to skirt around a delicate subject.

Ozpin grinned as a list of names and pictures appeared behind him. "I most certainly do, Glyna. If you look behind me, you can see I've kept a "eye" of sorts on these special students of ours, including one Miss CinderFall, be she in disguise or not."

Glynda shuddered. "The only name not on the list besides my own is-"

"Ruby Rose." Ozpin finished. "Glynda, have classes cancelled for the next two weeks, and all students remain inside Beacon Academy until told otherwise." Ozpin took another swig from his mug, before standing to leave. "You know Glynda, my quarters is always open if you need somewhere to rest." He mentioned as he walked out of the room.

Yang Xiao Long boringly stared out the window, watching the snow fall from inside her shared room with the rest of Team RWBY. "Being stuck at Beacon for the week was not at all what I had planned."

"That makes two of us." Blake Belladonna and Weiss Schnee chimed in at the same time, quickly shooting the other a glare of contempt before laughing.

Weiss lay in bed, the sheets wrapped around her as she read through both a light novel and a detailed manual on running a corporation.

Blake preferred to be without sheets as she sketched in a large private artbook.

Yang turned back to look at the laughing duo. "What's got you two mortal rivals giggling like schoolgirls?"

Weiss rolled her eyes as she ignored Yang's joke. "Har har har, Yang's humor hits dead center again." She commented bluntly.

Yang laughed. "Oh come on, my humor isn't that bad."

Blake flattened her cat ears, having removed her bow earlier as her ears were hot. " is. Some new material wouldn't hurt either. No harm meant, Yang."

Yang waved off Blake's comment. "Ah, you're right. I suppose I've finally run out of jokes, or I'm at least scraping the bottom of the barrel. But where to get new humor from..." She mused, starting to pace on the floor.

Yang's train of thought was interrupted as the intercom in the halls rang through the open doorway.

"To all students: Due to resulting inclement conditions surrounding Vale and Beacon Academy, classes and all extra-curricular activities have been suspended for two weeks, or until the snowstorm lets up. Recommended Curfew has been extended to midnight, and the gym, spa, and food hall are now open 24/7 to all qualifying students. Thank you, and stay safe."

As soon as the announcement ended, Yang rushed to door, quickly closing the entrance to Team RWBY's room. She noticed Pyrrha of Team JNPR do likewise with Nora behind her.

"Ladies, do you know what this means?" Yang excitedly asked as she watched a visible bulge appear underneath Weiss' sheets and Blake's art book raise itself off her lap.

Blake and Weiss both blushed.

"Two weeks of hiding from everyone for fear of being called a freak?" Weiss cowered.

"Two weeks of torture having to look at sweaty women and unable to do anything about it?" Blake added.

Yang sighed at her comrades lack of enthusiasm.

Yang grinned triumphantly. "It means these two weeks are our heaven sent mating season!"

Weiss and Blake both cowered again at the prospect of a mating season.

Yang groaned in frustration as she threw her jacket off, pitching her scarf on the desk across the room. "Alright, apparently nobody gave either of you the third gender talk. On my bed, now. Ruby's making cookies, so we've got time for a quick explanation of how things work."

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