Phyrra daintily yawned and stretched as she arose from Ruby's bed, the younger having slept on the floor in a cute black sleeping bag imitating a Beowolf, with the top portion surrounding Ruby's head shaped like the Grimm's mouth.

The champion rolled from the bed, stretching luxuriously. "HERGH... ahh. That's the stuff. Now where are my clothes?"

Ruby groggily rubbed her eyes. "I think you brought them into the room..." She paused to yawn as she raised her arms up, shaking her head to alert herself.

"I just don't know where." Ruby shrugged as wiggled out of the sleeping bag, slowly moving from all fours to shakily stand.

"I feel an overused gun barrel." Ruby tiredly stated.

Pyrrha gulped. "Oh Ruby, I'm so sorry. I just have a... well, a real bad habit when having sex."

Ruby rested against Pyrrha's steady frame, blinking the sleep away from her eyes. "Urgh... You could have warned me."

"I'm sorry," Pyrrha said solemnly.

"Hmm mm hm mm," Weiss said from her bed. Realizing that what she had said had been badly muffled, the groggy heiress turned her head to the two awake girls. "Go back to bed."

Ruby sighed, walked to Weiss' bed, and collapsed onto her friend, shocking and smushing her. "I'm in bed honey."

Weiss recoiled as she tried to scoot away from Ruby, only succeeding in bringing the prodigy huntress head onto her shoulders as the rest of her body lay haphazardly across Weiss.

Pyrrha chuckled at Ruby and Weiss' antics, grabbing the blanket from Ruby's bed and wrapping it around her for modesty. "Is this normal? Or a recent development?"

"Very recent," Weiss grumbled as Ruby cuddled her. "Very. Recent."

Ruby giggled a little as she drew close to Weiss, as if the heiress was her personal teddy bear. "Yep...I just only found out about sex...and Blake was first...but Weiss here" Ruby paused to lazily draw a heart on Weiss' chest, "was the first to go into my womb..."

Weiss blushed a little. "Uh, right. That. Well..." Weiss didn't interfere as Ruby hugged her closer. "I liked that, I guess."

Ruby cheekily poked Weiss' cheek. "I think someone 'likes' it enough to try it again."

Weiss turned a color of scarlet that put Pyrrha's hair to shame. "I, uh, Ruby-"

"Isn't it a little early for that?" Pyrrha asked.

Ruby pulled Weiss' covers away. "Nope!"

Weiss sighed and crossed an arm over her chest, the other hand covering her groin. "Ruby, a l-l-little decency goes a long way!" She sternly lectured her now eagerly stripping compatriot.

Ruby cocked her head to the side. "Oh. Well, if you want decent, just lay back-" Ruby suggested as she gently pushed Weiss, getting the Heiress to lay back as Ruby straddled her hips against her teammates, Phryya mildly blushing as she saw this raunchy scene unfold before her.

The morning had been rather kind to Weiss, her hardened blue prick jutting from her more womanly folds. The heiress was blushing a rather fetching scarlet to contrast. "Urgh, fine, just make it quick."

"Now where's the fun in that?" Ruby asked, pushing her panties aside and grinding her moist womanhood against Weiss' penis. With a little adjustment, Ruby took Weiss' head into her vagina. "Might as well enjoy it."

Weiss defiantly crossed her arms behind her head, holding onto her elbows to keep her from grabbing anything. She and Ruby lay there motionless until Ruby sat up, slowly starting to move down the blue phallus, the glow of the member shining inside her.

Weiss mustered all the remaining energy she had as she stared Ruby down. "I don't care what you do, I'm not moving my hips. Or any part of me. So go ahead, ride me, Ruby."

Phyrra nervously fidgeted as her own penis slowly lengthened, the long horsecock sticking out from her hips. She tapped her fingers against her leg as she awkwardly contemplated what to say.

Weiss stared at Pyrrha with an intense look in her eyes. "You know, since I'm not moving, there is some free space me."

Pyrrha blinked.

Then blinked again.

"Are you...?"

Weiss turned her head away for a moment before looking back at the former Mistral champion with a look of glee in her blue eyes. "Pyrrha, I've had a crush on you and I want you. To. Fuck. Me." Weiss annunciated each word with a serious tone and flair, pulling her legs up so she could lift her hips upward.

Pyrrha gulped as the realization of Weiss' seriousness came crashing down around her brain. Her mouth dried considerably as the thought of taking Weiss on her dick finished the growth of her erection. "You want... You... Oh."

Weiss spread her legs a bit, the movement clearly an invitation. "I want. Your dick. In me. And I want it now."

Ruby giggled as she sped up her movements, bouncing a little in Weiss' cock. "Come on Pyrrha. You've got your morning wood. Why don't you let Weiss chop it down?"

Weiss and Pyrrha stared at Ruby. Then Weiss slapped Ruby across the cheek. "Dolt."

"But I'm a sexy dolt," Ruby countered, taking Weiss to the hilt and allowing the blue cock to enter her womb. "Ummm..."

Pyrrha gulped audibly, but stood up. The blanket fell away to reveal her massive horse cock and lusciously full breasts. She climbed between Weiss' legs and sidled up behind Ruby. The flat head of her dick brushed Weiss' snatch. "I'm warning you just once Weiss. I can be rather uncontrollable when I'm having sex."

Weiss rolled her eyes. "Just shut up and fuck me you bitch."

Pyrrha sighed aloud as she readied herself, grabbing Weiss' kneecaps to support herself. "If that's what you want..."

The redhead paused for a moment as she inhaled while also thrusting the head of her penis forward, already encountering resistance against Weiss' tight flower.

Pyrrha exhaled, her mood already starting to change. "Then that's what you'll get, heiress." She firmly announced, pushing hard as her dick and the first four inches rammed it's way inside Weiss, being mercilessly massaged by the rich girl's smooth honeypot.

Pyrrha grinned as she saw Weiss' face flush with delight. "I'm not even fully in, Weiss." She punctuated with a withdrawal and another deeper thrust, attempting to savor the feeling surrounding her horsemeat.

Weiss gasped as Pyrrha's thick shaft penetrated her, stretching her hole with reckless abandon. She squealed as Ruby bounced faster on her dick, her cock breaking into and leaving Ruby's womb at speed. Doubly assaulted, Weiss lost control and screamed as she came.

Pyrrha, having just managed to force nearly half of her dick into Weiss' body, came to a dead halt as Weiss' hot cunt squeezed around her. Her tongue lolled out as pleasure shattered any semblance of proper behavior. "Oh you're a tight bitch... Cumming..."

As Pyrrha's seed flooded Weiss, Ruby gasped and focused her Aura, absorbing Weiss' semen into her body. Her own orgasm was still building, so with absolutely no compunctions, she kept bouncing. "Hehehe... cowgirl on a girl being fucked by a horse cock."

Weiss moaned and squealed behind her teeth, her eyes staring at nothing as her senses overloaded. "Ugh... Oh god stop... I'm cumming... so hard..."

Pyrrha sighed and leaned forward into Ruby for support, her ample breasts pressing into Ruby's back. "Now that's a wake up call."

"I'll say," Yang said.

Blake arched an eyebrow as she swatted Yang's behind, the older blonde sister and the cat Faunus both wrapped in towels, Yang's hair put up and surrounded by a pair of silky towels.

Underneath their damp coverings, bulges formed.

Blake shed her garments to pounce atop Pyrrha, licking the girl's neck.

Yang however, stayed clothed.

"Ack! Oh, hey Blake," Pyrrha said, her rhythm and concentration disrupted. "Uh... how long have you to been there?"

"Long enough," Blake said, casually slipping her hands around Pyrrha's chest and feeling her hefty breasts. "Yang was right, these are really nice."

"Didn't you say 'what happens in bed, stays in bed'?" Pyrrha said hotly to Yang.

Yang shrugged. "Meh. What can I say: you're something to write home about."

Blake gently pinched Pyrrha's nipples. "Well, you're going at it. Room for one more?"

Ruby slowed her bouncing and glanced at the kitty Faunus. "Let's see... Pyrrha's ass and pussy, my ass, Weiss' ass, and all of our mouths. Pick a hole and enjoy."

Blake ground her barbed dick against Pyrrha's womanhood and rosebud. "I think I will."

"Now what am I supposed to do?" Yang said, having become the only modest girl in the room and looking forward to shedding the title.

Ruby bent forward to lay flush against Weiss, the heiress' dick finally slowing down it's continual pumping into Ruby.

"Why don't you join Weiss and take my rosebud at the same time? I'm sure Pyrrha and Blake can find something to do with you in the meantime." Ruby suggested as Pyrrha pulled free of Weiss', the gurk's snatch oozing out cum.

Yang licked her lips, a hungry look suffusing her face. "Hmm? Commit both sodomy and incest with my little sister?"

Yang's towel pooled around her ankles, her twin dicks spring to attention. "Count me in!"

"Do you mean that lit-" Ruby began, but Yang had already jumped behind her and sidled her top more dick up to Ruby's puckered rear. Her lower dick pressed into Weiss' pussy. Yang gently guided her other dick into Ruby's sweet, tight asshole. "That's the ticket."

For a moment, the trio of girls were still: Yang was fucking two holes, Weiss was being fucked and fucking, and Ruby was getting double penetration.

Then Yang started thrusting.

Weiss' tongue lolled out of her mouth as felt Yang's penis' large head press up against her cervix before pushing into her womb.

"Oh my goddesses..." She moaned aloud, grabbing onto Ruby to hold onto anything as her senses were on full tilt.

Ruby cooed as Yang thrusted in, loving the long and deep feeling her sister's rod gave her. She thrust back at Yang, attempting to meet the older girl's pace to no avail.

Pyrrha and Blake had different plans as they both aligned themselves for Yang's asshole, Blake slipping in first, giving out a lustful moan from her as well as Yang, before Pyrrha began to slowly push in alongside her.

Yang gasped in pain and pleasure as her ass was double fucked. "Oh crap! This is revenge for taking your ass with both of my dicks isn't it?"

"Yes," Blake admitted unapologetically. "Oooooh, you're so tight here... Ooh..."

Blake leaned forward over Yang, her dick to the hilt. Behind her, Pyrrha pressed as far forward as she could, her own self control at it's breaking point. "Oh god... I'm gonna cum soon."

Blake moaned as began to cum inside, breaking free from Yang only to wriggle off the blonde and cover her back in sperm. She paused for a moment to reinsert herself into Pyrrha. "Now this feels even better." Blake purred aloud.

Pyrrha on the other hand, struggled to thrust upwards. Every tight inch of Yang's ass made her want to release inside, but she fought to contain it.

Between the red head with a horsecock, the blue dick owning heiress, and her purely female sister, Yang was having the time of her life. Each thrust by Pyrrha sent a cascade of pleasure through her body, and Ruby's tight ass and Weiss' succulent pussy were simply divine. It would only be a matter of time before Yang blew her load.

"Hey! Get out of my pussy Blake! I'm gonna cum in Yang if you don't," Pyrrha said behind Yang. The buxom champion pressed her breasts into Yang's back as Blake forced her forward. Yang gasped as she felt Blake's thrusts through Pyrrha.

Without further ado, Yang's balls seized and both of her dicks came.

Yang's eyes briefly flickered from their purple hue to a serious red tone. She yelled as she slammed her hips into Ruby and Weiss, pushing herself as far into them as possible.

Weiss yelped as Yang's dick broke through her cervix, penetrating her womb, Ruby, however, moaned as she continued to rub her clitoris in circles, trying to bring herself to climax.

Her seed spent for the moment, Yang pulled out, her cocks exiting Weiss and Ruby's holes with an audible pop. The blonde sighed luxuriously as Pyrrha continued to fuck her ass though. "This... I can live with this."

Pyrrha forced Yang forward, trying to get a better angle to fuck her while Blake drilled her pussy. In front of them, Ruby and Weiss continued their cowgirl fuck, the red leader gasping as she finally reached her climax.

As Ruby's honeypot clenched around Weiss' dick, the heiress came again. Her seed leaking out of Ruby, Weiss pulled her friend down and kissed her. "This is too much fun. I have an idea though."

Ruby smiled. "Yeah? What?"

"Doggy style. All five of us."

Blake gave a few minor thrusts before hilting herself in Pyrrha, gasping as she came inside the redhead.

After a few seconds, she dismounted as Pyrrha continued to pound Yang's asshole, desperate for release.

Blake crawled over to Ruby and Weiss, planting kisses on Ruby's back.

Yang laid back into Pyrrha, frigging herself in order to help the redhead climax faster. "It's okay. I'm sure when you cum, it'll be something else." Yang softly spoke to her partner.

Breaking the kiss with Weiss, Ruby turned her head around to find herself staring into Blake face.

"I want you to eat me out, Ruby."

"Okay." Ruby replied.

Blake giggled and grabbed Weiss by the wrists. "What are you-"

"Sorry Weiss. But a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do. And I need to do you."

"Oh come on!" Weiss cried as Blake lined her dick up with Weiss' stretched cunt. "You're going to fuck me while Ruby licks you?"


"But I want doggy style," Weiss whined.

Blake rolled her eyes and pressed her dick into Weiss' cunt, slipping inside the stretched out heiress. "Worth it. Totally worth it..."

Ruby gently tongued Blake's pussy, licking at the edges of her still untouched folds. Blake shuddered as Ruby's tongue explored her crotch, tickling her balls, slipping around the rim of her asshole, and penetrating her snatch. "Ooh..."

Yang laughed. "Don't worry, White Rose, we'll get to it." She clenched her asshole, hearing Pyrrha let out a delighted moan as she began to cum inside of her. "Jeez, Pyrrha, you really were drained." She lamented from the lack of a more explosive orgasm, feeling Pyrrha's member merely throb and release seed inside her.

Pyrrha sighed. "Well, yes, there was a little-" she paused to grunt and her released another blob of semem "blockage in me."

Yang frowned. "So..."

Pyrrha blushed a light shade of pink. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about...urethral sex, would you?"

Yang paused for a moment.

Then she grinned with a huge grin on her face, giving herself dimples. "To think I've finally found someone who actually knows what that fetish is! Do I know about it?" Yang paused to laugh. "I love it. So C'mere, let's examine that little hole of yours."

Pyrrha gulped as Yang examined the flat tip of her penis. "Hmm... damn. Nice, easy entry. Very good looking... Heheheh..."

Yang licked a finger and pressed it into the narrow slit of Pyrrha's urethra. Pyrrha gasped and called forth her Aura to protect the inside of her dick from any sharp edges. Yang felt the warm pulse of Aura and smiled. "Let's see if we can go all in..."

Slowly stretching Pyrrha's urethra, Yang slid her slick finger into the champion's horsecock. Pyrrha gasped as Yang's first knuckle slipped in, and gasped again as the second cleared the edge and vanished into her.

Yang smiled as she ran out of finger, deep inside of Pyrrha's third hole. "You like?"

"Oh goddesses... yes. Oh..." Pyrrha was gasping, her entire body heaving in response to the alien pleasure. Yang smiled evilly.

"Good. Because you're going to be fucking my dick with yours."

Pyrrha nearly fell back. "But how is my wide flat head supposed to..." She rocked hips as Yang withdrew her fingers, "fit inside your tiny urethra? Wouldn't it stretch the hole too wide?" Pyrrha questioned, her urethra now gaping and spasming.

"...Uh... fuck," Yang said. She glanced at her own dicks, rock hard and yearning for something sexy to be done to them. "I guess... hey, Weiss."

"Busy!" Weiss cried as Blake fucked her.

"But do you have anything that could make my dick really stretchy?"

"Ah... ah... ah... goddess..."

Yang winced. "Guess not right now." Turning her attention back to Pyrrha, Yang thought it over. "I guess, for now: just finger me. We'll burn that bridge when we get to it."

Pyrrha nodded, tapping a finger against her hip as thought in her head. "Yang?" She questioned, rubbing the tip of her finger against one of Yang's cock's urethras, "If you have two dicks, why not I finger one as you fuck my dick? Maybe it would stretch you out inside?" Pyrrha asked as she inserted the pointer finger in, sinking down to the knuckle. She rubbed her middle finger against the hole next, coating it in precum.

Yang looked at her dick, with loomed ever so slightly wider than Pyrrha's. "How thick are you?"

"Two and a half. You?"

"Three inches."

A moment past. "Fuck!

Pyrrha's eyebrows raised in confusion. "What? How is half an inch a problem? Unless Weiss had two dicks, then our problems might both be solved."

Pyrrha paused in thought again. "Ruby, could you fuck the inside of Yang's dicks?" She suggested.

Ruby glanced up from Blake's pussy. "What? You want me to what?"

"Finger Yang's dicks." Pyrrha blushed timidly. "At least until Weiss can provide some sort of magical alternative."

Ruby blinked, then gave Blake's ass a playful slap and jumped into the bed in front of her sister. "So... put both of my fingers in Yang's urethra's?"

Yang cocked her hips and banged a dick into Ruby's side. "Bingo squirt."

Ruby giggled and took one of Yang's dicks. "Alright... just a licked finger in there?"

"Straight in," Pyrrha said.

"Alright..." Ruby licked her middle finger and pressed it into Yang's slit. Slowly, her finger slipped inward, and entered Yang's dick.

Yang giggled in sexual glee as her sister fingered one of her dicks. "God... damn. I love this snowstorm."

Blake finally came inside Weiss, creaming the heiress with spunk before she withdrew from Weiss. Pyrrha pulled her over.

"Blake, I want you to fuck my dick." She said, rubbing some of her precum onto Blake's lips. The Faunus licked her lips clean and smiled.

Blake pulled Pyrrha forward and pushed her narrow prick against Pyrrha's larger head. "Hold still."

Slowly, agonizingly, Blake began to push. To her lack of surprise, the entrance was immensely tight: even with Aura's healing factor and protection, Blake could see that Pyrrha was in pain. "I'll stop. Just-"

"No!" Pyrrha cried. Shaking, Pyrrha slowly edged herself forward, Blake's dick slipping slowly farther into Pyrrha's impossibly tight urethra. Pyrrha's cock bulged ridiculously as she reached Blake's hilt.

Across from them, Yang and Ruby had stopped their foreplay, staring at the spectacle of Blake fucking Pyrrha's urethra. Even Weiss was in hiring shock.

Pyrrha was struggling to hold back tears, but the pain was slowly fading away, immense pleasure returning. And from the look on Blake's face, it was something that she felt as well.

Pyrrha smirked against the pain, and slowly began rocking her hips.

Blake mewled aloud at the sensation of Pyrrha's urethra, the incredibly tight walls constricting around her member. She held still as Pyrrha rocked back and forth before starting to slowly move in sync with the Mistral champion, the noise of Pyrrha's dick sloppily sucking on Blake's cock filling the room.

Weiss looked over at Yang, who grinned. "And just what do you want?" She asked.

Yang sighed. "Oh, nothing. Just for you to...oh, fuck my other dick."

"You're all so weird," Weiss muttered as she scooted around to Yang's front.

"Yeah, but we're all freaky fuckers, so it evens out," Yang countered playfully.

"I think it's fun," Ruby said as she tongued Yang's slit.

Weiss sighed and pulled Yang's other dick to her own, gently working her blue phallus into Yang's massive member. Yang gasped and moaned and giggled, laughing in pleasure and pain as Weiss stretched her dick. With Yang being slightly bigger than Pyrrha, and Weiss a little slimmer than Blake, the heiress managed to enter Yang without the same scale of pain that Pyrrha had felt. That didn't make Yang's cock any less tight.

Weiss slowly began to thrust in, deeper into Yang as she came to halt, her whole cock swallowed up by Yang's larger dick. It looked like some had stuffed a flashlight into Yang, Weiss' blue dick visible through the skin.

Yang moaned as she rubbed her breasts. "Oh Weiss, you're the deepest anyone's ever gotten! Oh goddess..."

Weiss yelped as she started to feel Yang's already tight dick grow tighter around her, noticing the member pulse and flare with blood.

Yang squealed as she began to slowly move back and forth. "Don't make me cum." She asked Weiss. "I want you to cum in me."

"I can do that!" Ruby suddenly said. Getting Blake to scoot back, Ruby quickly dived low and stuffed her fingers into Blake and Weiss' glistening snatches. The two dick-fucking futanari seized up as the frankly incredible sensation of the tightest hole they had ever done intermingled with the stimulation of their feminine sexes.

Pyrrha began to speed her thrusts, her Aura enforced cock gliding smoothly along Blake's barbed prick. Opposite then, Weiss was thrusting haphazardly in Yang's cock, dazed by the sensations. Ruby was resisting the urge to laugh at how ridiculous the situation had become, while Yang and Pyrrha just concentrated on not blowing their loads.

And then suddenly, as if a switch had been thrown, Blake and Weiss seized, screamed in pleasure, and came. Their semen surged down Pyrrha and Yang's penises, flooding their bodies in retrograde. The two girls lucky enough to be fucked in their urethra's were in sexual heaven as an utterly unique feeling assaulted them even while their balls swelled to shocking proportions.

Yang panted for breath. "That was..."

"Defying description?" Pyrrha finished.


Yang looked down at Weiss. "You wouldn't happen to have kind of magic to make my dick more stretchy, would you?"

Pyrrha grinned. "Still wanting me, are we?"

Blake slowly withdrew from Pyrrha, her cock coming loose with a pop as cum oozed out of Pyrrha's dick, her eyes turning onto Weiss. "You wanted to do doggystyle? Only if you'll fuck my dick in doggystyle."

Weiss sighed and hopped off the bed, opening a trunk underneath it and pulling out a collection of vials. "Tell no one we did this."

Yang, Blake, Pyrrha and Ruby all mock zipped their lips. Weiss poured some of the Dust out of the vial and into her palm. Gesturing Yang over, Weiss rubbed the multi colored material on Yang's dicks, trying to ignore how Yang's urethra was gaping and spasming after her fuck. "Just activate your Aura. That should be enough."

Yang did just that,cans marveled as her urethra suddenly sealed up again. A quick, experimental fingering though confirmed her lusty hope: her dick was now much more flexible. "Oh Pyrrha..."

Pyrrha sultrily crawled over, pressing her dick against Yang's member, the flat and wide head pushed against Yang's slit. As she slowly pushed forward, Pyrrha's horsecock began to penetrate Yang, comically stretching the inside of Yang's dick around the shape of Pyrrha. Both girls now eagerly began to thrust forward, Pyrrha eager to go deeper and Yang wanted to feel more of her wide head inside her.

The precum in Yang's dick combined with Weiss' spunk made quite simple for Pyrrha to thrust in, but not quite as easy as she when she began to back out.

Meanwhile, Blake lay hunched over as Weiss sighed, rubbing the tip of her dick against Blake's member, the owner who remained on her hands and knees, bent over, panting for breath.

Weiss raised an eyebrow. "I don't think this'll fit, plus I'm longer than you Blake."

Blake laughed. "Who cares! This feels great!" Blake ground her barbed cock against Weiss' blue manhood, the feeling of her lower head against Weiss' an ecstasy. "Oh..."

Ruby grumbled. "So what am I supposed to do you guys?" With Pyrrha fucking one of Yang's dicks though, and Weiss and Blake frotting, Ruby didn't get an answer. "You know what, fuck it."

Ruby took Yang's free dick and licked the head. "I want breakfast."

Yang glanced away from her dick being heavenly fucked by Pyrrha to Ruby licking on the head of her other dick.

"Seems somebody's eager today."

Weiss and Blake let out combined moans as they continued to grind their dicks together, their precum mixing as they mashed together. "'re too soft..."

Blake's balls seized, her load draining down her cock and soaking Weiss' prick. The Heiress grumbled as her pole remained erect despite Blake's softness. Though... Blake had a hole untouched.

Smirking, Weiss flipped Blake over and penetrated her soaked cunt. "Oh... Fresh pussy in the morning. Divine."


As Weiss continued to push in, the head of her dick rubbed against a barrier inside Blake. A barrier that could only be Blake's cervix.

Weiss gripped Blake's legs, and with a single thrust, hilted herself not only inside Blake, but also inside Blake's womb.

Blake's dick spasmed as her womb was penetrated, flexing in a race for orgasm.

The Faunus looked down to cradle the bulge in her stomach, stroking the head ever so gently.

Weiss twitched. "Blake...I can feel it..." She moaned, slowly pulling backwards, her cock retreating from the shelter it taken residence in.

Blake gasped in pleasure as Weiss' shaft dragged against the walls of her vagina, ecstasy radiating from it. Reaching down, Blake grinned her own dick and squeezed hard. "Ugh..."

Ruby glanced at Blake and shook her ass at her. "Want some?"

Blake gasped and pulled forward, Weiss crawling forward to try and stay in her. Blake pressed her cock into Ruby, hilting deep inside of the stretched out, cum filled girl's sweet strawberry. Blake sighed as the feeling of fucking and being fucked took over her senses.

Pyrrha, watching the sudden change, gasped and shot her load down Yang's own dick. Yang nearly screamed as a mix of Pyrrha's and Blake's cum flooded her balls, adding to her own and Weiss' from earlier. Gasping, she looked at Blake, bent over her sister and being screwed by Weiss, and back to Pyrrha. She winked.

Pyrrha pulled out of Yang's tight urethra, the blonde's slit gaping ridiculously after being stretched by Pyrrha's sixteen inch horsemeat, being for all intents and purposes a third hole to fuck. Pyrrha hopped into Blake and slammed her dick deep into Blake's ass.

Blake screamed, and was very immediately choked off as Yang pulled her unfucked dick from Ruby's mouth and shoved it into Blake's mouth.

As Pyrrha lay still, adjusting to Blake's anal passage, she felt a warm slippery teasing at her own backdoor. As Weiss slowly thrust into Blake, her hands spread the former Mistral champion's rump, licking, kissing, and running her tongue inside her cherry red anus, savoring the flavor.

As Yang gripped Blake's head, she slowly began to thrust in and out, watching the Faunus eyes that were locked onto her face. "Oh cum now, Blake, it's not that bad."

Yang continued to thrust in and out of Blake's mouth, moaning a little as she tweaked one of her nipples. "Alright Blake, lube it up for me..."

She pulled out as she felt her cocks get tight.

"Alright, now let's get everyone on their backs. I have four girls worth of cum to unload into my sister's womb." Yang commanded, her dicks slick from Blake's salvia.

"F-fuck that," Blake moaned. "I'm c-creaming in r-Ruby... like it... or not."

Yang chuckled and took Ruby by the arms, pulling her out. Blake gasped as her dick slipped out of Ruby's sweet cunt, but Pyrrha and Weiss held her back. "W-wait..."

Ruby smiled at her sister gently. "Well, I guess you got over the incest thing, hmm?"

Yang smiled, flipped her sister over, and pressed both of her dicks into Ruby's loose, well-fucked vagina. "Oh yeah. Now, take my dicks."

Ruby grinned with a childish look on her face. "With pleasure", she said as she scooted down further onto Yang's dicks, her pussy squelching as the twin invaders expanded her from the inside, steadily rising as a bulge up from her groin as Yang travelled deeper inside.

Yang slowly bucked her hips into her sister, feeling herself about halfway in as her over swelled balls jostled beneath her. A few more inches in, Yang could feel the sweat on her body as her dicks rubbed against Ruby's cervix.

Yang gulped. "Ruby, are you ready for this?"

Ruby nodded enthusiastically. "Fuck yeah!" She shouted, grinding against her sister, pushing down against Yang as both of the blonde's cockheads popped into her womb, Yang moaning at the tightness surrounding her.

Ruby gasped as Yang's massive anacondas filled her womb, the act of incest driving her crazy. Her eyes nearly rolled back as Yang stretched her out to ridiculous proportions. "Ooooh..."

Yang sighed as she came to rest inside of her sister's body, leaning over her sister and pressing into her body. "I love you Ruby," she said.

Ruby leaned up and kissed her sister on the lips, the taste of everyone's cum on them. "I love you too Yang."

"And we love your hair," Pyrrha interjected.

Yang and Ruby glanced up as Pyrrha, Blake and Weiss grabbed fistfuls of Yang's blonde mane, pulling them around their cocks. Yang's hair was long enough that they avoided pulling it from her head, but now each girl who wasn't named Yang or Ruby was ready to give Yang's hair a very thorough 'shampooing'.

"Bitches," Yang mumbled, her eyes flashing red. "I am so fucking you when this is over."

Weiss gasped as Yang's silky soft hair caressed her dick. "Oh goddesses... so worth it."

Blake giggled and kept jacking off with Yang's hair. "Definitely worth it."

Ruby noticed Yang's expression and took the opportunity to kiss her sister on the lips again, breaking away from her mouth to pop a taut nipple into mouth, kneading Yang's other breast in her right hand as her left hand gripped Yang's ass.

Pyrrha meanwhile slowly sawed back forth through Yang's hair, enjoying the texture and smoothness.

Weiss continued to jack into Yang's hair, letting it coil around her cock as she shuddered with pleasure. "Oh my goddess Yang..." She moaned aloud, stroking the hair around her dick.

Blake grimaced and briefly mewled as she shifted left to right, savoring the unique sensation on her member.

Yang moaned aloud and felt her dicks flex inside Ruby, causing a pair of equally sized lumps to further bulge out of her sister's stomach, her twin guns kissing Ruby's womb.

As Yang's dicks pushed deep into Ruby's womb, the fifteen year old fought to stop herself from biting down. She was feeling swollen, stuffed. It was a phenomenal sensation.

'I love sex,' she thought. Dislodging herself from Yang's tit, she gasped. "Oh fuck me Yang. Fuck my whore cunt."

"You're not a whore, you're a slut," Yang giggled, squealing as she banged Ruby's womb.

Above them, Weiss gasped, her load pulsing from her cock and soaking Yang's hair. The heiresses cream dripped down and ran along Yang's face.

Next to her, Pyrrha lost her load next, her truth-serum semen mixing with Yang's golden locks. Pyrrha didn't stop though, the flat head of her dick ramming against Yang's scalp.

Blake didn't bother with any moans or gasps, simply soaking Yang's hair with her cum. Kneading the sticky release into Yang's hair, the Faunus smiled. "Payback's a bitch, right?"

Yang pulled her mane away from the other Futanari, sitting up and towering over her sister. Ramming her cocks into Ruby's pussy, Yang gasped. "Oooh..."

Ruby hooked her legs over her head, gasping. "I-I'm all youuurs..."

Yang's eyes flashed red, and she screamed, flooding Ruby's womb with not just her cum, but Weiss', Pyrrha's and Blake's. The rampant, incestuous mix seeped into Ruby's deepest, loveliest chamber, and stayed there, sealed by Yang's dicks.

Semen, a full two gallons of the white stuff, surged from Yang's balls, stretching Ruby's already stretched out body to ludicrous proportions. It would have been silly if Yang hadn't found it so sexy. Weiss did, at least initially. Those feelings faded though, as Ruby's appearance progressed from 'fat' to 'pregnant'.

Sighing gently, Yang stopped thrusting and remained there, plugging Ruby's womb airtight. Glancing at her sister, she giggled. "Wow Rubes. You get knocked up and not tell us?"

Ruby groaned. "Ugh... Damn..." Looking at her stomach, the redhead killed her head back. "I don't think I can absorb all that cum."

Blake and Pyrrha smiled at each other. Grabbing Weiss, they pulled her down into the bed face up. Yang saw the intent, and pulled out, quickly grabbing Ruby's hand to have her plug herself.

Laying down, her head bumping against Weiss', and then Pyrrha and Blake's, Yang opened her mouth.

Ruby looked at the four girls who expectedly stared back at her. Then she looked at her sealed, flooded womb. "Oh... Heh. Yay! My first bukkake!"

Ruby wiggled her fingers about inside herself, giggling as she felt the abundance of cum inside her. With a quick pop, her hand slipped free, dousing her teammates faces in cum as Ruby bore down with her pelvic muscles, more cum cascading into her teammates open mouth. With a loud moan, the last droplets of cum splattering into someone's hair, Ruby paused for a second as she still found her stomach to be a little swollen, but not as much as before.

Yang, Pyrrha, Blake and Weiss' faces were all completely white save their eyes, thick mixed cum covering their features.

Her face soaked with the slurry of girl-cock-cream, Weiss was feeling both incredibly ridiculous and more aroused than she had ever been in her life. She had shot her load goddess knew how many times, and she was still ragingly hard. Swiping her tongue per her lips, the heiress snuck a taste of the cum mixture. "Yum."

"You can say that again," Pyrrha said. Her tongue dancing across Blake's face and neck, lapping up as much cum as possible. Blake attempted to protest, but a hard twist of a nipple silenced her.

Yang giggled lewdly and grabbed Ruby by the hips, burying her face in her sisters cunt. Sucking the remaining cum from Ruby's body, Yang tongued Ruby's sweet cunt. "Alright Rubes. Ready for round... What round are we on anyway?"

"You're going to fuck her again?" Weiss asked incredulously. "Wait, no, you're not. It's my turn."

"Uh, I'm her sister. I get dibs," Yang countered.

"And I'm her teammate," Weiss spat back.

"Hello, everyone. I was her first. She'll want me to do her next," Blake interjected.

Pyrrha pouted. "But what about me? I haven't fucked Ruby yet. She should be mine." A look that promised violence came across Pyrrha's face. "Anyone who says otherwise can have my dick up their ass."

"Uh, don't I get a say in this?" The now sitting team leader said.

The four Futanari looked at Ruby expectantly. Ruby took the message, hopped off the bed, and grabbed a whistle from her drawer. "Alright then, we'll make a contest out of it. First girl to... To suck herself to cream will get my pussy next."

Weiss raised an eyebrow, even as Yang and Pyrrha rapidly hooked their legs behind their head and tongued their dicks. "Uh, are there any rules Ruby?"

"I'm glad you asked Weiss. Yes there are. Rule one: no hands. If you touch your dick with anything but your mouth and anything inside it, you lose. Rule two, only start when I blow my whistle. Rule three: you need to spit out your cum... Into my mouth. Blow your load in your mouth, but spit it in mine."

Ruby rubbed her chin. "Oh, and rule four is this: first place gets my cunny or ass, and second can have my mouth. Third gets to fuck fourth place in the ass, no if, ands or... well, actually, one butt about it."

Blake and Weiss quickly assumed the position next to Yang and Pyrrha, legs hooked behind their heads, their long dicks lodged in their mouths. The four futanari were ready to suck.

Ruby smiled and slipped a hand into her stretched out pussy, frigging herself hard. "Ready... and... Go!" She blew her whistle, and the race was on.

Weiss steadily breathed through her nose as her tongue rolled around the head of her dick. While the heiress had tasted her own spunk before, and even felt herself on the inside, she had never really ever given herself head. The feeling of her own cock in HER mouth was enough to send a small splash of precum up Weiss's rock hard member into her awaiting mouth. Slowly, she began to move up and down, opening her mouth wider to accommodate her dick.

Glancing over, she noticed Yang nearly a quarter of the way down both of her dicks, her cheeks swelling enormously from the size, as Pyrrha was almost at half her length. Blake was the farthest, taking three quarters of her barbed dick with ease and smooth strokes of her hips.

Weiss mentally growled at herself as she rolled back, shifting her legs skywards as she began to thrust down into her awaiting mouth, already going a full quarter of her dick, going on a half of her eleven inch dick.

Weiss started to lengthen her strokes as she grabbed her ass with both hands, pulling down as she bending her head up further onto her dick, now going to three quarters of her full length.

Weiss tried to gag as she felt her cock throb and pulse inside her throat, but a quick pull back for air followed by a harder thrust back in sated her. Mere inches from her groin, Weiss felt herself slip into an automated pattern of thrust, slurp, thrust further, slurp, thrust back, breathe, and then thrust again.

She felt her nose hit something as her eyes blinked, staring at her own pussy. Her tongue rolled around the shaft inside her mouth, her dick illuminating her throat.

Letting go with her hands, Weiss balanced herself slowly as the last inch sunk into her mouth, her whole dick swallowed by her as she could herself on the edge of an orgasm. Her hips bucked slightly, twitching against her face to push her dick a little farther down her throat.

Blake meanwhile had also taken herself to the base, sucking and moaning on herself. The Cat Faunus dived further down her dick, the barbs slowly pulling back and thinning out as she neared her base. Glancing over, Blake almost choked on her meat when she saw Weiss hilt in her mouth. Her tongue dancing around her shaft, Blake bobbed faster, trying to stimulate herself even more, but having blown her load thrice before, she was fighting to reach orgasm.

Next to her, Yang was almost halfway down her dicks, keeping close track on Blake's progress. Like Blake, Yang had already blown her load a few times, and now she was in a battle to cream. Yang did know that, if she didn't, she'd be the one getting screwed in the ass.

A thought cracked through Yang's brain as she realized exactly what that would entail. She was still an anal virgin, and if anyone tried to shove a dick in her ass, she would not, in any way, have fun.

Yang craned her neck and drove as much if her dicks into her mouth as she could. She had to cum, now.

Pyrrha was working at a more sedate pace, slowly bobbing her mouth on her dick, going ever deeper. Unlike the other girls though, she was going harder, faster, deeper... and not stopping to breath.

Pyrrha dived deeper than she thought possible, her dick lodged so deep into her throat... that she passed out. Pyrrha went limp, her dick slipped out of her throat and mouth, and she collapsed into the bed.

Yang, Blake and Ruby stared at Pyrrha, unconscious and still, even while Weiss kept going. "Uh... Pyrrha?"

"Mmm ee o-ay?" Yang tried to say around her cocks.

Ruby quickly checked Pyrrha, taking her pulse and checking for breathing. "She's alright, just knocked out." After a moment, a cheeky little grin came over Ruby's visage. "Hey guys, does that water trick you see in movies work?"

Blake and Yang shared a look. Ruby smirked, climbed onto the bed, and squatted over Pyrrha. "I think you need some 'water' Pyrrha."

A stream of Ruby's hot piss spat out of her crotch, drenching Pyrrha's face. Pyrrha groaned and stirred, her mouth lolling open and taking some of Ruby's liquid nectar into her mouth. Swallowing unconsciously, Pyrrha sat up as Ruby finished peeing, even as Weiss screamed with her orgasm. "What happened?"

"You passed out, and I pissed on you to wake you up," Ruby said nonchalantly.

Pyrrha turned downright green and choked. "You... oh god that... I swallowed that?"

"Yup! You got disqualified when you passed out," Ruby said, but further commentary was broken by Weiss, taking Ruby and pressing her body into her own, kissing her team leader passionately. Her warm spunk mingled with Ruby's spit, and Ruby swallowed the meager offering of Weiss' savory cum. "Oh... Okay."

Ruby smiled at Pyrrha, Yang and Blake, still pressing herself into Weiss' body. "We got a winner!"

Weiss continued to kiss Ruby as she groped the young Huntress' breasts, her hands moving down her slender body. "Ooh... Weiss..." Ruby murmured. Ruby reached around and felt her partner's firm, round ass. "Heh... Am I going to enjoy that one day?" She gently pulled the cheeks apart and rubbed a finger between them.

Weiss rolled her eyes, and bent Ruby backwards, resting her gently on the bed. "Shut it you dolt. Just enjoy the fun."

Ruby sighed as Weiss' dick penetrated her. "Yeah, that's good... Ride me."

Weiss pulled back and then thrust forward, sliding into Ruby's womb like a hand into a glove. "You're so loose. Wet to."

"They're to blame," Ruby said, pointing at Blake, Yang and Pyrrha, just as Blake gagged. A bit of semen leaked out the cat Faunus' mouth, indicating her orgasm.

Smiling, Blake stepped up to Ruby and kissed her, shunting her cum into the girl's mouth, before stepping in behind Weiss. "Let's see what your pussy's made of Weiss."

"Heh... fucked by a Faunus. Daddy's would be so proud," Weiss snarked as Blake penetrated her.

As Blake began to take Weiss' body, Yang crawled over to Pyrrha. The loser of the little auto-felliatio competition skidded away from Yang's twin dicks. "Come on Yang, I already took both of your cocks in my ass when you fucked me this morning. Please don't do it again."

Yang smiled, crawled over and gave Pyrrha a little kiss. "Now who said that?"

"Me!" Ruby managed to shout as Weiss fucked her.

Yang pulled Pyrrha to her feet and led her behind Blake. The cat Faunus stopped pounding Weiss when she saw the look in Yang's eyes. "Yang, what are you two doing?"

Pyrrha finally understood and felt up Blake's ass. "I'm thinking... Conga fuck." Her flat headed dick pressed against Blake's kitty. "Want to know how it feels to fuck and be fucked?"

Blake gulped as Pyrrha gently pushed in. "Oh... oh GODDESS!" Balanced in the champions dick and balls deep in Weiss, Blake began thrusting again. "OH GODDESS!"

Pyrrha giggle and met Blake's thrusts rapidly. "Now isn't this fu-"

Then Yang rammed both dicks into Pyrrha's ass and pussy and cut her off. The champion began screaming in pleasure. "AHHHHH!"

Later on, Ruby might have been a little more poetic in describing what was happening. Maybe she would have called it a "love line" or perhaps a "fuck train" of she was feeling bit more vulgar. She might have said that she could feel every single thrust from every participant: from Yang inn the back to Weiss right behind her. As it was, she was a little distracted by Weiss' penis thrusting into and out of her womb. "Oooooh..."

Weiss was having the time of her life. Ruby under her cock and Blake in her pussy, the heiress was lost in the sexual fervor. Her prim and proper mannerisms had been fully discarded: Weiss was liberated. If she had known that this was the payoff for not caring where her dick went, Weiss would never have turned her sister down. For a moment, her thoughts turned to a very specific little girl. 'I'll love you like this Wane.'

Blake had long since lost all control of her body. Trapped between Weiss' tight pussy and Pyrrha gigantic horsecock, the young cat Faunus was left to thrust her dick in Weiss and thrust her ass onto Pyrrha. It was all she could do to stop herself from locking her barbs into Weiss' walls and blowing her load. In all honesty, she would later wonder why she didn't later on. She was fucking the Schnee heiress: if she had been in the White Fang, she probably would have earned a medal. 'Not that I'd care. Fuck, I love Weiss too much.'

Pyrrha wasn't exactly the odd girl out here. The Mistralian champion had long held a rather significant fear in her heart: that by virtue of being the champion of Mistral, she would be considered 'too good' for everyone around her. To an extent, she'd been right as well. People here were in awe of her, and save for Jaune who hadn't recognized her at all, they'd been too busy basking her in presence to even consider her approachable. And yet... Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang all had come together right here. They all loved her as Pyrrha Nikos. They were considerate of her. For a moment, Pyrrha's forceful tendencies fell away. 'They want me to just be me. I... I think I'm in love.'

At the back of the group, Yang gently pushed her dicks into Pyrrha's holes, long having given into the sexual frenzy. She had said it herself; this was a time of mating. Now though, something seemed different. This wasn't just a time for sex anymore. Yang had long held rather painful memories of her sexual encounter with her mother. They had tainted her, she recognized. She had fucked for years, just searching to find some emotion, some meaning to sex beyond the raw lust that inhabited it. Now it felt as if she had. There was camaraderie, hope, peace, even... even love. For Yang Xiao Long, love had finally become a part of lovemaking. 'I'll never let these girls go.'

But sex is sex, and it did have one single ending to it. "Oh goddess," Blake said, gripping her ass as Pyrrha drilled her and Weiss bounced on her dick faster and faster. "I'm gonna cum!"

"W-wait," Weiss said. "Wait for me!"

"Me too!" Yang said from the back, wrapping her hands on Pyrrha's breasts.

"Blake... having my babies..." Pyrrha gasped, her own orgasmic peak racing to her.

"E-everyone. Count of three," Ruby moaned. "One... oh fuck!"

For an inexorable moment, every girl in the room froze. Semen shot out of their dicks, cum leaking from their pussies. Yang blew her load into Pyrrha's ass and snatch while Pyrrha shot her jizz into Blake's cunt while Blake creamed in Weiss' pussy while Weiss came in Ruby's honey hole while Ruby just squirted from her orgasm, drenching her sheets.

Slowly, the sexual atmosphere broke down. Ruby pulled herself from Weiss' dick and just let her legs give out beneath her. "Ugh... thanks... thanks you guys."

Weiss crawled up next to Ruby. "Now can I go back to sleep?"

"Do you mind sleeping on a bed soaked in cum?" Pyrrha asked, sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Weiss groaned and got on to the side of the mattress, helping Ruby as well. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't feel my legs."

Blake flopped down next to Ruby and Pyrrha. "I can't either."

Yang finally joined the quartet of her lovers at the rim of the bed. "Damn... Hey, as a girl who's fucked her fair share of girls, guys, and Futa before, that was pretty good."

"Glad to know," Weiss muttered, blushing fiercely. "Hey... girls... thanks. For that. For everything."

"Don't mention it," Ruby said.

A few moments passed. "So... should we get ready for the day?" Blake asked quietly.

Yang glanced at the clock, and saw it's reading to be five o'seven. "I think it's a bit early, but why not. I'm make breakfast."

"Pancakes, please," Pyrrha requested.

"Does anyone want to make some syrup?" Ruby asked cheekily.

"Dolt," Weiss said.

"Unless you like evergreen flavored syrup, I don't think I'm the best choice," Blake admitted. "Besides, we're all out. Nothing to shoot."

"Eh, alright," Ruby admitted. "Team RWBY and Pyrrha! Break!"


"Wow, really? I wouldn't have pegged you as a mom," Pyrrha admitted.

Blushing ferociously, Weiss tried to meet Pyrrha's eyes. "What can I say? I got interested in experimenting, duplicated my dick, and tried sticking it in myself. One orgasm later... Well, I'm pregnant with my own child."

"And so your parents fake your absence as Huntress training."

"Yes, but while I was out there, I actually took it up as a hobby." Weiss smiled. "I try to think if Wane whenever I get worried if I'll ever succeed. Thinking about my daughter is... it's a powerful motivator."

"She's not as well-kept a secret as you'd think," Blake admitted guiltily as she finished another pancake. "The White Fang actually knows about her."

"!" Weiss couldn't articulate a word in a mix of shock, anger, and pure horror.

"Nonono, she's safe. The secret's safe with them," Blake quickly said. "The Fang may not like the Schnee's but even the most extreme elements recognize that a baby is innocent of the... er... crimes of it's parents."

Weiss was shaking a little. "Are... are you sure?"

"Absolutely," Blake assured. "They have a ringer high in the Schnee household, don't bother asking who because I don't know. They're fond of Wane."

Ruby chewed her pancakes. "Well, I think it's great that you have a little girl. Nine months old, right?"

"Yes," Weiss admitted gently. "She's an adorable little thing. I'm... not exactly sure how to feel about her, but I do care for her, and I can't wait to see her again."

"Well, I'm not one to interrupt, but I think my story about Miltia and Melanie is the better one," Yang interrupted.

"You did have a way with words about how you had your way with them," Pyrrha said, cutting a small piece off of her pancake.

"Trust me, I really should have videotaped it. Those two under my dicks, that was awesome," Yang clarified.

"Well I doubt it can truly surpass my story about Wane... and please get some panties on!" Weiss retorted.

Yang stood up, her limp dicks still hanging out for the world to see. "Nope! I don't get to air out my boys all that often, so I am not loosing an opportunity today."

Weiss rolled her eyes, but after a moment shimmied her own panties down a little and pulled her cock out. She, Ruby, Blake and Pyrrha had all elected for a bit of modesty at breakfast, and had grabbed bras and panties to wear. Any worry of stretching their underwear out was mitigated by the impossibility of a hard on, hence a choice to stuff their dicks into the fabric. Plus, it felt a little good to be squeezed down there.

Blake finished her pancake and stood up to clean her dish off, taking a moment to pull her own flaccid rod out. "Well, I think my story about how I figured out auto-fellatio was better than both if your stories."

"I thought they were all very nice," Pyrrha said neutrally.

"Yeah, me to!" Ruby added.

Blake put her dish into the sink and grabbed a sponge... and then stopped. At the door, an envelop had been stuck under the gap. Confused, the Faunus grabbed it. "Hey, we got mail."

"Ooh, let me see!" Yang said, trying to grab the letter. Blake pushed Yang back and held the envelop out of reach. "Come on, one little peek."

"It's addressed to... me!" Ruby said from her spot at the table. Hopping over, the young woman took the letter and broke the seal. Her friends/lovers gathered around (Pyrrha delayed only because she pulled her own dick out for air), and looked at the message.

"Dearest Rubella Marie Rose, it is with this conveyance that myself and my partner do invite you to our dormitory for a night of sexual intercourse involving the two of us. Should this offering tempt you, you may make us the happiest women on the planet and abscond to our dorms once the clock strikes six tonight. We assure you, this will be a session of lovemaking that you shall never forget, for honestly, we will fuck your brains out.


Cinder Fall and Emerald Sustrai, of dorm 17D

P.S: bring your favorite dildo, of you have one."

Ruby, Yang, Blake, Pyrrha and Weiss stared at the letter, rereading it a few times. "Hey, does anyone here... know these two?" Ruby asked eventually.

"I think they're the girls we met last night. You know, the one with that third leg she called a cock and the girl with the glass dick," Pyrrha recalled.

"How'd they know you full name," Yang asked.

"Well I think you show go," Weiss admitted. "It sounds like it would be fun."

"It does seem nice for them to proposition you like this," Blake said. "Maybe they're into some freaky sex?"

"But seriously, how do they know your full name?" Yang asked again.