"Sam! Castiel! Dean! I'm so glad you could make it!"

"God, Ven, you've gotten big!" Dean squeezed Ven to his chest, mindful of his big stomach. Ven laughed and hugged him back tightly.

"Everyone's been saying that!" Haruven moved on to Sam, who pulled him to his chest, holding him just as tightly as Dean did.

"You look like you're about to pop," Sam said while Castiel hugged Haruven.

"I feel like that too." Haruven grumbled as he walked with the three Hunters towards the Great Hall of Asgard where a great deal of people already gathered.

"Wow. That's a lot of people." Dean muttered and Haruven chuckled.

"Frigga went all out. She called in everyone who fought in the war with us." Haruven said. "Well, everyone Thor and I directly know."

"Sam!" said Hunter raised his head and grinned brightly when Sado waved at him from where he was standing with Ichigo, Orihime and Ishida.

"My friends! It is good to see you in good health!" Thor walked over to them and the hunters shook hands with him.

"You look well, Thor," Castiel said and Thor grinned at him.

"Come, many are already here. Mother called you to your room, Ven."

Haruven smiled at him and nodded. "I should go. It is almost time for the both of us to get ready," Haruven said. "I will see you after the Ceremony."

"See you later!" Dean called out as Haruven waddled away. Thor chuckled and shook his head. "He looks happy." Dean commented while Sam ran off to greet Sado.

"And he is," Thor said with a small, happy smile on his face. "Just in the past three weeks he managed to brighten up greatly. It is as though he worries about nothing. His smiles are lighter and he stands straighter, despite being pregnant."

"He looks as though he could give birth any minute." Castiel commented.

"I tried to tell him to take it easy, but he has been so full of energy lately that I have no heart to slow him down," Thor said.

"Then maybe you shouldn't. Leave it be. Soon enough neither one of you will have much energy for anything." Dean teased and Thor chuckled.

"Would you believe me if I told you neither he nor I can wait for it?" Dean and Castiel exchanged a glance and nodded at each other.

"We do believe you," Castiel said and Thor nodded.

"Thor! You should be getting ready!" Bruce ran over to him and Thor laughed.

"Easy, my friend! There is still time."

"Not if you want to look your best." Loki appeared out of nowhere and pushed against Thor's back.

"Do you mean to say that I do not look my best now, brother?"

Dean and Castiel chuckled as Thor was pulled away by Loki and Bruce.

"Dean, Castiel! It's been a while!" Clark said as he walked over to them with a beautiful, brown haired woman by his side.

"Clark, old man! How's it going?" Dean grinned and shook hands with him.

"Great!" Clark laughed before he looked at the woman, who looked slightly overwhelmed by everything. "May I introduce to you my lovely fiancée, Lois Lane?"

"It is a pleasure," Castiel said and Lois shook hands with him with a small smile.

"The pleasure is mine," she said before shaking hands with Dean who gifted her with a bright smile before he took his place by Castiel again, draping an arm around the former Angel's waist.

"Have you seen the others?" Dean asked.

"The SG-1 team is with the Warriors Three. I do believe that Volstagg and Jack are in the middle of a drinking duel. I've seen the X-men recently, and I do believe that Rogue is with Haruven. The Avengers are somewhere around mingling. Teddy is with the demons and Haruven's wizarding friends are around as well. I've seen a few shinigami talking with the shinobi as well."

"Quite an interesting crowd." Luis commented and Dean and Cas exchanged a small glance.

"That's Ven for ya." Dean smirked. "Just about everyone loves him."

"As much as I've seen I think I can say why," Lois said. "I can only hope to have half as much energy as he has one day." She looked at Clark and he smiled at her lovingly.

"I'm sure you will."

"Can someone tell me where Teddy is?! He's supposed to be with Ven!" Bruce appeared out of nowhere and the four snorted.

"This whole bunch is insane." Dean muttered. "Completely off their rockers."


Haruven took a deep breath as he looked at his reflection in the full length mirror. He had to admit that he did look good. He was dressed in almost completely white clothes, were it not for the sash over his stomach that had golden Norse embroidery on it. He had white leggings and knee high, white boots, and the tunic he wore fell to his knees, dancing around his body, accenting his quite big stomach. His hair was braided in a thick braid that fell down his back. Little bells and round clasps made out of white gold were scattered in his hair and his bangs fell into his face, accenting his vibrant emerald eyes.

"You look beautiful." Frigga spoke lovingly and he looked at her over his shoulder.

"If only I was a guy." Rogue mourned and Ven chuckled.

"You have your own Wizard." He teased and Rogue winked at him.

"Thor will faint when he sees you," Pepper said and walked over to him to hug him and kiss his cheek. "You're beautiful."

"I am so coming here to shop for my wedding dress," Betty said and everyone laughed. The door opened in that moment and Teddy walked in only to gape.

"Dad?" Ven blushed. "Wow! Just – Just wow!"

Ven chuckled and turned around himself. "You like it?"

"You look absolutely stunning. Thor won't know what hit him," Teddy said. The door opened again and Molly and Luna walked in, immediately grinning at him.

"Dear Merlin, Harry, you look absolutely beautiful!" Molly gushed and rushed over to hug him.

"Like a true Star," Luna said and Haruven chuckled.

"Does anyone know if everything's ready?" he asked.

"Odin is moving for the Great Hall and everyone's taking their places," Luna said and Haruven nodded. He took a deep breath, wringing his hands in front of his chest.

"Good. Maybe you should also go. It will start soon." The women kissed him one by one.

"I'll wait for you in front of the gates," Teddy said and Haruven nodded at him. Once the door closed behind Teddy he took a seat on his bed and took a deep breath.

There was no need to be nervous, so why was he?

He loved Thor and he knew Thor loved him. This was nothing but a formality; a way to celebrate their union with their family and friends.

"It is completely normal to be nervous, my son."

He got up as quickly as he could and looked around. "Who is there?"

A warm gust of wind danced around him and his breath hitched in his throat when, with a flutter of wings, Lilly and James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus and Nymphadora Lupin and Albus Dumbledore appeared in the room.

"Long time no seen, son," James said and Haruven choked up.

"Dad? Mom? What – How…"

"Did you think we would miss the day our little Bambi got married?" Sirius asked and Haruven's eyes filled with tears.

"You're all really here." He whispered brokenly, hands rising to cover his lips.

"We wouldn't miss this for the world." Lilly said and tears trailed down Haruven's cheeks. A second later he was enveloped in two pairs of arms while Sirius, Remus, Nymphadora and Albus watched them from the side.

"You've done great, Harry. We are so proud of you." Lilly whispered in his hair. Haruven buried his face in her neck and held on for dear life.

"We've watched over you all this time. We never left your side, kiddo," James said. "You did well. You did very well."

Haruven chuckled and moved back from then, wiping his tears away. "I tried."

"Yes you did, and you made it, my boy," Albus said.

"You've made it far, Harry." Remus smiled at him proudly.

"Look at you. All dressed up and ready to get married." Tonks teased and winked at Haruven. He chuckled and rubbed at his eyes.

"How – how come you've been allowed to come? I thought Heaven was closed up."

"We aren't allowed to come to Earth." Lilly winked at him.

"No one said anything about Asgard," Sirius said and Haruven laughed merrily.

"Dad?" the door opened and Teddy peaked in only to gape. He entered the room and closed the door behind himself.

"Hello, Teddy," Remus said.

Teddy looked at Haruven in confusion and the raven haired wizard nodded at him. Within a second Teddy was in his mom and dad's arms and they were holding on to him with all their might.

"Mom. Dad." Teddy gasped and the two smiled at him.

"You've grown up into a fine young man, Teddy. We are both so proud of you," Remus said and Tonks nodded before she winked at him.

"Don't let go of that foxy stud. He's a keeper." Teddy blushed furiously, but nodded.

"Will you stay for the Ceremony?" Haruven asked, looking at the loved ones he thought he would never see again.

"We wouldn't miss it for the world," Albus said and Harry smiled at him. The old wizard chuckled and approached him. He placed his hand on Haruven's stomach and his lips tilted up into a grandfatherly smile. "He will be powerful."

Haruven laughed breathlessly and shrugged his shoulders. "He is the son of a God and the Starborn. He is destined for greatness."

Albus smiled and looked at Haruven over his glasses. "And with you two as his parents he will achieve it." Haruven nodded.

"Dad, it's time." Teddy warned and Haruven took a deep breath. He looked at Lilly and James and the two looked at Teddy.

"Would you mind if…?"

"No! Of course not!" Teddy interrupted James and looked at the others. "Come, I'm sure we'll find a few free spots," he said, went over to Haruven, kissed his cheek and winked at him. "Knock him over, dad," he said and left the room followed by his parents, Albus and Sirius. Haruven looked at James and Lilly and they smiled at him.

"You will do great, my son. You raised Teddy into a fine young man. You will be a great husband to Thor and a great father to Gilead," Lilly spoke lovingly, caressing Ven's cheek with the back of her fingers.

"And we'll watch over you all the time. All three of you," James said and Haruven nodded at him.

"Let's do this," Haruven said and took a step forward only to stop and grab his stomach. "Oh, my..." He gasped and Lilly frowned at him, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Are you alright?" James asked and Haruven smiled at him.

"It seems I'm not the only excited one." He breathed out and James and Lilly exchanged a small smile.

"Let's go, son," Lilly said. "You can't keep Thor waiting for much longer."

Haruven nodded and straightened. "Yes. Let's go."


Thor raised an eyebrow when he saw Teddy arrive into the hall with a few people he remembered from his stay in Heaven.

"Thor?" Loki asked and Thor looked at him.

"They are Angels; Haruven's family. This means his parents are with him." Loki nodded. He looked to the other side of the hall and smiled making Thor look at him in slight confusion.

"My brother, you are the luckiest man alive."

Thor looked away from Loki only to have his breath kicked out of his chest. "Heavens." He breathed out and Loki chuckled.

"Let's go, brother." He placed his hand on Thor's shoulder when Odin nodded at him. Everyone stood up when Thor and Haruven walked out of either side of the hall. Many wondered who the man and woman leading Haruven were, but the wizards knew, and they all had tears in their eyes.

Haruven gave Thor a small smile when they stopped in front of Odin, and Thor swallowed with slight difficulties as he gazed upon his mate. "You look – you look beautiful."

Haruven blushed. "You're not looking bad yourself." Haruven teased, and Thor grinned and his shoulders finally relaxed. He was dressed in his ceremonial armor, but without Mjölnir and his helmet.

Odin cleared his throat and everyone looked at him. He smiled at them and looked at Thor. "Who is the one standing witness to Thor Odinson?" he asked so that everyone heard him.

"Loki, son of Odin," Loki said and Odin smiled at him.

"And who are those standing witness to Haruven Sigurdsson?"

"Lilly Potter. Mother of Haruven."

"James Potter, Father of Haruven."

Odin nodded. "Then let us begin." He raised his hands to place them over Haruven's and Thor's heads while Frigga walked over with a golden tray with several items on it.

Two golden Norse crowns.

Two golden Celtic Rings.

And four long sashes; white, gold, blue and red.

Odin cleared his throat and raised his head. "May the gentle breeze bear witness to this gathering and carry its message to all lands." He spoke strongly. "May all who bear witness hear these words, for today we witness the bonding of these two men in love." He took the golden and red sash and Haruven and Thor raised their right hands, joining them in front of Odin.

Haruven looked at Thor when he felt that he was shaking, and a small wavering smile touched his lips.

"May the sun warm their hearts and its ever-burning fire fuel their desire for each other." Odin tied the sashes around their hands. He then took the blue one and continued speaking. "May the Waters provide them from their bounty, and comfort their souls with their sounds." He tied the blue sash around their hands and took the white one. "May the Land lend its strength, and reveal its mysteries." He tied it around their hands and raised his hands over their heads again.

"May your love shine bright as the golden rays of the sun. May your souls be pure as the freshest snow. May you know no other husband but each other. May your passion for one another never vane. And may your bond be as strong as the knots tying your hands." He took the crowns, and crossed his arms, holding one over Thor's and the other over Haruven's head, while the two bowed their heads.

"May the Higher Powers be with you and bless you. May you see your children's children. May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings. May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward." He placed the crows on their heads and Thor and Haruven looked up at him.

Odin took the smaller ring and Thor gave him his left hand. Odin placed the ring on his palm and closed Thor's hand around it, clasping it between his hands.

"May your mornings bring you joy and your evenings bring peace. May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase. May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past." He let go of Thor's hand and Thor turned towards Haruven.

The wizard raised his left hand and Thor swallowed as he slowly placed the ring on Haruven's ring finger. "I swear by peace and love to stand," Thor spoke ina choked up voice and Haruven smiled at him, "heart to heart, and hand in hand. To Higher Powers I pray now, confirm this – my Sacred Vow."

Odin smiled and took the bigger ring. He took Haruven's hand in his and placed the ring in it, clasping it in his own, bigger hands. "May your hands be forever clasped in friendship and your hearts joined forever in love. May the blessings of the Higher Powers rest upon you and fill your coming days." He let go of Haruven's shivering hand and he turned to face Thor as the God of Thunder raised his left hand.

"I swear by peace and love to stand; heart to heart, and hand in hand." Haruven spoke as he placed the ring on Thor's finger. "To Higher Powers I pray now, confirm this – my Sacred Vow."

Thor swallowed difficultly and smiled at Haruven before they both turned to face Odin again. Lilly and James placed one hand each on Haruven's shoulders while Loki placed his hand on Thor's, and Odin smiled at them raising his hands again over their heads.

"May the meaning of this hour be fulfilled through the days and years to come." Odin spoke strongly. "May the love of these men, their unity of spirit, grow deeper and stronger in the uncertainties and changes of life they will share. Loving each other, may they love all people. Trusting each other, may they learn to trust life. May their love reach out to the love of all, that their lives may bless all whose lives they touch."

Haruven and Thor looked at each other, and Haruven shivered when he saw the tears of happiness in Thor's stormy orbs.

"May they find comfort together in shared hours of shadow, as well as in the bright sunshine of joy. May they be to each other both strong and gentle. May all who follow their lives with interest and affection have cause to rejoice not alone in their happiness, but in their brave and generous living which makes life beautiful and significant."

"LET THEM KISS!" Haruven and Thor chuckled when they heard Yusuke shout from somewhere in the crowd and Odin chuckled.

"Mark the sealing of your union and may it be blessed."

Haruven and Thor looked at each other. In the next second Thor moved forward, cupped Haruven's cheek with his free hand and kissed him.

Loud cheers and clapping burst in the room. Haruven laughed against Thor's lips and they parted, turning to face the cheering crowd.

"Now everyone knows you are mine forever." Thor whispered against Haruven's ear and Haruven chuckled.

"I was always yours, Thor." He smiled up at him. "Always."


The party was in full swing. People were singing and dancing merrily. All thoughts of their regular lives, of their worries and struggles, of the war they faced 8 months ago were gone.

Haruven and Thor were among them with smiles on their faces such as no one has ever seen. Thor pulled Haruven as close as he could and kissed him, invoking another round of cheering and whistling.

"Let's sit down for a bit,." Thor said and Haruven nodded. They pushed through the crowd and Thor frowned when Haruven halted and grabbed his stomach. He noticed him doing that a few times, but chose not to comment. "Are you alright?" he asked as they continued on their way towards their table.

"I'm alright. Your son is just particularly rough tonight," Haruven said as they took seats.

"Maybe you should take it easy for the rest of the evening," Thor said and Haruven sighed.

"We are both fine, Thor. Don't worry so much," Haruven said and Thor hummed.

"Don't worry so much, son," James said and clapped Thor's shoulder. "Lilly could hardly walk the last month of her pregnancy."

"Harry was a real kicker." Lilly agreed and Thor snorted while Haruven rolled his eyes, before he winced again.

"Alright, baby boy, that's not nice..." He gasped and the three looked at him.

"Ven, are you alright?" Loki asked when he walked over, closely followed by Frigga.

"Yes, yes, I'm – ouch!" he hissed and bowed forward. "Alright, now I'm definitely getting a bit worried." He spoke breathlessly.

"I'll take you to our room," Thor said and Haruven nodded. He slowly stood up, but all of a sudden a sharp sting of pain passed up his spine and he was left breathless. "Ven!" Thor shouted and caught him as he fell.

"Take him to his room, quickly!" Frigga said as Thor took Haruven in his arms.

"I'll take care of the guests. Go," Loki said to Thor and the man nodded. Haruven moaned in pain and fisted his hand in the cape on Thor's shoulder.

"No – It's too – too early!" he gasped as Thor hurried towards their room closely followed by Frigga, Lilly and James.

Frigga opened the door of their room and Thor carried Haruven over to the bed.

Moments later Luna ran in. "It's time," she said. Thor sat on the bed behind Haruven, pulling him against his chest as Haruven swallowed a scream of pain.

"We'll wait in front of the door," Lilly said and took James' hand. Frigga and Luna nodded at them and Lilly went over to the bed. She leaned down and kissed Haruven's forehead. He opened his eyes and looked at her and she caressed his cheek. "Everything will be alright, my love," she said and he nodded, trying to breathe through the pain. Lilly smiled and moved away. Thor nodded at her and she and James left the room.

"Harry, I'll need to change your clothes," Luna said and took out her wand. Haruven nodded at her and she flicked her wand, leaving him in a long white tunic and a white sheet over his bent legs.

"Thor, hold his hand. He'll need something to hold on to." Frigga instructed as she brought over a few clean towels and a bowl of water.

Thor nodded and reached for Haruven's hand. The wizard looked at him over his shoulder and Thor kissed his forehead. "I'm here, sváss." Thor whispered against his ear and Haruven nodded at him. He took a firm hold of Thor's hand and Thor squeezed it comfortingly. "I'm right here."


"This is taking awfully long." Teddy muttered lowly as he paced in front of the door.

"Trust me, it would seem much longer if we could hear what's going on inside." Remus said. "Luna must have put up silencing charms."

"Thank god for that." Tony grumbled and Pepper smacked his shoulder.

"Will he be alright?" Loki asked. "It's a month earlier than his due date." He looked at Lilly.

"Both of them will be fine. Luna is a great Healer and it's not unusual for male pregnancies to end earlier. Harry is very powerful and so is Thor. Their son must have grown a bit faster than expected," Lilly explained, gifting everyone with a calm smile.

"If I remember correctly, you gave birth to Harry two weeks before the due date," James said and Lilly nodded.

"He gave us quite a fright." She recalled, leaning against her husband.

"Then all we can do is wait," Teddy said and leaned into Tonks' embrace.

"That's right," Remus said and brushed his fingers through his son's hair. "All we can do is wait."


"One more push, Harry. Just one more push." Thor winced when Haruven squeezed his hand as he pushed. Frigga wiped Ven's forehead with a cold towel as he grunted in pain.

"GOD, I'll take the Cruciatus Curse beside this any day." Haruven pressed through his teeth. He shouted in pain breathlessly as he sagged against Thor. "He's grounded until he's 30." He gasped and Thor chuckled.

"You're doing great, min líf." He whispered and kissed Haruven's temple. "Just a bit more, and we will be holding our son; just a bit more."

Haruven screamed as another wave of pain washed over his body.

"Harry, push!" Luna snapped and Haruven groaned. A moment later a shrill scream broke the air and Haruven sagged against Thor, shivering against him. Luna moved back and grabbed a towel as she cleaned the baby. Frigga walked over with a white blanket and they wrapped the little one in it.

Frigga took her grandson from Luna as she moved to clean Haruven, and Frigga walked over to the boy's parents. "Thor? Ven? I give you're your firstborn," said the Queen of Asgard as she let Haruven take his son in his hands for the first time. "May his days be blessed," she said took a few steps back.

Haruven held his breath as he pushed the blanket to the side. His son was whimpering and wriggling in his arms, his eyes tightly shut and full lips pouty. He was bright red and all wrinkled, but he was also the most beautiful creature Haruven has ever seen.

He looked at Thor with teary eyes and breathed out a laugh when he saw the tears on Thor's face as he raised his big hand and lovingly caressed his son's head with the back of his fingers.

"He is amazing." Thor whispered and looked at Haruven. He kissed him lovingly and rested his forehead against his. "You are amazing."

Haruven swallowed difficultly. "Take him." He whispered and Thor looked at their son with slight fear in his eyes. Ever so slowly he took him into his strong arms, worried he would crush him. "Don't fear. He is not as breakable as you think." Haruven teased and Thor chuckled. He moved and Haruven lied down.

"I will be right back," Thor said and carefully bowed down to kiss Haruven, whose eyes were already closing. Thor smiled at his mother and Luna and left the room. Everyone that was waiting in front of it suddenly tensed up and Thor looked at them with a proud smile and tears streaming down his face. "May I introduce to you my son; Gilead," he said as they came closer to look at the baby.

"You did a good job. Both of you did," Lilly said and kissed his cheek before she kissed the baby.

"Everyone is waiting for news," Loki said as he looked at his nephew.

Thor nodded weakly and moved for the great hall. The moment he entered it everyone stood up and looked at him. "My brothers and sisters!" Thor called out as Odin approached him, smiling proudly at him. "I give you my firstborn son, Gilead!"

"Long live Gilead, son of Thor!" Volstagg roared and loud cheers broke the hall.

"Long live Thor and Haruven!"

"Long live!"


Thor walked into his and Haruven's room and a small smile pulled on his lips when his eyes fell upon his husband feeding their son. Haruven looked up at him and smiled, his eyes glowing in a way Thor has never seen them glow.

"Come, love," Haruven said and Thor walked over to them.

Thor took off his clothes and joined Haruven in bed. His beloved was tired, it could be seen on his pale face and in his shaking limbs, but he was happy. He was glowing.

Thor kissed Ven's forehead and helped him move as to settle behind him. "Thank you, Ven." Thor whispered as he wrapped his arms around Haruven and their son lovingly.

"For what?" Haruven asked and looked up at Thor.

"For everything. For existing. For waiting for me. For loving me. For giving me a son. Everything." Haruven smiled at him and kissed him. Gilead cooed around the bottle and the two looked at him lovingly.

Thor kissed Haruven's temple and caressed his son's head with a gentle hand.

Everything has come full circle.

They now had a son. They started a family.

After everything they went through, all the battles they fought, all the times they suffered; now they could see that all of it paid off.

It all led to this moment. This moment that would lead to many others, both happy and sad ones.

There would be laughter.

There would be tears.

And they looked forward to all of it.

They were together now, and nothing will ever come between them.

Nothing and no one.

"I love you, min stjarna." Thor whispered and Haruven rested his head against Thor's.

"And I love you, my Lord. I love you."




The ceremony was inspired by old Irish wedding blessings.


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