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Blue Devil

I see Hell in his eyes.

Hell for most, Heaven for me.

Specular see`s a wolf pup in Shadow`s eyes, something to be molded.

I don`t care for the Organoid.

Only the man.

My name is Riese, I am known to most as the Blue Devil.

The woman who embodies death and loss of control like nothing they have ever, or ever will know again.

Right now though, I`m no one.

Just a weird looking girl passing through town with a weary looking boy, accompanied by a blue Organoid and a gigantic red Zoid.

The Geno Breaker...

Tell me Raven, will you ever figure it out or...


You already know. I admire that.

I admire how you don`t need to be telepathic to look into the minds of people.

I admire how you survive even Hilz` most hateful attacks and attempts to mold you.

He succeeded beyond what he thought in molding us both.

You`ve become one of the best true pilots on Zi. Not as good as Fleiheit, better than me in a straight up fight, and at least equal to Hilz himself.

If only you had your Organoid back.

That`s where even Van can`t touch you.

He and Zeke aren`t truly a team, Specular and I aren`t even up to your level, even Hilz isn`t on par with your teamwork.

You flow together, two rivers of absolute destruction, coursing through everything in sight.

I admire that.

I admire you.

That`s why I`m taking you to Zoid Eve.

Tell me Raven, how did such a gentle little boy twist into such a magnificently crafted killing machine?

You know why I`m so merciful to Van? Because he reminds me of what I could have had.

If not for Hilz and Prozen, I could have been like Fiona...

Powerful, fragile, weak. Wanted. Cared for. Protected.

All because of a boy named Nikolai and a white Helcat named Chiroru.

So much like Van, he was. Kindhearted, gentle, even loving, though it was pure, the kind of love shared between friends.

The kind of love I haven`t felt since.

I miss him. You`re not Nikolai though, Raven.

You`re almost nothing like him, are you?

I`ve watched you grow up from afar, most of the life I`ve had since Nikolai accidentally woke me up.

I`ve watched you grow from a scarred, fragile little boy with no true name to a hardened, vengeful warrior without peer.

I admire your changes. I admire your resilience. I admire you.

I wonder though...

Is my admiration for you the only reason I`m showing you to Zoid Eve?

Or do I have other motives?

The same motives Fiona had in her journey with Van, perhaps?

Even I can`t say.

So I won`t.

I`ll just sit here in the cockpit with you and enjoy what time we have together. Alone.

Specular is too focused on the Zoid to pay attention to either of us.

Shadow was superior to him in that aspect, at least. Shadow could manage the power of the Geno Breaker at it`s maximum for far longer than any other Organoid. Ambient was stronger, but Shadow was more resilient, more dedicated.

I admire Shadow for that.

Specular does too.

I admire you for being able to control Shadow.

I admire you for many things...


I don`t know.

I`m just Riese.

I`m the Blue Devil.

I always have been, I always will be.

But now, at least I have you...


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