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Chapter-1 When will he stop!!!

Peering cautiously around the corner, and then checking left and right, Tomoyo breathed a sigh of relief as she entered the corridor and proceeded towards the lockers. She had managed to successfully dodge that BAKA. Now who was she talking about.

It had to be none other than Eriol Hiiragizawa. He constantly tormented her with his bad excuses for jokes. Jeez, the guy had a warped mind, and she was his constant source of amusement, no scratch that, she was his only source of amusement. He was a pain in the ass.

Sighing ruefully, she opened her locker and AAAAAAAGH. The entire hallway, stopped chattering for a moment, but only a moment. As soon as it was established that it was Tomoyo Daidouji who was screaming her lungs out, everyone went back to whatever he or she were doing.

When Tomoyo screamed, they all knew who she was screaming at and sure enough, ' ERIOL HIIRAGIZAWA' she screamed. ' No need to scream, Tomoyo dear, I'm right behind you' he said with an infuriating smirk. Her entire locker was crawling with spiders.

She shuddered. How she detested those 8 legged freaks. Turning around she glared at Eriol. ' Did you do this Hiiragizawa?' she asked furiously. ' Do what, Daidouji?' he said maddeningly, that stupid smirk on his face. How she longed to wipe it out.

But she already knew the answer to her question. ' You are in big shit Hiiragizawa' she said in a dangerous voice as she stepped closer to him. Eriol's smirk faltered, a little, but just a little. Except for Syaoran, no one even noticed. He gave a little smirk of his own. ' You, Hiiragizawa are gonna get your ass kicked BIG TIME' hollered Tomoyo, as she grabbed her frighteningly thick History book and ran after him, down the hallway in an effort to swat his thick skull.

With all this running and chasing around they were late for class. ' Well well, Miss Daidouji and Mr. Hiiragizawa have consented to kindly grace us with their prescence' said a very irritated Terada sensei. The entire class tittered as Tomoyo felt her cheeks growing hot. These two were always late!!! ' Since you'll could not make it in time, you'll will spend the entire period in the dentention room and I expect to see today's homework done twice.' thundered Terada sensei before giving them a nasty glare.

Oh great!! Just what she needed, another detention not to mention, the HW. Doing it once was bad enough, doing it twice was HELL. ' Don't sulk, Tomoyo dear. You, are getting to spend the entire period with Tomoeda's most handsome and eligible bacheolar ' smirked Eriol infuriatingly beside her. ' Don't flatter yourself' she said icily.

She shot him a murderous glare, which was calculated to make all the other smart asses in her class quake in their shoes, but not Mr. I-know-everything-half-reincarnation-of-Clow-Reed. He simply grinned. ' You find this funny!!!!! You find this funny Hiiragizawa!!! Do you have any idea how much time I'll have to spend doing the HW twice???' she fumed.

She was the one who was gonna have to sit up late doing the HW. What was it to Eriol. All it took him was a wave of his hand. ' All in a day 's work my dear ' he said with that smirk on his face. GRRRR. If he did'nt shut up soon, he was gonna find out what were the consequences of messing with a Daidouji.

' GET LOST BAKA. How many times do I have to say it, in how many different ways before you get the picture' glared Tomoyo, with her hands on her hips. ' Can't sweetheart, we're stuck together for detention. And besides, my little Plum Blossom, life would be sooo empty without you.'

Tomoyo groaned, before putting her head down on the table. What henious sin had she comitted to endure this suffering. Her nerves were fraying and she had the mad urge to break something... preferably his thick skull.

Somehow, she managed to endure his unwanted company for the rest of the period, and almost sank on her knees in gratitude when the bell rang, signalling the end of the period. She grabbed her books and ran to her next class with Hiiragizawa trailing behind her.

The next class was P.E and so she changed into her gym clothes quickly, before joining the rest of the class in running laps around the playground. ' Hey Tomoyo, you okay' asked her best friend Sakura while running beside her. ' I'd feel a whole lot better if that BAKA did'nt exsist' she said grinding her teeth furiously, while Sakura looked on sympathetically.

She had never seen her best friend get so mad before. Tomoyo, was a mild, placid girl and generally unruffled. But somehow, Eriol managed to bring out a wild side in her, she did'nt even know existed.

She went to the water fountain, to get a drink of water, and she saw Syaoran coming towards her. ' Hey Syaoran' she said waving towards him. ' Hi Tomoyo dear' replied Syaoran. Tomoyo frowned. Something was not right. He generally was'nt like this.

Before she could piece together what was going on, she was caught in a tight embrace by Syaoran, who was now positively leering at her. ' Sya- Syao- Syaoran, what's goin on, what's wrong with you?' she asked a little scared and trying desperately to twist out of his embrace.

' Tomoyo darling. You are sooo perfect. Every inch of you begs to be carresssed. You are sooo beautiful, you need a man to look after you, a real man' said Syaoran, his lips inches away from hers and his breath fanning her cheeks. ' Rubbish!!' she said, trying to twist out of his embrace, but boy was he strong.

' Naughty, naughty. Stop trying to run away darling, and accept the inevitable. I can be an excellent lover, and I will, darling Tomoyo' he said laughing crudely. ' NO No, this can't be happening' said Tomoyo, who by now was thoroughly panicking. She debated upon calling Sakura for help.

' Stop this nonsense this instant, Syaoran. You love Sakura' she said as she now concentrated on moving her head from side to side, desperately trying to avoid his lips, which had taken on a cruel twist.

And then, he suddenly disappeared and she was all alone by the water fountain. Just then Sakura waved towards her trying to get her attention, with Syaoran next to her. ' Hey Tomoyo, hurry up, what's takin you so long' she yelled as Tomoyo looked around her puzzled.

' Hoe' she said and then she heard sounds from a nearby bush. They were the sounds of laughter, and sure enough she found, upon parting the bushes, a helpless Eriol, sprawled on the ground laughing his ass off, tears of mirth running down his cheeks.

Next to him was the clow staff and what looked like a star card. Upon closer examination, she realised it was the Illusion Card. GRRRRR. Now she was totally MAD. And I mean ranting, raving, furious mad. ' HIIRAGIZAWA' she yelled clenching her fists at her sides. ' I AM SO GONNA KILL YOU' she said and it was all Eriol could do to pick himself from the ground and run for his life. And I'm gonna kill Sakura too, she thought before tearing after him.

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