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Chapter 9 - A love surpassing all time

As she waited, she could hear him walking slowly towards her. The bed creaked as he sat behind her and she felt the cool touch of his palms on her injured shoulder. She felt like leaning back and absorbing all his strength. She could feel his energy flowing into her, and a burning sensation began.

She gritted her teeth, she had no idea it was going to pain so much. She clutched the bedsheet in her fust tightly. When she could bear it no longer, she cried out, tears flowing down her cheeks freely.

' Sweetheart, it's not much longer now' consoled Eriol. She knew he was becoming weaker. She was suddenly scared. If at this point of time, someone was to attack him, he would not survive. He would be completely depleted of all his energy because of her.

Her life did'nt matter at all. Nothing mattered to her, except him. She tried to shift away. ' Hold still, it's not much longer' Eriol managed to say.

She knew that it had taken him a great deal of effort to say that, and she did'nt want to jeopardise his health any further, and so she remained where she was.

Soon the burning sensation, was replaced by a cool icy one. Atlast the pain completely disappeared. He was completely out of his energy. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and dropped his forward. She turned around in his arms, and wrapped her arms around his neck, not bothering about her state of undress.

She sobbed into his chest, her various emotions overwhelming her, she clung to him frantically, like a child. Eriol was unable to understand her present emotional state, but knew instinctively that she somehow seeked his comfort, and he held her close.

' Don't cry, it's okay' he whispered tiredly. ' You'll be completely alright in a few days.'

She was not crying for herself, she was crying for him! And the Baka was unaware of that. She pressed her lips to his, with a passion that only came from desperation. She sensed that he was too tired to respond, and she drew back, and drew him with her onto the bed. She was very tired too, but there was no way, she was letting him go.

Eriol being very tired, just collapsed along side her on the cool duvet, and instantly fell asleep. Tomoyo traced the lines of strain on his face and wished they would go away. There was almost a child like vulnerability about him, which made her cradle his head in her arms, until sleep took over.

When he woke up, he found himself in Tomoyo's arms, and he could'nt but help gaze at her face, which was angelic and peaceful. He quitely crawled out, and covered her with the sheet, and padded to the bathroom, and splashed his face with water.

He then moved back to the bed, and decided to wake her up. She could not afford to continue sleeping without any food. He gently cradled her, and whispered words in her ear. What he did'nt count on was her latching on to him, and not letting go. He was only too aware of the fact that she was half naked. He decided to go down to the kitchen, and whip up something to eat and then wake her up. He padded downstairs slowly, and then called for Nakuru.

' Either cook something nutritious, or else buy it' he said sitting down on the chair, at the kitchen table.

Nakuru narrowed her eyes suspiciously. ' if you don't mind me asking, why are you so tired'

' I do mind you asking and so after you finish the task, make yourself scarce.' He did'nt want to deal with her hyperactiveness right now. He was too tired. He badly needed a drink of water.

' Nakuru, get me a glass of water please.'

Nakuru turned around and saw Eriol hunched on the table, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Normally Eriol would have snapped his fingers, not asked her. This only confirmed her suspicions that he was completely depleted of all his magical powers. This meant that she and Spinel would have to be on guard as their master was very vulnerable to attacks.

She set the glass of water down on the table and rubbed her master's shoulders, in a soothing motion. ' God bless Nakuru' was his only thought as he finally gave in to all his aches and pains.

He was vaguely aware of a voice calling him in the distance. ' Master it's ready' said Nakuru, after conjuring up a most delicious sight. He woke up from his slumber, and realised he was completely bushed. Nakuru drew up a chair and sat across him, the way she always did, when he ate.

' Nakuru this is not for me, it's for someone else' he said gently, as he attempted to get up.

' Ah yes Tomoyo' said Nakuru, nodding her head knowingly. ' I've made more for her, but this is for you. You need your strength back Master' she said quietly.

He stared at her, and then remembered why he loved his guardians so much. They were unduly loyal to him, and understood him so well.

'Thank you' he said sincerely, and then began digging in, he was absolutely famished.

After he finished eating, he picked up the other tray meant for Tomoyo and started towards the stairs. He hated climbing stairs but he had no choice. Suddenly he found himself on the landing outside the bedroom.

He leaned over the bannister, and looked down to find a smiling Nakuru. ' You can always count on us Master' she whispered softly.

Eriol grinned. He nodded in reply, and pushed the door of the room open, only to find that Tomoyo was already awake, and looked a little worried.

' Where were you, I was so worried, why did you leave me' she asked.

Eriol could feel a lump in his throat. He was not used to anyone worrying about him other than his guardians and Sakura. It was a whole new feeling and it completely overwhelmed him. As he looked at her, he understood why he loved her so much.

' I did'nt leave, I went to get us some food. Besides I tried to wake you' he said lightly.

She blushed at the vague memory of her clutching at him, and curling up against him. She thought it was a dream, but it turned out to be all too real. When she finished eating, only then did she look up, only to find him fast asleep in his arm chair.

Feeling of guilt swamped her. It was all her fault that he was so tired. If she had'nt been stupid in the first place and tried to satisfy her curiousity, she would never have been wounded, and he would not have had to use up all his powers. She loved him very much, and she could not afford to lose him to some evil source just because he was unable to protect himself. There was only one way out, she had to leave.

Stiffling back tears, she made her way out of his mansion, to her own.

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She tapped her feet impatiently at the security check in counter in the airport. She had decided to join her mother in the states, and had written a note to Sakura explaining the same. Why was it taking so long?

' Going somewhere?'

Tomoyo turned around at that all too familiar voice, to find a very furious Eriol.

' Eriol, hi, I was, um I am..' she stammered. He did'nt find it amusing and instead, grabbed her hand, completely ignoring her protest, and dragged her with him.

She tried her best to keep up with his long strides which was impossible in her heels. She was aware of the whole airport staring at them and she smiled brightly at them, as if being dragged out of the airport by a man was an everyday occurrence.

Eriol had regained some of his powers, and so he wrapped a hand around her and transported them back to his mansion.

He pulled her into his arms and began to kiss the nape of her neck. She moaned involuntarily and arched up against him. It felt so good. But he did'nt love her, and the minute she remembered this, she tried to move away. But he would'nt let her.

' Eriol, please stop' she pleaded, but to no avail. He continued his onslaught. He tugged her shirt out of the waist band of her skirt and slipped his hand under her shirt, carressing her soft skin.

' Eriol' she moaned, ' please don't do this, you don't love me, and I love you too much to see you hurt.'

It was then that he stopped, and looked at her. ' What gave you the idea I don't love you' he asked softly. ' Dammit woman, I love you so much, it hurts every time I look at you.'

' But then why were you so mean to me' she asked hesitantly.

A look of vulnerability came over Eriol's face. ' I was mean to you, because I did'nt want to care about you, and I did'nt want you to know that I loved you. I'm sorry. If you still want to leave, I won't stop you' and he stepped away from her.

Her response was to fling her arms around his neck and kiss him like there was no tomorrow. Eriol responded hungrily, and this was very different from any of his earlier kisses, as it was flavoured with love.

' Promise me, you'll never leave me again'

' I'll never leave you, even if you want me to' she said, her eyes glimmering with unshed tears of happiness, and they stood locked in an embrace, that even the most devoted of lovers would envy.
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