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/Main Character PoV/

Drip Drip

The sound of water dripping, arouse me from my sleep. 'mnm... 5 more minutes' I thought sleepily reluctant to let go from the sweet embrace of sleep.

Then with a sudden whine of activated mechanism I feel my body being lifted and then moved. 'What the?'

I tried to open my eyes but instead of seeing my bedroom and an angry mother, what I see was only blackness of darkness. Blinking, my visions start to adjust themselves, and the first thing I see in front of me was a some kind of a big lump of black metal in the shape of crude torpedo or shark maybe? And is that a deformed leg I see on its butt.

The lump of metal was being held by some kind of moving crane, like in heavy industry factories. 'Where the hell am I!'

I tried to scream but instead if my voice what comes out from my mouth was a loud mechanical shriek.


'What the f*&k!' what happens with my voice. I tried to move my body but I found that I'm also being held by another crane.

And that's when I finally realized the strangeness in my visions. You know the kind of animal that have their eyes on the side of their head and not in their front, they have a split vision. That is what my vision seems like now.

How could I have a split vision, I'm a human right?! Was my thought. And that's when the moving crane that held me pass by a some kind of glass panel. The glass was also part reflective. And that's when I see my reflection on the glass.

What I see make me freeze. Instead of a human being held by a crane, it shows something that I only have seen the design in a popular Japanese browser game, which I has taken a pretty deep interest in called as Kantai Collection.

There's no way I would never recognize the form of an abyssal destroyer. The sleek black form like a torpedo. The three fin in the back along with the deformed leg or fin. And right below the eye was the ever present huge jaw of the destroyer, precisely this form belong to an I-Class destroyer.

'What the f*&k! How could I have ended up in the body of an abyssal destroyer.' I shout out my denial. I want to scream but the only thing that comes out was the shrieking voice of an abyssal destroyer.

'This must be a dream, yes yes it got to be a dream. I just need to go to sleep and when I wake up I will come back into my body.' I assured myself, not long after sleepiness start to claim me.

/Unknown hours later/

I have woken up not an hour ago hoping to wake up in my bedroom and for all of it to just be a nightmare. But noo instead when I wake up what greets me were the same dark place and the same moving crane along with the same butt of the same destroyer in front of me.

What following was me wasting about half an hour trashing around my bind and shouting out profanities and curse words that will make my grandpa proud and my mother to kill me.

When I have started to calm down, I begin to retrace my memories to see how I could end up in this state.

The last thing I remember was I was just returning home from an event after buying out some Kantai collection figurine and doujinshis, mainly the abyssal one because they are rare and I like some of their designs. I was just a college student and I'm going to admit I'm pretty much a nerd. Well, not a hardcore kind of nerd but I'm an introvert person if I have to say, Oh yeah I'm also not a Japanese if you want to know.

Back to the topic, after I have bought everything I'm looking for in the event. Which is still accumulate to a few boxes, I decide to return home.

What I didn't count on was a drunken driver driving his car at 100 miles per hour in city street. As you can guess his car slipped up while turning in a corner and proceed to squash the sorry o'me right in to the wall of a random shop.

And here I am, a few hours later awaken in the body of an I-Class abyssal destroyer and being held in some kind of factory line by a crane.

Looking at it my fate seems the same as those characters I read in some fanfiction story, well the difference is I'm ended up in Kancolle universe and they at least still retain their human form in their 'transfer process', while I ended up as a destroyer.

Oh, why did I have to end up as a destroyer. I know that some fans has make the theory about abyssal evolution paths

(A/N: For the evolutions path check it in .us/posts/1677318 if you want, this is the link for the graph)

In this theory with some experience and time and maybe a chance, a weak destroyer could even someday grow and evolved to be a battleship. Hell if lucky maybe becoming an Oni or Princess.

But still why did I have to end up as a destroyer, the bottom rock in abyssal fleet hierarchy as well as a menial cannon fodder.

But on top of that, there is still one thing I want to say that make me want to kick the one responsible for my fate.

Supposedly all of the ships in Kantai Collection, including the abyssal one are females and supposedly their lower ranking member included.

By that logic it makes me as a female also, well maybe not now but when I manage to grow up its a different case.

All of that aside, so why did I... a pure genuine MALE has to ended up in this kind of universe. I'm a GUY Dammit!

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