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/Lucas PoV/

"...Fascinating, totally fascinating."

I don't know how long did I sleep, but when I start to stirred from my sleep the first thing that comes to me are voices of people.

'Uuuhhh... W-what?' Hearing a male voice, I was confused. Didn't the abyssal only consist of females? Then why did just now I heard a male voice?

"The only thing that got close with this is from a military project, but even then its only rumor. But if the mission report is right, then maybe..." The voice trailed off. Now I'm sure that what I hear is a male voice. There is no mistaking the masculine tone of a male the voice possess.

Besides that I could also feels someone touching and poking my right arm. Then a new voice make itself known, this time a woman voice.

"Just shut up, stop your rambling and come here and help me with this thing. Dammit! This guy skin is tough."

"You know that all of the ships we have ever met till now is essentially female right?" Deadpanned the male voice.

"I will call it whatever I want. Besides why don't you just take a look at those abs and muscles. Even when covered with armor there's no way you could call a body type like that as female."

A sigh from the male, "Okay.. you make your point."

A few rustle here and there and then I feel something stab me in the side of the neck joint, deep. Right where there is no thick armor plating covering it.

No need to say it hurts, really hurts. 'Okay that's it, time to awake now.'

"Hmm.. heart rate is increasing? The subject is awaking!" Shouted the male voice in alarm.

"Okay, my job is done here, bye bye Komui-san." Said the female voice, a sound of door open and closed signifying the female leaving the room.

"What the..? Get back here Takami, don't leave me!"

I open my eyes... huh? There is a bright light shining on my right eyes, dazzling my visions. I took me several moments to get rid of the blurriness only for me to come face to face with a male human.




Blinking the human let out a scream. Surprising me, I acted on reflex. I roared and batted him with my right arm.

The human was thrown into a stack of crates on the side of the wall, causing the crates to collapse on the poor soul.

Getting my bearings back I decide to take in my surroundings.

The rooms I'm in is just about the size of a small warehouse. The wall was made from concrete. A single large metal door or gates(?) with a smaller one attached make the only way out of this room.

A few wooden and steel crates including the one I throw the human to is stacked on the side of the room. Some strange devices scattered on the floor, including one big syringe.

'That must be what they use to stab me with.'

All in all this room looks like an ordinary storage room.

A rustling sound and a pained voice took my attention.

The human male has just digging his way out of the fallen crates, only to freeze up in when he sees me.

'How in the hell did I falls into the hands of humans?' The last thing I remember after my period of rampage is the to fall asleep after hearing a calming female voice.

'I wonder, who is that female?'

A sound of wood creaking return me from my thought. The human has accidently step on a wood pieces from the destroyed crate.

Examining the human, the human is pretty tall, has long black hair that curls at the end. He wears a pair of wire-frame, pentagonal glasses, a light blue turtleneck sweater, white pants and a white beret and a long dirty white coat along with black boots. He looks to be in his early thirty or late twenty. Looking at his face, I could see fear. My mischievous side reared up its head.

'Well, maybe he know what is happening, lets scare him a bit.' I smirk mentally.

Staring up at the male, I release a hiss making the human, Komui, I remember the female voice called him to flinch.

'Oh this is gonna be fun.'

Rising my body so I could stand in full, shows me that I towered above the human. I took a step forward. Vaguely aware that my feet has become talon. Komui pressed himself into the walls.

I used my left arms to push aside a cart piled with miscellaneous devices, I could see a drill in it. Using my left arm makes me aware of my two thumbed large claw. It looks like I have become more monstrous now.

I step forward slowly until I stop in front of the human, bending so that we come face to face, I hissed at him.

"N-nice doggie. Please don't hurt me." Said Komui in fear. I was amused that he called me as a doggie because it's clear that I'm not.

I snarled at him. "Please don't kill me!" Shouted Komui. Right when I'm about to reach out to him and began the tor-ahem interrogation the metal door swung open.

I turn my head facing the door, only to widen my eyes. In front of me standing before the door was a battleship princess. Her beautiful pale face turn into a frown looking at me and Komui.

"Stand back." Ordered the Princess, her aura flared slightly. Hearing her voice it was the same as that voice that calmed me down. Wisely I step back from the human male, but not before giving him a scary hiss first.

Flinching, Komui then quickly rushed into the front of the Princess. "I-Iowa chan. Thank you for your help."

/With Iowa, before 2 minutes before/

Iowa is running as fast as she could. It was not long ago that she bumped with Dr. Takami clutching a container tube labeled with letter subject X blood sample.

Just as she about to ask about the container, a loud roar came from the storage room where the most recent addition to the abyssal fleet is kept.

It didn't help when Takami told her that Komui is in the storage room poking around the sleeping destroyer mutant. This news and the roar cause her to quickly run into the aforementioned room.

When she open the door, she is greeted with the sight of Komui pressed himself into the wall the cornered by the mutant destroyer, a single clawed arm raised towards the scared Komui.

Iowa flared her aura and ordered "Stand back." Mutated or not it is still a destroyer, so it will acknowledge her superior status and comply.

And comply it did, it took a step back, hissing at Komui before turning to face her. Iowa relaxed her stance seeing the mutant obeying her order, although the cause of compliance is not the same as what she think.

Seeing the chance Komui quickly rushed away and stop in front of her.

"I-Iowa chan. Thank you for your help." Thanked Komui while wiping his sweaty brow.

Sighing, Iowa turned into the human, her eyes narrowed. "What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you that you cannot do any examination without an escort."

Laughing nervously Komui replied "Iowa-chan, I was just curious. After reading the report from the task force, one of its content intrigue. And as the head of engineering and research department, I cannot just ignore the unknown in front of me!"

A tick mark appeared on Iowa forehead. She knows that humans are a smart race including the one in front of her, but she really cannot understand why someone who has the brain could do something foolish like this.

The report also include the psyche status of the mutant which is written as approach with caution, along with the detail of its rampage.

Sometimes she didn't know why did she keep him around. What will the world think? A human working with the abyssal fleet. Of course Komui and Takami along with the other humans in this base has their reason for working with the abyssal, but the detail of it will be revealed later.

Right now Iowa must decide what she will do with this fool of an engineer. She adopt a serious face before speaking to Komui.

"So... what did you have to report?"

/With Lucas/

Lucas has spend the last few minutes looking at the battleship princess in front of him. While his posture is calm and on standby, inside his mind is torn into two parts.

The majority, the logical and calm part of his mind is frantic. Multiple questions floating in his mind. Why did an abyssal princess is here? Why a human is here? Is this an abyssal base? If it is then why no how could a human and an abyssal could be working together? How could the human talk with the princess like friends? What the f*&k is going on here!?

The second part, the minority but still significant part is his inner male pervert side is busy ogling the sexy body of the princess in front of him. Following the tradition of RL version ship size equal to B.W.H. size.

And as a battleship class, Battleship Symbiotic Princess possess a very generous parts size, bigger than most women he ever met in his previous human life. If not because of no longer possessing human face, he would have already having a nosebleed. It didn't help the princess only garment is the same as her game versions. A black dress, cut short above the thigh.

A slight sliver of his mind caught the princess name, Iowa. 'Curious... does her name are based from the US Iowa-class battleship?'

"So... what did you have to report?" The question from Iowa caught Lucas from his musing.

/3rd person PoV/

Komui straighten up his white coat and fixed his glasses, entering what you could call as 'serious mode'.

"Well, according to the mission report stated that the subject is-was an abyssal destroyer that mutated after coming into contact with a rich uranium element and ingesting large amount of mass from its kindred, or I should call it as cannibalization."

Lucas lower down his head in shame for his past deed being mentioned. Komui unaware with the Lucas uneasiness continuing his report.

"As expected preliminary examination found the subject to possess a thick armor, at least battleship grades and maybe demon grades from the amount of metal the subject consumed."

Iowa turn her face and inspect Lucas form head to toe. "That makes sense, continue."

"Right. The subject muscle mass also show a level of density that could only be found on a demon. In accordance this also show the level of durability that we could predict to be the same as a demon. While most of the weapons equipped are a common weapon that could be found among the abyssals, it possess a unique and exotic weapon."

"Unique weapon?" Asked Iowa with a raised eyebrow. Lucas also perked up hearing this tidbit of information.

"Yes, the large cannon on the subject right arm is nothing like an ordinary gun. But unfortunately I cannot make any more report without examining it more closely and observing the weapon when in live action." Answered Komui while shaking his head on the last part.

"So in short you need more data." Concluded Iowa.


"Anything else? Anything about his special condition." Asked Iowa.

" No, if you want to know about the 'bio-science' thingy, you should go to Takami. It's she who the expert on it. Me? I'm content in 'machineering' and making stuff blow up." Answered Komui.

"Well then I will do just that. Oh yeah Komui, I will leave you to show the new guy around the base. I will trust you not to agitate the guy any further." Ordered Iowa before turning her face to Lucas ignoring the slack jawed Komui from being ordered to being a guide for Lucas.

"And you, I will trust you not to kill him, if he annoy you just rough him up, but don't kill." Ordered Iowa to Lucas before she turn around and left the two other person alone. It maybe just her imagination but she nearly swear that she could see the large abyssal give her a salute.

When the door closed behind the princess, Lucas turn towards Komui, his fang filled mouth although should be impossible but it showed a toothy grin towards Komui.

"A-alright then, s-shall we?" Asked Komui nervously.

It was not long for Komui and Lucas to step out from the storage room and begin the tour around the base.

After wandering around it shows that the base he's in now is not the same base he previously in. The blaring difference between the two base was the glaring blue sky that greeted Lucas when he and Komui exited the underground tunnel that lead to the base underground complex.

The base itself is medium sized, most of the building consist of multiple roofed bays and warehouses. A few dorm like building dotted the base here and there along with large warehouses for storing supplies. All in all it is what you would expect from a common port base.

Other difference is also the composition of the abyssal ships present. There seems to be more humanoid abyssals than in the underwater base. Nearly three dozen abyssal ship girls could be seen walking around.

But the most surprising thing is the unmistakable presence of humans. There's a few human walking around in a dockworker uniform, tending to their job. The abyssals around them seems to didn't mind the presence of humans around them.

Hell Lucas even see one of the dockworker petting a Ro-class destroyer. While he shouldn't be surprised about other humans presence considering the presence of Komui, but seeing abyssals and humans interacting peacefully like this surprised him.

'If there is human that is working together with abyssals then why I didn't saw any of them in that base?' Was what Lucas thought, thinking about his previous base.

Also worth mentioning is that because of Lucas unique form, it is inevitable that he draws many attention from curious onlookers, abyssals and humans alike.

It was half an hour later that we found Komui bringing Lucas into a peculiar building. From inside they could hear the sound of hammer beating against metal. The signboard says Engineering and Weapon RnD. Oh yeah something worth noting is there seems to be a mark of patchwork on one of the building side walls.

"Okay, this is the Engineering and weapon research department building. This is the place where I'm working. Let me show you the inside." Invited Komui. As the tour progressed he has become more calm and used to Lucas presences. At least he knows that Lucas won't suddenly maim him on a whim.

When Komui opened the large door to invite Lucas in a crumpled dirty rags hit him in the face. The voice of a middle aged male sounds up from the inside of the building.

"Komuiii! What the hell have you been doing?!"

Komui rid his face from the dirty rag and turn into the source of the voice. A man of average height and build. He has messy, sandy blond hair, and is wearing a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a waistcoat and tie, and casual dress pants. Over it all, he wears a white lab coat.

"Where the hell have you been?! There still some cleanup left from your last experiment and its you job to fix it!" Asked the man.

"Reever-san. I'm just showing this guy around the base, he is a new member of the fleet."

"Who?" Asked Reever. And that is when the large form of Lucas moved itself into the building and into direct sight of a surprised Reever.

"Holy hell!" Reever cursed seeing the large form of Lucas in full view.

After that Komui introduced Lucas into the rest of the engineering team. All of them was shocked and surprised when seeing Lucas the first time, but curiosity quickly override any apprehension they have. Most of their attention were on Lucas right arm cannon.

Hearing Komui brief description of the weapon and being military engineers and weapon experts only increasing their curiosity.

After being pestered so many times, Lucas finally relented and let the curious engineer to take a look at his right arm cannon if just for the sake of getting some peace.

The day end when Iowa came to fetch Lucas in the evening and bring him back into a so far empty bay. Empty means unused but not abandoned.

After Iowa and Komui says their goodbye, Lucas can be found shuffling around his private bay. After a while he finally stops in the edge of the bay, the light of the moon being reflected by the clear water let him to used it as a rough mirror.

Looking at his reflection Lucas let out a sigh and commented about his new appearance. 'Great I looks like an abyss-syfied collector captain from mass effect on steroid. At least I still have a mouth and not like the collector who did't have any.'

He took in the sight of the peaceful night sea, on the night sky he can see stars twinkling besides the moon.

Lucas then realize that this is the first time he have gaze upon the night sky since becoming an abyssal.

'What a beautiful sight.' He then remember about his abyssal friends.

'Iwa, Nikku, Nina and I suppose you too Rin-sensei. I may only know you four for a short time, but still you are my first friends in this life. Oh how you have missed seeing this beautiful sight. Well I suppose you would have already seen it Rin-sensei, but still...' Lamented Lucas

Flashes of the disastrous battle that led to the lost of his friends and his near death experience appeared on Lucas mind. The scene of each of his friends last moment flashed repeatedly.

A silent rage burn inside Lucas. His three pair of eyes opened full of resolve. He scoop up a handfull of seawater using his left hand, raised it up and watched the water slipping around his finger, dripping back into the ocean.

'I know that you four won't be able to hear it. But this is my promise, I swear that I won't let you sacrifice be in vane, I will avenge you. If what it takes for my revenge is to crush the entire first carrier divisions then so be it. I will crush them and I will show them the depth of the abyss. This is my promise.' He clenched his left claw in resolve.

It will be an hour later before he went to sleep, but right when he just about to get comfy and fall into the depth of sleep he remembered something missing from his tour of the base that day.

He haven't met any Wo-class on the entire base! More than a month spend as an abyssal and still no single sighting of Wo-class. Not even one bit!

That really hit some nerves in Lucas mind, 'Where is my Wo-chaaann!' That night the entire base was awoken from a loud frustrated shriek from the unused bay area.

On the next morning, Lucas was fetched by Komui and guided to the destroyer feeding area, because for obvious reason his body is too large for the mess hall of the abyssal ship girls.

After a brief breakfast while being stared at by multiple destroyers the pair go into a walk around the base to cover what they haven't covered in the yesterday tour. After that with nothing to do the pair go back into the engineering and weapon research building to waste some time.

Meanwhile inside the base main building in the briefing room, Iowa can be seen busy thinking about something, on her hand is the report from Takami and Komui.

According to Takami, from her examination of the blood sample she took she could detect traces mount of radioactive element in it. Not enough so it could leaked through Lucas body and affecting his surrounding but still significant enough to be noted.

From what Takami deduce, it seems the subject body has successfully assimilated the uranium and use it as auxiliary power source.

This is further reinforced by the report from Komui. According to his examination from the yesterday when Komui bring Lucas to the engineering building, the large cannon on his right arm is definitely not a normal cannon. It is more like a railgun or a mass accelerator.

From some of the observation when Komui ask Lucas to warm up his gun a buildup of heat and electricity could be detected and mainly focused on the large cannon and further spiking up the more the gun is powering up.

While normal abyssals could emit an electromagnetic field, it is only just enough to disturb normal navigation devices and not into the scale that Lucas has shown. The heat buildup is also noteworthy to be given attention.

From Takami and Komui discussion, the Uranium element could be the main suspect in this phenomena. From their rough speculation they theorize that because Uranium is a vital element in nuclear reaction that the produce is a huge amount of energy and heat along with the mutation inducing property of its radioactive nature, Lucas body have adapted to interact with the Uranium that circulates in his blood to produce a ultra miniaturized and controlled nuclear reaction to produce large amount of energy to power his weapon.

They also suspect that Lucas body has gone further and change him into what in the modern world could be classified as a nuclear powered ship.

This fact interest Iowa, because in the case of real ship, a nuclear powered ship held many advantage from conventional WW2 era ship which the ship girls so far is based from.

A nuclear powered ship produce more energy. More energy means more power could be diverted to engine means more speed. Nuclear ship also has minimal to no need for fuel storage, means more room for armor, cannons, ammo and etc.

This is a huge advantage in battle, which means Lucas has become more valuable for the abyssal fleet.

But something is still bugging her. According to the ship girl she briefly 'interrogated' when capturing Lucas. He seems to have a deep grudge against aircraft carrier. It make sense because it is confirmed that it was the first carrier division Kaga and Akagi that deal the most kill in that disastrous transport rescue mission.

While it looks like he have calmed down presently, there's no telling what he will do in the future mission when he encounter enemy carrier especially the first carrier division.

Someone must watch over him, someone powerful and high enough in the abyssal hierarchy to take reign when he about to go on a sudden rampage, which is a princess.

While usually she could do it, but not this time, a new princess has recently emerge and she is pretty young too so she need a mentor and it was a coincidence that Iowa has been elected to be the mentor.

With her hands full, Iowa thought about the other possible candidates.

Henderson-chan, the Airfield princess is to bubbly and she didn't have enough physical power to stop him, so nope.

Ritou-chan, the Isolated Island demon is also no, not enough physical power and she's a hikikomori, so nada.

Darwin-chan, the Seaport princess, she already has her hand full in taking care of Hoppo-chan, the Northern Princess. Oh how she missed that little girl.

Mikiru Southern Ocean Princess, a big no. She is too aggressive, there's no need to get his case to get worse.

After thinking for some more moment Iowa found the perfect candidate to 'dump' Lucas into. The person has enough physical power to at least restrain Lucas and she could also be a therapy for Lucas to harness his hate. After all, one of the ship girls design was based from her.

And with that Iowa proceed to the nearest radio to give a call to tell someone that she will have a visitor.

Once the she had made the call and the other side agree to her proposition, Iowa was about to terminate the channel before...

BOOMMM! A large explosions comes from the outside causing the building she's in to shake slightly from the tremor.

Rushing to the nearest window, she could see large pillar of black smoke billowing from Engineering and weapon research building.

KOMUUIIIII! DAMN YOUUUU! Come the angry voice of Reeve.

Iowa could only let out a sigh while massaging her temple. Yep just another day in the abyssal fleet.

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