Chapter 1: The Cursed Springs of Jusenkyo

The transport plane droned steadily onward towards it's ultimate destination, Japan, more specifically Tokyo 3. Inside was a very precious cargo, a single passenger, a young boy approximately 14 or 15 years old. He was staring off into space, his brown eyes fixated on the nothingness that was his life.

^ Why did I agree to this? It's not like I owe him anything, and after what he did to me he has the nerve to haul me back to Japan for some reason. Oh well I guess I'll find out what it is he wants, tell him off and head back to Russia to continue my studies like he never existed. ^

Shinji laid back in his makeshift hammock he'd made for himself, he looked down at himself and was mildly disgusted at what he saw. Here he was fourteen going on fifteen and he was a wimp. He had virtually no muscle on his arms, the rest of him was just as bad, he could actually count his ribs. The opposite sex had recently become an interest to him even though certain parts had started reacting when he saw something arousing they were still way too small to be effective even if he decided on pursuing some sort of sexual relationship with a girl. He sighed softly. It wouldn't matter anyway, he knew the second he tried to even approach a girl he would chicken out and run away, and if a girl approached him he would collapse into a heap of incoherent babble. He laughed slightly at the joke that was his life. His father deserting him when he was just a kid, sending him off to live with some teacher in Siberia. His mother dying. All his life people telling him what to do what to say. Why? "Because I'm a spineless wimp." He said aloud. Would he always be like this? A mere slave of everybody, could he ever be his own person. ^ NO!!! I will not let everybody just walk all over me. I'm going to walk right up to dad tell him to 'fuck off' then march right out and back to Siberia. Who'm I kidding I'll probably just cave in and do whatever he wants just like always. ^ From the cockpit. "Number two's flaming out, damn it we're going to loose number two." "Shut it down we can't afford to destroy it." "Shutoff's not working sir I can't shut down." Suddenly the plane was jolted by a horrendous explosion. Shinji jumped out of his hammock and quickly donned a parachute. The pilot and copilot in the cockpit were yelling into the radio. "Mayday, mayday, transport plane 1123 we've lost number two engine, wing structure failing, abandoning craft. Lock onto GPS transponders for rescue." Not wasting any time Shinji got to the rear of the plane and hit the emergency ramp release. The ramp popped open and he and the two pilots jumped out of the rapidly descending aircraft.

After ten seconds Shinji pulled the ripcord and his chute deftly obeyed by deploying a traditional circular parachute. As if by fate or the will of the gods, (god's being me.) a gust of wind caught Shinji's parachute and propelled him towards a vast cluster of pools. In-between the pools were various sizes of decayed bamboo poles. Quickly calculating his current trajectory Shinji realized he was headed towards a particularly large pool. There was no avoiding it he was going to get wet. ^ Just what I needed, to get my clothes dirty. ^


20 Years Earlier

A young boy of around seventeen was running as fast as he could. He'd finally made it. Jusenkyo. Tears of joy were streaming down Ranma's cheek as he ran towards the cursed springs. / I'll never be a girl again. Once I'm 100% guy again I can marry Akane and we can be happy. /

The mere thought of marrying Akane made Ranma run that much faster. He loved her with all his heart. He'd just finally admitted it to himself. All this time he'd known it but he never actually told her. When he finally did she was so overjoyed she jumped on him and started kissing him so hard and passionately he still had hickeys from it. After his admission most of his troubles went away. Ryoga was furious but he knew that nothing he did would ever persuade Akane to marry him over Ranma. Ukyo was heartbroken but she had Kei so she bounced right back. Shampoo was for lack of a better word, pissed. After destroying everything she could lay her hands on (including Kuno) she broke down. Cologne was also upset, Ranma could tell this. He'd broken Amazon law, and he knew Cologne wouldn't stand for this, but she surprisingly managed to hide most of her rage and remained openly calm. There it was the spring of drowned man. He ran full speed and jumped. "Yes I'm never going to be a girl again!" he yelled triumphantly, but in a girl's voice. He looked down and saw that his/her breasts were there. The spring didn't work. A realization dawned on him. That's what the Chinese guy meant when he said 'very bad you fall in spring.' There was no cure, the curse was permanent. Ranma-chan was about to break down and cry when she suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain in her back and chest. She looked down to see a rather large sword sticking out of her left breast. She fell forward into the pool, the blood painted the water red. Before the world went blank he yelled, "Akane I love you." Which under water only came out as a massive burst of bubbles. He inhaled. The water smelled like blood, his blood. That was the last thing he remembered before he passed out and drowned.


A wet, half naked, very buxom, redhead crawled out from under the parachute and out of the pool. / Where am I? This looks like Jusenkyo but the poles look older. / As she continued to look around she noticed herself. The clothes she was wearing (or not wearing) looked to be for somebody just slightly smaller and less developed than herself and they had ripped in several places. Herself?? Oh no she was still a she. Her memories started flooding back, she remembered jumping into the pool, and. nothing, no the cure didn't work, then something else . a sword sticking through her chest, then the smell of blood then nothing. Was she dead? No that couldn't be right. Just then she felt something else. No that wasn't quite right, it was someone else, she could hear them perfectly, but a quick scan of the surroundings revealed nobody. She plugged her ears. The voice, it was coming from her head. ^ Who are you? What's going on here? ^ / I'm Ranma Saotome of the Saotome School of Anything goes martial arts and who are you and what are you doing in my head? / ^ I'm Shinji Ikari, and this is my body. I fell into that stupid pool over there and now I can't move my arm and ^ Shinji remembered that the body he had seen through the eyes had breasts. ^ Why am I female? ^ Ranma thought for a moment. / Well near as I can guess that's because of me. / ^ What's because of you??? ^ Shinji was becoming hysterical. / Calm down, would you like the long version or the short fanfic version? /

(author : short fanfic version please please please) ^ Just keep it short.^ (author: Yesssssss) / Well welcome to the cursed springs of Jusenkyo, your worst nightmares come to life. Whatever falls into and drowns in the spring, the next thing to fall in and not drown, takes the body of whatever drowned. Make sense? / ^ No if I'm just supposed to get your body why do I also have your soul? ^ / No idea, but if I'm right I'm dead. / ^ I'm sorry. ^ / Bummer ain't it? / ^ So we're stuck with each other then? ^ / I guess. I'm really not up on ancient magical stuff. / ^ Uh Ranma? ^ / Yeah Shinji? / ^ Can I have my body back? ^ / Well if I'm right all we need to do is find some hot water. / ^ Hot water? ^ / Yeah the curse is activated whenever you touch cold water, hot water negates the curse. I'm guessing but I think when the curse is active I get control of the body, and when we change back you're the boss. / Ranma started walking over to the shack where he knew the Jusenkyo guide would be, he just hoped that he hadn't been dead too long. ^ But it's my body. ^ / Trust me. Let me handle the female stuff, I'm used to it by now. / ^ Huh? ^ / Have you ever had PMS? Didn't think so, I'm used to it by now./ ^ Ranma ^ / Yes? / ^ Are you a guy or a girl? ^ / I'M A GUY!!! / Ranma shouted in his thoughts making Shinji wince. ^ Alright already but why do you have a girls body? ^ / I fell into the spring of drowned girl, then when I was trying to cure myself I was killed and drowned in that pool you fell into. When I drowned I was in girl form, that's why. / ^ Oh ^ Shinji didn't get it but he wouldn't say anything. They arrived at the cabin, Ranma knocked on the door. A young Chinese man answered. "Hello Mrs's, how I help you?" "Can I come in?" "Why you want do that?" "I need some hot water." "Oh no you fall into spring of drowned girl. That very bad." "Not exactly." Ranma sat down while the young man busied himself with filling the kettle and firing up the halogen stove. "Now which spring you fall into." "First what's the date?" "Why you want know date? It 2014." "So it's been twenty years then." "What you say?" "A young man came here around 20 years ago. He was cursed to turn into a girl. He was killed and drowned in one of those pools out there." Ranma looked at the man. "That was me, I want to know the tragic story." The man just looked at him. "That very strange only supposed to be body, soul not supposed to go to. Is other person in head with you?"

"Yeah." "Very strange indeed. Twenty year ago young man come here, he no get cured, he killed in cold blood. Curse turn him to she then she drown turning pool into 'spring of drowned female super powered martial artist' very tragic story." Ranma narrowed his eyes. So he was dead, the least he was going to do was get revenge on whoever stuck him in the back. "Who killed me?" He asked rather forcefully. "Old womans of Amazon village. Cologne." Cologne then, she dies slowly and painfully. He started forming images in his head of what he'd do to her. These scared Shinji so much that he would have wet himself. That is of course if he was himself at that moment, which he wasn't. The young man continued speaking. "Womans of Amazon tribe try Cologne for breaking highest Amazon rule, never kill in cold blood. Cologne loose and she slowly die hanging from tree while bird peck at her skin." / NO I've been denied everything even my revenge. / Ranma was on the verge of shooting off a Shi shi Hokodan that would have impressed even Ryoga, when the water was ready. The man slowly poured and the body changed. It became smaller, more scrawny. Ranma felt his grip slowly being pulled from him. He fought a little to keep control but as it was he knew he didn't have a choice. Shinji felt himself returning to his body. The young man, being a young man, had other plans he wanted to 'test' the curse to make sure there were no adverse affects. In reality he wanted to see that buxom redhead again, one more transformation like that and that shirt would tear itself to shreds. He readied the water. Shinji somehow sensed the impending danger and as the water splashed, Shinji jumped up over the water and did a spinning kick to the man's face. It really wasn't much since Shinji didn't have the weight or the strength to throw a proper kick, still it got his attention at the speed it was thrown. "What was that for!" Shinji yelled. (yes you read right yelled.) "Many apologies sirs. I is very clumsy" Shinji glared warily at the man as he backed out of the shack. When he was a safe distance away, he let his defenses down a little. / Way to go Shinji I didn't know you studied martial arts, what with your body and all. / ^ I don't, I've got no idea how I did that. ^ / Well you did fall into the spring of 'Female super powered martial artist', and you've got me in here with you, so it naturally stems that you can subconsciously access my martial arts abilities. Go ahead try the katchu tensin amogouriken. / ^ The what? ^ / Just start throwing punches as fast as you can. / Shinji did as he was told but his punches were slow and ineffective, nothing like the speed and grace used in the amogouriken. / Maybe you just need a threat or something. / ^ I guess you're right. ^ Over the rise came the sound of a high speed transport helicopter coming to rescue the crash victims. On board Shinji thought to himself. ^ Here I am again, doing what I'm told, going to see a man who I hate who summons me for no apparent reason and at the drop of a hat I go. I have no father. I hate you Gendo Ikari. ^ / So what's so bad about your old man? / Ranma piped up.

"Ahhhhhh" Shinji yelled. Luckily for him his girly scream was drowned out by the roar of the engines. ^ Don't do that Ranma. ^ / Sorry I didn't know you freaked so easily, I'll try to scare the shit out of you more gently next time. / Shinji didn't think this was particularly funny. Then he felt a small warm spot on the front of his jeans. He hoped Ranma couldn't feel anything while he wasn't in control. He slowly pulled his shirt out and let the front drape over the spot, masterfully concealing it. His life had just gotten a hell of a lot more interesting, maybe he wasn't a wimp after all, he felt an unbeatable confidence well up within him. He was invincible, nothing could beat him, he could face anything. He looked out the window as they neared Tokyo 3, he saw a giant walking thing with arms trashing the city. Well maybe not everything.