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Chapter 17 Part 2: All Good Things.

"Status of enemy unit!" Yelled Misato. Maya fingers flashed over the keyboard calling up every sensor they had to try and determine the makeup of the Angel. The readout on the screen was confusing to say the least. "I said status of the enemy Maya! Any day now!" Misato yelled at her getting impatient. "This makes no sense sir." Maya said. "The sensors indicate it's at power level 1, even the first Angel was able to clear power level 4." "Maybe this is our lucky day lieutenant. What's it's configuration?" "It's humanoid sir." "Alright what else can you tell me?" "Weight 60 pounds, height..." She trailed off. "Only 60 pounds? What the hell is it a giant stick man?" "No sir it's only two and a half feet tall." "Two and a half feet?!" Misato shouted. "Alright we still have to kill this thing who do we have on hand right now?" "Rei's downstairs getting her physical right now. Unit 00 is ready and standing by." "Alright call Rei. Have her suit up and go out there and step on that thing and we can all go home and have a beer." Misato said. "Is it doing anything right now?" "No sir it's just standing in the middle of the street." Misato took a drink of water from her glass. "Sir Rei is ready to launch." "Alright launch Unit 00." Misato said calmly. "Unit 00 is on the surface sir." Maya said. "Very good. And Maya." "Yes sir." "If you call me sir one more time I'll just have to break you're fingers. Nothing personal of course you understand." "Sir yes sir." On the surface Rei was waiting for orders. She had been positioned about 5 blocks away from the Angel. She had a peculiar feeling in the pit of her stomach.


That was it. The funny feeling was gone now. The only problem now was that the LCL smelled like bratwurst and sauerkraut. She made a mental note never to do ANYTHING German that Azuka wanted to do EVER again. Well maybe one of those tall handsome blond haired blue eyed German boys but that was another story for another day in another fanfic. Misato suddenly popped up in a viewscreen on the bottom of her vision. "Ok Rei here's the deal this Angel seems to be a wimp. It's only at power level 1 but be careful anyway." "I can not get visual contact with the target." Rei said calmly. "It's on your viewscreen. The reason you can't see it is that it's only two or so feet tall. Listen just go over there step on the little bugger and we can all go home K?" "Affirmative. By the way where is Maya." "Oh she had to go to the infirmary. Complained about her fingers hurting or something like that." "Understood. Rei out." "Status report on the other pilots mam." Aoba piped up. "Ok go." "Ranma, Shinji, and Azuka are all en route they should be here in ten minutes." "Why were they called?" Misato asked. "It's standard procedure to have all able bodied pilots here during an Angel attack. It's in the manual." He finished holding up a really thick book. "Oh that. I sorta spilled some beer on that and the ink ran off. I was meaning on getting another copy from the supply room someday." "Sure you were." Aoba said under his breath, or what he thought was under his breath.

Rei rounded the corner and spotted the Angel. She decided that she should radio in to confirm that they were monitoring her progress. "Rei to command center." "What's wrong Rei?" Misato asked. "I am just confirming that you are monitoring my progress." "Confirmed but why are you asking?" "It's in the manual mam." Rei said. "By the way where's Aoba?" "He had to go to the infirmary he said it was a pain in his groin or something." "I hope it isn't some kind of contagious disease or something." Rei said sounding a little concerned. "I'm sure it's nothing Rei now just finish of that Angel and come on back." "Affirmative." Rei said. Just then Ranma, Shinji and Azuka ran into the command center. "Where's the Angel!" Shinji yelled. Misato just took another sip from her glass and pointed to the screen. "What is this some kind of sick Angel joke?" Azuka said looking a little disgusted that she was pulled away from her game for this. "So Rei's out there now?" Asked Shinji. "Yup." Misato said. She then turned to one of the technicians. "What's the status of Unit 00?" "Approaching the Angel now." The technician replied. "And James how many times have I told you not to wear that red startrek uniform? It looks pretty tacky" Misato berated the technician. "I'll change after this is over mam." James replied Outside Rei was walking up to the Angel who had it's back to her. She raised her foot to step on the said Angel. The command center was rocked by a massive explosion. A pillar of fire extended from the ceiling of the geodome to the floor. Even though he was no where near the explosion James suddenly died for no apparent reason. "Power spike!" Yelled one of the technicians. "It went off the scale mam! The Angel's power readings are now pegged I can't get a clear reading!" "Status of Unit 00!" Misato yelled. "Unit 00 has been totally destroyed!" Yelled another technician. "Rei." Shinji said quietly. Misato turned to him. "No time for grief now get ready to fight!" She yelled. Shinji snapped out of his funk quickly remembering that if they lost a lot more people than just Rei would die. He would grieve later but now it was ass kicking time. In the geofront every soldier NERV had at it's disposal were armed to the teeth awaiting the Angel's arrival. Of course nobody ever told them that conventional weapons were totally useless against AT fields. But hey soldiers are expendable so don't worry be happy. Well as happy as the soldiers got about 1/43 of a second before they ceased to exist. Ranma, Shinji and Azuka arrived on the scene about a minute after the soldiers had been 'crispified'. The lights had been destroyed in the general area so it was fairly dark. However they could still make out the shape of the Angel. As stated it was roughly two feet tall and humanoid sort of. It's eyes were glowing bright red. "Azuka get out of here." Shinji shouted at her. "I'm a pilot too. I have to fight." She shouted back. "Azuka." Shinji started. "What?!" She shouted back. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. "What?!" She shouted at him before he booted her clear across the geofront and out of harms way. Ranma turned to Shinji. "Well. You ready to rumble?" Shinji grabbed his crotch and adjusted himself. "Cocked locked and." He fell into his normal battle stance. "ready to rock." "Just what I needed to hear." "Are you ready Ranma!" Shinji shouted. "I'm always read." He started. The Angel of course had different plans. "RRRAAAAAANNNNNNMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA" "It speaks. Oh no. I recognize that voice." Ranma said looking a little queasy. The NERV personnel had managed to get some spotlights in place and turned them on. There in front of them was a two foot tall old man. He was wearing a purple gui and had a pipe in his left hand. For those of you who haven't guessed it yet it was evil incarnate himself Happosai. "So old freak whatcha doing with the Angels?" Ranma said. "They find you dying and decide to make you one of there little slaves?" "Foolish boy how little you know the 'Angels' as you call them did not GIVE me anything. Now I'm assuming you're here to stop me." "That's pretty much the plan." Ranma said falling into his normal battle stance. "Well in that case." Happosai said reaching behind his back. "Happo fire burn!" He yelled as the bomb flew towards Ranma. Both he and Shinji managed to jump out of the way before the bomb exploded. They rolled and turned to face where Happosai had run off to. "All we need is a truckload of bras and he'll be easy to beat right?" Shinji asked. "For some reason I don't think it's going to be that easy this time. You ready?" "I'm always ready." Shinji said getting up and running off in the direction Happosai had gone. Ranma of course was tailing him but gaining fast.

Meanwhile Happosai had managed to get into Central Dogma and was wreaking all sorts of havoc. He would run up and grab women's panties, breasts etc. Everything he did before except now when the women tried to retaliate their fists, brooms, bullets, grenades, anti tank silkworm missiles would merely bounce off his AT field and he would bounce to his next victim unharmed. He was especially enjoying Misato's ample cleavage when Ranma burst into the room. Green and blue chi danced around his body. He raised his hands and started forming a ball of chi. Happosai let go of Misato and dropped to the floor. Shinji ran over and tackled Misato just as Ranma let loose the flaming ball of chi. "Shi Shi hokodan!" He yelled. Happosai just stood there as the chi ball hurtled towards him. He extended his AT field. He looked at Ranma smugly. His look changed rapidly as the chi ball passed right through his AT field like a bullet through desert tofu and impacted squarely on his chest. Happosai was thrown backwards and crashed through a wall. "Come on Shinji. We have work to do." Ranma said firmly. Shinji got up from where he had landed on Misato and ran after Ranma. "I'm going to get that little pervert!" Yelled all of the women simultaneously.

While the launch area was totally clear making it easy for Shinji and Ranma to spot the old pervert, it was also easy for the old pervert to spot Ranma and Shinji. Happosai knowing now that he could still be hurt decided to eliminate the threat. He launched himself at Ranma. Ranma blocked the attack. Normally the old pervert couldn't put too much force behind his attacks since he didn't have the weight. This time however his kick felt like he'd just had a rocket attached to his ass. He impacted the wall with the same force, leaving an impressive sized Ranma hole. Shinji turned to the old man. "I guess it's just you and me now." He said. Happosai just glared at him. "I don't have time to waste on you boy. But just to show you that I'm not totally unfeeling I'll leave you something to play with." With that Happosai jumped down a rather large air shaft followed by Unit 02 it's 4 eyes glowing white. "No nothing strange here." Said Shinji as he jumped down the shaft in pursuit. Unit 02 and Happosai had a strong lead on him however for some reason Shinji caught up with them quickly. It could possibly have something to do with gravity working differently inside an AT field but then again maybe not. To slow himself Shinji started to bounce off the walls, using the small amount of upward momentum to slow his freefall. Happosai just glared at him. "Foolish boy. Do you think you can stop me!" He laughed. "Nothing can stop me foolish mortal!" Suddenly the ground came rushing up towards Shinji. He flipped and did an almost perfect, if overly heavy, landing. Unit 02 however lightly touched down. The area they were in was a vast cavern like structure with multiple passageways leading off in every direction. It was HUGE. If it weren't for the fact that he had to deal with a diminutive pervert and a 25 story tall monster Shinji would have been amazed at the place. As it was he was just only mildly impressed. In the command center Gendo was 'briefing the troops' as it were. He had had an extremely difficult time calming the women officers down. In fact he had several large red handmarks on his cheek 'Just because he was a man'. Those officers were quickly arrested and put in the brig. They would of course be let go later only after they were deemed fit to return to duty by the psychologists. That was the official line of course. "Alright!" Gendo boomed. "It seems as though the enemy has infiltrated our facilities and seized command of Unit 02. Therefor Unit 02 is to be treated as the second last Angel and the being known as Happosai shall be the final Angel. We currently have no troops capable of fighting and Unit 00 has been destroyed while Unit 01 is currently incapacitated. I will not lie to you. We're screwed." "So what exactly are we going to do now?" Asked Misato. "The final solution major." He replied flatly. "You can't mean.." "Yes that." Gendo pushed a button on his watch. The face flipped up revealing a small key. He took the key and walked over to a hand scanner on the wall. He placed his hand on the scanner. A beam of light whisked up and down his hand. A green light blinked on and a panel slid back revealing a retinal scanner. Gendo removed his glasses and placed his eye on the scanner. Another beam of light and another green light and another sliding panel. This time it was a keyhole with the words above it. 'Final Solution: Danger do not use unless there are no other options available.' He inserted the key and turned it a half turn counterclockwise then removed it. The panel fell off revealing a lever. He reached for it when Misato stopped him. "Sir are you sure this is the only solution?" She said. "Yes major I'm afraid it is." He responded as he pulled the lever. Lights and sirens sounded throughout the command center. Gendo just hung his head. A wall started sliding away revealing a giant stash of beer. "Well if it's the end of the world might as well get smashed and enjoy it." Gendo said cheerfully as he walked over to the giant stash. "You mean THIS is the final solution?!!" Yelled Misato obviously enraged. "What did you expect me to do? Blow up the station? Major you've got to be out of your mind? We can't stop this thing. The reaper's here, its armageddon baby so might as well enjoy the final bang." He reached into one of the cases and pulled out three cans of beer. He tossed one to Misato who deftly caught the can. The other he handed to an ominous looking guy in a long dark cloak with the hood up. The guy had to put his sickle down on the ground so that he could open the can. Pretty soon everybody had joined in. Even that weird looking guy with the white toga and the scars on his hands and feet. Misato who was at this time bordering on happy decided there was no real reason why she shouldn't hit on this guy. After all his beard made him look really cute. "So Mr. Jehova what's a cute guy like you doing in a place like this?" "Not much you?" "Ahh me I'm not doing nothing right now. You want to go somewhere more quiet?" The man looked at the clock on the wall. "Sure what the hell I've got about twenty minutes to kill before I have to go to work." Down in the cavern Shinji was having an interesting time battling the now enemy Eva. As soon as they had touched down Happosai had said something about having something more important to do and ran off while Unit 02 attacked. Shinji had no problems avoiding the attacks. After all even though it was much stronger than he was it was slower and not as maneuverable in the confined space as he was he was faster than it. This was a big advantage in dodging the bloody thing however attacking was a different story. Even though his chi attacks could penetrate the Eva's AT field they were too weak to penetrate the Eva's two feet of titanium alloy armor, whereas his direct attacks couldn't penetrate the AT field. ^ Man what a mess this is. I can't stop Happosai if I have to fight this thing. ^ The Eva launched an attack aiming it's fist directly at Shinji. He meanwhile fell into a defensive stance readying himself to jump out of the way at the last possible second hopefully catching the Eva off guard thereby gaining a chance to attack. He never got that chance however as he saw a beam of yellow light pass through the AT field burning a good sized hole through the Eva's armor singing the flesh beneath. A lone figure touched down beside Shinji. "Well whacha waiting for? You've got to go stop Happosai." Ranma shouted. "But what about you?" Shinji shouted back surprised to see Ranma still alive. "You kidding I'll be fine. It'll take a lot more than a giant robot to stop Ranma Saotome, the greatest martial artist ever! Now get going." He yelled. Shinji ran a few meters, turned around, bowed and ran off in the direction that Happosai had gone. Ranma turned to the big red Evangellion unit. It ignored Shinji's departure now recognizing Ranma as it's true target. "Well you big ugly thing." he said falling into an offensive stance. ".shall we dance." And the battle began. Happosai for all his experience had gotten his fool self lost in the giant maze underneath NERV headquarters. He opened a door. Well he actually blew the door off it's hinges but that's really unimportant. The room he entered was huge. It looked like a giant aquarium of some kind. In the center of the room stood a lone control panel. Looking through the glass walls Happosai encountered his ultimate dream. Thousands upon thousands of naked girls were just waiting there for him behind the glass. It didn't matter that they all looked alike, nor did it seem to matter that they all had pale skin, blue hair and red eyes. They were young and naked that's all that mattered. The problem was getting to them. Happosai had originally planned on blasting the glass and setting them free. This plan however would probably destroy a good portion of them. He decided to go for a much simpler approach. He walked up to the control panel. It had two buttons on it neither of which was labeled. One was red the other green. "That's a stupid choice." Happosai said aloud. "It's always green." Pushing the button caused the girls in the tank to react. All of their heads snapped to attention. This was a good thing.

They all disintegrated. This was a bad thing.

"Oh well I guess it's back to destroying the world now." He said as he skipped out of the room his hooves tapping against the floor. On the bridge it was a mad house. Gendo was running around with a lampshade on his head claiming he was the true lord of the dance. Several of the junior technicians had long since passed out. Misato and the strange guy in white were missing, and the guy in black was having a drunken philosophical discussion about death with Ritsuko, who had decided to join the party just because it seemed like something better to do than just wait for the end in her office. To her credit she seemed to be winning the discussion even though the other guy seemed to be way more qualified on the subject than she was. Eventually they tired of it and decided to go get another drink. Hell if the fate of the entire world was resting on the shoulders of Shinji Ikari, that in itself was reason enough to drink. With all this going on nobody saw, or cared, about the red text flashing on the screen in Gendo's office. Something about termination of clones or something like that. The incessant blinking was stopped by Maya, who just got out of the infirmary with her fingers bandaged, when she threw up all over the screen. Shinji meanwhile was having a time trying to find the diminutive pervert before he could get wherever he was going. If Happosai managed to get to wherever he needed to be it was game over man. Shinji rounded a corner only to collide with a small object headed in the opposite direction. Happosai was not entirely pleased at being stopped by whatever stopped him. He looked up and saw the young boy who had been with Ranma earlier. "Outta my way boy. I've got work to do." He said with venom in his voice. Shinji stood up and assumed a battle stance. "You know I can't let you do that." He replied. "Well then I will just have to kill you then." Happosai said nonchalantly as he launched into his attack. Shinji parried the blow but was knocked into a wall by the shear force of the punch. He then launched his own attack. "Kachu Tenshin Amagouriken!" He yelled as his fists flew through the air at his intended target. Unfortunately none of his blows connected. The AT field was just too strong to be penetrated. It was at this time that Happosai decided that he'd had enough playing with the young pup and threw one of his larger bombs at him. Shinji seeing the projectile jumped out of the way a third of a second before it exploded. Instead of turning him into a gooey paste the bomb merely made a large hole in the wall. Through the hole an eerie light could be seen. Happosai realizing he'd found what he'd come here for leapt over a semi conscious Shinji who was assuming the Takahashi position. The room was a gigantic cylinder, lit via recessed lighting panels in the walls. Around the edges was a paved walkway with two walkways criss crossing the circle. In the exact middle of the room there was a giant wooden cross sticking straight up. On the cross was nailed a humanoid figure. It was obviously female and obviously not human since it was almost the same size as an Evangellion unit. There were a couple of strange things about it though. The first being that it wasn't complete. Below it's navel the rest of the body was strangely missing. It was as though it had been torn apart by some malevolent force. The second being that it's face was covered with a giant mask of some kind. Neither of these things seemed to bother Happosai any though. "Hocha come to papa baby!" He yelled as he leapt at the thing's giant breasts. He was unexpectedly hit by something. Something hard. It flung the diminutive pervert across the room into one of the light fixtures. The light exploded sending a shower of sparks streaming out from the place that it had been. Happosai shook his head and looked up to where whatever had hit him was standing. Shinji just stood there staring intently at the old man. Happosai was of course not impressed. "How dare you hit me!" He yelled. "I am Shinji Ikari prized student of the Saotome School of Martial Arts. It is a martial artists duty to protect the weak and innocent." He looked down at where Happosai was getting up. "And on occasion to save the world maybe once or twice." Happosai howled with rage. He leapt at the young boy. Even if it meant expending all of his power, this boy must die. Shinji kept his cool. When Happosai was mere feet from where he was standing Shinji threw his fist skyward drawing in all of the energy in the room. "Hiru Shoten..." Shinji awoke to find himself in a really bright white room. At least he thought it was a room he couldn't see the walls but he knew that they had to be there somewhere. For some reason he couldn't remember how he had gotten there. Suddenly a loud voice boomed. "Welcome Shinji. I've been expecting you for quite some time now." Said the voice. "Who are you?" Asked Shinji. "I'm you." Said the voice. "I don't understand." Shinji said. "I'm the part of you who has laid dormant all this time waiting for this moment to arrive. I expect you have lots of questions to ask. However we don't have much time so I will tell you what I can. First of all you are probably wondering why your hair has turned blue." Said the voice. "Yeah I was kinda wondering that." He said back. "At the time of second impact Angel DNA was scattered by the winds to all corners of the earth. For those who conceived children around this time this alien DNA was merged with their child's. You see Shinji you are not totally human. Because of recent stresses these DNA strands have become active." "You mean I'm going to turn into a freak!" Shinji yelled. "No you're not going to become a freak. You probably sensed that something was different about Rei." Said the voice. "Well yeah sort of. The fact that her hair was blue, her skin was white and her eyes were red all seemed pretty normal, she was pretty perverted that's what was really different about her." The voice audibly sweatdropped. "Rei was created by your father and a team of scientists in a lab. They combined Angel and human DNA to create a hybrid species." "But why?" Asked Shinji. "While the Angel DNA seemed harmless at first it later turned out that it had an unusual effect on the human reproductive system. You've noticed that the birth rates have been falling off recently." "Yes." "Well that is the true reason for it. The hybrids however are immune to this." "So what?" "So nothing. It's just that it will be up to the next generation to repopulate the world. It will be difficult but I believe that you and the rest are up to the challenge." Suddenly a thought came to Shinji. "What about my fathers plans?" "You're fathers plans have been foiled. I believe that is for the best." "Oh." Shinji said. "We are almost out of time I won't be able to talk to you again, but I'll always be with you." Said the voice. Shinji turned to leave. He then spun around. "Wait a minute if you're me then how do you know all this stuff and I didn't know any of it!" Shinji narrowed his eyes. "Just who are you really." "Who indeed." Said the voice. A bright light flashed.

"...HA" The whirlwind ripped through Happosai like billions of tiny knives tearing his flesh from his body. It's massive power even tore the cross from the center of the room slamming it into one of the walls tearing the head off the corpse. It exploded in a giant ball of fire which was also pulled into the whirlwind. It was a glorious site. The fire and Happosai bits swirled around Shinji as the mighty dragon god pulverized everything in site. After a while the winds died down. Shinji fell to his knees exhausted. An eerie glowing fog rose up from the now decapitated body of Happosai. It floated over to where Shinji was kneeling. It swirled around him as though it were trying to enter his body. That's when the first lightning bolt hit him. It was a jolt of pure energy coursing through his veins. Then another and another. It was pleasure, it was pain. The room was pitch black except for some light streaming in through the original hole in the wall. Shinji looked up and saw a group of people on the other side of the hole. He slowly rose and started for the hole. Misato, Ranma, Gendo, and Azuka were on the other side waiting for something to happen. Suddenly they saw a pair of red eyes moving inside the room. Misato leveled her gun at the thing. Well ok she tried to level it at the thing but she was still pretty drunk so it weaved around quite a bit. Gendo was apprehensive and drunk. Nothing seemed to be going right for him today. It was if the fates had it out for him from the beginning. The thing came through the hole and Azuka immediately leapt at it and latched on for dear life. Misato clicking in lowered her weapon and started crying slightly. Ranma moved in to comfort her. "Hey Shinji what the hell happened to you?" Asked Ranma. "Not much. I just..." he looked at his father. " learned a few things about myself, defeated an almost invincible opponent and saved the world. All in all I think it was a pretty normal day." "I meant the skin and eyes." Shinji looked at his now pale skin. He could imagine what his eyes were like. "Just a side effect I guess." He turned to Azuka. "Could you still love me even though I'm a freak?" Azuka responded by trying to suck all the air out of his lungs. When she released the liplock she backed up a bit. "At least you're a cute freak. And you're mine." Gendo turned and started to walk away. Shinji stopped him. "Father." He said. Gendo stopped but didn't turn around. "There is a new plan. I think it's much better than the one you were hoping for." Shinji said. "Maybe, maybe not. Who am I to decide which is better. The dead only know one thing, it is better to be alive. The plan has failed and myself with it." He continued walking away then turned down a corridor. "Uh what was that all about?" Ranma said obviously confused. Shinji bigsweated. "I say we all go back to my place and drink till we drop to celebrate the fact that we're still not dead." Offered a still slightly tipsy Misato who was sobering up quicker than she would have preferred. The group nodded their agreement and started walking towards the giant air shaft which Shinji and Unit 02 had come down. As they approached the area a thought struck Shinji. "Uh Ranma how exactly did you beat Unit 02?" "Well that is a long story." Ranma offered. They rounded a corner and saw Unit 02 with it's face planted into the concrete, it's ass up in the air and it's thumb,index and pinky fingers sticking straight out while it's middle and ring fingers were curled in. Azuka was not impressed. Even though it eventually turned out that Unit 02 was an Angel it was still HER Unit. "Ranma no BAKA!" She yelled as her interdimensional hammer swung at his head.

Sixty years later

Ranma was sitting on the porch of his house in Nerima. He was reminiscing about his life. Now well into his 80's Ranma had led a great second life. After the incident with Happosai Ranma and Misato had gotten married. They were fairly happy until they tried to have children of their own. After many tries they had gone to a fertility doctor. It turns out that Misato was totally infertile. They would never have any children of their own. Distraught Misato had started to cry. Ranma however had suggested an alternative. After Happosai had been defeated Gendo simply disappeared. It was as though walking around that corner wiped him off the face of the Earth. Shinji was now an orphan. In one of his brighter ideas Ranma decided to adopt Shinji and raise him as his own son/daughter. Soon after that he went to Germany for some reason. At the time Shinji didn't know why. When he returned however he had brought with him Azuka's guardians and an ancient sword. When Azuka questioned him about why he had the priceless sword with him he just turned to Shinji and introduced him to his new 'fiancee'. Ranma spent a week in traction after that. However he was out in enough time for the wedding. Over the past few decades things had been relatively quiet. Since most of the martial artists had been killed in Second Impact Ranma's skills were in demand. People wanted to learn the art simply because it was great exercise and helped focus the mind. As for Shinji and Azuka they went to work with the help of the rest of the hybrids repopulating the planet. It was hard work indeed. As he was musing he sensed a presence behind him. He looked up to see the loving smile of his wife looking down at him. She had that glint in her eye. "Again?" Ranma said. "Come on it's only been half an hour I don't have the stamina I used to have you know." "Aww come on." Misato pleaded. "Alright but this time I get to choose the position. Flying fish sandwich fucked up my back pretty badly last time." "Whatever you say hon."

They walked into their house.

Somewhere out there, there was an otaku clapping.

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