The O.C.W. Presents



Written as a Mini Series by

Jack Buchanan


Amy Chapman

Based on the Manga, Anime & Characters

Created by

Rumiko Takahasi

Jack Buchanan

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Night lies quietly in the forests of The Feudal Era. Nothing but the sounds of crickets chirping, and the sound of a familiar wolfs cry is heard from afar.

Near the edge of a small glade, trees throughout, the wind begins to breeze. Then slightly stronger, the fallen leaves pick up. Then stronger, and stronger. Its blows, spiraling. The nearby critters hide in there holes and trees. Strikes of light, hit the glade. Blue sparks ignite. Finally another flash! Bigger. A loud BANG!

Faded from the light, come three figures in brown cloaks. Two tall, one a bit shorter from the rest. One of the tall ones holds what looks like a carved walking stick. He raises his hand in alarm, the others stand still.

Then, the figure with the stick speaks, in an old raspy voice, almost wise. "This is where he was last spotted in my sights."

"He couldn't have gone far." One of the tall ones said, sounding very young, but beyond his age.

"The air smells of a sudden darkness" The wise one replies. "We must hurry, to find him at all costs. He must know of what awaits him in time."

The wise one walks ahead in urgency, using his stick to balance him. The others follow, still hidden from this world in there cloaks.


A sudden lightened foggy plain. Another cloaked figure walks among the mists. It's Eldor, wondering through, almost in urgency, still on guard.

Suddenly, he stops; eyes glanced forward, seeing a familiar figure facing back.

She calls to him. "My Lord Eldor…"

Eldor, knows the voice before him, it is of his fallen love, Kikyo, once again calling to him.

"Kikyo" Eldor cannot believe what is in front of him; he begins to run for her, a joy seen in his heart for a moment.

Then the figure turns. Eldor stops in his tracks. He sees not his love, but someone different, but the resemblance is uncanny.

"Lady Kagome?"


Eldor awakens, lying by his weapons. Almost in shock as he looks around himself. Nothing but a dimmed fire and his comrades sleeping. He puts his hand to his chest, his heart beating a mile a second.

"Was it a dream?" He asks himself. He turns to view of Kagome, sleeping by the fire, beside her, Inuyasha, sitting but sleeping with his Tetsaigia by shoulder. Eldor glances at the sleeping lady. His mind in a dangerous thought.

*Why was Lady Kagome in my dream? It doesn't add up. The resemblance is almost identical to My Lady Kikyo's. Why is this happening? WHY? Either way, it's not going to happen again as far as I'm concerned.*

Eldor returns to his resting side, praying the dreams of his once beloved will return.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS FROM THE AUTHOR – So yeah, after a year of a break, Volume 2 is now SLOWLY being written. I've got allot of ideas and stories to come on what will happen in Volume's 2 and 3, so again, noticed how I put the word "Slowly" in captions. This is so I can take my time on writing. That also means that it's not going to be a once a day or once a week deal, each chapter will be released, when I feel the time is right. So stay tuned for more updates and in Chapter 14: INTRODUCTION – TROUBLE IN THE KEEP