As the night continues to shine, dawn is just over the horizon, only an hour or two away from the lands.

A morning fog begins to creep into the forest. Where InuYasha and Kagome are, we do not know.

Near the faded firelight, Eldor's sleep is restless. He tosses and turns, fighting his inner mind…


He appears in another world, one of fog and mist, unlike that in the world he sleeps upon. He wanders through the mist, hearing a familiar love of voice that calls to him.

We enter his subconscious as the walls of fog continue to cloud him. He has been here before, in many of dreams since his quest began. While in his tunic and cloak, his weapons are not on his guard. He knows that this dream is a peaceful one.

From a distance, an oh familiar sight, a lady in white and red, black long hair floats with a light breeze. He runs to her as she calls his name.

It's Kikyo. His love who is of death, but still he can see and hear in his dreams.

He runs to her in embracement.

"So it was you Kikyo, that saved me from death within the mountain?" He asks softly to her.

"The last light of life from me was saved within Kagome's soul, all for a time if you ever needed me." She speaks with ease.

"And for that, I am thankful, my lady. If only you were with me in life." He replies, holding her.

She then holds his hands, looking at him with grace and beauty, but a sense of worry.

"Eldor, There will be a time when our hearts will return to each other. But it is not now." She whispers in warning. "I've felt Naraku's presence. He is alive, but not here. It is to the west."

Eldor raises his head, knowing of what she speaks. Both look on each other, listening to ones words.

"Your people are in grave danger Eldor." The priestess warns. "Naraku is forming an army, allied with a great evil, I fear. His forces gather in demons and other creatures of the west. His strength is not what it once was, but is rebuilding in numbers. It's not like him to want power like this. I feel there are other works of evil than that of Naraku. If that is the fate of what's to come, then all will fall that is good in this world."

Eldor looks at her in worry and resistance. "It will not our fall but his. What would you have me do, my lady?"

Kikyo turns to him. "Go back to the continent. Rally all allies that still stand free. Defend the West. You must face Naraku again, and you will defeat him."

Eldor looks down on himself, but the lady raises his head with a delicate and intimate touch, both look on each other, both sad that their paths never crossed since there first days together.

"Our time will come again." The lady speaks to him closely. "Go now. Save our worlds. I will protect your heart, from the darkness ahead."

As the fog lifts and the light begins to shine, both kiss passionately, and fade into the morning light…


The sun has risen, the birds chip and drink upon the morning dew that drips from the leaves of trees.

Eldor awakens, tired and hard to rise, he's more that of a night owl than an early riser. However, his body rises and restrains in deep thought of the dream he just had.

He turns to see, only two meters away, his nine comrades awake by the morning fire, feasting on a fine breakfast, turned out by Gamlink, Kagome and InuYasha, who went out to the close by village to pick up a bask of eggs to feed the group.

All turn to the awakened warrior, who joins them within the circle. All have come together and gotten to know one another very quickly, all seem to make jokes or talk about their lives. The only one missing from the group is the wizard, who has all but disappeared from sight.


After all our full, the group are packed and are walking down a path through the forest, Thandeer leading the way.

"So how far to the nearest ship yards?" Miroku asks the group. "If we are to travel to the western lands, we will be in need of a ship."

The elf then turns, smiling. "We will not be taking a ship west, young monk."

InuYasha then barks, worried. "Well then how the hell are we going to get to the continent? Unless you would rather us swim."

"That will not be necessary, Lord InuYasha." A wise voice comes from the bushes. Popping out of the canopy, is Sedric, covered in brush and twigs from the flourish of the forest.

"I have a little trick, which we'll take as a shortcut." He says smiling.


The group enter a small glade, and see something not of this world...

A blue light that seems to wave with bursts of energy. It whistles within the wind.

Shippo looks on in amazement. "What is it?" the little fox asks.

"It is known as the oracle, a pathway to different worlds." Eldor explains.

Kagome looks on with familiar eyes, she has seen this before. "This is the same form of light that use to be in the bone eaters well." she says to the group.

"It is indeed a powerful form of magic, lady Kagome." Sedric speaks. "It is not only a gateway to the west, but can be used in any place, and any time."

Eldor steps forward, looking on the light. All turn to his attention. He turns to them.

"It has felt too long since I've been to the west." He speaks with ease. He turns to his fellow comrades. "I know all of you have no oath or vow to go further than you will. I do not ask for you, my friends, to fallow me to whatever will become in the west. But any who are afraid to enter, now is the time to return home. I will not stop you and I will not judge you on your chosen paths."

All are silent, each looking at each other. Then, the first to step forward, surprisingly is InuYasha, Kagome fallows by his side. Then Sango, Miroku, Sedric and Thrandeer. Shippo and Gamlink are behind them, none turn to their waiting or decision, all are ready to defend each other for what is to possibly come.

In his elvish tongue, Thandeer speaks in grace and determination.

"We will fallow you…to whatever end."

Eldor smiles, thankful and grateful for those who fallow, and of not only comrades, but true friends. He turns to the light, his path has been chosen.

"Then let us ride, all as one." He says with determination. He then steps forwards, entering the light as his body fades from sight into the oracle.

Sango, Miroku and Kirara are the next to enter. Both look at each other, knowing there love will defend whatever is to come. They enter the light.

Then, is InuYasha and Kagome, looking on with a sense of wonder and are prepared for the adventures ahead.

"Are you ready?" InuYasha asks.

Kagome nods, holding InuYasha's hand. "As long as you are."

InuYasha smiles, then grins with excitement towards the light, both step in.

"Alright, let's go!"

The light fades them from the world, all left, except for the two small companions, who are somewhat scared.

Shippo shakes with fear. "You…sure about this?" He asks the towering dwarf.

"Not really." Gamlink replies. "The west is a dangerous world for little fox demons."

Shippo then shakes off his fear. "Come on Gamlink! If Kagome and InuYasha are willing to go, than I'm not afraid!" He shouts fighting his fear of within.

The little fox then jumps onto Gamlinks back. The dwarf smiles at the little fox demon. "I got yer back, if you got mine." He says to the dwarf smirking.

"Done and done!" Shippo agrees. Both then run into the light. At last all are gone from the feudal era.


The light surrounds the group as all seem to glide though the oracles energy, wind seems to blow in their way as it appears starlight's pass by quickly.


The portal opens from an exit of a forest. The light sends the group landing on their feet upon new grounds. Gamlink and Shippo fallow last, landing on their butts, dazed and dizzy.

Eldor turns to the group, ready for the journey ahead. "Come my friends, let us make haste, to Crownsheild, the great kingdom of the men of the west! Fallow me!"

Eldor, Sedric and Thrandeer run from the forest way to the stretch of large plains that are miles in diameter, heading north. Kirara transforms into her beastly feline form as Sango and Miroku hop on her back as she runs towards their leading companions. Kagome jumps on InuYasha's back, holding him tightly as he runs, speeding up and further ahead from Eldor. Shippo and Gamlink fallow behind.

This group of ten, all of different races and beings, both of two groups that have only known each other for three days, trek through a land of the west as the mountains in the distance rise sharply in the clouded daylight.