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Rwby: The Huntress and the Kitsune
Chapter Two: Settling in.


-Several hours after leaving Konoha-

"Ladies, Gentlemen, Konohamaru." Naru said as she looked at her ex-boyfriend with some hate in her eyes. "Welcome to…." Naru paused for a little bit but her brother had to put in his two cents. He smiled when he said. "Jurassic Park." Causing Naru to growl at him. "Yep sounds like a Raptor to me." Naru muttered something under her breath.

"Idiot." Naru sighed. "As I was saying welcome to Vale." She turned around to look at the other only to notice that they were half way down the road around. "Jerks, every last one of them." Naru muttered. She turned her head and saw that Kasumi was standing next to her. This was before she realized something. "Hey Dumb assess, you're going the wrong way!" Naru yelled at them.

Kasumi sighed. It's going to be one of those days. The eldest sister thought. At least it looks like Naru is a little less stressed. The others came back after Naru had yelled at them while pointing to her right. Turning they saw the tower that was part of the best combat school to even exists. Naru turned to look at the school.

If she wasn't called back she would have gone to Beacon in two more years, Naru frowned, and so should she be thinking her fath…Minato? Probably. She did miss her friends from Signal though. I still owe Blondie a black eye for spilling my ramen. Naru thought with a frown. As the group made their way to Beacon to talk with the headmaster of the school Naru was lost in her thoughts.

She better be staying out of trouble. Naru had a small grin on her face. I owe that bitch a black eye and a beating; no one messes with my ramen.


-At a bar-

A young blond hair teen was fighting off several men at a time before she had to stop what she was doing as she sneezed a few times. It was long before she felt a cold chill run down her spine. Yikes, the last time this happen was when…. Her eyes widen when she realized she knew this feeling. Oh no please not her anyone but her.


-A few minutes later-

Kasumi was glaring at the group. How the hell was she dragged into this mess again? Oh yeah they voted her to do this. She looked into the eyes of her little sister which relayed her message. I'm sorry sis. Kasumi sighed. Taking everyone's files with her the young woman made her way to the office of one profession Jonathan Ozpin.

Knocking lightly on the door she heard a soft come in. Kasumi open the door and walked into the office. She took a calming breath before she started talking to the silver hair man. "I'm Kasumi Namikaze; I am the eldest daughter of Minato and Kushina Namikaze." Kasumi said with a bow.

Professor Ozpin bowed back. "I'm Professor Ozpin; it's nice to finally meet you Miss Namikaze." He said. "Please take a seat as I'll explain a few deals." As Kasumi took a seat the Professor had offered her something to drink. Kasumi politely declined. "As you know your father had asked me a most unusual request." He started. "He had asked me to let his young daughter to join my school. I'm curious as though as to why he would make the request."

Kasumi sighed. She was afraid of this. Looking at Professor Ozpin she knew that she had to tell the truth. "My father is the Fourth Fire Shadow, or as we call he the fourth Hokage." She said. Ozpin nodded his head. "This means that he has a lot, and I do mean a lot of enemies." Kasumi pulled out a file. "My little sister at the age of six went through a most terrifying and horrible experience in her young life. The File in her and was marked: Naruko Kendra Uzumaki. Ozpin was curious at the name. Kasumi saw the question in his eyes. "Naru decided to take the Uzumaki name instead of the Namikaze name in hopes of reviving the clan." Kasumi explain before she continued. "After Naru was bought back, she was in a small coma from what had happen." Kasumi sighed.

"Professor I won't lie, Naru Is suffering from PTSD, or Post Turmeric Stress Disorder." Kasumi said. "Naru woke up to only one person, me." Kasumi said. "When she found out that Mom and dad were away, Naru gave into her depression." Kasumi did not look happy.

"What Naru didn't know though was that Mom and Dad were getting revenge for Naru." Kasumi sighed once more. "At first she was quiet and kept to herself, and then the nightmares came." Professor Ozpin just sat back in her chair. "Naru grew into depression, I had tried to help her as best as I could, When I was younger I had left the village to start training in the medical field, I wanted to help Naru so badly." Ozpin nodded having read Kasumi's file.

"While I was off during my training, I had learned something." Kasumi closed her eyes. "When Naru was eight, she had tried to….she had tried to kill herself." Ozpin sighed. "Naru was depressed, fortunately it didn't last when I had come back home." Kasumi smiled a little. "For two years she was improving, then dad decided to send her to Signal Academy at the age of ten." Professor Ozpin noticed the disapproving frown.

"Naru was pissed." Kasumi had continued. "I mean royally beyond all reason pissed." Kasumi moved her sleeved up to show a lite scare. "She felt that her family, including me had betrayed her, when in fact we were trying to help her." Lower the sleeve. "Naru had attacked me by accident, she did calm down, that was when we realized, she need help out side of the village." Kasumi nodded to Naru's file.

"I'm sure that you had read Naru's file from Signal." Kasumi said. Ozpin nodded his head. "Her file had shown that the first few days were hard, getting into trouble with a server violent emotions." Kasumi nodded. "It did improve though. Her reports from her teachers and the school councilor had stated she was doing better."

Kasumi once again nodded. "Being around people has changed Naru, especially being around Faunus." Kasumi rubbed her hair. "Professor, we're we come from Faunus are treated with equal respect, they also make damn near fine Shinobi." She said with a smile.

"Did Naru ever tell her family that she made Student council president?" Kasumi blinked. "She signal handily change the people hearts about Faunus which had made up most of the school." Professor Ozpin said. "I heard though a friend that the school had suffered a wonderful Student council president."

Kasumi thought about this. "It makes sense; Naru has this ability to change people's hearts." Kasumi smiled. "It's what makes Naru so special." Professor Ozpin could see the love that Kasumi had for her little sister. Kasumi was smiling and then she sighed once more. "Up until a few months ago, Naru seemed to have changed."

Kasumi was debating whether or not to tell him but knowing her father he didn't leave anything out. "Naru literally had a violet break up with her ex-boyfriend." Kasumi said, wishing that she had brought something with her that would be stronger than coffee. "What made the change so badly?" Professor Ozpin asked.

"Naru was in love for the first time outside of family." Kasumi said. "She had opened her heart not only to us but to her boyfriend, they were together for a year and a half before Naru found out that he had been cheating on her, the whole time." Ozpin blinked. Something like that, given Naru's history and the trauma, he would have expected Naru to explode.

Kasumi looked down. "Professor, I'm going to be honest." She started. "I think this is a bad idea. Naru has violet mood swings and with the way some people are with Faunus I fear someone may get seriously hurt and my baby sister is going to have to spend the rest of her life in a padded room." Professor Ozpin looked down at Naru's file.

He looked though them and had thought about what Kasumi had told him. He had also talked with one of Naru's old professors, Dusty Qrow, had said that Naruko was a very bright child and that while she does show signs of always being on guard, she is very friendly. So why was Naruko's sister saying otherwise.

He thought about what Kasumi had said earlier, with a sigh Professor Ozpin had decided to Let Naru, her team and the others into the school. The child needed help and with this year's students he had a feeling that Naruko would be able to fine the help she so desperate needed, plus the school had councilors to help the young teen, plus with the team from Konoha here he had two extra teachers and an excellent doctor if Kasumi's file was to be believable so it was a win-win.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." He said. "I decided that I will let you, and the rest from Konoha in." Ozpin then reached into his drawer and out several devices. "These are called scrolls; they're given out to the students after they pass their tests, but seeing as how they have forms to fill out, I'll give them to you now." The professor said.

"It's traditional to have partners. Usually this would have been the first person they make eye contact with." Kasumi nodded. "However I was asked not to split the teams up." Kasumi nodding conformed something. "I take it the teams were made before hand?" He asked.

"Yes, when a student had graduated they are placed into teams." Kasumi said. She too was placed on a team before she decided that being a ninja wasn't for her and signed up for the medical program. "The teams are meant to balance each other out." Ozpin then saw something that did not belong on her face, and angry look.

"Naru's teammate though was an ass." Kasumi said. She looked like she wanted to though something. "Little bastards' name was Sasuke Uchiha." It wasn't lost on Ozpin's face when she said was. "Little shit turned traitor last year. Dad was so pissed that he had kick the little bastard's ass." Kasumi blinked and blushed a little. "Sorry, just thinking about him tricks me off." Ozpin nodded. "I take it; it had something to do with Naruko?" Kasumi nodded. "Not just Naruko but some of the other girls from their class." Ozpin decided not to ask. "I'll keep the teams together but during Initiation all eight must take part and will be the last ones allowed in the forest."

Kasumi nodded in understanding. "They then will have a time limit to get to the center of the forest at a temple were two relics will be waiting." Kasumi wanted to ask something, but Ozpin held up his hand. "Don't worry, like I said, I will keep the teams together. The relics will be in a different area of the temple." Kasumi sighed.

"Well, I believe that concludes our meeting." Ozpin said. "Is there anything that you would like to ask?" Kasumi thought about it. "Did dad give any information about where we would be staying?" Professor Ozpin thought about this. Minato, you knucklehead. Ozpin thought Minato had forgotten to set something up for their stay in Vale before the start of the school year.

Deciding on something Ozpin said. "Hold on one minute, I'll set up some housing for you and the others at a Hotel." Kasumi nodded, it wasn't going to be an apartment but she could live with stay and a Hotel for a few weeks. She grinned shortly after Ozpin and hung the phone up. "I have gotten you two suites at Vale's Holiday Inn." Ozpin said. "It's under your name though."

Kasumi nodded. "I'll be sure to bill it on Dad's credit card." Kasumi loved her father she truthfully did; hell the whole village loved him. There was just one problem. Her father was an idiot, a very lovable idiot, but an idiot none the less. "I may have to hell at hell later about that though." Ozpin nodded.

As Kasumi got up she shook hands with the Professor before she turned to leave. She is a lovely young woman. He looked down to see the picture of one of his soon to be students. Minato, I'll try the best that I can to help Naruko, but like I said old friend, if the council ever got a hold of what you've done, there may be hell to pay.

The Professor prayed that it didn't have to come to that. The Elemental Nations was an independent Country that wasn't govern by the Alliance Council. They had free trade route within certain boarders while others did not. Konoha being the most advance out of the…well He guess he can say the five great nations anymore, out of the three great nations.

Still the Alliance loves to rub their noses into things, while trying to maintain peace. Minato in the matter of days after rescuing his daughter had gone to war with not one but two nations, and won. The Nation of Iwakageure was nothing more than a crater after Minato had used a new type of weapon called a Chakra bomb.

Fortunately Minato had never had them mass produced, otherwise who know what would happen. As far as Ozpin knew Minato had ordered the design of the bomb destroyed. It was just two powerful. It sent a shudder down Ozpin spin, no one wanted the return of a nuclear weapons, they were just too dangerous if they got into the wrong hands, like the White Fang.

However, Ozpin could feel it in his gut that something was going to happen. Something that was beyond his control. He wasn't sure but his feelings were telling him that a war was going to happen, and soon. Ozpin was never wrong when he trusted his feeling, but this was one time that he prayed that he was wrong.


"Pervert!" Naru yelled out as she had punched Konohamaru into the wall. "I expected this from Jiraiya not for you!" Naru was about to kill the young Sarutobi heir. She was stopped by Asuma who glared at his nephew. Kasumi sighed. She knew she missed something. She walked over to Team ten as Naru kept trying to reach Konohamaru as Asuma held her back.

"What happen?" Kasumi asked. Ino turned to look at the older blond and smiled a little. "Nothing." Ino said causing Naru to stop trying to kill Konohamaru and to look at her friend. "Nothing?" She started. "Nothing, that little pervert groped me!" Naru yelled out. "Let me go! I'm going to kill him!" Asuma sighed he had to hold her in a way that prevented Naru from attacking him.

"Ha! As if." Konohamaru said. "You have nothing to grope." That did it as the air had turned cold. Over the years Konoha had learned a few things. One: never cause an Uzumaki to spill their ramen. Two: Never and I mean never insult an Uzumaki female. "What did you just say?" Naru asked. If you're dumb enough to do so you won't make it out alive.

"I said, you're about as flat as a board, you have no ass and your hair looks stupid." Rule number three: Never insult Naruko Kendra Uzumaki's hair. Naru loved her hair because it remains her of her mother hair, which Naru had thought was really beautiful. Asuma had to let Naru go, if he didn't he was going to be in a lot of pain. Naru started growling. Her hair started to fly up and, Kasumi had to blink, because it had looked like Naru's hair had split into nine tails.

"Naru." The red head turned to look at Asuma. Asuma did not want to do this but his nephew had it coming. "You may hurt Konohamaru; just try not to put him in a coma." Naru grinned and turned to Konohamaru, the next few minutes had the hall of the school filled with the screams of the young Sarutobi.


An hour after Kasumi had treated Konohamaru for his wounds and placed duct tape over his month Kasumi had taken the group to the hotel that they would be staying for a month. Kasumi had an evil grin on her face as she had used her father credit card. She was literally making her father pay for the month. This of course was so out of character for the blond though, Naru liked it.

Of course Kasumi would have to tell her father though. Naru yawned, for some reason she was a little tried. Kasumi figured that it must be jet lag and let the group to their rooms. Kasumi had other grin on her face as she turned to the guys and handed them their keys. "The guys will be in this room while we girls will be in the room one floor up." Kasumi said.

Kakashi wanted to say something. Kasumi stopped. "Sorry sweetheart, but unless you want to spend time with use girls, you're out of luck." Naru was glaring at Kakashi, causing the twenty-three year old to sweat drop. "Umm I wasn't going to ask that." Kakashi said. "I was wondering why you and the other girls get the bigger room." Kasumi blinked. "I was told that the rooms were all about the same size." Kasumi said. "Besides." Kasumi took a quick look at Naru. "The room we're staying in is smoke free." Kakashi nodded in understanding, Asuma was going to go nuts if he doesn't get a smoke soon.

Kakashi nodded his head and led the guys into their room. Kasumi then lead the girls to their room one flight up. Kasumi was thinking about something that she had said to Professor Ozpin earlier. She looked at her little sister. Naru had taken to the Uzumaki name instead of the Namikaze name. Kasumi didn't understand this at first, but then she realized something.

Naru had a greater understanding of seals, something that their mother and her side of the family had. Kasumi and her two brothers didn't have this skill. Naru also had red hair, something that was common among the Uzumaki clan. Again Naru's older siblings had blond her. Then there was the most shocking of all things.

Out of the history of the Uzumaki clan, there has only been a few of the clansmen that has ever had special chakra, In Naruko's case, it was a Chakra sword. It was a katana like sword that was made out of pure chakra. Kasumi now understood why Naru had taken to her mothers' last name. Naru was literally the last hope of a clan that was killed in the beginning of the third Shinobi war.

Kasumi handed the key to Naru seeing as how she knew how to use it. Once the door was open Naru made her way to one of the bed and fell down face first. She was out like a light two seconds later. With a smile, Kasumi just shook her head. She may not know it but Naru was a goof just like their father. Speaking of which. Kasumi had thought with a grin.

She was so going to enjoy this.

To be continued…

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