Tilly: When will we star in a story?

Nate: Uh… Miki I could use some help!

Miki: No help until you get a Tainted Rose story posted.

Nate: Crimsin? Can you help?

Crimsin: Eh… The author owns some characters here. Mainly me right now.

Nate: I meant with the others.

Stupid Distractions make the Sweetest Memories #1

Prompt: The two Vamprye members of the cast sit down and talk.

Inspiration: Vampire bloodlines.

Cast: Crimsin and Mii.

Note: Armament names are fan made names between my friends. Better than the English names. BTW Mii will not be using Spanish. I don't know it and I don't trust GT.

It was a surprise to say the least. The only one that commonly visited Mii was Lirio. So it was a needless surprise to find Crimsin visiting at tea time. A very big surprise considering Crimsin hung out with Sing a lot.

"Well I'll be. The proper lady is visiting. What can I get you Crimsin?" Mii asks as she lets the woman inside. Crimsin calmly puts her sword next to her boots as she enters the house.

"If you have Type O- a cup would be nice." Crimsin says as she looks around the black metal that made up the foyers walls.

"You want to drink blood?" Mii stutters. Crimsin nods calmly.

"Oh that's right. I've never stated my classification before. Like you I'm a vamprye."

"But you never drank before."

"I'm lucky enough to be gifted with the ability to steal life when I attack. Even though I don't need it. I lack the trueself connection. I can't die like you can. I'm one of our kind that can't fade away."

"Oh. I've heard rumors that you lacked a trueself… I'm best to drop the subject."


A few minutes later Mii and Crimsin are calmly sitting at the table drinking red tea. Mii calmly looks up. Crimsin pauses as she meets the gaze.

"A question for a question?" Mii asks. For a second the black flame flares within Crimsin's eyes. The flame dies down though.

"Why not?"

"What do you think of Sing?"

"In all honesty I think WRS is a stuck up narcissistic bitch."

"You really don't care what you say."

"Not really. My question though."


"Neabladeing. What is it?"

"Rebirth. Freedom. Redemption."

"Not what I meant."

"Neabladeing is the taking of one's soul and memories and recreating it as one of our own species. If you want more details talk with Nefe. She was a grey at one point."




"Sorry about that forgot I had this stupid cellphone on me. Meh Sing can wait. She likely ran out of tea again. Oh also did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"Sing got Stella this really reveling outfit."

"That's Stella normally…"

"This is a playboy bunny outfit."

"I'll be leaving. I need pictures ASAP."

With that Mii is out the door with her camera in hand. Crimsin shrugs before checking the phone for the message. She pauses upon seeing the name.


There done. Well two things.

One Crimsin's ring tone is the boss warning form Nanostray.

Second I finally killed the last golden dawn so that's where the bunny outfit comes in. Cheeky little thing as well.

Also I am sorry to say that Vocalonic has been canceled. I no longer have permission to use those characters at the moment so it's been canceled.