Nate: Well then…

Azony's Classification Notes #2

(Translated from Latin by Sandstorm)

The other classifications that appear are listed here.

Mage Classifications.

Mages are skilled with magic but have no obvious combat ability to begin with. As they grow they do learn most skills quickly. A recently born example of this is De'Suna.

Mechain Classifications.

Juggernauts are powerful armored behemoths that are also slower than most others. Powerful it is often a bad idea to get in their way. The example of this is Riz. A recent classification.

Armament masters are the puppeteers and controllers of the smaller automatic weapons called armaments. They engage in fights using numbers instead of power. Has recently reemerged. The example is here is Nefe.

Tactic classifications.

Tacticians have very low power compared to others. They use manipulation and planning to succeed. The example is Nana.

Ninja are weapon masters that don't follow the rules. An unconventional weapon is a ninja's best friend. The basic example is Catikill.

Azony's Classification Notes #3

(Translated from Latin by Crimsin)

The multiple states that can evolve from different enviroments. Four states emerge. I will explain two in this note.

Insane state happens when emotions within the trueself goes out of control. Lost the othersleve becomes an engine of destruction almost impossible to stop. Very dangerous and problematic.

Fledgling state is when an othersleve has yet to fully develop. Weak they don't last long normally.