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She has no one now, Sophia is gone, she's alone.

Carol bit back a sob, staring at the sign they had made on the windshield of the car as Andrea's thoughts drifted into her head.

She can't go on like this, she needs to be stronger, maybe if she had...

Andrea had no idea how strong she was, living everyday with this curse, it had made her shrink away from the world, made her stick her head in the sand. It had made her hide.

It had tortured her as a child, hearing the thoughts seep into her head of others, knowing the evil her daddy had held in his soul. Had he not died, she knew all those terrible things she heard would have come to pass. As she grew older she started to see things, things that terrified her, made her think yet again she was losing her mind. She'd awoken one night at the age of sixteen to her beloved grandmother sitting on the edge of her bed smiling at her. She'd been dead for three years.

The colours started soon afterward, coloured light that seemed to emanate from someone's soul, surround them, caress them. Sometimes mixing more than one color.

Her mother hated her and told her every chance she got. She could see it now in retrospect, her mother knew she could see the evil in her, because she could read what was in Carol's head to.

Her mother had drowned the voices in alcohol, her rages became something to be feared.

She saw Ed as a way out, his black aura had been comforting at the time, she hadn't to live with the colors. She had difficulty reading him, needing to concentrate to pull from his mind his thoughts. She'd been eighteen and naive so she hadn't, she'd let his thoughts be. Even without reading him she could feel the rage simmering in his soul, but she ignored it, he was the lesser of two evils.

Her naïveté had cost her so much, but it had in a sense given her the isolation she needed. Ed isolated her from the world, and she let him, she couldn't face the false smiles. The pity running through her head when she would explain an injury or even worse the blame.

Andrea was right, she was weak, she hid her head in the sand, for so long.

I pray I'm wrong, maybe if there is a God still out there he'll help her. This is heartbreaking ...she's alone.

Carol tensed as she felt Andrea's hand on her back.

"We'll come again know Carol there is always a chance.." Andrea said

She sniffed looking at Andrea "I really don't want to hear anymore Andrea, save the thoughts and prayers." She said

Andrea nodded lowered her hand and walked away.

What a waste of time we ain't never gonna find that girl.

Carol bristled as she heard and felt Shane behind her. His energy disturbed her, he was becoming darker and more brooding since the quarry. His once vibrant red that emanated from him was dark and ugly now. He was turning black, becoming harder to read. He had his feelings tightly bound, but his disdain for her and this search would hit her occasionally, knocking the wind out of her chest that anyone would not want to find her baby girl. She knew it was because of Lori, and the fact he was jealous of Rick, but she didn't care anymore. It felt like all the good in the world was gone, all she could sense was evil. Sophia, was gone.

"You never know Carol..." He said

She put her hand up to stop him, she couldn't even bother anymore to pretend she cared what he said. Everything that mattered he'd already said in her head.


What I in the wrong place?

She smiled to herself as she worked on her mending, as Daryl came into the trailer.

"I cleaned up, I wanted it to be nice for her." She said and smiled as his thoughts came flowing over her. When she felt his thoughts it was like a cool waterfall flowing over her, or a hot shower, soothing somehow.

I want to bring her back for her.

Daryl was different, when she was near him she had the impression that still waters ran deep. He was like an iceberg what you saw on the surface was only a quarter of the story. There was more under the angry surface she could feel it. She hadn't tried to see his aura, she wasn't sure why.

"For a second I thought I was in the wrong place." He said honestly

He set a beer bottle down with a flower, a little unsure of himself she could feel his embarrassment.

"A flower?" she asked he was such a contradiction his mind was like the ocean, at times with crashing waves, other times like now so still it was as though the sky was being reflected for miles.

"It's a Cherokee Rose"

She listened to him tell the story, and it grew around him, she could see it now his aura, and it was beautiful. The most clear brightest colors she'd ever seen as he told her the story.

"I'm not dumb enough to think one bloomed for my brother...but I believe this one bloomed for your little girl."

Don't cry

She wiped a tear and that's when she knew, she felt it like a lightbulb being extinguished..her little girl was gone.