October 13, X791, 12:00 P.M, Alliance Hall

Jade looked around at the other two guild masters.

To his right was Narissa Ash, master of the Scarlet Phantoms. She had wrapped herself in a light red shawl that hid most of her features, but a keen eye could tell she was well endowed and possessed a firm figure for a women just shy of forty. With only her head exposed, her dark green eyes and auburn colored hair contrasted each other magnificently. Her lack of wrinkles and near porcelain skin contributed to the illusion that she was far younger than she actually was. Her long hair flowed freely about her shoulders. From afar, she was a vision of red and you could get lost in her eyes if it weren't for her voice. She spoke in a semi-regal, blunt tone. Narissa's incessant talking always came off as lecturing, so it was easy to get lost in your own thoughts once these meetings began.

Jade looked to his left now.

A very short man clad in black and blue striped pajamas sat cross legged in his seat. The bald man-child had fallen asleep. Peeking out from behind his shirt's collar, you could see the guild mark of their famous knight stamp. If you listened carefully, you could hear him lightly snoring between breaths. He was clearly the oldest of the three of them, but often behaved the most carefree and childlike.

Jade thought carefully about what course of action would be the most entertaining. Should he wake Master Seigfried or tell Narissa that her words were falling on deaf ears. Just as she finished what seemed to be an important point, Jade chimed in as convincingly as possible "I agree entirely. Don't you Roy?" he said turning to Master Seigfried.

Startled at the sound of his name, Seigfried jumped from his seat to a combative stance on the round table they had been sitting around. Narissa finally caught on to Seigfried's antics and as the two began to bicker, Jade slipped away from his seat to the window. He looked out from the floating headquarters they were currently in. Beneath him lay the place they called home. Brightholt City. Their three guilds all resided in this City. Its sheer size had prompted the mayor to invite mages to start guilds here. He hadn't thought about the possibility of three famous mages all coming here and requesting to start a guild. So when they all provided adequate plans for respective guilds, he accepted all of them. The first few months were rocky. They would fight over everything; Recruits entering the city, job requests and at times even territory in the city. This is why they would have these meetings. They used anti-gravity lacrima to suspend the guild masters' meeting place in the sky above the city. This way they could watch over their city and have their meetings. They allowed all three guild masters to come to an understanding, build relations with one another and even create a fearsome and aptly named alliance, the Brightholt alliance. To dark guilds and legal guilds, they were collectively frightening. To each other, they were constantly locked in an unspoken competition for supremacy in Brightholt. These meetings had changed everything.

An eruption of joy from beneath them snapped Jade from his thoughts. "Well, almost everything." He said aloud to Seigfried and Narissa who seemed to be locked in a fierce wrestling match of some sort. He smiled and jumped from the window. "Good luck!" he called to his fellow guild masters as he descended and they finally caught on. That sound meant that someone with magical potential had entered their town.

The guild masters had come to an understanding. They would be at peace with one another. Help one another. Even share with one another. And outside of friendly competitions, they would be as neighborly as possible. But all gloves went off when it came to recruitment. They knew that recruiting was the key to usurping the Brightholt title of most powerful guild. With the Scarlet Phantoms in first and Master Seigfried's Eternal knights in second, Jade knew he had to recruit someone powerful to pull his guild from last. The ground broke beneath him as he landed. And he stood unfazed. He was positive that this recruit would be the one that would bring Nova Eos the fame it deserved.

October 13, X791, 11:30 A.M, 5 miles east of Brightholt

"I'm so tired" Adrienne yelled to no one. She had lost her money in the last town and couldn't afford the train ticket to Brightholt. So for lack of a better mode of transportation, she was walking there. She had been walking for the better part of two days and still hadn't gotten there. And now she was aimlessly walking through a forest. The directions she had made it seem like Brightholt City was only a day away. She stopped walking and thought aloud to herself. "Nope, I can't get down. Brightholt has got to be near and once I'm there, I'll finally become a Scarlet Phantom." She burst off in a sprint and very slowly the forest became less and less thick until it opened out into a brightly lit clearing.

The sun had dispatched any shadows in the slight clearing. The warm glow added a shiny hue to her waist length jet black hair. Watching from afar would cause one to mistake her face for that of an enchantress. Her complexion was snow white and seemed to look even lovelier in the sun. But the illusion would be shattered by her choice of wardrobe. She was no princess. Her long black baggy pants settled low on her hips and she wore a single layered long sleeved shirt that was red in support of her favorite guild. It had a very modest neck line allowing a small peak at her frame. She carried a small white backpack with her belongings.

Adrienne took a moment to catch her breath in the clearing. Without the forest looming over her, she could see a building floating in the air. She squealed in excitement and sprinted off again into the forest. This time, her excitement got the better of her and she activated a spell allowing her to run at unimaginable speeds. She focused her magic into her feet and then tripled her speed. As she got closer and closer to the floating building, the forest thinned out and a path revealed itself. With her eyes fixed on the floating building in the distance, she didn't realize when she had reached the city and burst onto a crimson cobblestone path. The stones cause her to lose her footing and she was sent tumbling into a nearby building. Her speed sent her flying through the walls until she finally came to a stop.

She sat up. She knew she had reached Brightholt City. But as she shook off her dizziness, she took in the scene around her. She had broken through three walls and tumbled out into a town square of some sort. She jumped to her feet immediately and with tears in her eyes began apologizing to any person whose gaze she could meet. She thought to herself. Great, I'm only here thirty seconds and my dream is over. No one is gonna want me in their guild now. Just as her tears were about to fall, the town erupted into a celebration. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Everyone was laughing and dancing and shaking her hand and welcoming her to the town. She could hear people asking through the crowd, "If she was here to join a guild?" and asking her which guild she was going to join. She didn't know how to respond or who to respond to, the chaos around her was too confusing. Adrienne was grateful when a loud voice resounded through the city and beckoned them to quiet down.

She looked around for the source of the voice and saw a short man floating in the air. If it wasn't for his aged appearance, she would have been sure he was a child. He floated in the air and sat cross legged.

He looked down at the young girl and smiled to her. "Hello, young lady, what's your name?"

Before she could answer, there was a loud noise. To her left, she heard more and more commotion.

"Move. Move. Move you idiots" exclaimed one man in the crowd. This was followed by several townspeople sent flying away. Pushing his way to the front was a rather tall muscular man dressed in Green open collared shirt and white pants. He had a long black pony tail that went down to his back and was held tightly together by several rubber bands. He seemed nice enough, but fiercely made his way over to the old man.

Before he could speak, the old man greeted him. "Nice of you to join us Jade."

Adrienne was at a loss for words. The name registered instantly. This man was the famed Earth master of Nova Eos.

"You cheated Seigfried. There's no magic allowed in recruitment."

Adrienne was beside herself now. She had been in the city for a few minutes and already two guild masters were before her.

The old man seemed to barely register Master Jade's words. "Oh, did we agree on that?" Seigfried replied absent mindedly. "I must have forgotten. You know I'm getting old." He said with a grin. All the while his eyes fixated on the girl in front of him.

"My name is Adrienne" the young girl finally replied. "I decided to join a guild after my 17th birthday. So I've been traveling here for the last few months."

The old man's eyes brightened at her short story, but before he could respond or Jade could get his two cents in, a woman's voice commanded the townspeople to move aside.

"Make way for Mistress Ash" it proclaimed. The river of people parted and down its path, a woman dressed in black and red holding a clip board announced the arrival of her mistress. The assistant turned to Adrienne. With an air of nobility and monotony in her voice, she said "Good day miss…" She waited for Adrienne to give her name before resuming. "Miss Adrienne, our lady would like to welcome you to Brightholt City." She said gesturing to the members of the crowd in red and to the woman who could be none other than Adrienne's idol, Narissa Ash.

Adrienne hadn't noticed it, but the crowd had slowly been dyed a mixture of Red, Green and White, and Blue and Black.

The assistant cut straight to the chase. "I am Madeline Sable, the head of recruitment for the Scarlet Phantoms. We would like to know your magic before you join us."

Adrienne was taken aback. A moment ago, she was sure she would be kicked out of Brightholt and now her dream was moments from coming true.

"Now, hold on a moment." Master Jade cut in. "She hasn't said that she wishes to join you all." He nodded to Adrienne now. "Adrienne has said that she is looking for a guild to join. So, it could be anyone of us."

Madeline looked confused. "Is there some reason she wouldn't join the strongest guild this side of Fiore." She retorted.

Adrienne snapped back to reality. Her idols had asked her a question and she hadn't answered yet. "I use speed magic."

As if her response to Madeline held all the answers Jade needed, he hung his head in defeat.

Seigfried, who had been quiet, nodded in admiration of Adrienne.

Adrienne smiled happily; this was the moment that she had been waiting for. She would finally become a Phantom.

"We don't need her" said Narissa finally speaking. Adrienne's world shattered. "Our guild is the strongest, because we only take the strongest." Narissa added condescendingly. "The scarlet Phantom's already have someone amongst their numbers who is well versed in speed magic." Turning away from the crowd, she departed back up the same pathway that had been cleared for her. "Here, one of you can have her." She said to Seigfried and Jade.

Adrienne stood there frozen. How could her idol be so cruel?

Jade could see the defeat in the young girl's eyes before him, but he didn't know what he could say to comfort her.

Seigfried landed in front of Adrienne. "Listen, child." He said tilting her head down to face him. "Narissa is under the impression, that only the magic people use is unique. I've been around a long time and I know that it's the mages who make a magic unique."

Jade finally understanding what needed to be said chimed in now. "Narissa is powerful, but her desire for dominance has blinded her to what's really important. Make no mistake, she cares for her guild. But she has forgotten that a guild is a family first and foremost." They renewed Adrienne's hope. "If you're still willing, then we of Nova Eos, would be honored to have you." Added Jade.

Seigfreid was grinning proudly at Jade. "You've grown quite a lot Jade. Even I'm proud of you my old friend."

Jade looked down at his friend and tried his best to hide the pride that the compliment gave him.

"I think I've made up my mind" said Adrienne. A hush ran over the town as everyone awaited her answer. "I will join the Eternal Knights."

Half of the crowd erupted in cheer and even Jade maintained his composure. Several mages rushed forward and hoisted Adrienne onto their shoulders and ushered her from the town square to their part of town.

October 13, X791, 12:30 P.M, Eternal Knight's Headquarters

The crowd let Adrienne down outside the guild hall. Master Seigfried floated overhead and landed in front of the building. The building's three floors could be seen clear from outside. It was mostly a dark blue and with black trim on all of the edges. "We know, you weren't your first choice, but we're very glad to have you here with us." Master Seigfried said.

Adrienne finally realized how her presence might have made everyone feel. "I came here with the intention of joining the Scarlet Phantoms." She turned to the crowd of mages around her now. "But, after meeting everyone and knowing what I know now. There's no place I'd rather be." The crowd of mages burst into cheers once more and escorted her into the building.

The inside had a similar color scheme. The blue and black trim was along every wall and the banisters and columns were all a dark blue color. At the side opposite the front door was a bar. Towards the center of the guild one could see the mages hanging around at several tables and what looked like bedrooms on the higher floors. She couldn't see the highest floor and when Master Seigfried caught her craning her neck. He explained that it's the S-Class floor. He also went on to point out several other building peculiarities.

"The bedrooms are on the second floor, you may need one of those and that's the bar over there and my office is right next to it." He had been very calm and understanding earlier, but now he was like an excited child at a toy store.

She would chime in from time to time with a question. Something like "Are new recruits usually welcomed like this?" Or "why is recruitment such a big deal for ordinary citizens?"

Master Seigfried explained that the town held a quarterly tri-guild tournament with different rules every quarter. That just ended a few days ago, so many mages still lingered in their guild halls before taking on any more jobs. He explained how the presence of guilds in this town had expanded the already affluent Brightholt City to unimaginable riches. Not to mention, the entertainment the guilds provided. As he talked, more and more members came up to her and welcomed her to the guild. She felt at Peace. This was her new home.

"Outside" he pointed to the back door" is the where the training grounds are located. "You'll be able to get plenty of speed training in out there."

Before he could continue, Adrienne pulled a sword hilt out of her backpack. "Where can I practice with Ares?" she said as a short blade materialized from the hilt.

Master Seigfried stopped in his tracks. His old age had brought him plenty of experience. He recognized the design on the weapon immediately. "Where did you get a blood pact artifact Adrienne?" He spoke evenly. His demeanor had shifted to an almost ominous state.

But in an equally happy mood, Adrienne replied "My father left it for when he passed away."

Master Seigfried breathed a sigh of relief. His happy mood slowly returned. "You should know that owners of weapons like that have usually murdered the previous owner. I'm glad that's not the case. Every guild in Brightholt has its own moral code. The Scarlet Phantoms treasure strength above all else. The Nova Eos are kind, considerate mages who aren't afraid to cause mayhem if they need to." He acknowledged Adrienne's confused expression. "They are a very paradoxical guild." He continued walking along side Adrienne as they approached the bar. "Knights always have something to protect and a code to honor. We, Eternal Knights have sworn by a code to never end a human life and to protect the lives of those around us til our last breaths. If you had obtained that weapon by its usual method of transference, I couldn't let you join us." He grabbed a few forms from the bar maid and the guild stamp and asked her for the first time "Would you like to join the Eternal Knights?"

Adrienne smiled happily. "Yes, master Seigfried. Could you make the stamp red?"

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