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The World's Strongest Human

5: The Mist is Pierced

"This has been fun, but I'm busy. Talk later, V," Naruto said as he ran back at Haku. He brought his fist back and glared at the masked warrior. "Dodge this one! Uzumaki Ōgi: Hōkō Tsudzuaro no Ken (Uzumaki Art: Fist of the Kyuubi's Roar)!"

Naruto roared as he threw his punch. His hand went through Haku's face and the image of the masked assassin Naruto scowled as he obliterated the school wall. Damn, another After Image!

"Not bad." Naruto quickly turned to catch the kick aimed at his head. Haku tilted his head at the sight of his attack being blocked and Naruto smirked. The masked assassin spun his hips, allowing his other leg to fly up. A kick snapped into Naruto's chest and sent him through the hole he just made. "But I am still faster than you."

The blond prince groaned. "Cheap shot..."

"Maybe, but anything goes in a real fight, Uzumaki," Haku said as he walked through the hole after his prey. He grabbed Naruto by the front of his shirt and lifted him up. "You will die by my hands today, and you will die on your feet."

"Honorable of you," Naruto said with a sneer. He lifted his feet to push off Haku's chest and land in a crouch a good distance away. Naruto put one hand on the ground and held the other to the side. Ki built up around the outstretched hand and Naruto grinned. "Come at me, bro!"

Haku's head dipped forward and there was a gust of air. Naruto leaned back, his hand on the ground moved to rest behind him, under the foot that appeared where his head would have been. Haku turned in mid air, his leg arced and Naruto brought his hand up to catch it with the added Ki. Dust shot up as their limbs collided.

Haku tilted his head as his leg struggled against Naruto's hand. "You coated your hand with Ki to brace it against my kick. Clever."

Naruto grinned and tightened his grip around the foot. "Yeah, and now you're not going anywhere!"

He pulled Haku towards the ground and flipped himself so that he would land on the masked assassin's back. The two grunted on impact and Naruto wrenched Haku's leg back. He tucked the foot under his arm and grabbed Haku's knee.

"Can't run if you've got a busted knee!" Naruto tightened his hold on the leg and Haku let out a small cry of pain. "Yield!"

"No!" Haku pushed his hands to the ground and slowly pushed himself up. With a grunt, he pulled his lower body forward along with Naruto. The blond found himself on his back while Haku stood over him.

"...Well, shit, that ain't good."

Haku said nothing, but he did bring his other foot up high.

"Fuck!" Naruto released the foot in his grasp and rolled out of the way as Haku's foot crashed down where he once was, creating a crater with the impact. Naruto scowled and grumbled to himself. "Damn, he's a whole lot stronger than I thought he was. And more clever."

"And still, much faster." Naruto turned and time stopped for him as he met face to mask with Haku. "As well as capable of hearing."

Oh dammit...He's going to kick me again, isn't he? Naruto thought. His arms flew up as the sandaled foot of his opponent shot out at the speed of a bullet. Naruto flew back through the hole he had made and landed on his back. With a wince, Naruto grit his teeth and dropped his now sore arms to the ground. "Ow."

Haku calmly walked out of the hole while Naruto got back to his feet. The masked assassin tilted his head. "Do you seriously think you can beat me?"

Naruto scowled and brought the back of his fist across his mouth, finding a small smear of blood on it. He looked up with a small smirk and settled back in another stance. "Let's find out."

"Hold still, dammit!" Zabuza brought his sword down with a heavy bang. Kakashi stood to the right of it.

The masked man's hand was up and the index and thumb were an inch apart. "Missed me by that much."

Zabuza scowled. "I'm going to cut that hand off and jam it down your throat!"

Kakashi ducked under another swing and vanished. He reappeared behind Zabuza and brought his hand back, the fingers curled into the palm.

"Tenohira (Palm)!" The blow drilled directly into the center of Zabuza's back and the swordsman flew forward. Kakashi settled back into his relaxed stance with a look of disinterest on his face.

Zabuza recovered with his massive blade, a trench torn into the roof of the school before he came to a stop. He turned and sneered at Kakashi. "That's the best you've got, Piercer? Why not use your infamous Raikiri?"

"And end the fight so soon?" Kakashi chuckled. "You've shown me no real reason to get serious."

"No real reason!?" Zabuza snarled. He reached down and grabbed something around his legs. He yanked it off and tossed it aside. A crater formed from where the weight landed. "That was fifty kilo."

Kakashi's aloof face dropped into a look of seriousness. "About time. You took me too lightly."

"So it seems." Zabuza yanked the other weight off and tossed it behind him. He hefted his sword onto his shoulder without any visible strain. "Were I to drop my sword, you'd be unable to stop me."

"Perhaps," Kakashi said. He cracked his neck and settled back into a stance. "We'll just have to see, won't we?"

Zabuza's eyes narrowed. He rushed forward, the edge of his sword tore up the roof as he did, and swung the blade up. "I'll cut you to pieces! Maken Ōgi: Jigoku Denegeki (Demon Sword Art: Hell Blitz)!"

Kakashi found himself completely caught off guard as the massive two hundred kilo blade suddenly became a blur of motion. Sure, Zabuza could swing it, but it had never been invisible to him before. His body was soon littered in shallow cuts, evidence of his failure to completely avoid Zabuza's attack. They landed on the roof with pants of exhaustion. Kakashi grunted as a breeze came by and disturbed his cuts.

This is getting out of hand, he thought. His hand stretched down to the ground and Ki built up around it.

Zabuza's eyes narrowed at the sight. "So, finally decided to take me seriously, eh?"

"No, I just feel it necessary to wrap it up," Kakashi said with a scowl under his mask.

Zabuza chuckled. "Worried about the prince? I would be. After all, if he hasn't already, Haku will grow tired of beating the blond brat around and eventually end it."

Kakashi narrowed his eye and continued to build up Ki. "Is that so? What if I were to tell you that Naruto has yet to begin fighting seriously?"

"I'd call you out on your horseshit," Zabuza said. "You and I are exhausted and we're experienced fighters. Your little student is as good as dead on his feet by now, if he's not already six feet under."

"Heh, you'd be right if it weren't for one thing," Kakashi said.

"Oh? What's that?"

The Ki around Kakashi's hand became so dense that it became akin to lightning, arcs crackled off of it and a chirping filled the air. Kakashi glared at Zabuza and lifted his hand up, the other hand gripped it at the wrist. With a small smile hidden by his mask, Kakashi focused the Ki into an extended blade shape.

"Naruto Uzumaki's not just the prince of the Thirty-Sixth region." Kakashi brought the lightning covered hand back and settled into a fighting stance. "He's the Number One Hyperactive, Knuckleheaded Warrior."

"Come on!" Naruto brushed the blood away from his mouth with a grin after he took another blow to the face and got back to his feet. "Is that the best you've got?"

Haku clenched his fists in annoyance. "You are skilled, but you are far from a master. Accept your fate and die."

The assassin's foot shot out again and Naruto took the hit square in the chest. He skid back and fell to a knee. A glob of blood escaped his mouth and Naruto groaned. With a determined glint in his eye, Naruto stood back up. Haku growled angrily and started to approach him.

"'Hyperactive Knuckleheaded Warrior'?" Zabuza scowled. "Is that supposed to be some sort of joke?"

"No, it's a threat." Kakashi vanished and reappeared with his hand pressed against the ready blade. "Prince Naruto is so stubborn, that he won't bow to anyone, not even death itself. So I hope your associate is ready to face the one fighter not even the gods can conquer."

Zabuza gaped as the edge of his sword chipped. Wh-What?

"And I sincerely hope you're ready to face me," Kakashi said as he pushed his hand against the bastard sword. "You wanted the lightning blade, Zabuza? Consider yourself lucky, because most who see it only get to see it once in their life!"

My...My sword! Zabuza felt his arms shake as Kakashi continued to press his hand against the blade. The steel cracked as the one-eyed man's Ki started to force its way through. Zabuza narrowed his eyes and wrenched himself back several paces. He looked at his sword and then at Kakashi with a frown while Kakashi's eye gleamed.

"Come at me, Zabuza," Kakashi said, his Ki covered hand crackled in anticipation. "Or are you afraid?"

"Can't goad me that easily, Hatake." Zabuza smirked and stabbed his sword into the ground. He brought his hands together and then brought them out to either side. Ki built up around his arms, slowly making an outline that went up to his shoulders, and then around his body. With a yell, the swordsman brought his arms in and slammed them together. The collision made a thick cloud of mist-like dust appear atop the roof. Kakashi swiveled around cautiously as Zabuza's chuckles echoed around him.

"Now who's afraid?"

Naruto burst through the side of Orange Star High and landed flat on the ground with a groan, surrounded by small pieces of debris. He slowly rolled onto his side as his masked opponent calmly stepped out of the hole, agitation coming off the masked warrior in waves. Naruto looked up at the police barricade and the few news crews that had gathered around the school. Great, now the world can watch him get knocked across the field.

Naruto shuddered at the thought. His mother was going to kill him. Painfully.

"Don't you see how foolish this is?" Haku asked softly. "I do not wish to prolong your suffering. Just surrender and I promise to make it quick."

"...Man, you are boring," Naruto said with a groan as he pushed himself to his feet once more. "Seriously, just all monotone like that? Come on! At least engage in banter? Just a little?"

"I do not understand the fascination in banter every fighter seems to have," Haku said informatively as he watched the battered blond get back to his feet. The masked assassin tilted his head to the side. "It implies enjoyment in a fight."

"Wait, are you saying you don't enjoy fighting?" Naruto asked with a blink of his eyes. "Seriously?"

"I am a pacifist," Haku said with a nod. "I do not enjoy fighting, but I am a weapon to be used by my master as he sees fit." Naruto gave Haku a look that made the masked assassin uncomfortable. After a moment of tense silence, Haku managed to ask. "What?"

"That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," the blond said with a frown.

Haku tilted his head again. "Is that...Are you looking at me with pity?"

"A little, yeah."

"...You should save it for yourself."

"Oh, so now you have bant-ugh!" Naruto doubled over the knee that suddenly buried itself in his stomach. He looked through squinted eyes at the assassin that hadn't moved and then at the one that had buried a knee in his gut. Naruto grimaced as the one that hadn't moved slowly faded away. The assassin with his knee lodged in his stomach brought his arm up over his shoulder for a chop.

"Now it ends." Haku's hand sliced through the blond's neck and the watching crowd let out screams and gasps. Haku tilted his head as the blond he 'killed' vanished like his own after-image did.

"Not bad." Haku and the crowd looked to the window above the hole Naruto had burst through to see the blond in question seated on the ledge with a few pants. Relief filled the watching civilians. The blond had a cheeky grin on his face that looked like it was there solely to infuriate his opponent. Haku wouldn't admit it, but if that were the case it was doing a good job.

"You are familiar with the After-Image technique?"

Naruto's grin widened and he put his hands on his legs in preparation to move. "You could say I'm used to sparring with people faster than me."

Haku tilted his head again. "Let's test that, shall we?"

The masked assassin became transparent once more and Naruto tensed before he pushed away from his seat on the window. Haku's foot slammed into the brick and surprisingly (or rather, it wasn't to Naruto) the wall and the window exploded.

"That's some scary leg power, but nothing I haven't seen before," Naruto said to himself as he landed in a crouch on the ground. He held his fists at his side and let his Ki build up. A yell escaped his lips as he powered up, a side effect all Ki users were forced to go through due to the initial strain the build puts on one's body. Naruto let his head roll back slightly, his eyes closed and his arms reached up.

More! Naruto's yell grew louder and a light bluish-white aura began to appear around him. His arms dropped to his side again and the aura suddenly exploded around him in a flame like shroud. The ground beneath his feet made a small crater, nothing too significant, but noticeable to outside watchers.

The crowd murmured behind him while the news crews excitedly began to report the scene. A few cried out in anger at the 'tricks' being used while others cheered the young blond on. The film crews present remained as impartial as possible; a few demeaning the tricks while others questioned how it was done.

In the Thirty-Sixth Kingdom, a man leaned forward in his seat. He allowed his fingers to intertwine while he carefully watched the prince fight the assassin. Beside him, a woman cheered and rooted for the prince wildly, yelling obscenities in support. The man narrowed his eyes.

Do you even know what you've done? Naruto, you foolish boy.

Unaware of the attention he'd brought to himself. Naruto relaxed as his Ki flared around him in a whitish-blue aura. He then crossed his arms over his face and focused. Divide one by two and you have a half, divide a half by two and you have a fourth, a fourth and you have an eighth, and so on. Division was one of the few principles of math that he had down pat, and it was part of the reason he was so strong.

Naruto let his eyes snap open as he finished focusing his Ki.

"Gama Ōgi: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Toad Art: Shadow Clone Technique)!" Naruto exclaimed. If the onlookers were impressed or surprised before, now they were flat out flabbergasted. From the blond teen, two duplicates appeared at either side of him and his aura shrunk. From them came two more, and from them came the final duo. There were now a total of seven blond teens, all with a small bluish-white aura around them, looking at the masked assassin with smirks on their faces.

Haku let his head tilt forward and a small huff escaped him. "Interesting variation of the Crane School's Multi-Form technique, but there's still a glaring flaw."

Haku became transparent and the seven blonds tensed before the one in the middle gasped as a hand plunged through his chest from behind. The assassin tilted his head to the right as he watched the blond shudder from the lethal blow. "Your technique left yourself revealed."

The blond he had impaled shuddered again before it split in two and merged with the blonds on either of its sides. The six blonds quickly circled Haku and smirked at him.

"Maybe I did stay in the same spot..." One began.

"Or maybe I moved with my clones..." Another chuckled.

"Either way, you won't find out today!" They said as one. Haku steadied himself and seemed unconcern with being surrounded. It was hard to tell with the mask. Haku slid his left foot back and lifted his arms at the ready as the six blonds began to fall into different stances.

"Come at me, and we shall see." Haku tensed patiently.

The clones waited for a moment. Even the gathered crowd, cops and reporters were quiet. No one dared to speak; some found it difficult to breathe as they held their breath in wait.

Then the six moved, and a new dance began.

"...They can do those tricks..." Videl said under her breath as she watched with the crowd. Her eyes narrowed and she grabbed the cape of a certain superhero as he started to go off to assist the blond.

"V-Videl-san!" Saiyaman protested to her attempt to stop him.

"I want to see this, don't interrupt it."

"But-but he could need help!"

Videl glared at the oddly dressed hero and he swallowed. Behind his helmet, Gohan sweated. That was the same look his mother gave him when she wanted something done while he was in the middle of something else, like meditation or some light training to keep in shape. It promised pain – that dreadful pan! – if the owner's wishes were not followed.

Gohan was torn, he wanted to help Naruto but he didn't want to upset Videl and risk losing what little trust he had from her.

Regrettably, Saiyaman stayed back and watched the fight take place. As he did, he noted that Naruto's style, though implied to be similar to Master Roshi's, was much different than Krillin's and his father's, vastly different than his own – a combination of Piccolo's style and his father's. Naruto's punches carried strength behind him, but not all of his strength was poured into the punch. It made his attacks loose, but not loose enough to cause self-injury or backfire. This also allowed for more blows, as it conserved stamina to not throw all of your energy into one strike.

The clones also impressively never got in each other's way. That said a lot to Naruto's own skill. He was used to fighting with his Ki split, and used to living that way. Gohan's eyes widened behind his visor as a new thought occurred to him.

Was Naruto originally fighting at half his full strength?

"How is he doing it?" Videl suddenly asked, breaking Gohan from his thoughts.

The half-breed in disguise gave her a bewildered look behind his helmet. "Doing what?"

"Those tricks!" Videl scowled. "Light shows? No, that doesn't explain the duplicates. Where's the smoke and mirrors? Did he hire some body doubles?"

"...Videl-san, you...Never mind, forget I said anything," Saiyaman said with a sigh. He had to remember that was just how the people were now. A tournament without any Ki users really did change the world. Gohan wondered just then what the world was like when his father was a boy, before the aliens and the space trips. Before people stopped trying to go beyond their limitations.

"Where am I, Hatake?" Kakashi turned just in time to avoid being sliced down the middle by the massive sword. It retreated back into the thick cloud-like mist that Zabuza created. The masked bodyguard frowned and shifted around where he stood, trying to find the Ki of his opponent.

The Ki within the mist was making it extremely difficult to do so.

"Regrettably, I must applaud you for this," Kakashi said. The fingers on his Ki-encased hand twitched and his eye scoured the thick obscuring mist. "You've managed to prove that you are worthy of dying to the Raikiri."

Zabuza scoffed and replied with barely hidden sarcasm. "Oh, won't my ancestors be proud?"

Kakashi said nothing as he closed his eye and turned to his other senses. He heard clamoring from below, the sounds of his prince's fight, and the chirping of his attack. There was a very soft tap and Kakashi jumped just in time to avoid being bisected at the hips. He landed and bent backwards to avoid a follow up swing. Kakashi placed his bare hand on the rooftop and used the Raikiri to catch the massive sword as it came down like an executioner's axe.

"Found you." Kakashi tightened his grip around the blade and narrowed his eye when he felt it tug back. "Not this time, Zabuza. Fool me once..."

Kakashi pulled back on the sword and pushed up with his feet. His legs wrapped around one of the arms of his opponent as he flipped back on one hand. Zabuza let out a strangled cry of shock as he was suddenly lifted and then slammed onto his back. The force of the impact caused the roof to strain visibly and a new dip had formed. Kakashi crushed Zabuza's arm with his legs and quickly pulled the massive sword in the bandaged warrior's grasp away. Kakashi got to his feet and then tossed the sword over the side, where it landed with a loud bang.

Zabuza rolled onto his hands and knees with a groan. That slam did more damage than he had thought it would. The bandaged assassin got to one foot when a hand grabbed him by the throat and he was lifted up. Dark eyes stared into a brown one, and then shifted to gaze at the crackling hand pointed at him.

"Before you die, tell me who hired you." Kakashi's eye narrowed.

"...And ruin my reputation with the clients? Never." Zabuza scowled behind his bandages. His eyes went wide and the vile taste of blood suddenly shot up his throat as a squelching sound hit his ears. Zabuza felt the red liquid of life escape his mouth and stain his bandages.

"Then may Hell welcome you home, Demon." Kakashi retracted his hand and let Zabuza's now limp body drop to the roof. He then sat back and let out a sigh as he looked up at the darkening sky. "Well...That was fun. I wonder how Naruto is doing?"

Haku blocked a kick with his arm and shifted to the side to avoid another. He caught a punch with his sandal and redirected another blow to hit one of the duplicates. A final strike caught Haku center of his mask. The masked assassin's head snapped back and a loud crack echoed from the blow.

Something else snapped for the assassin, mentally, and it left him stunned. It was enough to allow for two solid kicks to be landed on Haku's chest. Haku flew from the crowd of clones and landed on his back. The white porcelain mask cracked upwards and split, a half of the mask falling to either side.

The many blondes stared at their fallen foe. Haku was...gorgeous, was the only word that came to mind. Narcissus be damned, this was the new face of male beauty. Seriously, the assassin was so pretty that, had it not been for the Adam's apple, Naruto wouldn't be sure if Haku was a male or not.

Heck, even with the damn thing Naruto wasn't sure if Haku was a boy or not.

"Zabuza-sama." The whisper hit the blondes' ears and they waited with baited breath. Haku didn't move and tears formed in his eyes. Overhead, clouds slowly darkened and in the distance thunder boomed.

Naruto, at least one of them, took a wary step forward. "Hey...uh...you okay?"

Haku sat up, brown eyes dead like a doll's. He looked at Naruto blankly. "I...have no meaning."

"What?" This certainly came out of left field. Naruto, all of them, blinked dumbly. They exchanged a look before the clones stepped back into Naruto. When it was finished, Naruto cracked his neck and rubbed it with his hand, his eyes not leaving the crying assassin.

"I am a tool to be used by Zabuza-sama." Haku let his head fall slightly. "But now, he is dead. I have no purpose. Killing you will mean nothing. Fighting anymore will mean nothing. I...mean nothing."

The crowd was silent and sound teams tried to focus in on what was being said. A few girls in the crowd were going gaga over the gorgeous male. Heck, a few women watching the scene unfold were doing the same all over the world.

And they all nearly lost it when Naruto suddenly brained the crying pretty boy with a rough downward punch to the skull.

"Stop saying dumb shit like that!" The whiskered boy yelled angrily at the assassin. He reached down and grabbed Haku by the collar, lifting him up. "You do mean something, dammit! You're more than just a weapon!"

"...But without Zabuza-sama-"

Naruto shook the assassin with a frustrated growl. "You. Are. Human! While you may not think it, your life means something!"

Haku just continued to stare at him in disbelief. "You don't understand. You have a loving home. Parents."

"Yeah, I do." Naruto agreed with a frown as he shoved the assassin back. With a hushed growl. "But they made me come here to hide me while the people who hired you tried to kill them! I haven't been home in years!" He looked at his hands. "I've had to hide me...the real me."


Naruto looked up and met Haku's eyes. The pretty boy had a small smile on his face. So he didn't blush, Naruto had to remind himself that the assassin had A) just tried to kill him and endangered a lot of students and B) was most probably a guy. It was almost a mantra in his head.

Haku looked up as a drop of rain fell and struck his cheek. "Zabuza-sama loved fighting. Challenging himself. He knew I didn't enjoy it as much, and only took me along when he felt I would be needed. I was his best weapon, prized like a family heirloom. I'd call him a father, but he wasn't. Not in the traditional definition."

Naruto's eyes softened. "He cared for you like one."

Haku nodded. "He saved me from the streets. He trained me, sharpened my skills. He is my father, my master. Without him, I have no purpose. No reason to live. I am a master-less sword."

Naruto frowned. "You could always find another purpose, one that's not so self destructive."

"I don't think he can." Neither of the teens jumped in the slightest when Kakashi appeared behind Haku. The look in the man's one eye was hard and his right hand was covered in Ki that arced like lightning. "He's lived the life of a weapon, a servant. The merciful thing would be to break him and bury him alongside Zabuza."

Haku dipped his head forward slightly in the rain. "...Yes."

"NO!" Both looked at the infuriated blond. "Kakashi, you're overstepping your bounds! You can't just kill him!"

"I can, but I'm willing to hear you reason as to why I shouldn't." Kakashi looked at his prince patiently.

"Well, for one, he's not going to do anything else. It's not like he's going to snap and kill me." Naruto looked at Haku, who nodded in agreement.

"It would be pointless."

Kakashi wasn't moved. "It's a ploy to make you lower your defenses. He's a threat and tried to take your life. It is my duty to your parents, our kingdom, to protect you from any and all threats."

"I don't think so," Naruto said with a frown. "He was acting under orders. Something I'm sure you of all people are familiar with...Hunter-san."

"...He is still dangerous."

Naruto scowled at the man. "Did you not see me holding my own? I was so going to win!"

"I wouldn't go that far," Haku said with a mild frown, though Naruto ignored him.

"Give me a good solid reason not to kill him Naruto," Kakashi said. He poised his hand at the back of Haku's neck. "Otherwise, I will terminate him here and now."

"...The world is watching our every move?" Naruto gestured to the cameras behind him. Haku arched a brow. Surely that wouldn't be the best the boy had. Not that it mattered; soon Haku would be where he belongs with his master, being punished for his sins.

"Good enough for me."

Wait, what? Haku's eyes snapped open in shock. He turned to face Kakashi, who looked past him and met Naruto's eyes.

"He'll be your responsibility, Naruto."

"I've always wanted a roommate."

"You'll have to explain it to your mother."

"Meh, she'll be all for it. I'll have someone to 'keep me in line' and a sparring partner." Naruto glared at the man. "That I can beat."

"True. I guess some victories would help you in the long run. And he was very fast."

Haku frowned. "Don't I get a say in this?"

"No." The two spiky haired warriors nonchalantly informed him. And without another word, Kakashi put a hand on both teens' shoulders before they vanished in a blur, leaving behind a stunned crowd, an impressed hero, and a very, very upset girl.

It was a good ending to a potentially catastrophic day, Saiyaman decided in the end. The bad guys were stopped, no one was harmed – except for that one assassin he heard Naruto and the other assassin mention – and the day was saved. He even managed to escape Videl while she audibly made her displeasure over not being able to interrogate Naruto, Kakashi or Naruto's opponent. As he flew away from the city and headed back home, Gohan had to let a smile cross his face.

Man, things are really getting interesting.

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